New Pots at Up Cafe: Customers Using Handmade Pottery Everyday

Over the month of December I busted out about 550 new pieces of pottery for use as serving vessels in Up Cafe– a new coffee shop in northeast Minneapolis! This new coffee shop is attached to Upper Midwest Gourmet and Flamenco Organic Coffee Roastry. They’re open for business, so you can stop by anytime and sip an artfully mixed coffee drink from one of my mugs. Check out this spread in Minnesota Monthly about their “soft opening”

Below are a few images of my pottery in their space. Watch for future posts of higher quality images and information about their grand opening. Also, special thanks goes out to my cousin Michael Applen for his Entrepreneurial mindset. He always pushed me to come up with new ways to get my pottery out into the world. He was an important part of getting pottery into Up Cafe, as well as getting this coffee shop open for business. Thanks for your help cous!

Also thanks to Central Minnesota Arts Board for awarding me a $3,000 grant that helped make this possible!

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2 Replies to “New Pots at Up Cafe: Customers Using Handmade Pottery Everyday”

  1. Joel, I’m loving your site. Thanks for the blog. May I make a suggestion? The photos cycling through in this post make it very difficult to read the rest of your blog post. I think the problem is that they have different sizes. So when each one loads, it causes the page to shrink in size, which in turn causes all the following posts to jump up and down. The suggestion is that you keep your pics all the same size.
    I love what you are doing with your site. I hope really takes off for you and you make a killing in sales. Also, good luck on getting published in the ceramic magazines. I love your as separations. You are an inspiration. I am trying to do what you are doing, only on a smaller scale.

  2. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the info and the kind words. I didn’t notice that image jumping issue, so it’s great to hear. I’ll make sure to upload albums only with images of the same size in the future. Have fun with you blog and happy potting!


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