What is your favorite TED Talk?

Have you ever heard of TED Talks? I’ve been obsessed with them the past few years. I’m working on a special film project about the “Big Pots” and sculptures below. The art is set up, and now I’m looking for more inspiring ways to talk about it.

I’m curious…what are some of your favorite TED Talks? This is one of my favorites, by singer/songwriter Amanda Palmer:

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What is your favorite TED Talk from ted.com?

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168 Replies to “What is your favorite TED Talk?”

  1. I had to go browse because I’ve never heard of Ted Talks. I would say my favorite so far is “Is School Killing our Creativity?”

  2. My favorite Ted Talk was hands down Jill Bolte Taylor- My stroke of insight. It was beyond profound and really influenced my personal outlook on the brain as well as life in general.

  3. One of my favorite TED talks is of a guy that had ADHD great speaker and enthusiastic speech, just cant remember his name off the top of my head but he was funny as well.

  4. I haven’t seen many TED talks, but the one I recently stumbled upon spoke on a blind individual with the ability to see via sound. He was able to described features of a tree as if he could see it. Very eye opening to the gifts we are blessed with.

  5. I too am obsessed with TedX, it is incredibly good content. My old favorite is Ken Robinson “Do schools kill creativity?”and more recently, Simone Giertz “Why you should make useless things”. Cant wait to see what you come up with next Joel.
    Wen N.

  6. My favorite TED Talk is by Sheryl Sandburg on why there are so few female leaders- listening to her TED Talk led to me buying her book!

  7. My favorite TED talk was comedian James Veitch. His talk about pranking his roommates with ducks was hilarious!

  8. Several of my Toastmaster friends have given TED talks. One of my favorites is the talk given by Cassy Huidobro earlier this year. She is just such a beautiful soul with a timeless message of tolerance and understanding. You can find her talk on YOU-TUBE.

  9. Art Made of Unusual Stuff – Old books reborn as art. It’s awesome to see creative people recycle old books into art

  10. The TED Talk that has resonated with me & I could have listened to for hours is the recent one delivered by Tracee Ellis Ross entitled “A Woman’s Fury Holds Lifetimes of Wisdom.”

    Another that I have really enjoyed is Jose Andres’ discussion of his work in Puerto Rico after the Hurricanes.

    I highly recommend both episodes.

  11. Drew Dudley’s ‘Everyday Leadership’ is a speech I’ve watched dozens of times. I find myself wondering if I’m someone’s “lollipop mement” constantly!

  12. “When to take a stand and when to let go”- Ash Beckham
    One of the single greatest talks I’ve heard about being put into a situation where you are called “sir” as a woman. It helped me so much when my confidence was low and was called sir daily.

  13. My favorite Ted Talk is Temple Grandin’s The World Needs All Kinds of Minds. When my then five year old son was diagonal with Autism, I immediately began looking for answers. I found inspiration in her success story and in her intellect. It has been a year since his diagnosis and our motto is Different Not Less. We will be successfully graduating (not without much hard work and struggles) from Kindergarten next week with high marks, but more importantly, with a great attitude and outlook towards the future. Ps. Mom (me) just graduated as well with an Associates in Graphic Design and Advertising (with 4.0 gpa). Thanks for sharing all of your pottery videos. I find them to be very inspirational. The business side as well as the creative success you are achieving doesn’t come easy. I respect that.

  14. Elizabeth Lesser’s Say Your Truhths and Seek Then in Others is a talk that I’m always being reminded of when life knocks me down. Such a wise, insightful talk that provokes so much clarity.

  15. I don’t listen to many TED talks, but I have found them particularly helpful with my kids, my older son was doing a lot of negative self talk for a bit, it was frustrating for me because I am not a negative person so I was not sure where he learned it from or how to fix it, but this TED talk was very helpful, not only because my son is a musician so he could instantly relate, but it is also a powerful talk.

    Removing Negative Self Talk | Abria Joseph

  16. This is so cool because i listen a lot lol.
    My favorite ted talk would be “how boredom can lead to your most brilliant ideas.” By Manoush Zomorodi.
    One day i just came across her and i can totally relate, being a stay at home mom after so many years working as a nurse.
    And it was so interesting to here from another mom how she came to her free time business. Etc.
    Ans now im a stay at home party favor designer. Who would of known.

