100 Clay Pigeons

This installation was a collaborative effort from our Advanced Ceramics class in the Spring of 2008.  Each student made a series of black birds and white houses.  We installed them as one complete piece, and the project culminated with a gallery reception.

2 Replies to “100 Clay Pigeons”

  1. A neat idea, and one that may work for me on the side of my house under an overhang. The idea of black birds hanging…..really effective. Now I’ll have to
    figure out something to hold them beneath …. the houses don’t work for the


  2. Probably a PB Anywhere Chair and maybe like an art easel for coloring and painnitg. DEfinitely a bunch of books. She LOVES her books. I started a list on amazon.com for family though. On that is an umbrella stroller for her dolls (she loves to push her real stroller, so we think she needs her own little one lol) some more play food for her kitchen and shopping cart, a Fur Real Friends Duck (she has the puppy and loves it,) an indoor todler swing to hand from our doorway, a Boon Stuffed Animal storage bag…a few other things.

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