Guinness World Record Planter #1 / 159 Available on eBay

World Record Planter #1 / 159 and Certificate of Authenticity

As you might imagine, planter #1 is special to me. It’s far more valuable to me than the other planters. I decided to auction this pot on eBay and donate 20% of the money raised from this historic piece of artwork to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.


With your purchase of this World Record Planter, you will be directly supporting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in their clear cut mission: “Finding Cures. Saving Children. Families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food – because all family should worry about is helping their child live.”

That is a worthy cause. If you were considering buy a GWR planter, please consider placing a bid on this planter so your money has a bigger, better impact on our world.

World Record Planter #1 / 159 and Certificate of Authenticity

If you find a different Guinness World Record planter you like in this section of our store, you are welcome to purchase anytime. Don’t forget that you get two free bonuses if you purchase before Monday 9/19:

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*Deadline for Free Cosmic Mug with GWR pottery purchases: Monday 9/19*

Here’s how you claim your free Cosmic Mug:
  1. Purchase a Guinness World Record Planter before Monday 9/19.
  2. View all of our available Cosmic Mugs here:
  3. Email a link to your favorite mug (one that is not sold out, please!)
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We plan to increase this package deal to add more free pottery for you around the holidays (if we can), but we want to give first picks to you especially eager Cherrico Pottery fans. If you’re interested in snagging a particular number or pot before it’s gone, now is your chance to get your favorite pot, a price discount and a free Cosmic Mug.


About the World Record Planters

Our Guinness World Record Planters were part of a truly incredible, athletic feat. All 159 pots were thrown on a kick-wheel consecutively for one hour, requiring each pot to be made faster than every 24 seconds! This is a massive accomplishment. It beat the previous record holder, who used an electric-powered wheel, by 9 pots. The record took months of full time physical and mental training for Joel to achieve, but that hard work paid off in making art history.

Facts about the Pottery Guinness World Record:
  • Official Record:
  • Joel beat the previous record of 150 pots, throwing 159 pots in one hour.
  • Joel used a traditional Japanese style kick wheel, instead of electric, motorized wheels used by previous record holders.
  • Joel broke the record at 28 years old after spending over 10,000 hours practicing his pottery craft.
  • Guinness World Records required that the pot be a planter with specific size and weight specifications.
  • Over 350 pounds of Stoneware clay were prepared by Joel the day of the record, weighed into 2lb. clay balls.
  • The event took place at Joel’s alma mater: St. John’s University, Collegeville, Minnesota, US.
  • Joel is a full-time potter who makes art to inspire people globally to attempt and achieve great goals.
  • Joel finished all planters by numbering them #1-#159, creating trays and firing them so each planter is functional.
  • The planters are made from completely raw materials to give you a planter that is both one of a kind and officially sanctioned by GWR.
  • Planters come in 4 styles that were each specially glazed and fired: wood fired, nuka iron, nuka cobalt, and cosmic glaze.


The planters are all handmade from completely raw materials to give you a planter that is both one of a kind and officially sanctioned by GWR. They come in 4 different styles that were each specially glazed and fired: wood fired, nuka iron, nuka cobalt, and cosmic glaze.

We should make work that elevates the ceramic field, and elevates all human beings.”

-Theaster Gates, NCECA Opening Presentation, 2014


Photography by Nicole Pederson, Julia Eckart and Caitlin Brutger, Cherrico Pottery, LLC.

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