Where Will You Be One Year From Today?

One year ago today, the Cherrico Pottery Team and a group of close friends documented me setting the World Record for ‘most pots thrown in one hour by an individual.’ You can view the official record here or actually watch a video of me setting the record here:

A lot changed in one year. Tens of thousands of new fans started following my artwork and our Facebook live videos have been “going viral,” which is just a fancy term for getting popular. Don’t get me wrong, I’m incredibly gratified that so many people are inspired by my art and career. The Cherrico Pottery Team and I are doing everything we can to serve these new followers and customers (make sure you are signed up for our email newsletter to snag any new pottery when it emerges from the kiln). It’s just that popularity doesn’t seem like a good goal.

Better goals entail crafting gorgeous art, serving customers in a thriving business, supporting an artist lifestyle and making the world a better place. Building something long-lasting and beautiful seems more helpful and honorable than building something popular.

With that that mind, this is my goal for the next year:

“One year from today, my goal is to break ground on a new pottery studio that supports future pottery production with 100% solar fired pottery.”

This goal is ambitious and has never been done before. It has that in common with setting the pottery Guinness World Record on a Kickwheel (the previous record of 150 pots was set on an electric, motorized wheel).

I might not accomplish my goal, and that’s okay. This is the mindset I had when attempting the pottery World Record and it served me well. If you have an ambitious goal and fall short, you’re still headed towards success. Anytime I embraced this mindset, my efforts filtered into other surprising successes, like when celebrity Tim Ferriss made new YouTube videos and a Cosmic Mug popped up in the background, or when I got a personalized letter from Neil deGrasse TysonHe’s the Director of the Hayden Planetarium in NYC and host of StarTalk Radio and StarTalk on National Geographic Channel. He was one of the initial people who inspired creation of Cosmic Mugs back in 2014.

You might fall short with an ambitious goal, but you often fall into a higher level of accomplishment than you might have ever thought possible. Plus, the “worst case scenario” probably isn’t that bad. Tim Ferriss has a great TED Talk that illustrates the incredible power of questions like, “What’s the worst that can happen?

Journaling helps. These bullet points are a summary of my journal entry from a year ago. They describe my “worst case scenario” plan for a failed GWR attempt:

  • Try again in one week. The record requires 350 pounds of clay and I have over 1,000. I can try again at least once more without consequences.
  • Determine exactly what went wrong. Remove the hindrance through practice for a minimum of 1 hour, twice daily.
  • Fire the practice planters and sell them for $5-10 each to cover costs. People bought nearly all 1,000+ practice planters in 2015, so they are a guaranteed sale.
  • If you injure your back (side note: I threw out my back practicing for the record) then add one more week for a recovery period and attempt the record in two weeks.
  • If you run out of money, sell more Cosmic Mugs to the waiting list of people who didn’t get one during Kickstarter.

That’s it! There was literally nothing else to worry about, even if I failed. That was comforting. Stress and fear melted away, my focus returned to the record and I conquered it.

What are your goals? Where do you want to be one year from now? Leave a comment at the end of this post telling us something you want to accomplish, a place you want to live, a career or personal goal, any goal.

(GIVEAWAY RULES: Leave a comment on this post telling us about your “one year goal” before Friday, March 10th, 2017 at 5pm Central and we’ll enter you to win GWR pot #101 totally free. One winner will be chosen randomly and announced in these blog comments the same Friday around 6pm Central. To enter, you must leave one, genuine comment about your “one year goal” or the moderator will not approve your comment. Please use your PERSONAL name or initials and not your business name, as the latter comes off like spam. Please allow 24-48 hours for your comment to appear. Thanks! *ENDED. Giveaway Winner: Comment #105, Christa”).

This post was published March 7th, 2017, but it might live here on the internet for decades. Whenever you happen to read this post, share one goal you hope to accomplish one year from now. Put it in the comments below, visible to anyone. Mark your calendar to check back one year from now. What’s the worst that can happen?

To accomplish great things, it’s often important to selectively ignore popularity, red notifications and the intoxicating smart phone buzz. Focus on setting and achieving goals.

319 Replies to “Where Will You Be One Year From Today?”

  1. I used to love pottery in high school and still play around with it. I remember watching your video of when you set the record 159 pots in 1 hour and 2 seconds. I would really love to own one of them however I can’t afford to purchase one my self

  2. My goal one year from now is a goal I started earlier in college. I worked tirelessly to get into dental school, and next year I’ll be able to see the fruits of my hard work. My goal is to love and excel in dental school; I want to make the best of friends, learn and retain as much as possible, and hone my tooth-sculpting skills (kind of like pottery!).

  3. Hi Cherrico Pottery! I love watching the live broadcasts of your pottery making. It truly inspires me to get back into ceramics and reminds me how much I miss throwing. Keep up the awesome work and I look forward to the day I can have a piece of your work in my home. Cheers from Denver!

  4. I have only been captivated by Joel for a short time. But I must say that his work is absolutely stunning. I love watching him work, listening to the music, and some of his commentary (if he’s in a talking mood that day). The knowledge that he is so willing to share with those that are watching is truly inspiring. From one Iowegian to another thank you Joel!

  5. I honestly forgot my love for pottery until I came across your live feeds. I’m sure art hasn’t gone out of style but by the looks of your live views, you sure have made it popular again. Thank you 🙂

    1. I have lots of goals for this year, but one of them would be to pick up where I left off in school and hopefully be one step closer to a career that let’s me travel the world. You only live once right?
      Hope you guys see this added comment that I forgot to put in earlier!

  6. Hi, my goal for a year from now would to be living abroad and figuring out what my passion is, whether its writing, reading, or designing clothing. Then doing it no holds barred and with no excuses.

  7. My main goal is to make a living as a full time potter. Making pots is my passion in life, and I feel that I will be truly happy and fufilled in reaching this goal

  8. You are an amazing artist, i hope to own one of your works one day! I never had a chance to try to throw on a wheel for more than 30 minutes and after watching you live i want to give it a go. I plan on taking a pottery class in college to see if i can creat more than with just paint. Thank you for giving me this new energy!

  9. Firsr, I enjoy what you do and love wartching you throw your pottery. One year from now I hope to be helping more people reach there goals and live a happier life.

  10. My goal one year from now is to have a career in conservation of wild animals. I currently work at a vet hospital and volunteer at a zoo, my goal is to transition my skills I currently have into a full time position promoting and working with endangered species. This post is great and is truly inspiring that anything is possible!

  11. I have one year old son and within the next year I have a goal set to pay off all of my debts and be able to buy a house of my own. My fiance just had back surgery and is unable to work so this momma is going to strive her hardest to accomplish my goals! Winning this pot would make my day!

  12. I just want to say, your art is beautiful and I hope to own something one day!!
    My goal is to run a marathon! I’ve never really run before and recently decided to train for a half in 12 weeks (on week 7).

  13. My one year goal to still be abled bodied enough to do my clay sculpting and share my passion with my friends ! Save hard (for a kiln) laugh hard(for my soul) and pray hard (my body doesn’t fail me ) keep on keeping on !

  14. My one year goal is to renovate a dodgy caravan and be ready to travel Australia with my 3 children by this time next year.

  15. My one year goal is to be in a better job – this will have a domino effect for me throughout my life. It will enable me to be able to buy a new car (mine is almost 20 years old!), be financially stable and be able to support my family. And I’m hoping that I’ll be enjoying an amazing cruise with my grandmother and mother, because they deserve it. However when I think about that…all of the above are wants, sure I’d want those things (and will work hard to achieve it and more!) but ideally in one year I would like to be happy, healthy and spending as much time as possible with my loved ones – maybe even an epic family roadtrip!
    Thanks Joel for being so inspiring! I stumbled across your live videos on FB and I’ve been hooked ever since. You work is amazing and I love that you share your gift and knowledge with everyone 😀

  16. One year from today I would like to be even closer to finishing college than I am now and to find an internship in a field that I’m interested in so that I have a better idea of what I want to do as a career.

  17. My one year goal is to work hard in my evenings and nights and in one years time have a few extra qualifications under my belt, be volunteering part time and preparing to get back into work when my toddler goes to school (I have 18 months from now) so I can work hard, provide for my two daughters, set a good parenting example that anything is possible if you work for it, even if you don’t have any support network (although they always will have me!) and have a happy, loving, healthy home for the three of us. 😍 And one day be able to buy a piece of Cherrico pottery for our home.

  18. My husband and I are approaching one year of marriage! In one year I would love to have started a family and have made a dent in student loan debt from graduate school. My current goal that I hope to continue with for the next year and into the future is returning to art work. I have unpacked all of my paints and I can not wait to start making new pieces!

  19. One year from now my greenhouse will be built and I will be growing and selling microgreens to local restaurants. My business will generate enough money that my husband can quit his soul-sucking job at the car dealership and work with me. 💓

  20. One year from now I hope to be traveling the US with my husband and our 2 boxer fur kids. I work out of my home studio and I would love to take “my show” on the road to see if I could be successful in doing festivals and events in different states. Thank you for the opportunity for a chance to win!

  21. My one-year goal is to find my studio space since currently all of my equipment and materials are packed in a storage unit due to moving half-way across the country. I’m ready to get back to creating.

  22. In one year from now…..
    I just want to be a better person then I am today! That simple. Today is today, tomorrow is tomorrow, and yesterday is over! So live for the day.

  23. A year from now I’d like to see more body acceptance and self-love within myself and those around me. I’d like to see a more peaceful me. I decided to go back to school as a 40-something so I’d like to see progress with my education. Watching you throw pottery is so calming. It’s zen-like and I appreciate its beauty.

  24. My goal is to get back to the positive, fun-loving, creative person I know I am. Depression and anxiety have been the norm theses days and I really need to put in the work to get back to a good space.

  25. My one year goal is to go back to College and finish what I started over twenty years ago. The only thing is that this time I will finish and earn a degree in computer technology! I will do this and not give up!

  26. I am a refractory material specialist that has been taking clay classes for 5yrs. My one year goal would be to combined my clay skills with my refractory skills and make a go of it !!!
    Thank you for what you do to enhance my clay experience

  27. To live more locally and far less globally. To help as many others as I can being the best nurse I can be!

  28. My goal a year from now is to have travelled outside of the US (for the first time EVER!), to visit a new and exciting culture! Another part of that goal is to create art again, it’s been years since I have painted or drawn. I believe traveling and relishing in new culture will help inspire me to create more! 🙂

  29. My goal 1 year from now…… Is to have the ball rolling in the right direction for me to open a Gluten Free Bakery and Café filled with my original recipes. I am still working on the perfect gluten free pie crust that is light and flakey.

  30. A year from today, I hope to wake up and go to work in my high school art classroom. In one years time, I hope to have changed the mindset of many of my students…. from a sense of hopelessness and a mentality of “I am where I come from” to the idea that they truly can do anything if they set their minds to it. I hope that in a year I can help my students truly believe they are more than test scores and that standardized tests don’t define their character…. that they are amazingly capable young people who can change the world for the better.

  31. First, LOVE your work. Can’t wait to buy a cosmic mug!! Beautiful! My goal for one year from now is to be a better example for my kids. I want to raise then to aim for the stars and to be happy, ambitious and energetic people.

  32. My one year goal is to continue to listen to my internal voice and live my life by my rules and not others. I hope to continue my career in social work even though its a hard job and pays minimal because its my calling. I hope to have my debt completely paid off and to live on total cash flow and not credit. And I plan to learn take a class through our local town for pottery making because I’m reminded how healing it is to work with earthy clay and our hands. Namaste.

  33. My goal one year from now is to be successfully raising my son with my husband, and possibly getting pregnant with our next child. I want to be advancing in my career (and that can mean a lot of things). Mostly, I want to be filled with love and kindness, focused on God, and in peace with the life I’m living and the people I’m loving. Oh, and having some student loan debt paid off would be nice, too. One loan paid off (at least) a year from now, that’s definitely a goal.

    Keep up the great work, Joel! I’m glad I found you through Facebook. You’re such an inspiration and make beautiful pottery!

  34. First, your pottery is amazing. Your passion for what you do comes through in every single piece you throw. Second, at 50 years old I am headed back to school so I hope to have more knowledge and a better sense of self one year from now! Upward and onward!

  35. I have two goals this year. One is to obtain my bachelors degree. The second one is to draw everyday. I love drawing and I’m good at it but I often let it disappear into the background. I draw once a year sometimes. I want to draw everyday no matter how bad or insignificant because it’s an important part of me.

  36. One year from today my goal is to have successfully trained my homegrown horse into a barrel racing winner. When I score big I’m purchasing the big coil pot.

  37. My goal in one year is to finish paying one college loan and to begin my journey into grad school to reach my dreams of being a communications professor.

  38. I just started my own business and I hope that one year from now I’ll be reaching more people and double my customer base. My long term goal is to eventually be able to permanently work from home full time.

  39. Hmm… That’s a hard one. So much has changed from last year to this year. I had sort of a spiritual awakening last March, so my goals are a bit different now. I have many goals, so here goes… I want to plant a garden for bees and monarchs to help their declining number’s, I want to work on enlightenment and meditate daily, I want to get healthier and finally be able to do a few elusive poses in yoga, I want to be a ray of light that leaves people happier than I found them. I am trying to live a simpler life. I am getting rid of things that no longer serve me to make room for what sets my soul on fire. I want to become healthier and eat a more plant based diet. I would be grateful to make a living at making my Art and making people happy. I have lots of things I plan on getting done before next year. I better get off my phone and get busy lol. Bright blessings and Thanks for the chance.

  40. My goal one year from now is to have a better relationship with my teenage daughters and son. I work to identify where I need to improve so I don’t alienate them and try to make sure they feel they can come to me at any time. It’s hard to balance because I’m their mother, not their friend, so they’re often mad at me for parenting. But I’m trying!!

  41. My goal is to be cc debt free and to be financially stable for my daughter and I. To have a savings that will hopefully allow us to buy a house of our own. It may not seem like a lot, but for a single mom raising a 10 year old on her own it would be a dream come true. 🙂

  42. My one year goal is to finally buy a house and turn it into a home. I didnt think everything would happen so fast but we are so close already. I cant wait to move and watch my childeren grow up in a home with a yard instead of an apartment.

  43. My goal one year from now is to sell our current home and buy our dream home. We want to raise our family in a smaller town like we were raised and get away from the daily grind and have a place to retreat to when work is done.

  44. My one year goal is to begin to learn the basics of becoming a carpenter. It will be a hobby rather than a career for me. My father was a carpenter and he passed away from lung cancer 6 months ago. I want to learn his craft in honor of his memory.

  45. One year from now I hope to be making a living, full-time, helping my clients get healthier and live their fullest life through my passion for fitness. I want to be able to provide for my son, beyond monetarily by setting good examples of how humans should treat others and the Earth. I enjoy watching your videos and someday I WILL own a cosmic mug!

  46. Hi, my goal in a year from now, is for our tie dye business to take off. My best friend and I started Rocky Mountain High Tie Dye last year. Our first festival was great. We are now preparing for the Telluride Mushroom Festival which is in august . So very excited for our new journey. Wish me luck☮

  47. My goal is to make pottery, I bought a old business of two kilns that need fixed and they came with 3000 molds I really didn’t need lol. I have a passion for art and I have a chance at it to be a career for once. I don’t know what I’m doing or how I’m going to get there but I’m already getting a good start. I’m surrounded by the love of my husband and kids so I know my art will show love. Thanks

  48. My one year goal is to get back into school and finish my degree. As a full time working mom and wife, my school has kind of been put on the back burner. I am hoping that with a little planning I will be able to get back to it!!

  49. I’m recovering from reconstructive foot surgery and loss of sight in one eye. My goal for the next year is to be able to walk unassisted and lose the weight I gained from being on bed rest for so long. I strive everyday to be more positive and ‘see’ the brighter things in life. So my ultimate goal is to be a happier brighter walking person that just maybe motivates others!!

  50. My goal is to advance my skills in jewelry making and working with metal and other mediums. a secondary goal is to increase my sales in my online shop.

  51. First let me thank you for sharing your Art with us, it’s so relaxing and the music is always nice. As for my goal 1 year form now I hope to be able to move my family into a bigger house. We are currently a family of five living in a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom house that was built in the 40’s it’s tiny. So I guess my goal would be enough financial stability and growth to afford to move.

  52. In one year, my goal is to have moved past this tough time of ppd, and to have found some sort of solace. Perhaps that’s in selling both stores and being able to spend more time with my family and to actually find who I am now and what makes me happy-and be living that life.

  53. My 1 year goal is to be getting ready to get married. My fiancé and I got engaged May 23rd, 2015 and just when we started planning our wedding my mother passed away July 3rd and my fiances mother passed a month and a half after. Planning a wedding has been so stressful for me that we have put it off for almost 2 years, it’s time to stop procrastinating.

  54. I totally dig watching Joel throw and showcase his artistry. I have much love and respect for the craft. 💜

    My personal goal is to pay off at least $10,000 of the $20,000 of debt I have. It doesn’t seem exhilarating, but what could life be like with no debt? I’m looking forward to being generous with money towards others.

  55. My goal that I want to achieve One year from now is to finish working on my personal poetry book. I have put off doing it for many years and many reasons. Life, college, motherhood, work. But now it is time I get back to the writing I truly love to do. Even if it is only for five minutes a day. I know I can finish this I can’t wait to look back in a year with my finished book in my hand. Having fun thinking of the process it took to get it finished.

  56. One year from now I want to be financially free!! Debt you are going by down!! See ya! Absolute love your pottery Joel! Amazing work!

  57. 1 year from today my goal is to be living my life the way it was meant to be lived! I have lived for so many other people, but I need to focus on me. Figure out who I am, dig deep into my faith and figure out what I believe in. 1 year from today I will have found me again.

  58. In a year I would like to learn a new form of art that I have never done before and learn to be less controlling with my art. I work a little with acrylic and water color paint and I draw and color mostly and I make bracelets.

  59. One year from now, I will have my home pottery studio back up and running full swing. Had a home studio before a job change resulted in moving nearly 4 years ago. Haven’t had a place for my wheel and kiln since the move and sorely missed pottery. Started making again at a local art alliance and immediately rekindled my love of clay at first touch. Two ruptured disk surgeries last year left my left hand partially numb and pretty weak. That will be no excuse. Each pot I make teaches me ways to compensate for it and makes it more special when a piece turns out well. Love your work Joel and watch your live feeds as often as possible. Best wishes for your continued success in all endeavors!

  60. My goal one year from now is to strip myself of all fears that keep me from doing things beyond my comfort zone.
    I have overcome some of them, sometimes with great results, some others maybe not so much.
    I trust people and I tend to think and expect the best of them, putting myself in a place with risk for dissapointment, making me wonder if I should keep doing it or accept the fact that some are just not worth my time and effort.
    Facing our greatest fears sometimes turns out to be some of the best experiences in life.
    Let’s do it !

  61. My personal goal is to lose 50 lbs. I need to for my health. I have developed a plan, purchased the equipment and set my start date for March 11. Working with my doctor and much determination to succeed.
    Been watching you and all your success. You are a good motivator for people. Keep moving forward.

  62. In a year from now I hope to be further out of medical bill debt, but it’s been a rough start with two hospitalizations and a broken bone for my kids. I’m not whining because I’m so thankful that my kids are normally healthy and that I do get to bring them home, but I’m ready to have their medical bills paid off so we can move into a bigger house for them. It’s the little things in life that matter the most. Love watching you make pottery, never thought I would enjoy it, but it’s awesome!

  63. Well my original goal for the year was squashed like a spider already, so I guess the new goal would be to make sure my son learns everything he needs to while homeschooling and he’s healthy. This is my first year homeschooling and as a single mom, working full time and homeschooling full time, it often feels like things slip through. We plug along day to day.

  64. One year from now I hope to have gotten my grandma in a healthier state, so she can enjoy a little more of life’s wonders. Also, to help my daughter further explore her talents, to find what makes her happy.

  65. In one year from I hope that I will be a yoga instructor. Yoga and meditation has helped me deal with some pretty real sotuations. I would like to first better my practice and then become an instructor in hopes of teaching someone an art that can be there for them when they need it.

  66. My goal one year from today is to continue to learn at least one new thing a day! Whether it’s a fact about nature, art, travel, science, medical advances, history, a person, or just a ‘life hack’, I want to learn it. My mind, or brain to be specific, needs & wants to absorb any new factoids it possibly can! Feed your mind & your soul won’t be hungry!!
    Since learning I have MS several years ago, my first thought was ‘I can live with this, right?’ And I have, despite some setbacks, MS will not limit me! That was my goal then, as it is today…life has no limits! I still wake up every day (on the sunny side of the dirt) thinking ‘what can I accomplish today?’ Some days it might only be to get up & get a cup of coffee or tea, but I got up! And that’s okay. With God, I can do it! It’s what you do with the time you’re given that counts & a year from now, I’m going to see what I’ve done that counted!

  67. One year from now I would like to have a successful website where I can sell my paintings. I would like to use the money to pay for a trip to Iceland with my mom.

  68. I would like to be creating my art, which is hand made decorative crosses as an outreach program for hurting individuals. Not sure what the name of that project will be yet but I would like to take them and give them away to people having a hard time as a symbol of hope.

  69. When I think about what my goal is a year from now, I can’t help but think of where I was a year ago . I feel that I’ve come so far from where I was, and for that I am very grateful. Are year ago, I had made the terrifying decision to leave a situation which was unhealthy for me but which I had grown comfortable with. I trusted a complete stranger and I drove halfway across the country to a new life. Since that time, I have started rebuilding… I am happier than ever, I have reconnected with my family. I have forgiven… Myself and my abuser . I have become happier, and I have found love again.

    With all of this in mind, my goal in a year is to continue the journey of love and light. I want to surround myself with positive energy and people, and I want to reconnect with my creative side, something that Joel has actually helped rekindle. Aside from that, I want to continue working on my health inside and out so that I can enjoy this one life that we get, to the fullest. Honestly, I am not concerned about whether or not I make the school… Because it is a process, a path to walk that may take one month, one year, or the rest of my life. It is a journey, and I am excited to see where it leads. Xoxo

  70. My goal one year from now, is to wake up at 8:04 am with peace in my heart, peace in my home, and to have had a restful night–knowing there was a sense of peace throughout the world.

  71. In one year from now my goal is to have my anxiety/depression under control. I no longer want it to control me. I find watching your videos to be extremely calming for me, it’s almost like it helps to clear my mind. Thank you and have a great day.

  72. My goal for the next year is to throw 500 pots on my new pottery wheel, which is all thanks to your inspiration by sharing your craft on Facebook live!!!! Thank you for sharing your art with us and inspiring us to get back to things that are good for the soul!!!!

  73. One year from now I wish just to be a great parent to my daughters. To enjoy life and make more memories with them

  74. My goal for one year from now is to be moved a few states away and starting all over and hopefully being done with a nursing program. Fingers crossed!

  75. My one year goal is to be in my second semester of grad school. I’m currently waiting to hear back on some grad school applications. I want to get my Master Degree in Social Work and become a therapist. My dream job is to be a crisis/ trauma and grief counselor and to do that I first have to get a graduate degree in social work. So here’s to hoping in a year I’m working on my graduate degree!

  76. My one year goal is to finally letting go of the negativity and the chains of my past, and change for the better, starting with losing weight. Through this, i hope to find happiness and a sense od who i am.

  77. Hey just wanted to say first awesome pottery. My year goal would be to learn the skills to be able to promote to the next step in my career.

  78. Love your work and videos! One year from today I hope to still be taking pottery classes and improving my craft so I can start my own business. You are an inspiration 🤘

  79. My goal is to step outside my comfort zone and try one new thing everyday. Or at least a few days a week. I get comfortable doing the same things everyday so something new will be exciting.

  80. Joel thanks for being an inspiration to those of us that need a little extra push in the right direction. I’ve always liked your pottery work on the kickwheel, and the music of course, but inspiring messages too…geesh.

    I have taught K-5 art in North St Louis for 4 years now and love it. However, teaching just doesn’t cover the basic costs of living. So my one year goal is to continue teaching (my ultimate passion) while managing a small, profitable art business on the side. Whether that be me taking more art marketing courses, networking, laying out a “plan” or whatever. I would like to be more active in the art community and get back into gallery showings for my work.

    Above all I want to make my art my top priority and hopefully the rest will follow.

    Much love and peace,

  81. One year from today I hope to hear working on my Play Therapy certification, living in a new town, and contains to provide therapy to children.

  82. My year goal is to have chickens and a hydro garden with fish started. With so many preservatives in our food, I want to teach my daughter how to be more sustaining so she can continue to feed herself for years to come!

  83. My one year goal would be deciding what path I should be taking in my life. Doing something so great that I cannot get enough of it. As a backup, my goal is to have my oldest enrolled in a preschool/kindergarten program that he loves and wants to keep going back to, as well as potty train my twins before they turn 2!

  84. I’m a high school art teacher and mother of two young children. Many times my own creative needs take a backseat to the demands of my career, marriage, and family. My goal is to set aside more time for myself and to actually create this year. I don’t know medium it’ll be in and I really don’t care, but I want/need to create more finished projects with my own two hands.

  85. My husband works and lives out of state and it’s extremely hard on his kids. When our third child was born ( which was his son) he unfortunately was in Mexico working so hard to provide for us so he missed the birth of his son and I was heartbroken, but I knew he had to do what dads do. He always works and never can take down time to just enjoy life and his children. SO A YEAR FROM NOW I PRAY TO HAVE OUR BILLS TO A MINIMUM AND HOPE TO HAVE THE CHANCE TO TAKE A VACATION AS A FAMILY TO ENOJOY FAMILY AND LIFE. ❤ Here’s to your one year anniversary of the GWR for your pots.

  86. My goal for a year from now is to be seizure free and better able to help with the programs I used to help. Preventing homelessness, autism awareness and supporting veterans are my main programs but, given that I don’t have much of an income, I used to support them by doing the “boots on the ground” work…donations, helping spread the word of upcoming events and running 5k charity runs to help make money for the charities…I want to be able to do that again, so seizure free would be awesome.

  87. One year from now I would like to have grown my Etsy shop to at least double my income. I would like to continue to carve out a niche to differentiate myself from the 10,000 other makers doing a similar craft. Joel, you are very inspiring. Not only is your work amazing, you seem to be able to take advantage of your strengths and to connect with your client base in a way that resonates and leaves a lasting impression. That is truly a gift, for you to give and for us to receive. Thank you for sharing it with us. ✌🏼

  88. My goal for one year is to buy a new house. Love ur pottery and it would look awesome in my new house😃

  89. By the time I was 18 I had a child and was starting the LPN program here at a local college. Some things happened and I was unable to finish. I am now 25, and I am applying to get accepted to the program again this week. I’m hoping a year from now I will be 2 months shy of graduatingredients with my LPN degree and preparing to continue with RN. I’m also hoping that a year from now I will be settled on to my new home that I have purchased sometime between now and then. 🙂

  90. I year from today I hope to be able to adopt our 1 year old nephew who has been with us since may of last year. We kept him from going into foster care! He has been such a blessing! We couldnt imagine waking up without him here. We are now a bonded family of 6! An I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

  91. My goal one year from today is to be alive and walk a mile. I suffer from COPD and degenerative disc disease in my lower back. I am on oxygen 24/7 right now because of my COPD and because I had a severe case of the flu last year that really affected my lungs. I am hoping to do respitory rehab this year and improve my breathing. I’m also hopefully starting a new pain regement for my back that will allow me to be more active. I enjoy watching you create Joel. Please continue to do your live videos. Thank you

  92. I love your work, you’re absolutely brilliant. One year from today I hope to have a stable job allowing me to save up for graduate school so I can study psychology and help erase the stigma around mental health. My close cousin suffers from clinical depression and I have seen her suffer all her life. I hope to become a psychologist so I can help her and those who need me in the future.

  93. My goal for one year from now is to be back in school working on a degree. I have been afraid to go back due to cognitive issues from MS. I hope to be able to help others eventually who are struggling with MS and other debilitating diseases. Love your work Joel! You are very inspiring.

  94. I particularly enjoyed reading your goal for the coming year, as my goal has similar interests.

    I hope to continue my passions for the environment and for a sustainable world for our future generations. I hope to delve further into an environmental career where I can truly make a difference, no matter how small. My dream is to work with elementary school children and teach them the importance of taking care of our environment and also teach them how to live a sustainable lifestyle. I believe every child should know how to take care of their basic necessities, like growing their own food.

    Thank you for taking your first steps into reducing your carbon footprint. Together, we can make a difference!

  95. My goal one year from now is to be on the tonight show with Jimmy Fallon. I am a cake artist and have started making you tube and FB live videos. The overall end goal is to appear on the tonight show. I know it’s a stretch, but I like to dream big.

  96. One year from now, my goal is to be in the midst of completing my final semester in nursing school, looking ahead to starting a wonderful and fulfilling career. Looking forward to it! Love your beautiful and inspiring art 🙂

  97. Hi Joel
    First I love your pottery and love my spiral mug! First (I know this is not anything I have control over but I can hope…. right?) In one year I hope that my moms cancer experience is far behind her and she is in remission. In one year from now I hope that my family is happy, that my children are still making good choices and that we have been able to accomplish our family goal of selling our house, being debt free and of moving abroad to preach in areas where the Bible message has never been brought. Thanks for the opportunity to win Joel

    1. Congrats, Christa! You were randomly chosen as the winner of “World Record Planter #101/159 with a Certificate of Authenticity.” You have an email waiting in your inbox and we’re excited to ship you this historic piece of art, totally free. Cheers!

  98. One year from now..huh. This is a tough challenge for me. So far, the best I can do is hold onto a hazy idea of what I THINK I’d like to accomplish: moving back to Italy, figuring out if getting a second degree is worth it, and improving my mental health. Life is scary… and your live videos help me temporarily free my mind from the overwhelming thoughts. Anyway, thank you, Cherrico Team, for all of the positive energy, and beautiful pottery, you put out in the world.

  99. My goal 1 year from now would be to be living comfortably with my fiance who has schizophrenia, for him to be taking as minimal meds as possible with the correct diet and mindfulness techniques and for me to be ace-ing my nursing course in hopes of one day being able to care for him without the costs. One of my other goals is to have a gorgeous garden growing out the front of my apartment for us to sit in with the #101 pot holding a gorgeous succulent.

  100. Hey Cherrico Pottery team!! I love your stuff! My one year goal is to have my home office organized so that I can streamline the process of running my jewelry business from home. I am hoping that if I can reduce the clutter and noise, it will make things easier for me to stay focused on what is important and most of all reduce my stress levels!

  101. My one year goal is to be healthy and pain free. After living with constant health problems my entire adult life I am determined to spend a year without ending up in the hospital. It’s my goal to take back control of my body and live life to the fullest and go back to school and retrain for a better career.

  102. You are an amazing artist, and thank you for sharing your gift. 1 year from now I hope to be in a more secure financial place, and able to be helping my son achieve his goals as we register him for college. Im taking the necessary steps now so that this time next year I can ensure he doesn’t start out in financial debt just for getting an education to pursue his dreams. Thank you for the opportunity to win some of your beautiful work.

  103. A year from now we will have a slightly bigger family! I’m due to have my second daughter any day now and my goal will be to have moved in to a nice family home in the country. Our current home is cozy and a roof over our heads, so I am happy.. but I’m hoping the next house we have will be our forever home!

  104. One year from now, I’m hoping to be a home owner, with two dogs and at least 1 small human with hopefully a second small human on the way. And hopefully to have gained a supervisor position in my current company. I’m also starting this month with volunteering at the local zoo, I hope to be an active member of the volunteer team next year.

  105. I’ve had a lot of hardships these past years so I set a goal to be as brave as I can this year. Sounds silly but I’m a quiet person who tends to let others tell me how to live my life because I’m afraid of confrontation. So this year I will be brave and use my voice to get the message across. No matter how terrifying it seems for me.

  106. One year from now… I would love to have all of my medical issues figured out and taken care of, and I would also like to have a full time job. Side note I would also love to own one of your moon mugs by then as well.

  107. In a year, I would like to be back in school pursuing my degree in medical technology and a home owner. There have been some family struggles in the past year, so I withdraw in order to take care of my mom.

  108. My goal one year from today is to decide on what my passion is and pursue it! I have many passions and talents, and I believe I can do something I love and earn money at the same time. Instead of working some dead end job just to pay the bills.

    I’ve watched many of your live videos on facebook, and I honestly believe you inspire people to pursue their passions. Everytime you sit at your wheel, we all can see how much you love pottery. Your videos have helped me personally through anxiety, it’s very soothing to watch you work. And you play awesome music! Keep it up.

  109. I recently went back to college to become a Mental Health Counselor (I’m 42) and by this time Next Year I will have my Associates Degree in hand, bettering my life for me and my kiddos. … As a side, I also plan to go on to earn a degree in Art Therapy. Thank you Joel for sharing your art, your journey, and your awesome spirit. All the best to you! See you at your wheel soon man.

  110. I admire how you are living your art doing and the individual way that you are doing it. It’s refreshing. One year from now I hope to be incorporating creativity back into my life in a real and practical way so that I’m not carving time out of my day for it but rather living it in actual time.

  111. My one year goal is to obtain another job where I am happy. I have lost the energy to do what I am currently doing. I am currently in the works of discussing a business venture with a current colleague of mine. We are wanting to open a dairy farm, greenhouse and soap/candle (maybe even pottery?) making facility where individuals with Intellectual and Developmental disabilities can come and work and earn honest pay while learning life skills and sell their products to the community. We won’t be able to do this in a year, but we are trying to have some steps completed towards this dream.

    I truly enjoy watching your videos. You play great music and are amazing at your craft. Please continue on your path to your dreams and keep sharing with the world!

  112. My one year goal, is to remain as enthusiastic as I am now about finishing my master’s in acupuncture and oriental Medicine with ✨Balance✨. Thank you for providing me with an outlet to wind down and fall asleep, your music and work has become my new lullaby.

  113. One year from now i want to be looking to buy a house and have a new job that i enjoy and possible be a partner in the business.

  114. I am applying for a visa to move abroad again. My goal for a year from now is to have put down roots there. To me, this includes meeting new friends, continuing my hobbies and finding a job with people I like.

  115. My two main and biggest goals to have started in one year’s time is to own a house, I have been saving for almost a year. The other is to start my master’s degree, education is important to me.

  116. My goal to reach a year from now would be to lead a healthier life style. And also be the best me for my children. We love watching you do pottery.

  117. One year from now I want to have built up a career in my desired field as well as making new friends in my new city.

  118. My one year goal is to have my hydroponic system in place and have a thriving business. To open it up to the university to teach about hydroponics. To help the less fortunate as well b donating to local food bank. 🙂

  119. A year from now my goal is to start my major whether I will help people through music therapy or through psychology.I am a new fan but hope to love my career as much as you love yours. What you did by listing the worst that could happen for the GWR and how it gave you relief, that is a good strategy and will try it. Thank you for the chance to be able to win.

  120. My goal for this year is to start the groundwork for my husband’s and my new business adventure, and start raising the funds to get it going. We are attempting to start a music venue for world folk musicians, that can also be used as a teaching/recital space for music teachers who travel for their students. It was inspired by our job of being traveling folk musicians, my dear friend’s job of being a music teacher who travels to all of her students, and also by knowing there isn’t a place like this in Texas… Yet.

  121. One year from now, I hope to reach a couple of goals. Goal #1: Further my education in my career as ophthalmic assistant. Goal #2: I will own something made by my favorite artist, Joel Cherrico!! ❤️ (I already plan to order a cosmic mug!)

  122. I am in my second year of service with AmeriCorps (Big Brothers Big Sisters and Financial Educator GHC) and have learned the importance and feeling of giving back to your community. My one year goal is not specific in nature. One year from now I want to be continuing to give back. This can look many ways and is only a guide to my future. I may be running for a county wide public office or working full time in the grocery store I grew up in. Neither is a failure unless I fail to give back. As long as a year from now I am enhancing the lives of those around me will I be successful.

  123. I got an electric wheel for Christmas and I’ve been having fun with it ever since. My goal is to gain enough experience and knowledge throughout the year to eventually be able to sell my pieces! Thanks for the inspiration to start up!

  124. My goal is to be able to have a fully functioning and running studio out of my garage. I’m lucky to have plenty of materials but lacking the space and admittedly the courage. Now that I’ve put myself out there. Here we go!!! Thank you, Joel!!!

  125. Hello!!! My goal is that a year from today I would be in the process of preparing for an overseas missions internship to work in an underdeveloped country. Having already submitted an application and been accepted. (fingers crossed)

  126. One year from now I want to have switched to being a full time paraprofessional (working with a disabled person in school, one on one) and being back in school myself – I’m slowly working towards becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. The last two years my schooling has taken a backseat while I’ve made my schedule 100% flexible for a family that very much needed my empathy with their child… And now that they’re doing well, it’s time for me to refocus on my own dreams.

  127. My goal for one year from now is to be in nursing school. I started
    Taking prereq classes, but had issues with stress, which affected my mental health and my
    Grades. I am taking a break until the fall, to get healthy and get back on track!

  128. My one year goal is to have the $10,000 needed to move across country saved up. To be picking out an apartment in Washington State where I WILL be moving to at the end of this lease in Virginia as of March 8th 2018. I will be starting my Bachelor’s degree for Interdisciplinary Education K-8 at WGU so I can take my leap into becoming an elementary school art teacher. And I will be happy as well as terrified by all of the major changes I just know I will make the absolute best out of. 🙂

  129. My goal for one year from now is to be living a lighter, more healthy lifestyle for myself and my kids. I have some goals set for my work as a victim’s advocate as well but my biggest goal is my general overall wellbeing.

  130. My one year goal is to be in good financial standing with my career as a writer and to have my own house. I want to be able to completely provide and take care of my children without any help and without missing all the moments being stuck in a 9-5 job. I also want me and my children to be safe and not have to worry about anything from our past coming back to haunt us.

  131. My goal for one year from now is to be down 70-80lbs from where I am now, and in the best physical condition of my life, so far. I’ve got a ways to go, but I have a personal trainer and I’m feeling quite confident about it.

  132. My year goal, a small one, is to learn and master how to make mochila bags. I’ve been crocheting for a few years. So far, proper mochila technique has been a challenge. But a challenge I’m gonna conquer. 🙂 Love your work! Hope to win, and purchase a beautiful mug!

  133. It’s not very flashy, but my one year goal is to be back living with my parents short-term (thanks mom and dad), so I can save enough money to move to the city of my dreams.

  134. First off, Joel, your passion through pottery is amazing!! It’s beautiful! One year from now, be a caregiver, because elder people is so special to me. They have lived so long & have so much stories. When I have enough money, I also want to go back to school and become a massage therapist. And move back home (Hawaii) to pursue more of my dreams! 🌺💖

  135. My one year goal is to open a store front for my little business that I run out of my home. I have very sensitive skin and many products on the market does not allow me to use due to the many chemicals found within. I created and entire line of beauty and bath products that my sensitive skin can handle. Through my process I found many women who suffer the same. I have made a small little business and it is doing well, my dream is to expand. I am also a full time student working toward my bachelors in the science of nursing, while running my business, and working 60+ hours per week. My life is crazy but I love it.
    While at work if I have quiet time I love watching your videos. Thankful that they run late at night while I am on shift!!!

  136. One year from now I hope to have narrowed my focus to just ONE (or maybe two) art forms…I love to paint in oils and acrylics, sculpt from clay, photograph wildlife and write poetry and books! And I’ve already eliminated gardening, watercolor, pastels and volunteering, but picked up helping my elderly aunt. If I could focus on one thing, maybe I’ll be more successful at it. Thanks for inspiring me with your art and the amount you create…You run circles around me! Your work is beautiful!

  137. One year from today! I hope to have reached my goal of 100 lbs gone at 65 now! Hope to continue to do things I have wanted to do and challenge my self and my family to reach goals …work Hard and live each day! Feel life everyday I imagine the clay in your hands is like breathing life into each work of art!

  138. One year from today my goal is to be successful in my new food truck business that I purchased today!! I want to continue and thrive in fulfilling my passion, which is feeding people food that I make with love. Watching you create your pots and the pride I see on your face when you are done with each one is how I feel after a dish I made is ready to serve! Let’s hope we both reach our goals this year!

  139. Amazing work! My goal is to buy a house for my family. If that’s not achievable with in the year I will settle for a camper to go on family vacations until the home ownership can happen!

  140. Hello Joel, I’ve only recently been introduced to your live FB posts when you’re making pottery. So inspiring and relaxing to watch you do your best stuff. As a kindred spirit and fellow creative, my one year goal is to reposition my business into a wildly successful branding + web design agency. This is a huge undertaking for me as a single parent, but I’m doing it to leave a legacy for my children. I’ve been a graphic designer for a long time… it’s time to step it up! In one year, my intentions are to have a business that not only fully supports myself and children but also allows me the ability to begin creating my own art to sell online. I have yet to be “the artist I have always dreamt about.” I am inspired by your work, music, and your soulful eyes. Thank you for making a difference in our world and being a shining light! 🙂

  141. In one year from today I hope to have completed my BA which has taken far to long! Lol and I also hope to be able to travel to Germany and the United Kingdom!!

    Love your work and art!!

  142. Hi Joel….love to watch you work. I’ve just recently gotten into ceramics but always has been a passion. In one year from now, I am hoping to be more financially happy. I am embarking on a new endeavour…..so wish me luck ☺

  143. In one year I hope to be transferred to a university where I can continue to peruse my dream of owning greenhouses. Currently attending a community college to save money and be home with my son and loving it! Can’t wait to see what a year holds!

  144. I hope yo find myself next year still teaching Ceramics to high school students, to be watching my own children grow into strong independent young girls, and to be happily together with my husband for 26 years. My art has not been the priority anymore, but I hope I hear my artistic voice more by next year. It has been drowned in the everyday noise.

  145. In a year from now I’d hope to be half way through college, doing wonderfully. Looking for potential internships. Enjoying Fla with friends and family!

  146. A year from today I hope to be in our own house, and everyone is healthy. I hope to also get a cup made but Joel. I hope everyone around me is healthy.

  147. My one year goal is to try to eliminate waste in our home as much as possible. Kinda boring..but an actual goal which my daughter has been pushing in our household.

  148. One year from today I hope to be traveling with my husband and three kids….I want to work somewhere where I get summers off so we can be free as a family for 2 months…spending time together and making memories!

  149. Hey Joel,

    What a great question to ask!

    My 2017 goal is to become totally debt free, and ready to move on to my 2018 goal of saving a down payment for my 2019 goal of buying a home! You’ve got a fabulous gift for goal setting, and you’re absolutely right…write your goals down! Write a backup plan too. My backups..two of them…end in 2020 and 2022. Each is more conservative than the last, and both are acceptable to me if my primary goal needs to be altered. I keep about 5 charts and graphs to monitor my progress, and it’s a huge motivator. When you break a goal down into manageable and measurable pieces, you get that feeling of accomplishment all through the process, which helps drive motivation to the finish line. I love your studio goal, especially the solar power idea. It’s ambitious, and I know you can do it. When you put your heart into it, anything is possible.