  17. Hi Joel, my favorite TED Talk is about Zaria Forman. She is an artist that uses soft pastels to recreate landscapes that she has photographed in order to bring awareness about climate change. Inspired by her late mother, she travels to the artic in order to photograph the melting glaciers, as well as the equator in order to document the rising waters. I had first found her on instagram and was captivated by her art. Her realistic creations left me in awe. The scale, the realism and emotion that her art depicts has captivated me and so many othere. She has made it a lifes mission to educate and bring awareness about the urgency of climate change through her art and through her many public engagements including TED Talk.

  18. My favorite TED Talk is “Muslim on the Airplane” by Amal Kassit. She spoke to my soul with this particular talk. Not only did she highlight what we as Muslim women go through on public transportation since 9/11, but in our every days lives while minding our business. American born law abiding citizens who are hated due to the bad decisions of a few who “claim” that they were Muslim and flying airplanes into buildings or blowing up people and building. While if they were truly Muslims, they would know that it is a grave sin to harm and kill others and that their punishment with GOD will be more severe than they could ever imagine. Part of the problem, as Amal stated, is the media. Everyone tends to believe whatever they see on tv. Most people don’t even know a Muslim personally to be able to determine whether or not what they see on the news is true.

  19. “The Art of Listening”.

    We all are guilty of hearing a conversation, whether you are being spoken to, or simply ease-droping. But do you really listen to what’s being said, or do you hear what you want, and tune out the rest?
    Watch this TED Talk and you’ll find out…

    It’s a human flaw, I’m pretty certain! 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

  20. My favorite TED talk is probably the first one I ever saw, even now, years later–Benjamin Zander on Music and Passion. As someone who began falling in love with classical music fairly young, it sometimes feels like I’m fighting a losing battle trying to show people what I love about it and why I believe it’s still important, but Benjamin Zander’s passion and the sheer joy he finds in music and life is contagious. I ended up choosing to study piano in college and am now pursuing teaching, so I think of this video often as an example of what I want to share with my students: the joy and depth and relatability of an art that often seems tragically undervalued and/or misunderstood. I’ll go with what Benjamin Zander says instead–EVERYBODY loves classical music, they just don’t know it yet! Being a musician is much more fun and effective that way.

  21. I really dig “The art and craft of bread making”. As a part time baker, it’s interesting to continue learning and understand the science behind my art, baking.

  22. I wish I could help with a favorite TED Talk, but it is new to me. I would be interested in learning more though! Thanks for sharing your art!

  23. I honestly don’t have just one in particular. I just love the ones given using humor. Learning through laughter is the best way.

  24. I honestly have no idea what TED talks are…. I’ve heard of them but, embarrassingly enough, I have no clue what it is. I’m off to find out though! Tata!

  25. My experience with TED talks is that there is usually a wealth of scientific knowledge that often adds up to a new perspective that changes my view on a certain topic. The one that comes to mind as a possible favourite, however, is less technical. Speaker Chimamanda Adichie’s tale called “The danger of one story” leans toward a more humanistic view, a global acceptance and the importance of avoiding stereotyping. It’s a story that I felt I should have known but was told so well that I felt that I was hearing it in a new way. Ms. Adichie’s tale resonated with me and made me want to share it. I hope more will have the chance to hear her words , not of indictment but of hope.

  26. Ash Beckham is my favorite TED Talk. She discusses understanding gender identity and how to address ignorance. It’s a lovely, eye-opening talk.

  27. My favorite TED talk of all time is from 2011. Camille Seaman: Haunting photos of polar ice. It is amazingly beautiful and and I find myself watching it over and over again!

  28. “A Pirate’s Guide to Commandeer Life” I haven’t watched many Ted Talks but this is one from a friend of mine.


  29. Amanda Palmer’s Ted Talk is by far my favorite Ted Talk. She inspires me to persue my passions and ask for help in achieving my goals.
    I see you…Thank you.

  30. It’s hard to choose a favorite TED Talk, but one I love and always recommend to people is the classic “Power of Introverts” from Susan Cain!

  31. Joel,

    My favorite TedTalk is by a gentleman named Sir Ken Robinson who spoke about schools killing creativity. It was actually a link used in my class two semesters ago but I remember it to this day. The way in which Sir Robinson spoke about education and the topic at hand with a mix of humor and seriousness felt genuine and relaxed. I think those are important traits when making a presentation. I’ve found the link so that you can give it a watch too.



  32. I guess one of my favorite TED talks was with a young man Henry Lin. His talk was titled “ What can we learn from galaxies far away”. I have watched several speakers on space/universe over the years including Stephen Hawkins.

  33. I’ve never heard of Ted Talks, but I’ll figure it out! When in doubt, Google it out, right? I can’t wait to learn something new. 😊

  34. My all time favorite has got to be “This is what happens when you reply to spam email”. There are many out there that are more informative, but the humor in this one cannot be beat.

  35. My favorite ted talk is the humorous The Agony of Trying to Unsubscribe by James Veitch. Given how stressful things can be seeing a humorous ted talk such as that one always makes me feel better.

  36. I have heard a few Ted Talks but It seems to be from founder of Apple, Steve Jobs that was an interesting one. L S.

  37. My favorite TED Talk is the one, a few years ago, by a man who new he was dying, and wanted people to know how they should live. Sadly, I can’t remember the speaker’s name. However, I know that he has since died.

  38. “If I should have a daughter” by Sarah Kay; I love spoken word. It’s truly an underrated art form.

  39. There are many great TED Talks. But I have to agree, Amanda Palmer had a great presention, that was greatly improved with the adtion of props. When you Goggle her name, you learn how smart and powerful and independent this lady really is.

  40. My favorite among the TedTalk favorites is “The Power of Introverts” by Susan Cain. It reminded me of those random classes, meetings, and career activities, that involved understanding the strengths and weaknesses based on a person’s personality type. I’m for celebrating introverts finding success in an extroverted world.

  41. Dr. Susan David’s talk about emotional agility titled “the gift and power of emotional courage” was and still one of the most remarkable talks I came across. In her talk she dived into the realm of emotions and how our perspective about our feelings can shape our responses to any stimulus that we encounter. I bought her book and I was glad that I did.

    The book is based on her research about our emotions and what is our root cause problems when we get stuck in unhealthy patterns. What I love about her work is it’s genuinity, her authenticity to reflect on traumatic experience of losing her father due to terminal cancer and she had to face grief as a child. She acknowledge her English teacher as Her godsend when she gave her journaling assignment and she started to write.

    The book outscores emotional intelligent book as it is a deep dive about our relationships with feelings and how we lapse from feeling to assumptions and judgements.. identifying unhealthy bias-ness can help us grow which is why I love her constructive way to look into feelings as data point that can help our souls to search within and see if such encounter violates a value we identify with which might explain why we feel in a certain way…

    The simplest example is when we go off saying “I’m mad” well … what we really meant is “I feel mad”… we are not our feelings …. we are neither our thoughts …we are the thinkers …

    Hope you find the time to look her TED talk up or get the book. I’m done with 3 chapters so far and it had helped me tremendously dealing with difficult medical diagnosis and look at how I can navigate life in a more constructive way while acknowledging and honoring my feelings 🙂

    All the best,

  42. I love any ted talks with Neil dagrasse tyson. always profound and fascinating. hope to be entered into cosmic mug contest, would make a great birthday present as my birthday is June 15 : )

  43. I think it’s a very educational forum for specific topics.
    I’ve never heard of TED.tv and Amanda Palmers post was exceptionally enjoyable to watch.
    Joel I’d love to see your inspirational ideas posted here.

  44. The one with Anita Collins on how playing an instrument benefits your brain. I thought it was really interesting because I’ve been playing the flute since I was in 4th grade so almost 26 years. I still play for myself so i dont forget how to read the music, where my fingers go, etc.

  45. My current favorite is “The enchanted music of Sign Language” by Christine Sun Kim. I believe you might also appreciate it, because it discusses art, language, and music!

  46. My favorite ted talk is Amy Purdy Living beyond limits. Amy’s story is amazing and you can’t help but feel empowered after hearing her talk.

  47. My favorite TED talk is “How Shocking Events can Spark Positive Change.” I’m from New Orleans and at first didn’t believe that any good could come from Katrina… but shocking events really can spark positive change. Take care, thanks! ~Susan, now living in Portland OR

  48. This is ironic because my boss asked all of us to send him our favorite TED Talk this week, and why it’s our favorite. Everyone else sent something funny. I sent this:

    I don’t talk about these things because I tend to put a wall between myself and other people.

