Thanks so much for your interest in Cherrico Pottery. This is a list of philanthropic projects and donations given out by Cherrico Pottery, to projects we care about.

*If you wish to support Cherrico Pottery, with your own donation to us, you can contact us or send money to Cherrico Pottery PayPal: Or, you can instead simply buy a piece of pottery from,, join our Patreon, or buy one of our high-end pieces like a “Cosmic Wall Platters” or a jar on

Ongoing donations:


$2,000 raised by a donor, who won a silent auction bid on 5 pieces of Cherrico Pottery: one Neptune Mug, two Cosmic Mugs and two Lunar Cups, donated by Joel Cherrico. Money was donated during a local, annual memorial fundraiser for Joel Birr that took place 9/10. Money goes to support local senior citizens and education, including the Albany Area Education Foundation.

  • $1,528.51 to Wounded Warrior Project from an eBay auction sale of 2 Neptune Mugs with 100% donation, on 7/2/22
  • $1,912.95 to help people in Ukraine fighting against Valdamir Putin’s unjust war:


  • $308.26 to the Planetary Society to help with their Day of Action, as they lobby the United States Biden Administration to increase the NASA budget 5% over 5 years, and advocate for other important advances in space exploration.
  • $200 to Joel’s Aunt Judith Halek of to help establish a birth center at the Changing Woman Initiative, a Native American Centered Women’s Health Collective.
  • $55 to Trenton H, a 10 year old boy fighting cancer, to help his family with medical bills.



December “Year End Sale and Donation” with 5% of gross sales going to:


6% off gross sales in December, 2018 were donated to 6 non-profit organizations that we are passionate about:


Intermittent donations occasionally:

If you would like to recommend projects or charities that Cherrico Pottery should explore, please feel free to contact us anytime: