5 Potters Who Embody The Art of Business

“The challenge is to do the thing you have to do because you’re in love with it and can’t do anything else. Not because you want to become rich or famous but because you will be unhappy if you can’t do it.”

~ Warren MacKenzie, qtd. in The Studio Potter, 1990. Referenced in “A Potter’s Journey, Part Six: Growing A Profitable Pottery Business”

There are far easier ways to grow a business than by selling pottery, but few are more satisfying. Potters use their bare hands to craft gorgeous vessels that are only finished after literally surviving a trial by fire.

Making a living as a potter means letting people eat and drink from your gorgeous art, while respectfully receiving currency for your creations. It’s an incredibly fulfilling way to live in our globalized society.

“Plenty of people can make great work. Not everyone has the dedication to make it, and to make it work. ~ Ryan Holiday, Perennial Seller

Here is a list of 5 potters from different parts of the planet who are especially skilled in the art of pottery business.

Prairie Fire Pottery

Potter Tama Smith and her husband Jerry craft and sell pottery with gorgeous, abstract glazes inspired by the North Dakota landscape. Millions of people drive by on I-94 every summer, see their pottery billboards and stop to buy pots on the way to and from the Rocky Mountains.

Wall platters and mugs inspired by the North Dakota Landscape made by Tama Smith, head potter at Prairie Fire Pottery

“Any potter can make cups and bowls. Your surfaces will set you apart.”

– Tama Smith, Prairie Fire Pottery

20+ years of potting full-time in the North Dakota Prairie draws people in to hear their story and buy pots, including me. Their business was so captivating that I even worked out there for a spell.

Learn more about Prairie Fire Pottery in this American Craft Council authorship, “A Potter’s Journey, Part Six: Growing A Profitable Pottery Business” or from blog posts I wrote during my two week stint working as a production potter in their studio:



Shiho Kanzaki

Shiho San (Mr. Shiho) has lived in the small town of Shigaraki, Japan for his entire life. He welcomed me into his studio last year to sit cross legged, sip espresso and hear stories of his rise to the top of Japanese Tea Ceremony prestige. We browsed his personal gallery, held $5,000 tea bowls and touched a $70k vase.

Devotion to natural materials (digging clay from his backyard, using traditional Korean kick-wheels, firing with only wood for 10 days straight) forced him to endure years of strife in his early career. Shiho San caught a break by selling tea bowls from the trunk of his car to a generous, influential Buddhist monk.

Tokyo skyscraper galleries were vying for his art within a few years. Over the decades, his art would grace the some of the most prestigious galleries atop the tallest skyscrapers in Tokyo.

Shiho Kanzaki signing a book personalized to me, and then showing us his 50 year old bonsai at his studio in Shigaraki, Japan.

Dick Cooter Pottery

Visit this Northern Minnesota studio anytime year round and you can buy a pot from an outdoor shelf. Simply leave $30 in his money jar and be on your way.

Oddly enough, someone new to ceramics could easily mistake Dick’s art for Shiho Kanzaki’s. Both make specific types of wood fired pottery inspired by the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

What do the vastly different prices say about the quality of their curiously similar art? Absolutely nothing.

Both potters mastered their craft, then worked for decades to create symbiotic relationships with their communities. Both charge and receive what they need in order to thrive.

Dick’s rural studio has been planted near Lake Superior for 30 years. The kiln, studio and his home feel native to the land, like they sprouted up with the trees. This fall, my girlfriend and I were lucky to experience and film a kiln unloading, which happens only four days per year:

Hamada Pottery

Tomoo Hamada is a third generation potter, grandson of famous potter Shoji Hamada, who was a Japanese National Living Treasure. Tomoo and his father Shinsaku Hamada live and work in Mashiko, Japan.

Mashiko pottery was largely established by Hamada pottery, and now 350+ pottery studios attract people to spring and fall pottery festivals. Each festival draws 3-500k people to Mashiko to buy pottery over just a few days.

Hamada Pottery is set up as a museum with a calm, self guided tour of the gorgeous grounds. The tour ends with a pottery gallery. After buying three small plates, Tomoo welcomed us into his studio for tea and a pottery trimming demo.

This gigantic pot welcomes visitors to the train station in Mashiko, Japan. At Hamada Pottery, Tomoo generously gave us a trimming demo on his traditional Korean-style kick wheel.

Hamada Pottery also uses tech savvy means of connecting with people. Tomoo friended me on Facebook and showed me video from his wood-firing on his smartphone, while standing next to a kiln that was still warm from a recent firing.

Firing salt kiln at Hamadagama-pottery.





Posted by 濱田友緒(tomoo hamada) on Monday, July 3, 2017

Ayumi Horie Pottery

Ayumi Horie is an online pioneer potter. About 10 years ago, she launched an online store that has consistently, successful sold high-end coffee mugs to customers globally, almost instantly after posting her new pots.

She founded “Pots In Action” (potsinaction.com) in 2005, which uses crowd sourcing to help potters and ceramic artists connect with and educate the public about rich ceramic traditions.

Ayumi also helped organize “Handmade For Japan” (handmadeforjapan.org) which used art to raise over $100,000 for post-disaster relief during the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, giving the fund entirely to GlobalGiving’s Japan Earthquake and Tsunami relief fund.

Her efforts to organize online communities around pottery give people deeper reasons for supporting her body of work and pottery catalog. Other potters have referred to her as the “Queen of Social Media” and it shows in her high quality videos that help people relate to her pots through making food:

Ramen Making -part 1

Making ramen and making pots. The 1st of 5 clips from my new ramen video. Stay tuned for the next four! Edited at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, music by Lullatone. Online sale coming up Nov 1.

Posted by Ayumi Horie Pottery on Friday, September 22, 2017

Pottery and Book Giveaway ($509 value)

Thanks so much for reading this far. Please feel free to enter this giveaway, inspired by some of the most notable pottery of the Cherrico Pottery business: Cosmic Mugs and Guinness World Records pottery, as well as 3 copies of one of Joel Cherrico’s favorite business books: Perennial Seller by Ryan Holiday

Bonus Entries: What is your favorite business or organization and why?

ENDED: Thanks for participating everyone! 3 anonymous winners were chosen and we emailed them for their free pottery and books. Plus, we even chose one more person from the comments to win another bonus Cosmic Mug. Congrats, Kristin!

76 Replies to “5 Potters Who Embody The Art of Business”

  1. This one caused me to pause, what is a business I love that I think has mastered the art of business?! There are many organizations I adore, but in thinking of Nashville and all we have to offer here, I’ve got to go with my gut – literally, ha. One of the best businesses in Nashville is Manny’s House of Pizza. It’s located in the middle of downtown. The hours aren’t typical and they are definitely not your major chains. It is run by Manny himself; a sixty something year old man with a heart of gold. He has mastered the art of business because of how genuine he is. He is very personable, very caring and can make a heck of a pizza! He relocated to Nashville from New York and brought his recipe with him. He’s become a staple of Nashville and we all adore him. Some of the best businesses may not be the biggest but they strive because they have the biggest heart. Manny is all heart.

  2. My favorite organization is Wounded Warrior Project. I appreciate the work they do for wounded sevice members.

  3. My grandmother worked with ceramics and I have always been fastened with the process whether spinning or pour into a mold. Joel’s mugs are absolutely stunning and one of these days I will have one even if I have to buy it!

  4. I adore Moonlight Meadery in New Hampshire. They strive to create magical quality product from local honey bees. Their staff are so friendly, and they welcome the public into their lab to learn about the process of making and distributing mead. They have truly mastered the art of business by providing tours and subscriptions to get the word out about their own products as well as other local products such as honey. We have tried many of their different honey wines and they are all uniquely phenomenal!

  5. I actually work for a small business, and myself. I am an assistant groomer and someday hope to take over the business from my boss (yes she likes me that much). I am also a self employed dog walker. Doing what you love is excellent motivation to make it work!

  6. One of my favorite businesses is a local restaurant in town named Magnolia 23, that has the best food. Not only are you treated like family, but the service is wonderful, the food comes fast and the prices are affordable. The owner personally comes out and talks to you when you come in! A wonderful business!

  7. I truly enjoy your videos online, and watching you work. My grandparents had a ceramic shop when I was growing up so the memories r great. Once again thanks for sharing yourself and your craft with us

  8. One of my favourite businesses is a local Facebook based business called Fresh Pickings on Andrew (located in Exeter Ontario Canada). Meg loves to search for “junk” that will be someone else’s treasure, either as it is or upcycled into something new and unique. She has such a great eye for finding fabulous pieces in many different styles to suit anyone and everyone! I love being able to support a local business and give back to an active community member!

  9. My favorite company is Advocare. It’s a direct to consumer supplement business that has changed my life. Everyone that I have met in this business has helped me grow as a person and helped me work my business as a distributor. I am proud of the products that they make. I am also a product of the products.

