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  1. Hi Joel,
    I bought a couple of your coffee mugs from the Paramount store. I absolutely love them and use them everyday. Well, I have granite countertops and one of the mugs slipped out of my hands and it now has a hairline crack (which leaks). My fault entirely. I was at the store today and couldn’t find another to match the one I have. Is there any chance if I leave it at the store you could make me another? I could take a picture and send it over if that would help. Thanks, Ronda

  2. Hi Joel I am starting glazing my terracotta but I am buying all the glazes and they are quite expensive. Can I make my own glazes in my studio?

    1. Custom glaze can get very complicated very quickly, and it takes years to master. This is the process I use but I recommend it only if you are committed to the trail and error process of learning to understand glaze chemistry.

      I’ve never done terracotta clay work. I glaze at cone 10 and cone 6. Here is the book that taught me most of what I know about cone 10 glazes:

      “The Complete Guide to High-Fire Glazes: Glazing & Firing at Cone 10” by John Britt

      For Terracotta, I suggest finding a book on Terracotta glazes. You should also know that mixing custom glazes won’t necessarily be cheaper. Each glaze consists of 5-10 raw materials that you can purchase in bulk, but you will likely spend 10 times as long mixing and testing glazes. If I were you, I would look into dry material terracotta glazes. These will likely be cheaper, and all you need to learn is how to add water correctly.

      Good luck!


  3. Hey Joel,

    Love the pots, and glazes! 2 questions…

    Would you be willing to share that ^6 Nuka recipe?

    How / where did you get that low momentum korean style kick wheel? I have an old Amaco kick, but would love to get one of those guys in rotation!


    1. Hellow Landis,

      Thanks! I’m glad you like my work! Here is the current cone 6 recipe, even though I’m constantly changing the recipe…this is my 33rd glaze recipe this year. I’ve found that it can have pinholing and blistering when applied thick, but thin it works well. I also plan to experiment with soaking the kiln for 1-2 hours to eliminate the pinholes, while hopefully keeping the creamy white surface without too much dripping. Anyways, here it is:

      Wood Ashes: 12
      Custer Feldspar: 27
      Silica: 15
      Frit 3134: 20
      Whiting: 9
      Bone Ash: 2
      Talc: 6
      EPK: 5
      Bentonite: 4
      Total: 100
      Specific Gravity: 140 or thinner.

      Your ash processing is the most important part of the glaze. I dry sift ashes to 40 mesh.

      As for the kick wheel, this is called a York Kick Wheel, made by Roger York. He no longer makes wheels, and I don’t have his contact info. If you find one, please let me know because I would love to buy a second! I know a woodworker that can make Karatsu style wheels here in Avon, MN. I’m not sure if he is still working on them, but I can give you his information if you are serious about buying one. He charges $1,600-$2000 per wheel and bench. They take months to make, and they are perfect and will last a lifetime.

      Good luck!


      1. Thanks so much Joel! I am currently taking classes in a studio where I am limited to cone 6 electric firing, and this 6 weeks we will be working on developing some new glazes. I appreciate your willingness to share your cone 6 nuka, as I can’t find another recipe anywhere.

        If I convince the folks to make up a batch, I will share any test results!

  4. Surprised to read you have changed Isaac Button’s nationality. He worked all his life at Soilhill pottery in Yorkshire. He was the last of generations of potters. The film was a kind of recreation by film maker John Anderson- recreation in that the pottery was closed at that time, and Isaac was persuaded to reopen it and demonstrate his skills.
    An inspiration to all potters, all the same!

    1. Hello Jonathan,

      Thank you for the clarification. It’s my fault for not doing due diligence by simply going to the library and digging through books. Can you recommend any good books of films on Isaac Button?

      Thanks again,


  5. I love your pottery..I have two mugs…I love them…special treat when I let friends drink from my favorite mugs…. Sally

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