“Grab Bag” Cups, World Record Planter #1 and Facebook LIVE

If you’re interested in getting a great deal on a pottery cup, you’ll love this deal: $15 Random Cup Sale


Most are random Nuka Iron Cups, but you might also get a porcelain cup with green or blue. It might even be a Cosmic Cup! If you’re okay with being totally surprised by a completely random cup, letting us bypass individual photography to give you whatever cups I happen to have fresh from the kiln this week, then we can give you this great $15 deal:

$15 “Grab Bag” Pottery Cups: 100 Available

Guinness World Record Pot #1 is also available on eBay, now with the lowest possible reserve price. This means that it will most likely sell Tuesday, October 11th at 7:12pm CST. I decided to throw in one free Lunar/Moon Mug. Plus, 20% of all profits are also going to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.


With your purchase of this World Record Planter, you will be directly supporting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in their clear cut mission: “Finding Cures. Saving Children. Families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food – because all family should worry about is helping their child live.”

That is a worthy cause. If you were considering buying a GWR planter, please consider placing a bid on this planter so your money has a bigger, better impact on our world. Plus, I’m throwing in one free Lunar/Moon Mug to the highest bidder.

World Record Planter #1 / 159 and Certificate of Authenticity

+ One Free Moon Mug ($125 value)


Have you caught any of our Facebook Live videos? In just a few months, over 100,000 people from all over the world have tuned in to see the inner workings of my pottery process. Subscribe to our Facebook page here if you want a sneak peak into my studio, where you can ask questions in real time, all from your Facebook:

Cherrico Pottery Live on Facebook Cosmic Pottery

The next live stream will be this Sunday 10/9 at 7pm CST with a kiln unloading of Cosmic Mugs and Lunar Mugs. You get to see them before anyone else on the planet. Hope to see you then!

Galaxy Interior and Lunar Bowl, Cherrico Pottery

“I want to help people connect to each other, and to use that connection to make things better.”

– Seth Godin, Author, qtd. on The Tim Ferriss Show, Episode #138


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