    If I had to, I’d tell you that I’ve survived;
    I’ve survived in a way that most people my age will never know.
    We grew up in a place where it was not ok to be different.
    Some of us survived; most of us didn’t.
    Those of us who are still here are forever carrying the weight
    of those we couldn’t protect.
    We were so busy trying to keep our heads above water,
    we didn’t see that they were drowning.

    That weight defines who I am.
    That’s why I’m careful with my words,
    because I know they can’t be taken back.
    That’s why I can see people beyond what they want me to see,
    because I have to.
    I can’t make the same mistakes again.
    And again.
    And again.
    That’s why I’m the eternal optimist,
    because I spent too many years sinking in the opposite.


  49. Hands down it’s got to be the Golden Circle. I think you’d definitely like this one if you haven’t already seen it. “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” -Simon Sinek

  50. Stephen Hawkings 2008 Questioning the universe. the things he understood and his ability to articulate washy he understood has always inspired me.

  51. My favorite Ted talks episode was the one about being a multipotentionalite and how to deal with being someone with so many abilities and unable to settle for one profession. It helped me to understand myself a lot better and to appreciate myself for who I am.

  52. I’m a paraprofessional, and my favorite TED talk is Rita Pierson: Every Kid Needs a Champion. It’s about empowering encouraging, and connecting with your students….it reminds me of what a great teacher is, and why I work with kids….very powerful!!!

  53. My favorite talks from ted is “how to start a conversation about suicide”… My Uncle Committed Suicide and My Husbands Uncle also Committed Suicide. Mental illness is Serious and needs to be addressed more. I have a 19 year old who tried to Commit Suicide years ago and was sent to a hospital. He is doing so much better now.

  54. This was the first time I’ve ever watched a TED Talk, but it was very eye opening. So “The Art of Asking” is my favorite so far.

  55. My favorite TEDtalk is Pamela Meyer: How to Spot a Lier. Good information. I will be checking out other TEDtalks.

  56. So hard to choose. One of my all time favorites is Michael Jr’s “More Than Funny”, but my most recent is Harry Baker “Grand Slam Poetry Champion”. I’m not into a lot of poetry, but he is amazing!

  57. My most recent favorite TEDtalk is “Depression: The Secret We Share” by Andrew Solomon. His description about how his perspective on life changed and how he viewed the world through a haze that he mistakenly thought was clarity, was extremely relatable and thought-provoking. His manner of speaking is gentle and poetic while also being strong and poignant. It’s a very impressive talk that makes you reconsider things you’ve accepted as normal and start wondering about what more could be done in the field of psychology/psychotherapy to improve the state of mental health care in the future.

  58. One of my favorites was with Jose Andres, about a group of Chefs who came together to help out after Hurricane Maria, in Puerto Rico.

  59. ZeFrank’s performance of his Human Test live is both funny and extremely touching. It’s amazing to watch an auditorium full of people make themselves vulnerable with Ze’s constant reassurances that “it’s safe here”. Here’s the link: https://youtu.be/ccIt-qRQBoI

  60. My favorite TED talk is with Anil Seth, when he talks about consciousness and what it means to be a living breathing organism. It completely blew my mind the first time i heard it and I love being given new perspective on things. I’m very interested in my existence in the cosmos and how I got here, what I’m doing while I’m here…I want to affectively create change in my lifetime and to do so I need to understand what it is that allows the human mind be bent by something as stupid and simple as money.
    But that’s a rant I will spare you haha
    Here’s a link to the talk if you’re interested:


  61. My favorite TED Talk is by Dylan Marran called “How I Turn Negative Online Comments Into Positive Offline Conversations” which was posted in April 2018.
    The reason this is my favorite TED Talk so far, is because Dylan uses humor, honesty, empathy, and personal insight to bring change in a small way to the online hate culture that most of us who are active on social media have experienced in one way, shape or form.
    I really respect his stance on fighting hate with the idea of showing compassion to the “hater”.
    Whether it ultimately works out positively or not, a genuine effort was made to approach the situation differently and I admire the courage to start those conversations.