  10. The Depot at Gibson Mill – They have mastered the Art of Business by getting their customers to keep coming back again and again. They gather all kinds of vendors together in one building. There is always something new or different you can look at every time you go there.

  11. I’ve always been so interested in trying pottery, watching your videos makes me want to try it even more – might even give me that push I needed!!!

  12. I love the idea the Ayumi Horie used her talent and creations to help her fellow countrymen(women) in their time of need… very inspiring.

  13. I am a 15 year cancer survivor so my favorite business would be the “Donald Reynolds Cancer Support House.” This particular business in the town where I live provides so many benefits for not only cancer survivors, but also cancer patients that are receiving current treatment. This business offers many things such as; support therapy, yoga, art, Look Good Feel Better Program, and also ceramics. They also have fundraisers and other events that help patients who have little or no income. So to me I feel like they have mastered the business very well, because they have made a huge impact on many lives and will continue to do so for many generations to come.

  14. Im utterly amazed with the beauty of your pottery style. The colors are gorgeous and hope one day to own a couple of your pieces. Thank you for bringing fabulous art to us all.

  15. One of my favorite businesses is the Corazon shop on East Lake Street in Minneapolis. They offer a unique variety of gifts made by local artists. Many one – of – a – kind items for the special people in our lives. I love the fact that I am helping support local artists. This store fills a need for finding that “special” gift for those we care about. Wonderful shopping experience.

  16. My dad was a house painter for over 28 years before he decided to go into business by himself. Sunset City Painting is his companies name. He hasn’t stop working he is over 60 now. Same with my mom she is a gold smith she works for someone else but they are basically partners because they been working together forever. So my parents and you inspired me to do my own thing so now I am learning pottery. One day I hope to be just as successful has you. Cheers!

  17. I am impressed with the “Paint Night” business that’s become so popular. In my area these are run by local artist and small scale but they have really joined the community across all intrests, talents, and ages. Not to mention they all give back to local charities.

  18. I think regardless of the business, it’s important to have a personal love for what you are doing and that makes others love it as well!

  19. Your Arts Desire Pottery Studio
    Nancy is a very nice, patient and informative teacher. I enjoy getting to go learn and getting to tap into my creative side.

  20. My friends shop The Village Keep. Lisa provides so much for people and has a passion for what she does. This is reflected in how she treats everyone and does for others. Sharing her gifts with the world.

  21. My favorite business is Lush Cosmetics because they create fair trade opportunities for people around the world, make original products that are food grade, and use their popularity to raise awareness about different animal rights and social justice issues. I also like that they are so approachable, I talk to the CEO on Facebook all the time! They really practice what they preach and aren’t afraid to change up the industry and be innovative when they believe in something. They just came out with a whole new line of product with no packaging! Lipstick with no packages! Shower gel with no packages!? It’s great!

  22. One of my favorite businesses is Dr. Bronner’s All in One Castille Soap and the list of reasons is quite extensive. For starters, Dr. Emmanuel Bronner himself was a 3rd generation soapmaker, with roots going back to the late 1850’s in Germany. His family is the first to invent castille soap. Emmanuel, or Emil as he was better known, had Zionist views that led to him emigrating to the U.S, where in 1948 he begins production of his liquid Peppermint soap (one of my personal favorites). Emil preaches that all people are one, and should therefore unite, and eventually his sermons are printed as labels for his liquid soap bottles. By 2003, Dr. Bronners Soap Company is the largest Personal Care Company Certified Organic, has pioneered 100% post-recycled bottles, and not only provides 100% free Healthcare to its employees, but it also does charitable work, along with activism. They are active in making our Mother Earth a better place for us to live, and making a product that is not only safe for us, but for our planet. The Bronner’s soaps boast numerous uses, is excellent for cleaning and even pest control for your house and garden! The company has expanded well beyond its soaps, even incorporating food products and other personal care products. All while helping sustain the farmers and suppliers they work with by being fair and giving back.I absolutely love the Castille Soaps, and will not use any other product as a body wash, other than Dr. Bronner’s. They have revolutionized what it means to be a company that truly cares for people, and for our Mother Earth, all while making us clean and smelling great! 🙂

  23. A Small town “Mom and Pop” Cafe is my favorite! I love to keep it friendly and real for service and REAL home made food favorites vs cooperate fake and do it by the book!

  24. One of my favorite businesses is Brewed Awakening in Grand Rapids, MN.

    They serve our community great food, desserts and coffee, all while offering a great atmosphere to bring friends and family.

