Musical Gold Mine Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day! I just wanted to let all of you know how thankful I am that you are following my artwork and supporting our small team here at Cherrico Pottery.

As a full-time potter, I really appreciate all of your support. Whether you purchased pottery for your home, as a gift for someone else or if you simply shared a pottery Faceboook videothank you so much.

This blog post is dedicated to the five musicians featured in all of our Facebook live videosWriting and recording original music is incredibly difficult. Even just finding enough good music for one song requires countless hours of practice, sifting through a plethora of junk for just a few minutes of beauty. It’s like mining for gold.

These five bands pour their hearts into their work. They are all friends of mine and I’m honored to be able to throw pots to their groovy tunes so often. Please consider snagging a CD from them so you can support and enjoy their music too:


Dylan Mcfarling

Paul Spring

The Gibby Hibbies


As far as new pottery goes, I’m busting out fresh pots daily. Please stay tuned for upcoming deals, like our $49 Random Cosmic Mugs coming later this month. Please make sure to double check that you are signed up for our email newsletter here if you want to guarantee that you get a notice as soon as new Cosmic Mugs are available, as pots tend to sell quickly.

Thanks again and Happy Valentine’s Day! – Joel and the Cherrico Pottery Team

Photos by Caitlin Brutger and by Nicole Pederson

“…a good design in pottery is the product of tension or ‘dialectic’ between the demands of pure utility and those of pure beauty, and only a long experience and continual struggle enables you to achieve a successful fusion of the two.”

– Quoted in “Michael Cardew, a portrait” by Garth Clark, pg. 46

2 Replies to “Musical Gold Mine Valentine”

  1. Their music was so much fun to listen to. It’s really a reassurance that true quality musicians are out here making incredible music. Above all, artists supporting one another is key. In essence a tribe.;-) Thank you for sharing your beautiful works Joel and your tribe’s work, too!

  2. uggg. I can’t find the song you played. It hs the follow lyrics. “Where are you going and where have you been. It’s been such a long time…”

    Please help.

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