  62. Amanda’s Palmer’s speech was awesome & eye-opening….My 3 favorite things she said were:
    Couch surfing & crowd surfing are the same…you have to trust people.
    Ask without shame.
    When we see each other..we want to help one another.
    I love Ted Talks! 😉 Thanks for sharing this one….:)

  63. I love the “Bionics that let us run walk and dance”. I especially was intrigued with the comment “The human body is not broken, but technology is”. My daughter was born with her hips out of place. Thankfully technology was able to correct the problem and she is now running half marathons😊👍

  64. Comics Belong In The Classroom…I love the way he managed to teach students via comics…I’m a visual learner so I totally feel identified with this one.

  65. Robert Waldinger. What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness

    A must watch on a 75 year long Harvard study proving the key to a long healthy life is good relationships. Loved it.

  66. My favorite TED talk is the one titled “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”. It’s really uplifting and motivational. I wish everyone had compassion.

  67. My favorite is by Chris Abani on Humanity. This TED Talk touched me in so many ways. He spoke stories of his mother, life lessons, resilience. He is from a place in South Africa they have a phrase called Ubuntu. The phrase is “The only way for me to be human is for you to reflect my humanity back to me.” He mentioned that there is no way for us to be human without other people. In the world we live in today that makes all the sense in the world. We reflect what is shown by others or we reflect to others what we want them to see or be, good bad or indifferent. In the end we are all human. Kindness goes along way, empathy goes a long way, understanding goes a long way.

  68. Amanda Palmer – Making eye contact is a lost art in today’s world and it is a shame. There are so many hurting people and just looking them in the eye and giving them a smile would mean so much and cost nothing!

  69. My favorite Ted Talk so far is Linda Cliatt-Wayman: How to fix a broken school? She uses the phrase, “So what, now what?” As an administrator, I feel, it is so important to look towards the solutions and stop complaining about the problems. We can do better as a society and I feel that being a part of the solution is so much more productive than dwelling on the problem.

  70. I had to look at the topic list to remind myself of ones I’ve heard. I liked the one about How To Be Racially Literate. There are actually several I’d like to listen to now.

  71. My favorite TED Talk ever is “Get your thing. Live your thing. Make your stories worth telling.” by Brady Black at the TEDxNDULouaize event.

  72. What Makes a Good Life by Robert Waldinger is a great one. I could spent hours watching TED talks, but I’ve rewatched this one a few times and always enjoyed the message.

  73. Arguably my favorite was Graham Hancock’s (banned) talk “The War on Consciousness”. No, it’s not my favorite because it’s banned – I thought it was a genuinely interesting talk, mainly dealing with ayahuasca and cannabis use. I enjoyed his take on his own self-described “problem” cannabis use, and the reasons why he quit for a long time.

  74. My favorite is by Chris Abani on Humanity. He spoke stories of his life lessons, and resilience. He is from a place in South Africa. The phrase his people use alot is “The only way for me to be human is for you to reflect my humanity back to me. We reflect what is shown by others or we reflect to others what we want them to see or be, good bad or indifferent. In the end we are all human beings.

  75. My favorite red talk is by Andrew Solomon from 2014 I believe it was. How the worst moments in our lives make us who we are. Many years ago before I had my son I was a drug addict and now 8 years clean I look back and realize that everything that has happened to me in my life has made me who I am today including the abusive relationships that I was in and the bullies who picked on me in elementary and Junior High for having two moms as well as about 10 years ago when I was raped by two men at gunpoint for 5 hours straight and then dropped off a mile from my boyfriend’s house and given his phone number to me and said that I should call him and do this again sometime because he had fun those I’d have to say our the worst moments that I’ve had in my life but if it wasn’t for having gone through them I wouldn’t be the person that I am today also he touched on children look disabilities and people with disabilities my son was born with Autism and I’ve been a single mother since I was pregnant but making the choice to keep him instead of abort him like my mother wanted or adopt him out like her second option was was the best choice that I’ve ever made for myself because he also makes me who I am on a daily basis he helped shape my opinions of the world and the way that I see things and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else he’s the best part of my life and that’s why I like Andrew Solomon’s TED Talk about the subject

  76. Definitely the ted talk with Brene brown called the power of vulnerability. Completely changed how I viewed myself and the world around me! I’d recommend it to anyone

  77. My favorite is by Glen Henry about what he’s learned about being a stay at home dad. Not only funny but eye opening. “Its not all fun and boogers” LOL

  78. My favourite is definitely
    Bryan Stevenson: we need to talk about an injustice.
    It’s all about meeting kids where they need it, and instead of dismissing them, helping them and giving them hope for a better life.