    I love that you can expect the same quality every time, and it’s always a treat. I also enjoy that they are at the center of our community in supporting local businesses by ordering from them, as well as local artists and musicians.

    It’s just a fun place to be, and I always look forward to going there.

  25. My favorite organization is the American cancer association because they are working to spread awareness of cancer and to help raise money towards a cure. I participate in every relay for life I can , just to show people that it’s ok to break down , but be proud to represent those we have lost . I also really love this organization because they recognize those who have helped care for those with cancer, a lot of the time the caregivers get un-noticed and it’s great that they recognize the family and caregivers as a whole instead of just the cancer patient.

  26. I love my friend’s art boutique called Light in the Woods in Edinboro, Pa. She hand picks wonderful items and focuses on handcrafted art from local artists.

  27. While not artwork you can drink out of, Muriel Zao of Muriel Zao Tattoo in Phoenix, AZ has mastered the art of business! While using social media to gain attention to her beautiful and unique style of artwork, word of mouth has also helped her spread. When you have a welcoming and outstanding experience with an artist, you cannot help but share your joy with anyone and everyone who will listen. Also, the fact I get to wear her artwork everywhere I go is a like a walking billboard of clients for her. She does the trade shows and conventions, as well. I can only dream to have a job such as hers, one day – working out of a privately build studio and on your own clock!

  28. Macy’s has to be one of my favorite businesses. They are so involved in the community (volunteer work, Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade, etc) and they are constantly innovating and finding ways to improve themselves.

  29. My favorite buisness is this little coffee shop called Uptown Espresso. They don’t have one pattern of mug, cup or plate…each one is different. They would rather put effort into their awesome coffee, soups and bagels than have matching dinnerware. I love that!

  30. I don’t think I really have a favorite business or organization, but I can get behind almost any organization that is working toward helping the environment. Organizations like the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) are trying to prevent diversity loss and help people learn how they can help too because if we don’t get everyone on board with keeping our planet alive then we’re in big trouble.

  31. Of all the businesses above I think I like Prairie Fire Pottery best.
    Its hard to choose, because I am a fledgling potter and I have a lot of respect for tradition (and I really want a kick wheel).
    But I really like how she said that ‘any potter can make cups and bowls’. Because I think its true and funny. It inspired me to try something different on the wheel and makes me want to challenge myself. I also like that her glazes are inspired by the SD landscape, because I grew up in SD and I can see the resemblance. 😀 Overall though I’m impressed by everyone and I hope to create my own unique style that is also really beautiful one day n__n

  32. I really like the Salvation Army, based on the premise of meeting both physical and spiritual needs, It is present in 127 countries, running charity shops, operating shelters for the homeless and disaster relief and humanitarian aid to developing countries. Founded in 1865 in London, it has survived through wars, depression, and continues it’s same business principles while running as a nonprofit. Their thrift stores promote green business with recycle, reuse, re-purpose. I’ve seen them help people from food, paying rent in case of hardship, provide shelter or household goods to those who have lost it all & unlike Good Will, they continue to thrive through dedication, donations, hard work & voluntary service and even employment opportunities. One might even find a print, sculpture, piece for an extremely low market price that can be worth a lot of money. This may not be the type of business you were expecting as an answer but removing their religious affiliation, they have done quite well as a business and valuable nonprofit all at the same time.

  33. Cherrico Pottery is amazing. It is so therapeutic watching you throw. Just watching anyone can see how much you love what you do. You get everyone envolved with your videos and care about the questions everyone asks and genuinely answer so that the person asking and watching understand.
    I try to catch you when you are throwing. I hope to one day purchase a mug or possibly win one. I am glad that I stumbled across your video months ago.

    Kathy B.

  34. I’ve always loved to cook, its a passion. To be able to create food from scratch, with my own interpretation of each dish. From picking the ingredients, spices, layering of the flavors, letting the smells fill your home, and your senses. To the finished product. It might sound cheesy, but it’s like pottery, painting a picture,etc. Yes there’s times that it doesn’t turn out. Others you hit a home run. Its my creation.
    The best feeling is seeing people enjoy it.
    I know I’m suppose to address my passion to go to the business aspect.
    I would want to focus on the food. Let someone run the business aspect. I would be involved but not to a huge extreme.
    I would like to be able to expand it eventually to be able to share it with those less fortunate.
    Implement a program that would help the homeless, and give then a sense of worth.
    Like they come in, get cleaned up, work for 8hrs. They earn a days pay, and a free meal. With option for full employment.
    Hope this is what you are looking for. This is something that means alot.