    On another note, keep up the videos! My husband and I love them and watch them all the time. I love the music so much I went and bought all I could find! It’s my new work soundtrack. Oh, and I’m getting “Beginners Pottery” classes at our local art center from my hubby for my birthday, so thanks for that too!!! He never would have thought of it if not for your videos, and I can’t wait to get dirty and make some wonderfully horrible beginner pots. 🙂

  150. In one year from today I want to still be cancer free. This last year has been a hard road with being diagnosed with breast cancer. At the same time I was being diagnosed my cousin was also diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. So the two of us fought the fight and both came out on the other side beating it. I have gone back to school to get my college degree in nutrition science. I should be done with that by next year! Thank you for sharing your gift of art through your videos.

  151. In one year my goal is to be enrolled back in college to get a teaching degree, at age 39 it is time to change directions, follow my heart and change the future. I also will have my mini farm more self sufficent. I want to grow more of my families own food, and leave less of a carbon footprint.

  152. I am mesmerized when you are live. Love your passion and the calmness of watching you. My goal is to move up two ranks in my networking business with Isagenix by next year and get to my goal weight.

  153. A year from now my goal is to be healthier and more active with my kids and to travel out of state with the family! I have begun introducing my kids to different art and nature and I hope to build their passion for both!

  154. In a year I hope to return to school for Low Vision Therapy. I’m already working as a mobility specialist teaching blind students to travel on their own. With returning to school my wish is to expand my reach and assist with travel skills and people using their vision to the best of their abilities.

  155. I’ve been an Army Wife for the past 6.5 years and I have recently applied for the Canadian Armed Forces as well. My background is photography so hopefully this time next year I’ll be working as an Image Tech with the Canadians Air Force!

  156. Good Evening Joel 💕 I’m hoping I’ll be moving upstate or already there by this time next year. Looking for a better home Life for myself and my family. I’m excited to finally be in a happy place by then and enjoy life better. Thank you and hope you have a Awesome Evening ❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍 Thanks for making such Beautiful Pottery ❤❤❤❤😍

  157. In a year from now I hope to find myself. I have been lost, raising children, one with special needs.

  158. One year from today I wish to accomplish better sculpting. Spend more time doing things I love photography , writing, working with clay( not the wheel) teaching my great grand kids about art and living life to the fullest after all living is short we all need to enjoy every minute and love more. Janie Hampton

  159. Hey hey. 🙂 My goal for this time next year is to begin working professionally as a sculptor or find a place I can go to do a six month internship to learn on the job as I finish up on a few last modules at uni. It’ll be time to build a career in it!
    I’m still pretty nervous. Really nervous. I left working as a library assistant but…i never felt any kind of obsession or passion for that. It made me feel like I was dying inch by inch in that place.

    So there we are. In a year I’ll be almost ready to graduate. I’ll be looking for a studio to live near, work in or work for. For like minded people who love and live art/clay like I do. My goal is to find both of those things.

  160. I purchased my first pottery wheel one week ago. In a year from now I will be throwing pots consistently, creating my own glazes and I’ll own a kiln of my own. I have met a wonderful friend to share my experience with, one who has many more beautiful pieces under her belt than I do, I look forward to growing as a person and perhaps becoming a full time Potter one day. 💗 thank you for sharing your amazing creative spirit, you are very inspiring, your art is amazing.

  161. One year from now my goal is to be less disabled, and more able to do the things I want to…like pottery! I struggle with fibromyalgia and very slowly but surely I make more and more progress. Watching your videos helps to inspire me to keep striving to attain my goals!

  162. A year from now, I will be almost done with a bachelor’s degree in both Art and English and I hopefully will be starting my masters degree in education.

    I want to travel to under priviledged countries and teach.

  163. One year from today I will be seeing the results of being on my healthier me journey and will be 100 pounds lighter thanks to my family, myself and a low carb way of eating.

    1. Best of luck! You might find the “slow carb diet” fromm Tim Ferriss’ book, “The Four Hour Body” helpful.

  164. I’m 46 years old. Married 21 years and a mom to two teenagers. I put my personal dreams and goals on hold to raise a family. This has been the best years of my life and I have zero regrets. Now that that the kids don’t “need” me like they used to, I went back to college. This time next year I will be finishing up school and earning my college degree. I always said I would go back to school…I never lost sight. Working full time and being a full time student and running a house has been the hardest thing I have ever done…going back to college 28 years after I graduated high school is going to be my greatest accomplishment…second only to my kids.

  165. Goal for the year: Immerse myself into the arts. I live in Erie, PA (hometowns, Rochester, NY & Buckhannon,WV). The recent news story about my town struck a cord with all of the creative minds and businesses in town calling us a dying city. I see so many of my friends and fellow businesses working toward a common goal to breathe new life into Erie through art, music, and local shops. By the end of the year I would like to see another national news story on how Erie’s arts community is thriving, growing and benefiting this little city of ours by the lake. <3

  166. A year from now I’ll be ‘livin tha dream’. I’ll have worked even harder at creating that life for myself. That life of luxury….no not really, lol, but it’s good to dream, right?

  167. First off, I love watching you throw. I haven’t done it in years and one of my goals is to remodel and purge a lot from the garage and finally get my glass studio going. Then I’ll decide on what type of kiln to purchase or build. Then I’ll make a space for the wheel, which is already there. You’ve inspired me and we’ve already started cleaning yesterday. After my one year goal I’m hoping within 5 years to have a home based business, along with the farm and chickens I’m already raising. Hoping to make us more self sufficient. Thank you!! 😊😊

  168. I’m currently a Student at age 50. I’m looking forward to this new Journey at this stage in my life.
    Having sacrificed much to ensure the well being of family members: I see myself Rocking it Out in the field of Medical Administration along side of the two small businesses I currently run virtually always staying positive.
    We’re meant to Stand Out, Not Fit In!

  169. A year ago, March 29th(2016) I began a journey of recovery. I got sober from alcohol and have seen for myself what can happen in a year. I have grown so much, and the self discovery has been amazing. This next year involves me pushing my body to the limits. I have never been a runner in my life, and signed up for a 10k in May! I am currently up to a 5k. This next year for me is also all about experiences! Anything that takes me out of my comfort zone, I’m pursuing it! This includes travel & exploring whenever possible. This last year, has far exceeded all my expectations when I began this path of recovery…. I can only imagine where I will be a year from now! Maybe running a full marathon!? 😉

  170. Where do I want to be in a year.I guess settled. I want to have a place to actually call home with my son. I want to be able to support myself and my son and not have to scrape together pennies. On a creative side I want to be out of the friend zone photography wise. I love taking pictures but most of my clients are friends and family. They have really helped me learn and grow. For that I will forever be thankful. But my ultimate goal is to actually make a go with my photography.

  171. One year from today, my goal is to be an author, professional speaker, and workshop coordinator. I am currently working on my first book (to be released in August) and have been working on my speaking skills for past few years. February 24th was my last day at my “day job”. I have now cut the safety net and am putting all of my faith and focus in to pursuing the life that I believe I was meant to live. 🙂 One day at a time, on step at a time, one word at a time.

  172. My one year goal is to finally be able to work again without all the fears that are crippling me. Every day I get one step closer to achieving that goal. And even though there will always be setbacks I will keep trying to get there.

  173. My goal for one year from now is that I will have conquered my fear of drowning and have learned how to swim. I live beside the beautiful Ohio River, but that beauty is overpowered by my fear of it. I am determined to learn to swim before I turn 72 years old in September!
    Thank you, Joel, for this opportunity to win one of your amazing mugs!

  174. My goals for the next year include making promotion to TSgt this year since I’m active duty military while maintaining good grades in school. I have just returned from a deployment in Afghanistan so one of my main goals is spending time with my son. I am a single mother, so it often becomes difficult juggling my career, parenting, and striving to better myself by going to school. I have a little over a year to go before I complete my degree, so I’m very excited to look at this post in a years time and feel some sense of accomplishment. I love watching cherrico pottery videos right before bed because for a few moments I can relax and destress before drifting off to sleep. It’s a much needed ending to my day. So thank you for all that you do.

  175. 1 Year from today I would like to be working at a new job and living in a new town / city. I need a fresh start to beat my depression and improve my health.

  176. A year from now I’d like to get out of my “stay at home mom” shell. I have devoted the last 8yrs to my daughter and 2yrs to my sons. This time next year they won’t be as dependent on me as they are now so I hope to take my life’s journey and possibly go back to school or maybe just start working again so I can take some of the financial responsibility from my husband. To be a happier me for my family and enjoy every moment. I guess my goal is very simple, but to be in a better place this time next year is a goal small goal some don’t get to achieve. Thanks for the chance!

  177. On March 7, 2018 I will have signed completed my grant-writing goal of funding $250,000 for a nonprofit that helps people with special needs learn on-the-job experience for independent living.

  178. My goal one year from today is to see family that I haven’t seen in over 20 years. I’m 52 years old and my health is going downhill. I live in a different state as all of my family members and haven’t seen a lot of them in 20 years or more. I haven’t seen my dad or brother in at least 4 or 5 years and my sister since 1995. Family is very important to me especially since I’ve lost all of my grandparents since I’ve been living in another state. I’m so afraid of losing another family member before I can get reacquainted with them again. That is my one goal in life and all I want to achieve!

  179. My goal 1 year from now is reinvent myself. I am a stay at home mom and I have a degree in art and am a photographer , I feel lost. I feel like my life does not have a focus outside my kids. Next year, I hope to understand what I want professionally and have taken the necessary steps to achieve it. While this may seem vegue, having a career is the next important step in my life journey.

  180. In one year for today I hope to be not confined to my rm and bed from agoraphobia and anxiety/panic disorder and depression I hope to be out feeling comfortable in this beautiful world and to be living life as I should
    And buy the way thanku for your videos they help keep my mind of everything and calms my soul 😃😃😃😃

  181. Hi Joel,
    My goal a year from now is be in the nursing program to become an RN!!! 😊
    (I apply for acceptance this May….. and God willing, I will be accepted……then real fun will start in August!!😂)
    There are sooooo many more goals I have for myself for the next year but this one is in my top 5.

  182. In one year, my goal is to finish writing and illustrating my first children’s book, an homage to my grandfather, “poppy”.
    I hope to bring honor and reverence to our family patriarch, as he loved all of his children with a steadfast and long suffering love.
    I hope that one year from today, I will be submitting my finished work, “The Flowerhunters”, to various publishers, and even more importantly giving it as a gift to each family member, to preserve the legacy of hard work and love that he instilled in our lives.

