Guest Blog Posting for Selling Handmade Ceramic Pottery Online

For about the past year, Steve Chou has been mentoring me on the best ways to get my pottery online and into the world. Steve and his wife have an interesting story, they run a successful online store selling unique wedding linnens online. He now operates a website that helps entrepreneurs start an online business. He asked me to share my experiences with his course in a guest blog posting. Enjoy! 

Follow this link to view my handmade ceramic pottery and to see the store that Steve helped me build. Also, be sure to check out my Facebook page where I share info and photos of my pottery processes and influences.

Handmade Ceramic Pottery, Wheel-Throwing off a hump, Cherrico Pottery

Cat in a Clay Box

5 Replies to “Guest Blog Posting for Selling Handmade Ceramic Pottery Online”

  1. Joel, you said something in your guest blog that struck a note with me. It was about how you don’t like to throw pieces away that you think are ugly. I quoted you in a blog about my cancer journey ( and put a link in the post back to this website. I hope you get more traffic and sales as a result.
    My dad lives in MN up in International Falls. Occasionally I am in your neck of the woods. Perhaps I will swing by your studio some day. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Hi Paul,

      Wow thanks a bunch for the shout out! That was a really inspirational blog post. I’m glad my words resonated with you. If you’re ever in MN stop by the Local Blend coffee shop and you can have a cup of coffee from one of my mugs! Cheers!


  2. Hi,
    Loved stumbling across this post and your experience selling online! There are so many avenues to sell your craft online – I thought you may like to check out a new one Tribello. It’s highly curated and for those who have mastered their crafts is perfect!
    Bella 🙂

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