  35. My favorite business has done so well it’s actually two business now. The Culpeper Cheese Company and The Frenchmans Corner started out as one business sharing the same space selling a wide verity of cheese, beer, wine, chocolates, and all the things to go with and serve these items. After being in business several years and growing their family base (not customer base, since they treat everyone who walks through the door like family) they split out and took over the shop space next to them to become the businesses that I now enjoy going to the most. The chocolate side has even opened an additional location in another town 30 miles away after much begging by patrons. The Cheese Company offers some of the best local meats and now offers light fare and community events. Both actively engage their community and help foster a feeling of comfort and friendship. It does not matter which you visit you are always treated to friendly service, called by your name, offered samples and suggestions, and just generally made to feel welcomed. If ever you find yourself in Culpeper Virginia I can not recommend them both enough.

  36. First and foremost Im a college student at Inver Hills, just taking my generals because I dont know what I should do. I have always loved ceramics. I am currently taking advanced ceramics and I just love it. Id like to teach it, but I always wonder if I am good enough to teach others. My dad always tells me teachers dont make enough money, and that not enough people will buy my craft because its a dying art. The first tid bit in this really made me feel good about the choice I will soon make. “There are far easier ways to grow a business than selling pottery, but few are more satisfying.” That really spoke to me. With that being said I loved the prarie fire pottery. I think the way she udalizes the glaze to represent the landscapes arpund her is amazing and creative. Im sure a lot of trial and error came along with fininding her technique.

  37. I am very proud of Cherrico Pottery and how you have turned your passion into a successful business. It is our dreams that make us unique. Thank you for sharing yours with the world! I am just beginning a small business venture of my own. I know if I allow my passion to fuel my business, I will accomplish my goals, just as Joel has done. Keep inspiring us by staying true to yourself. Truly, it is the essence of you that really makes your pottery spectacular!

  38. I wish I could take a piece of the earth and mold it between my hands juxtaposed with a deep vision and desire to produce something so awe inspiring yet so simple. Joel’s aesthetic is dope its alot like mine and im glad i found a clay thrower whom i can be inspired from and learn from

  39. Wow! Some inspirational potters for sure. Thank you for sharing! One of my fave organizations/businesses is the Bookworm Box. All books are donated by the authors, and nearly all the profit is given to special causes and organizations. It’s a monthly subscription, but they do have a storefront and an online store too. Not only do you get fantastic signed books by awesome indy authors, for your collection…but every month they pick a new charity to donate all BWB sales to. As of late, they have donated money for to hurricane hit areas, and it makes me feel great to support people in my book community that care so much. 😘❤💋

  40. I am a fan of all arts and crafts! I love yarn and crochet, so I think the people making and dying their own yarn are amazing. Joel making and selling such great pottery is also amazing.

  41. I felt it was a personal moment when Mr Cooter emptied his kiln,it gave me the feeling of Christmas getting to see the pots before they are glazed!! One little way that makes everyone understand what it’s like to “create” 😎

  42. The art of crochet. My great aunt used to do this and as a kid I remembered recieving crocheted items thinking jist this but today now that I am older I cherish the blanket she made me and have taken on the skill myself. You do not realize just how much heart soul and work is put into some things without walking in the shoes yourself. These items turn into you babies and perfection takes over.

  43. I thoroughly enjoy watching Joel create (step by step) these amazing pieces of unique pottery! It is so wonderful to see someone with not only the will and skill for what they do, but he also has genuine love and passion for it as well and it shows in every finished piece! Well done sir, well done!

  44. Great article. Thank you Joel for inspiring me to want to start doing pottery. Your passion inspires me and I love that you are so wiling to share your techniques. I always look forward to your live videos and your work is beautiful! I’m saving up to buy a mug and crossing my fingers I’ll win a giveaway someday. 😊

  45. I just love watching you creat such beautiful pottery. You are so talented.
    My favoret company is Nu Skin. They help so many people around the world. They help people learn to be better. They make so many good things to use for our body’s. Healthy things that help improve our body’s to the best copastiy. Everything they make is natural with no fillers or added components. They truly want to make things that help us to be healthy and ways to monitor how we are doing.