  183. I have quite a few goals for the next year. I think the main ones would be: to take better care of myself, physically and mentally. Definitely– Quit bad habits. Also, I have a BFA in Art but I’ve lost focus and passion.. so… I’m going to try to find it again!
    Thank you for sharing your focus, determination, and your passion. It really has lit a fire inside me to find mine.

  184. Hi, I love your work! One year from now I plan to be one year closer to retiring from a career of teaching and being able to devoting my time to my life long love of quilt making. I began quilting years ago using patterns, but I am beginning to create and eventually want to sell quilt patterns of your own design. It’s fun to see family and others enjoying what my heart and my hands love.

  185. At the age of 61, I am furthering my professional growth to acquire the knowledge and skills as a Certified Professional Coach. Within one year, I will have completed my very robust skills development-intensive training program. I will have created, gotten approved, and implemented the first phase of a three-year plan for an Professional Internal Coaching Program for my College’s Faculty, Deans, and Chairs. Also, I will begin to establish a personal part-time coaching and speaking business.

    Love many of the comments made about you and your awesome work.

  186. A year from today is full of hopes and dreams. I plan to be a better potter, continue working as a nurse, wife and mother. I learned pottery in high school 25 years ago and planned to one day have my own studio. Fast forward 25 years and 40 years old I started taking pottery classes last year and obtained my pottery wheel for at home use 1 year ago. I would love to be a recipient of the 101st post you threw as you’re breaking the Guinness World record. It would mean the world to me to house the pot in my home studio.

  187. My goal one year from now is to build raised garden beds in my yard and grow my own organic produce. Additionally, I hope to pressure can the overflow of the produce and build a pantry full of homemade jams, pickled vegetables and sauces.

  188. Hopefully a year from now I will be the proud owner of pot #101, I will be living in another state far from my ex. I hope to be back in school to finish my degree after a ten year hiatus to be a mom. My biggest goal is to take my girls to Chile to meet my 94 year old great grandma before she passes away.

  189. One year from today I hope to be helping my best friend by donating the kidney he needs so badly. It would be my gift of life to him. After surviving cancer last year, this seems to be a great way to give back ❤️

  190. In one year, I hope to begin the final year of college. I attend a work your own pace college so I technically have three years left. I am smart so there is no reason that I cannot get this done. I also hope to have a hobby that I can express my creativity with, much like you do. Thanks for being public and available. You inspire greatness in many.

  191. My one year goal is to improve my knowledge of foreign languages! I’m re-learning Italian and French, and starting Esperanto and Korean from the beginning!

  192. A year from now i just want to be healthy and happy.. and to have a piece of artwork and history from you !!!

  193. My one year goal is to finish remodeling and beautifying my home both inside and out. My goal is to not only make a beautiful and inspirational place to live but also to produce a homesite that will be attractive to a future buyer to help to finance my retirement goals. Having the final goal that I can picture in my mind helps me to keep working hard everyday to make it a reality.

  194. One year from today…I aspire to own my own home, one that is safe and beautiful and the perfect home sweet home for my daughter and I!

  195. Let me start off by saying, I think you are amazing and talented. I watch your live stream videos and have shared them to my page. Completely fascinated and mesmerized by the ease in which you create. I went to college (many years ago) on an art scholarship but drawing and painting were my creative outlet in those days. I had little experience with a pottery wheel but I was lucky enough to have an Art teacher in high school that exposed me to all kinds of mediums from being our yearbook photographer to actually having a kiln and wheel in our classroom to museum field trips to Chicago. Both my older sister & my daughter were blessed with creative genes and have done well with photography. Where do I see myself in a year? Well, I turn 50 in a few short weeks and number #1 on my bucket list is visiting Niagara Falls this year, hopefully by train so I can view the scenery along the way from Illinois and stay in Ontario basking in all Niagara’s majestic intensity & photographing it for a few days. I’m a grandmother to a one year old little boy that we plan to take on a couple of local excursions, we took him to Sam Butcher’s museum of Precious Moments and the St.Louis zoo last year. A trip to Vegas in June of this year with Las Vegas kind of a second home for me, I have family there & usually visit a current exhibition touring or show at least once a year. The last was a photography showing at Bellagio. I have permanent nerve damage in my back a well as two very large protruding discs as I was injured 7+ years ago and with each year, the issue gets worse. I’ve seen 9 doctors and because the nerves in our backs are vital to our mobility, each year I am less likely to be able to travel or do as much with deterioration. I have a really difficult time sitting for any length of time and heavily medicated when I do and after a certain point, loss of mobility in my left leg. I’ve been blessed though as have traveled to Paris, New Zealand, Hawaii twice, Punta Cana and more before it gets to the point I can’t travel at all. Possibly in a year, we will break ground on our retirement home as we have been purchasing 6 acres of land next to a creek in a country setting here in Illinois. That would be exciting as a goal we started about 8 years ago and a legacy for our grandson.I hope to be happy and living life on life’s terms, learning something new every day and loving those around me and seeing the beauty in creation. Sending you peace, blessings and thank you for the opportunity to win one of your creations.

  196. A year from today I will be getting settled back home from my first combat deployment. My goal is to be qualified and selected to become an instructor during that time, if everything goes alright.

  197. My goal in a year is to completely have paid off the personal debt I accumulated while helping keep my family fed and sheltered a few years ago. I have a decent job now but I am aspiring to a salaried position that would help make achieving this goal easier. But no matter how I try to accomplish this, even halving the amount owed would take some pressure off my mind.

  198. I love your pottery it is so cool. It has really inspired me as an artist to get back into making new things. That being said a year from now I hope to own a home and have a studio of my own to be able to create all my handmade jewelry!!!

  199. Where do I want to be in one year from today? I hope to be in nursing school, and I hope to be a homeowner. I have let life get in the way for the last 10 years on completing my nursing goal but every time I have been knocked down I have gotten back up and tried so much harder. Now is my time to go to nursing school, to better my life and my daughter’s life and to be able to do something I am so passionate about.

  200. My goal, one year from now is to be happy within my own skin, to love more and to Pay It Forward as often as I can. My life already is better than it was. I try to wake up every day with a grateful heart. I’m raising my 11 year old son on my own, and I must teach him the importance and the values of the life we are given. I do want to pick back up my writing. I’m a Published Children’s Book Author, and due to an unforeseen tragedy, I stopped writing. A year from now I want to look back and have not one, but let’s shoot for 5 different writings. This will include journaling again. That will help get the writing flow going. Anyway, I wish you all a year of success in whatever it is you pursue in the year to come. Blessings to all and thank you, Cherrico Pottery, for inspiring so many of us. Joel, you’ve been a God send, to so many, who needed reminders at our own uniqueness and passions.

  201. One year from today I will (hopefully) be in my final semester of my undergraduate degree in Environmental Science. I will be preparing myself for the work force in which my goal is to successfully join. My main goal is to be happy and to enjoy my work as much as you do!!

  202. I can’t say for certain where I will be a Year from now… but hopefully it is somewhere good. I am currently a stay-at-home mommy of two amazing little demons. (1 year and 3 years).
    Maybe in a year our little family will be able to get out and see some sights… for now we sit at home, enjoying each other’s company.

  203. My goal this year is to become happier, I want to also do some more art consistently instead of at random times. Thanks for inspiring me Joel!

  204. In a year so much can happen. Some measure tike by success or failures. I measure mine by whether or not I will be here in a year. It’s Morbid I know, but true. I have had cancer, survived, fell and broke my back and pelvis. Had emergency surgery but my life changed forever when my heart went bad. Two heart surgeries later and im still not well. But today I was referred to the leading Dr in the world or my disease. It gives me hope. And now hope will be dictating my next year. I am not saying this time win a sympathy vote. But rather to say so much can change in the course of a year. Good luck to you and your business. Your mugs are awesome. I love watching you. I wish i could do it myself.

  205. My goal, one year from today, is to be closer to being out of debt so I can go from having two jobs back down to one. This means more time with my kids and grand baby. 😊

  206. In one year – as long as I’m still here I’ll be happy honestly. lol As I get older I realize just how precious time is, and spending that with the ones I love most.

    Ambitions wise, I plan on expanding my new company and I’d like to live somewhere a little warmer maybe. (I’m next door in ND lol) But yes, if things go according to plan I want to expand my little soap/crystal business online and hopefully find a good market close to home as well. I adore the chemistry involved with soap making and being part of something I truly love. I’ve always loved being a student, but I’ve never been able to picture myself working for someone else. I truly think this is my niche in the word and I want to put all my energy and drive into making those things real. I’d also really like to take some classes for welding. I do some wood working here and there, and welding seems like it’d be really fun to try out. I’ve dabbled here and there before, but real classes would be amazing.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity, I truly adore all of your work and can’t see what’s to come!
    – Stephanie

  207. My goal one year from now is show my 8 year old daughter more of the world and all of the beautiful things that life has to offer. Art, travel, education, people.. our world is an amazing place!! BTW. we made it to NASA in Texas last summer. Great place!!

  208. I am currently finishing up my Master of Arts in Teaching with a certification in teaching students with disabilities. I am a P-12 art educator and I concentrated in ceramics. That being said, in a year, I hope to be settled into a teaching job where I am happy and where my students are performing to their highest potential because of the work I am doing with them. I hope to inspire my students to be great artists, to be creative, and to love what they do. I also hope to start solidifying my plans to open up my own art school. As an almost 23 year old young woman, I want to prove myself to the world, to my family, but mostly to my own self. I want to be the best me I can be and share my passion with others along the way.

  209. My one year goal is to pass the national licensure test for psychology so that I can finally become a psychologist. I also want to build a chicken coop with earthen plaster to experiment and learn alternative building methods to use when pursuing a sustainable farm/community.

  210. One year from now, the wife and I hope to have adopted two children we have had in our care for 2.5 years. The amount we have sacrificed and learned in this time is priceless. And we wouldn’t change it for the world. Just like you want to change the world with a Eco friendly kiln, we want to make the world a better place by giving these boys all the love and support they need, to grow up to be loving, caring strong healthy men.

  211. Where will I be in one year? I will have my own shop! A year ago almost exactly I started my own small business. Decor From The Heart. Handmade home decor. I break down old pallets, cut them and re build them and paint them. I mainly do signs! Signs for wedding, festive, holiday, customized, fan based, anything you name it. It’s all done by hand. Hand built and hand painted! I’m very passionate about what I do and my fan base Co tines to grow. I currently work out of my living room and my garage when it’s nice out! I absolutely love what I do. I sell out of my home, via facebook and vendor shows! It’s currently part time as its not enough income to do full time however my goal is to within the year, open my own shop! That is the Dream!

  212. My goal for next year is to decide what to get my Master’s degree in (either Art Education or a studio art) and start applying to Grad School for the fall semester (2018). I’ve been putting this off for over 10 years and this is the year I finally get my act together and decide what to pursue and invest in myself!

  213. My wife and I plan to be debt free and living our dreams by this time next year. Actually by the end of this year.

  214. In one year I simply wish to be doing something I love while being able to give back to others. While being assigned a dream board for work, I realized a lot of my dreams were material and didn’t matter to me personally. Happiness and heartfulness is what really matters to me.

  215. My one year goal is to finish the first of 3 books that I’m writing. Then write a proposal for it to get published. Like you I would also like to make a living with my passion of writing. Thanks for sharing your craft and amazing art!

  216. I’ll start with last year first and make my way to my plan for next year. January of 2016 I was working a dead end job that was going down hill fast one day I was at a doctor’s appointment watching the nurses do what they do so I became interested quickly and started inquiring more about that profession. My parents have always told me that I help everyone out before I even think to help myself first so I figured nursing is the perfect profession for me! I had started working towards studying to enroll into the LPN program and became accepted. I must say nursing school is the hands down most toughest emotionally drained challenge I’ve ever endured. I’ve felt anger love sadness you name it during my course of schooling.. as much as I wanted to quit and give up I didn’t. I never missed an assignment, graduated January 12th of 2017 with perfect attendance even was 4th in my class. It wasn’t over then little did I know the harder part was just beginning. I’ve became licensed February 8th of 2017 and now have landed myself a beautiful job that I absolutely love! My plan for this coming year is to make a difference and impact my patients in a good way, work towards buying my own home, and even start working towards getting my RN!

  217. One year from now, I will be a stay at home mom to the most amazing little man on the planet. Getting to raise him and spend every day with him is a dream come true.

  218. My “one year goal” from now is to be finishing up my university degree, graduating, and then searching for a job! It seems scary that I’ll be graduating so soon, but as long as I keep working hard everything should work out in the end. I’m currently enrolled in the archaeology program at my university, and watching the live videos of you making pottery is so fascinating after learning about the process in my classes. I hope one day I can own some of your pieces because they really are beautiful!

  219. My goal for one year from now is to be able to take my two kids to Disney in Florida! It isn’t easy being a single parent but I hope to be able to save enough money to take them to the happiest place on earth! Love watching your love videos it’s a great way to relax thank you for sharing them!

  220. My goal a year from now is to be debt free! so that we can afford to buy a better home for our children!

  221. This week is pretty monumental for me. As a hardworking women in a male dominated industry (I’m a manager for a major home improvement/hardware chain), I purchased a house. That being said, my goal for myself within the next year is to have my workshop fully functional to create work as I please and to have registered my business. This is a goal I have been working toward since I graduated college, and a dream I kept in mind while picking the best house in my budget for a workshop. You’re an inspiration and have re-established my love for creating that I had all but given up on.

  222. My goal one year from now is to have my writings compiled into book form proof read and corrected.
    Seek out publication prospects.

  223. My goal is to finish paying off my middle daughter’s Sweet 16 party and to have enough saved to be able to afford down payment on my own house.

  224. One year from today I hope to be graduating community college and figuring out what to major in in regards to University for an end goal of applying in the Peace Corps.

  225. One year from now? I’m hoping to have my anxiety under better control by practicing more self-care. As a parent, it’s easy to forget to put on my own oxygen mask before assisting others, and that needs to change. The videos are excellent for self soothing, so I’m grateful that you have posted videos of your work!

  226. My goal would have to be to graduate, find a career I feel at home at, to move away from my hometown and to be completely independent.

  227. Your FB live feeds are very inspiring. My one year goal is to go back to school at the age of 50 and get my degree. I would love to study photography and design. I have always wanted to take photos that would be something on the cover of National Geografic or Time, I am inspired by outdoor beauty that is everything we see in this world. Keep on making your inspiring videos they give more than you know.

  228. I will be rocking in life obtaining my bachelor’s degree in emergency disaster relief, raising two growing boys , helping them single handedly in their dreams and goals, and hopefully pursing my passion of putting my own arts into this world, working at festivals , volunteering,and meeting amazing souls. Spreading as many smiles as I can, and lastly putting my all into a bazillion random acts of kindness so I’m surrounded by nothing but positive vibrations😀 living nothing but the sweet life…Thanks for being you..I feel nothing but good energy and inspiration watching your feeds✌

  229. Where I hope to be in one year would be, is starting to find my passion. Start going to school for that passion, I want to love what I do for a job and not walk through the paces of life in a job that I just tolerate. Potentially something in movie music production would be amazing. Hopefully finding a school that can support that passion of mine! Other then that making my self a better person in general find more ways to learn an grow in everything that I do. Thank you for all your inspiration, it makes me know that my dreams can become a reality if I put my mind to it.

  230. One year from today I plan to have passed the nursing boards and to have started my new career as a nurse.

  231. In a year, I hope to be touring with my band and creating more music as well as instruments. I’m a senior in high school currently, and I have played guitar for 6 years now. I’ve recorded and released two EPs and one full length album with my band, and now that I am almost done with school, we already have small tours planned for this summer to get our music out there. Music and art is my passion. I have always enjoyed working with my hands and woodworking, and recently I built my own guitar. I got advice and was able to job shadow under a master luthier, who also said he would let me apprentice under him and learn all that he knows. I have always been interested in pottery, but I have never had the chance to do it myself with school, music, and other things that I do. My mom found your page and told me about it, and when she watches it I always watch with her. It has shown me a lot of what really happens when creating pottery and my interest has grown even more, and I hope to also attempt it myself in the near future.

  232. I have struggled with my weight my entire life and I have finally found something that works for me. I never tried it before because I listened to everyone else and how “horrible” it was. It just goes to show that we shouldn’t believe everything we hear, huh? Lol Well, it has been one month and my body has expelled 15 lbs… so in one year I hope to be at least 130 lighter! I only have 115 more to go!! WOO!!

  233. In the upcoming year, my goal is to find my passion in life. That thing, or things, that excites and invigorates me. It could be a hobby, or even a career change (although the latter would be a scary proposition). I want to find that “thing” that makes me happy.

  234. My goal for one year from today, is to be holding my very first child. I’m 31 years old and have fought a long, hard, battle with fertility. It has been hard, from surgeries, to the depression that comes with infertility. My goal is to stay positive, stay focused, keep looking ahead, and stay strong for my husband. I hope that if I follow the above, I will be blessed with my first born. As a side note, thank you for the videos. They are very relaxing. I hope you achieve your goal!

  235. I have been in constant pain for the past 20 years. I was forced to retire early because of it. Both hips are fused and getting worse over time. I’m on SS, so not much money coming in. Finally this last December I found the best orthopedic surgeon in the state!! He is my hero! He did my right hip, which was the painful one. And it’s perfect! And I am pain-free. The left one will be done at the end of this month. My goal is to be able to dance at my 50th wedding anniversary this Dec. My long-term goal is to loose weight! ❤❤

  236. I first I want to thank you for your inspiration, just started taking pottery classes yesterday. Not sure how you appeared on my fb feed but I’m very thankful and watch all your live videos. I do want to purchase a home so hope I can be moved in a year from now. I would love to see my team and I at work move up to the next level in our career. Would love to see what my 14 year old daughter has in store for me, she is my inspiration and works really hard in school, music and dance. I sure hope that I can make my own dinnerware set from what I learn in my pottery class. See you in a year 🙂

  237. To have a nice lite stash of art to sell paintings and pottery. Gotta love art and want it to be “nature” based”…
    Thanks for being inspiring Joel.

  238. My one year goal is to be happy, open to life, and letting go of that which no longer seve’s me with grace and humility. Oh, and have a whole lot of fun along the way!

  239. I’m 5 years old (with mommy helping me write it out on here). My one year goal is to teach more people how to make things with their hands. Things like crafts, food recipes, and other DIYS. I have a YouTube channel to help people get off the TV and phone and make fun things! My other goal is to hopefully learn pottery like you! I watch your videos with my mommy and I want to learn how to make them for my friends and family.

  240. My goal, one year from now, is to have revised all of my lecture notes for one of my classes. I’ve been coasting. I can be better. I need to make it happen instead of talking about it!

  241. a year from now I hope to be a better person and a much happier person . Honestly I would love to say I hope to go to college or have a better job but right now I know truly I have to work on battling the depression I have been facing so I can be a better and happier person . Lately I haven’t been the greatest and I know deep down I need to make a change within myself and pull myself out of this depression funk I’ve been in. So as of right now I can only take each day as it comes and hope that in a year from now I can say I feel like I’m a much better and happier person.

  242. One year from now I will be half way through my bachelors degreee in social work! I started pottery as part of my self care. So one year from now I will be a better potter than I am today!!! 😉

  243. My goal a year from now is that I will be finishing up school and making a better life for myself, my girlfriend and my son. It has been a crazy few years for us and I’m doing whatever I can secure our future and the future of our future children.

  244. One year from today…… I plan on having both of my daughters thriving in college while I travel to Italy, Greece, Turkey, Sweden and Spain. Oh wait maybe that’s a dream not a goal. My goal is to be debt free so the year after I can travel the world!

  245. If someone asked me a year ago where I would be in a year I would not have even had a clue! I was studying finance in college and I hated it. I went to visit a friend last April, a month before my 23rd birthday. I realized after pouring my heart out about how miserable I was in my schooling and my job. I changed my major that week. A year from today I will be teaching, hopefully first grade! Working with kids and making even a small impact in their lives is my dream. I hope i can make a difference in children’s lives and promote learning in a positive way! I can’t wait to be in my own classroom!

  246. One year from today, I will still be employed at my awesome new company (after being laid off twice in 18 months). I hope to have gotten at least one certification to make me a greayer asset to the team. Raising my two boys to follow their dreams while still being gentlemen.

  247. My goal one year from today is to get back into my fitness regime that I did 1-2 times daily BEFORE I was diagnosed with the big C. I was so proud of all the work I was doing and the shape my body was in. I was running marathons, attending fitness expos, making tons of new like minded people, then after many surgeries, daily radiation treatment and weekly chemo treatment for 4 months, I was knocked on my ass and have not been able to workout, I could barely shower, let alone just get out of bed.

    I’m now over treatment and allowing my body to mend from that tornado it just endured, but now that I have a little bit of energy I am antsy to get my life back!! So, one year from now, I hope to look back on this day with my fitness back to 100 and be able to shrug off the memories of cancer’s hell!!

    You’re the best Joel (and intern). Thank you for your videos, they are informative, soothing, and has reignited my interest in pottery!!

  248. One year from today, I plan to have my photography and wordsmith business up and running, with calendars and greeting cards featuring my son’s poetry along with my own prose.

    My guest suite for my Airbnb listing at Sur la Mer will be ready.

    I will be seven years, four months closer to retiring.

    And my book will be published.

    “Every happy ending needs to have a start.”

    The best thing I have ever written is what I am working on at the time.

  249. I love watching the live broadcast of your pottery making. Thank you for being such an amazing inspiration.

    One year from today, my goal is to buy a house for my family, take a small business course, find my calling and buy a couple of your Cosmic Mugs!

