Thanks so much for your interest in Cherrico Pottery. This is a list of philanthropic projects and donations given out by Cherrico Pottery, to projects we care about.

*If you wish to support Cherrico Pottery, with your own donation to us, you can contact us or send money to Cherrico Pottery PayPal: Or, you can instead simply buy a piece of pottery from,, join our Patreon Fan Club, or buying one of our high-end pieces like a “Cosmic Wall Platters” or a jar on

Ongoing donations:


  • $1482.56 to help people in Ukraine fighting against Valdamir Putin’s unjust war: $801.07 in one transaction and $379.47 in a second, for $1,180.54 total donated to “World Central Kitchen.” Money was donated from all of the star revenue from Cherrico Pottery’s Facebook Live videos throughout the months of April and May. “World Central Kitchen” is an organization that is helping provide hot, nourishing meals to Ukrainian families and refugees. $302.02 (8969.86 UAH) to the “The Come Back Alive Foundation” which funds body armor, supplies, training, and more for the soldiers defending Ukraine. Donated March 2nd, 2022 during Vladimir Putin’s invasion.


  • $308.26 to the Planetary Society to help with their Day of Action, as they lobby the United States Biden Administration to increase the NASA budget 5% over 5 years, and advocate for other important advances in space exploration.
  • $200 to Joel’s Aunt Judith Halek of to help establish a birth center at the Changing Woman Initiative, a Native American Centered Women’s Health Collective.
  • $55 to Trenton H, a 10 year old boy fighting cancer, to help his family with medical bills.



December “Year End Sale and Donation” with 5% of gross sales going to:


6% off gross sales in December, 2018 were donated to 6 non-profit organizations that we are passionate about:


Intermittent donations occasionally:

If you would like to recommend projects or charities that Cherrico Pottery should explore, please feel free to contact us anytime: