11 Cosmic Quotes: Why Are They Called “Cosmic Mugs” Anyways?

Why are Joel’s mugs called “Cosmic Mugs” anyways? Wikipedia says, “Cosmic is anything pertaining to the cosmos” and the cosmos “is the Universe regarded as a complex and orderly system; the opposite of chaos.”

Our Universe is vast and mysterious, far more mysterious than what human beings can comprehend. But the cosmos also defines anything close and familiar in our modern, complex society, like a cup of coffee.

These “cosmic quotes” tell about just some reasons why Joel Cherrico chose to model the cosmos with clay and fire:

#1: Author Ryan Holiday captures this quote from Neil deGrasse Tyson in his book “Ego Is The Enemy.”

#2: Bill Nye (The Science Guy) shares his favorite scientific fact on CBS “This Morning.”

#3: This quote from Carl Sagan comes from his famous and humbling video properly named “Pale Blue Dot.”

#4: Mae Jemison, the first African American woman to travel to space, had this to say about how art and science are related.

#5: One of the greatest minds in our history, Albert Einstein wrote this passage about his respect for the cosmos and the mystery it represents.

#6: Stephen Hawking, a leader in the scientific field of cosmology, ends a talk with this memorable quote.

#7: President John F Kennedy was committed to further space exploration, science and innovation. This quote is from his Inaugural Address.

 #8: Galileo Galilei, a pioneer in the field of astronomy, had this to say about mystery, science and art.

#9: Chris Hadfield directly wrote this quote to Joel about his Cosmic Mugs. Check out this Blog Post for more information about Hadfield.

#10: Charles Bolden was part of the crew that successfully deployed the Hubble Telescope. Hubble’s incredible pictures inspire Cosmic Mugs.

#11: The last quote is written by Joel himself in the magazine CeramicsTECHNICAL.

Art that lets you taste the Universe everyday

Every Cosmic Mug is crafted with this purpose in mind. Joel’s goal is to give every owner of a Cosmic Mug the chance to touch, taste and reflect on the Universe every morning by doing something as simple as drinking a cup of coffee.

Astronaut Mark Vande Hei with a Cosmic Mug gifted from Joel. Vande Hei and Joel Cherrico are both alumni of College of St. Benedict/St. John’s University. Astronaut Vande Hei is currently enjoying a tour on the International Space Station during the writing of this post. His “favorite office mug” stayed here on Earth.

Joel brings the cosmos into your home by choosing glazes that are made up of the same elements that are found in the outermost galaxies in our cosmos. Check out this early video below where Joel was first beginning to develop the ideas behind Cosmic Mugs a couple years ago:

Spirals are seen throughout the Universe and are at the foundation of Cosmic Mugs, which are formed by twisting clay on a pottery wheel. Scientists don’t know why spirals are so common, but like most things in the Universe, it is a mystery waiting to be unraveled. Read more about why spirals are so common in our Universe in this Discover Article.

One of Joel’s newest pieces in his Big Jars and Wall Platters collection brandishes a spiral as a stunning Cosmic Wall Platter. Joel modeled it after what astrophysicists have determined about the Milky Way’s spiral shape, with subtle textures and colors that are entirely an expression of the art.

Do you have a favorite quote about the cosmos? Share in the comments please!

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Good News/Bad News: Early Bird Package on Guinness World Record Pottery

Well, unfortunately the new Nuka Cobalt pots didn’t turn out as expected.


Maybe I applied too much glaze. Perhaps I fired too quickly, or applied the glaze layers without proper drying time, maybe. In pottery, sometimes pots just don’t turn out as expected. The glaze “crawled” and dripped during the firing, revealing the clay underneath.

I sincerely apologize that these pots do not look the same as our standard line of “Nuka Cobalt” pots. However, they are 100% functional and still great pots. The only flaw is in the wild appearance that does not match our normal line of pots. In some ways, I actually like this wild, unpredictable style more.

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Problems are eternal, get rid of one and another appears. Pottery problems, disastrous firings, irresponsible galleries, etc. are often devastating if we don’t regard them as experiences. Seen in this light, problems often set the stage for creative action and allow us the opportunity to self expression.

– Jenny Lind, Quoted in The Studio Potter, A Question of Quality, 1979

Blue Pottery Giveaway: Cobalt Blue in Contemporary and Historical Art

Newer and Bluer Pottery: $600 Giveaway

The future of Cherrico Pottery is looking beautifully blue. Joel has been refining his craft and it’s visible in the newest Cosmic Mugs. Meticulous attention to detail by adding a fifth layer of glaze has resulted in amazingly colorful surfaces in his latest batch of pots. These new mugs are all about brilliant blues.

These aren’t the only Cherrico Pottery mugs to show the wonder of deep blue. Cobalt is a common glaze element to decorate bare pots. Cobalt blue gives special surfaces to many of our pots, including the Nuka Cobalt, Blue Moon Mugs and Mountain Mugs.

What’s So Great About Blue?

What do you think of when you see a Cosmic Mug? The goal is to resemble nebulae as shown in the left image. Hubblesite.org tells how it was created by ultraviolet radiation and stellar winds from several young stars. Sounds like a rather complex and distant topic. Can we not also see the references to everyday life in these abstract blue drips, like rain collecting on a window, as shown in the right image?

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson helps us realize commonalities between outer space and everyday life: “Every one of our body’s atoms is traceable to the big bang and to the thermonuclear furnace within high-mass stars. We are not simply in the universe, we are part of it.

Blue hues in Cosmic Mugs come from Cobalt. It is a rare earth element that is mined all over the world. Five pounds of raw cobalt powder would form just a small pile in your hands, yet it costs hundreds of dollars. It’s the rarest element Joel uses. He combines low percentages of cobalt with other ceramic glaze chemicals like feldspar and silica. After firing to 2400 degrees F. the glaze drips cool and result in deep blue hues.

Don’t worry if you’re a bit confused- so are we. We don’t entirely understand what’s causing these colors, but they are stunning.

Joel’s cobalt blue pottery is also inspired by notable achievements in art history. These artists championed the color blue in their own unique ways:

  • Yves Klein invented a new hue of blue and used it in large bodies of work that captivated audiences with their brilliance and simplicity.
  • Picasso created essentially monochromatic bodies of work in various shades of blue during what is called his ‘Blue Period’.
  • Van Gogh used nearly ten thousand blue brush strokes per painting without blending in his skies, communicating movement and emotion in unique, new ways.

We want you to feel our love of cobalt blue through our special blue pottery giveaway.

The Big Blue Mug Giveaway

Enter our giveaway for the your chance to win some of our best blue pottery: a brand new deep blue Cosmic Mug, Lunar Cobalt, Nuka Cobalt or Mountain Mug might be in your future. Five winners will be chosen randomly for $600 total worth of pottery. The giveaway ends on November 8th at 5pm. Enter now so you get more time to post the contest to your Facebook and Twitter to gain extra entries.

Random Cosmic Mugs

Our giveaway isn’t the only good deal for you. The Cosmic Mugs in our Random Sale were also brought back from the farthest ends of the galaxies just for you. Stock is going down, so get yours now while they’re still available.

“Blue is the color of longing for the distances you never arrive in, for the blue world.”

– Rebecca Solnit, Author, from the creative nonfiction piece The Blue of Distance

Photo credit: Charles Kremenak

Photography by: Nicole Pederson

Cosmic Friday: Five Free Mugs, Studio Shot & One Cool Quote

As new mugs emerge from the kiln fire, I decided to launch this new “Cosmic Mug Giveaway” to give all of you more chances to win free cosmic mugs before they become available for sale:

Five Free Cosmic Mugs

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Studio Shot

Cherrico Pottery throwing pottery

“The challenge is to do the thing you have to do because you’re in love with it and can’t do anything else. Not because you want to become famous or rich, but because you will be unhappy if you can’t do it…Keeping up with fashion is the wrong challenge.”

Warren MacKenzie, qtd. in The Studio Potter Journal, 1990

A-Potters-Journey-Magazine-Mug, Warren Mackenzie

This photo features Warren Mackenzie on the cover of American Craft, and was used in my authorship for “A Potter’s Journey: The Search for 1,000 True Fans.” 


Cosmic Friday: Free Mug Giveaway, Studio Shot and One Cool Quote

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10.2.15 Cosmic Mug, Cherrico Pottery

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Studio Shot

7, Image Pair, High

“The world has many other avenues available to procure something that looks exactly like it does in the catalog, but fortunately our shop is not one of those avenues.”

– Nick Offerman, qtd. in “The Actor’s Workshop”