Art Installation with over 1,000 ceramic sculptures.

September 6th – 18th, 2009
Benedicta Arts Center Student Gallery
College of Saint Benedict, Saint Joseph, MN

* Special thanks to David Chabowski for snapping the last few high-resolution photos.


Artist Statement

“I am an undergraduate artist in my senior year and I am currently working in wheel thrown pottery and sculpture.  My choice to study at CSB/SJU was largely influenced by Richard Bresnahan and the Saint John’s Pottery, and I have worked closely with two of his former apprentices: Sam Johnson and JD Jorgenson.

My process is closely related to an Abstract Expressionist style of working.  It exhibits an urge to unlock the unconscious mind by creating artwork instinctually; making quick decisions based on whatever first catches my eye.

Surrealism and psychoanalysis have strongly influenced my artistic philosophies and the concept behind Mindscape.  I am interested in human thought beyond consciousness and arousing unconscious desires through a nonverbal, multi-sensual experience.  Exploring formal elements through abstraction has led me to create a completely imaginative setting that also references our world.  My goal is to overwhelm the senses to help create so many real world connections that the viewer generates his or her own concept behind the piece.  I cannot tell you any specific meaning behind Mindscape; my hope is that you come up with your own.

The video portion of the installation conveys my relation to the work, especially my strong connection to clay and the earth.  It was included to further explore change and passage of time, and to give the viewer a glimpse of the fluidity of clay before changing to Ceramic.”

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  1. I love the smell of clay too, it somehow makes me think I have a small amonut of ability to make it do what I want.Really I don’t, but I can’t get enough of making a mess on the wheel!

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