  46. When I got my first Cosmic mug, the colors were unreal. It reminded me of the northern lights in FIrbanks, Alaska. Would be a great design for a quilt!
    It is hard to pick one project or one art that I love. But I know it has to do with colors. To master the skill of putting colors together. Have sewn for over 60 years, but my heart lies with my quilting for over 25 years now. My fellow quilting buddies, after a dear friend passed away, we formed Peggy’s Angels. All our quilts were donated, nursing homes, hospitals, NICU babies. I have designed many quilts, and picking the colors is one of my favorite. I never thought I could quilt, but I worked in a fabric shop, helped pull colors for the ladies, and show them what blends with what and what colors will make others pop. My daughters, my parents, family, then G’children and now my pride and joy, my Great G’daughter Paisley, I get to give my designs to. And another one on the way. Best part now, my husband is retired and when I need help with choosing a color, he is right there to help. I even have him in the fabric store and he is pulling bolts and helping me. Lol lol. Now to get him sewing.
    I love the work you do and what inspired you to do the colors and designs!

  47. What amazing pieces of art from each of these amazing pottery artist. Your passion for this art inspires me! Thank you


  48. I work for a small accounting firm in Northern Colorado. Anderson & Whitney learned from their founder Ken Whitney that you take care of your employees, your clients, and your community. It’s amazing how many accountants here are on different boards throughout the community. We always sponsor different charity events and that is how you get your name out there. There is a reason the average length of employment here is over 15 years. They have mastered the ‘Art of Doing Business’.

  49. One of my favorite businesses is based from facebook. It is called Gina’s Gems. She started off just doing monogramming for people and then after a lot of thought and consideration she decided to turn it in to a small business. She is doing very well for herself and branching out to sell many things.

    I Love Your Word and Your FB Live Videos. Thanks for sharing that with all of us.

  50. Love the cosmic mugs! Have many favorites, but the business that comes to mind is the restaurant down the road from us. We have known the owner since the 80’s when she was a hostess in another restaurant. Eventually she opened her own place and it has been wildly successful.. I think because she has a personal connection with her guests. She took a huge risk and it continues to pay off!

  51. I would have to say McMenamins has mastered the art of business. All of their venues are so genuinely unique, and yet they manage to uphold their corporate personality. Every place is a source of community and entertainment, focused on local businesses and artists, and they have a reputation for restoring old buildings amd landmarks for their venues. I dont know much about business, but I do know that McMenamins gives me hope for the future of the arts and entertainment industry.

  52. I would say Wong’s Palace Chinese restaurant. The owners gonout of their way to make sure everyone feels welcome. Mr. Paul goes around and greets the customers, shakes hands and thanks everyone for coming. They are always donating and giving to the community. Everyone loves the food and the owners.

  53. I’m definitely biased. My favorite business is my dad’s flooring store, Flooring Superstores in Grande Prairie, AB. I appreciate how he runs his business – he’s all about selling people what they want, not forcing on them what he thinks they need. He’s got a knack for predicting what will be popular and he prides himself on selling good quality products.

    Love your pottery! Very admirable work.

  54. My favorite business would be Heifer International. It is a non profit organization that does amazing things for people in need. They have a catalog of animals from Honeybees to Water Buffalo to purchase and send to families that use them in as many ways as they can. These animals completely improve the quality of life for others less fortunate as many of us. Heifer, you rock. http://www.heifer.org

  55. There are many small businesses and organizations I have been a patron of, volunteered for or supported. Kodiak Coffee, Konetzko’s Meat Market, Old Creamy Quilting, Look by us, Melgram Jewelry, Northland Auto Center, MS Society, Salvation Army or St Jude’s, and yes Cherrico Pottery. The people who own the business or are involved in an organization all have many of the same qualities. A service is provided through the love that each possess from a passion for their work. Each and everyone is involved by a commitment to better life through their craft, minds and hands to create a beautiful better way of life for every person they meet. I believe in supporting small town businesses. The everyday people who support their family by following their heart, dreams and hard work. I support organizations I think provide a great service to people and use their resources wisely. I think the potters presented to us have these qualities also. A deep passion and love for their work. I see this in Cherrico pottery. Joel is an intelligent, gifted young artist with a passion and a unique approach that reaches across generations of people with his art. The Instagram and video presentations provide education, relaxation, therapy and inspiration. Thank you for sharing your passion.

  56. My favourite business is my mum’s cleaning business. Not only does she thoroughly clean her clients’ homes, but she goes above and beyond her job description. She has befriended many of her clients and they consider her family. She takes some of her elderly clients grocery shopping out of the goodness of her heart. She also uses environmentally friendly products when she can.

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