  79. I saw this one TED Talk video about a woman that has a debilitating illness and she explained how she coped and lived with it, and made it work with her chosen profession, as a comedian. She was quite the speaker. 😘❤💋

  80. My favorite TED talk is “the hidden beauty of pollination”
    All of the small aspects that are commonly overlooked matter in nature. They comprise of the large scale picture you envision when you think of the environment. Taking care of wildlife and nature is something that does not cross a lot of people’s minds, and disrupting one small thing effects things on large scale. I feel like people don’t take that into consideration as much as they should. Like with this video, pollen and nectar in itself is just a small item. But the impact it has and how much life relies on it is substantial. Not many people stop to think of this, or related topics. Or to take steps in protecting it. it is my dream to have a voice and have an influence and positive impact on the general population on wildlife and nature. I’m in the process of getting a bachelor degree in wildlife biology/ zoology and those 4 years just feel like they can’t come fast enough. I look forward to being a positive impact on this world and all the living organisms that inhabit it.

  81. My favorite Ted Talk is an older one, “This is Saturn.” It’s really quite amazing to see all that we’ve accomplished in terms of space exploration, and how we were once capable of so little. Now we have man-made robotic missions that can literally see the terrain of planets we may never see in real life.

    1. Awesome, thanks for sharing. You win a BONUS Cosmic Mug, congrats! Please check your email to claim this bonus prize. And thanks for sharing more “Cosmic” inspiration!

  82. My favorite is one with a woman with cerebral palsy telling about her life with a disability and proving people wrong.

  83. With an 11-year-old grandson on the spectrum, my favorite Ted Talk is Temple Grandin’s The World Needs All Kinds of Minds.

  84. My favorite Ted Talk is certainly Brene Brown’s “The Power of Vulnerability.” It not only shines light on being vulnerable, but also addresses shame and how shame can affect one’s ability to open up. Trauma is addressed as well. She is poised and well spoken, but oh so relate-able and real.

  85. The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown is one of my favorites. There are really too many to choose from though.

  86. My favorite is “Why Does the Universe Exist?” by Jim Holt. Why is there something rather than nothing at all? Cosmic Chaos my friend.

  87. Never have I ever… heard of TED talk, but i will most definitely be finding out just what they are. Your always teaching this old dog new tricks

  88. Haven’t heard of the Ted Talks before now, so no favorite yet, guess I will have to go check them out.

  89. I used to watch Ted few years ago and love the concept of “genuine asking “in this video by Amanda Palmer… Favorite.

  90. I went to school for Microbiology and in a freshman introductory micro course I was shown “How Bacteria “Talk”” by Bonnie Bassler. Her passion and drive for her research on quorum sensing motivated me throughout that year and is a key reason why I always enjoyed taking extra R&D courses. Quorum sensing is a mechanism bacteria use to “communicate” between & within species and contributes to how some can cause infection and illness. Research is pointing towards quorum sensing as the next antibacterial component because of the resistance developing to current antibiotics.

  91. A powerful talk about fear by astronaut Chris Hadfield that has helped me in my life…Fear is the one thing that holds us back , that keeps our world less than loving….I love this talk. I watched it during one of the most difficult periods in my life.I walked away from the CPA path I was on after getting my MBA, I moved across country to follow my passion for music and art. Well there have been some rough times and i discovered this talk at a great moment..whatever your journey KEEP GOING! https://www.ted.com/talks/chris_hadfield_what_i_learned_from_going_blind_in_space?utm_campaign=tedspread&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=tedcomshare

  92. My favorite is a Brenè Brown: What is empathy. Hits home and puts logic to all the feelings. Good luck, everyone!

  93. I teach 6th Grade Earth and Space Science. Every new school year we show the Ted Talk called Procrastination. It features an Instant Gratification Monkey and the Panic Monster. The kids love it, and they get the point of not putting work off. Then, as the year goes on, I have visuals of the two characters that will pop up when work is due.

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