  250. My goal of where I’ll be in one year. Wherever I am, my body will be much lighter and leaner, 38kgs+ lighter. I will be fitter and healthier than ever.

  251. Reading the comments makes me smile. I am at the downhill stage in life. Now, I look back at all the goals set in life, those I accomplished and those I didn’t. This has made me realize I stopped setting goals. When did that happen? I guess when I retired I must have thought setting goals ended. I will set goals and look forward instead of not buying any green bananas (that is an old timers joke).
    I love to watch your videos and have become obsessed with your art. My goals lately have been not to miss any live videos of you and waiting for your email that I can purchase a mug. So there is that.
    With all that is going on in the world and the horrible things on the news it warms my heart to see a young man like yourself making a difference in the world. Keep up the work and stay true to your art no matter how famous you become. Yeah for NASA! Can’t wait to hear the details.

  252. My goal is very important to me and I intend to hopefully overcome it. I’ve been battling severe depression for quite some time. It’s taken such a toll on my everyday life. More importantly my two children. Hiding it and trying to function has made it even harder. This is the first time I actually spoke about this and was embarrassed to do so at first… but it is a goal for me. As hard as it is I’m taking baby steps right now. Actually leaving my home, little walks, started to drive a little, therapy, and take it day by day. I look for no sympathy. Things I haven’t been able to do for so long… I’m going to try my best to set a little goal each day. I know I have a long road ahead of me and that is okay. I once loved doing art long ago. Was one of my only talents. I had such a passion for it. Working with pen and ink canvases was my thing and I also worked on the wheel. When I saw your first live video.. it was so inspiring and brought me back a feeling that I thought I had lost forever. Your dedication to what you are creating made me feel something again. Watching more of your videos has helped me remember that I can be something again. For myself and my children. As I move forward and climb this mountain, I believe and hope each day will get better. Thank-you Mr. Cherrico for sharing your art and the hard work you put in to achieve your own goals. You do great work but again, the dedication you show gives hope. Whether this is read or not, I feel good for sharing.

  253. My one year goal is to spread more awareness about SPD (Sensory processing disorder) It seems not many people realize the struggles people face who have this disorder. I wouldn’t even know about it if my son Christian (Who’s birthday happens to be this Friday!) was never diagnosed with it. I recently had to pull my
    Son from school to homeschool him because he struggles so bad. You can’t tell there’s anything wrong with him and that seems to be the hardest part of trying to spread awareness about it. There needs to be more help for these children and adults who struggle daily with this disorder so few know about. I have to do something. Thank you for being an inspiration to me and many others!! God bless!!

  254. My One Year Goal- Wow it’s crazy where I aspire to be in 1 year. I will be heading off to bootcamp 3 weeks from today and in 1 year I plan to be arriving at my first station. No matter if that means I’m attached to a squadron and I’m deployed to Japan (which is a place I’d love to visit) or if I’m attached to a base in San Diego (another place I would like to see). So in short my goal is to excel and accomplish a whole year with the navy and serve my country! I am woman hear me roar!

  255. My goal that I am striving for is to advance in my career from a clinical nurse to include the continuum of care for my patients. I have applied to add to my professional practice to also work as a RN Case Manager.
    Thank you Joel for sharing your artistic talent & I am cheering for you to be able to accomplish your one year goal!!

  256. My goal for one year from now is to have my own Accounting practice. I waited 24 years to go to college to persue this in order to raise my 3 kids by myself. Now i have graduated college and am out to continue the path i started so long ago.
    Also on another note, just wanted to say thank you for sharing your passion. It is amazing to watch. May your success continue.

  257. I don’t have any lofty goals, I honestly just want to be happy… if a year from now I am happy, that’s all that matters!

  258. My one year goal is to overcome my depression and anxiety enough to get a job. I went back to school to become an LPN, and I was the Valedictorian, but my anxiety and depression have been Interfering! Every time that I have an anxiety attack, I feel disoriented, along with scared and short of breath! It is very frustrating! I am going through a divorce, and my daughters count on me to take of them! I am raising them by Myself! What makes it even harder is that my oldest daughter is Gifted, and so she is emotionally intense (A more pleasant way of saying that just about everything triggers a meltdown. )! I know that the human mind is powerful, and I truly believe that I can and will overcome my depression and anxiety! I just need to believe in myself, surround myself with people who love me and never give up! I will get better!
    Thank you, Joel, for being awesome, and sharing your gift with the World! Watching you work, while playing your music has a calming effect on me, and so I get alot out of watching you!🙂

  259. My goal a year from now is to have my drivers license. It is so hard depending on other people. I’m definitely going to try. Keeping my fingers crossed that I get the nerve to do it!

  260. My goal is to have a house of our own for me and my family. So we don’t have to live in an Apartment any more…

  261. In one year, I will have paid off my credit card debt so that I can better aide my two kids as they head off for college! #singleparentstruggles #makingprogress

  262. One year from today, my goal is to self publish my own comic book! Simple enough? Well…I’m currently working on my drawing skills to do that and I’m completing my storyline 🙂
    Ps-solar fired pottery is such a cool idea! I’m glad that’s possible!

  263. I have only been following Cherrico Pottery since December and already I own 2 pieces and honestly would love to eventually own more. Until then, my one year goal is to be completely on my own and independent by this time next year. Growing up confined to a wheelchair because of a physical disability makes it hard to live a normal life but I want to prove that I can do it. I will do it. This time next year I WILL have achieved my one year goal of being out on my own.

  264. One year from today, I hope to be a well known sailing coach that is able to help other kids learn the skill of sailing. From well off kids to kids that are less fortunate and that would otherwise never be able to learn how to sail.

  265. So here goes…

    My story and my goals…

    Three weeks ago the love of my life, my partner, depertaed this world. Leaving behind myself and our two sons. I will never forget 17th Feb 2017 and the shattering phone call…”Laura he’s dead…”

    The words did not register. They still have not. The funeral has passed and now me and my boys are left to…to what…so many have asked. “What will you do now?”

    My answer, as broken and afraid as I am..

    I live…

    I live for my future, my children’s future, I gain my degree in Psychology, I become braver than ever before and be determined to succeed and gain my goal of providing a safe and happy life for my little family.

    I have them and they have me.

    My goal to be stronger than I feel right now, to heal from this hurt – that will never go away: but I can adjust to live without him.

    The ultimate goal: for my angel up above to be so proud of me. To show him how strong I am. How wonderful my beautiful, talented children will grow to be…

    I want to do my love proud. Thank you for 5 years of knowing what true love was….

    Xxx Laura xxX

  266. My goal for the next year is to finish college and to be accepted and start into the masters program for health admin at my college.

  267. Hello Cherrico Pottery!

    -My one year goal is a very personal one. I recently ventured into the “Entrepreneurship” world myself. I want my business to expand and grow not only for me, but for my daughter as well. I’ve worked for years in the corporate, franchise, and small business aspect of what we call a “job”, and ever since I had my little girl 3 years ago, I want nothing more than to be able to watch her grow. Working 50+ hours a week I can handle. It’s working 50+ hours away from my daughter that makes it difficult. So, what did I decide to to….Start My Own Business and work my ass off to make that dream a reality for us. I’ve only just started but progress is progres. It’s because of her that I have so much motivation and drive to be successful. She is my world and I want to make sure I’m a part of hers everyday.

    Thanks for sharing your inspiration and the beautiful pieces you create!


  268. My one year goal is to build the house of my dreams, to provide a home for my 2 sons and I, plus the two girls I adopted, both of which have varying levels of disability, with the oldest of the two never to be independant, a forever child. I am working on my home and property, single mom, with my children to bring us as much self sufficiency as we can, gardens, animals, medicinal herbs, salves and teas, solar power, we’ve already our own well and septic. I want a home that all my children and future grand children can live in, one that my eldest adopted, permanently, and severly disable daughter may build a life for herself. One where she can have security and a daily consistency and patterns to help her find semi independance. My goal is to have my home and my children and I, plus all of my siblings and their children, may come together, grow our foods, make our medicines and have a healthier more well rounded life.

  269. A year from now I will be graduating from college and putting my bets all in on creating my artistic visions and making a successful career of it!

  270. In a year from now, I will be in the Navy. I will also be working towards a degree in nursing. I hope to continue my career in the Navy as a corpsman. I would also like to continue and improve my painting skills. One day I’d like to be sharing my art with the world.

  271. One year from today, I will be finishing Winter quarter of my third year of graduate school and on track to graduate with my master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in the fall of 2018. I am looking forward to helping people heal and improve their lives! I started on this path after 12 years of being a nuclear engineer on ships in the Navy, then working as a manager for a defense contractor and finally deciding that it didn’t feed my soul.

    I have also recently started nourishing my creative side by making wire wrapped crystal and semi-precious stone jewelry. I enjoy it immensely because I get to beat metal with a hammer and every creation has its own personality! You’re definitely inspiring me to continue expanding my creative side by exploring pottery because it seems simultaneously zen, fun and challenging!

  272. Hi, I think a year from today I would love to be underway with my Sign Language journey or career. I started it 3 yrs ago living in Tucson AZ, being surrounded by friends & a ministry that allowed me so much to learn. My youngest had a vocabulary of over 50 words in ASL before he was 2 & only communication he needed, then he began to talk. I miss it so much. Being able to do praise & Worship in ASL was so easy, but as when you move away from something it becomes distant & almost 4yrs ago I movedon’t back to my home state of Ohio, & it has taken a back seat. I miss it.

  273. Hey, so in a year from now, I’m hoping I’ll be studying to become a drug and alcohol councilor. For young kids, group homes. I want to help guild people, young parents, whom especially need someone to advocate if they’ve come from addictions and looking to really get a fresh start and become someone that is eventually looked up too… Right now I can’t say to much is going on as I am a working mother waiting for my eldest to start school in Sept. Before I have that spare time to go back myself. So in a year. I know I’ll be putting myself in that place. And I’m really excited:)

  274. Hi Joel love your art and your drive to succeed in life. Unfortunately I have several disabilities that keep me from throwing pots. I too learned in high school and have always had a passion for it and love watching you transform your clay into a work of art.Therefore my one year goal is to find some form of art that isn’t too strenuous on my body. I love gardening and plants, therefore I would love to win the planter.

  275. Professionally, a year from now my goal is to have completed my own “in home curriculum” for nannies and moms to use for ages birth-5 years!

  276. Where will I be one year from today? That’s a hard prediction to make since I cannot predict the future! As a single mother of two, things haven’t always been easy, but with will and determination I have made it to where I am today. Two years ago I lost my mother to a tragic accident and from that day on I realized tomorrow isn’t promised. So I made a leap of faith and decided to go back to college after graduating with my first degree some 20 years ago. I hope within the next year to finally own my first home, to be one semester away from finishing my RN degree, and to be one step closer to not having to work two and three jobs tonmake end meet.

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