Asteroid Day: Meteorite Mug Auction and Donation + Asteroid Cup Giveaway

What is Asteroid Day?

We decided not to wish you a “Happy Asteroid Day!” because it’s not really a celebratory day. It’s an international day for the science community to educate and raise awareness on the seriousness of asteroid collisions with Earth. June 30th was chosen to be International Asteroid Day for a reason.

June 30, 1908:

Referred to as the “Tunguska Event,” an asteroid exploded over a Siberian forest causing mass devastation. It was a mystery to natives for decades on what caused this explosion, until scientists stepped in. It’s the largest impact event on Earth ever recorded during human history.  

“You kind of want to know how to move asteroids around – that’s a good thing to be able to do, because one day we’re going to find one with our name on it.”

– Neil deGrasse Tyson

Our friends at StarTalk created a video with some of the best reasons for why it’s important to care about asteroid research. Dr. Tyson is an important science communicator, but he also has a soft spot for art (shown by The Starry Night painting reproduction hanging in his office or the Copper Red Mug that snuck into this interview):

Here at Cherrico Pottery, we donate regularly to The Planetary Society as members and periodically for additional research and understanding of asteroids. You can hear straight from them about the importance of asteroid defense in this video they launched today:

The dinosaurs didn’t have a space program…

We also donate to The B612 Foundation, which is an organization that helps protect Earth from asteroid impacts. We would prefer to not end up like earlier Earth inhabitants, especially since, “It is a statistical certainty that one day the Earth will get hit by a large asteroid.”

Joel Cherrico used inspiration from the cosmos to create amazingly unique Meteorite Mugs. Joel actually models all his Meteorite Mugs after the meteorite named The Willamette Meteorite, located in the American Museum of Natural History.

Here’s your chance to purchase a Meteorite Mug and donate to Asteroid Research and Defense.

  • This Meteorite Mug is being auctioned off on eBay with 50% of the profit being donated to The B612 Foundation in honor of Asteroid Day.

 Giveaways: 9 Free Pots, $290+ Value

 – “Asteroid Cup” $165+ value

–  Set of 4 “Cosmic Shot Cups” going out to 2 different winners:

($126 value: $48 retail + $15 packing and shipping each)


You can win this free Asteroid Cup and a set of these Cosmic Shot Cups in honor of Asteroid Day. Simply answer the question below in our comments to enter:

How has science impacted your life?

Leave a comment below before Friday 7/7 telling us how scientific classes, scientific discoveries, or science in general has impacted your life. We’ll pick the best 3 comments and give the winners this Asteroid Cup and 2 sets of shot cups, totally free!

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197 Replies to “Asteroid Day: Meteorite Mug Auction and Donation + Asteroid Cup Giveaway”

  1. I never thought I’d say science has had a huge impact on my life. But this question has really prompted me to think! The most profound way has been my photography. I went to college for it, back at the end of the film age. Early 2000. I was right in the cusp of digital media so I had the opportunity to learn the “old” ways. So much more than just shooting my photo and then making my picture in the post editing process, like these “kids” do now (insert angry old man voice) I had the amazing opportunity to develope my own film and then process my own prints.
    I hated chemistry in high school. It was all impossible equations and isotopes and protons and other words I didn’t care to understand. But when I got to University I was able to make that chemistry make sense, and then use it for my art. Science as art was a concept I’d never come across before. So now I know a trade in a dying field. Well it’s already dead. So I’m hoping to find a niche for it. But it’s something no one can take from me. Science as art has made a Renaissance woman out of me.

    1. I used science to help my son who suffers from a form of Autism. It helped him come out of his shell when he realized no one is like another, and he can be who he is no matter what. We started our journey when he was 6 and he is now 15 and growing into a wonderful man. We watch all the meteor showers and eclipses we can, and he is always wanting to try something new. If it was not for science I don’t think he would have overcame the way society would try to view him. His dream is to go to MIT and I will do all I can to make sure he can do that.

  2. I went to high school in the 70s. It was not really acceptable for girls to like science but I did. I was encouraged to steer towards a more female oriented career. I went to college for accounting which was a snooze fest for me. I switched to chemistry and biology and was in heaven. I ended up working in pharmaceutical chemistry and testing how the processes scale up from small lab size to manufacturing size. I also worked in a lab that tested the explosivity and flammability of materials, how fun is that. Without science in my life I would have not had as fun a career that is for sure!

  3. Any classes in school that had to do with science were my absolute favorite!!! Those classes kept me interested, which made them super fun!! Now I just love sharing time under the stars & moon with my boys!!

    1. I had never thought about it but science has opened so many doors in my life!

      Animal science courses at Oklahoma State University really impacted my life! They opened my eyes to the amazing wonders that the animal body can do! One part of an animals body can do so many things!

      These courses also helped nurture my love for animals and it has become by chosen career field even though it hasn’t quite worked out yet! My love for animals is keeping me moving forward to eventually achieve my goals!

      I also met my best friend in these courses! She is going to be a life long friend and someone I have become to depend on! She is my long distance shoulder to cry on! We have only known each other for a few years but it feels like I have known her my whole life!

  4. Science allowed me to have my beautiful daughter by IVF when I was dealing with infertility, priceless!

    1. Science is life and life is science. We cannot have one without the other. It is an integral part of our lives. I may be a biology major, but I know very little in comparison to what is out there to learn. Learning about science has always been a fun and fascinating thing. I grew up surrounded by nature and was forced to understand more of the medical sciences through family illnesses but no matter which aspect of science, I still find it fascinating. I don’t have a great story about having a child by IVF, which I personally think should win, but I love sharing and teaching others more about how to understand the world around them and to be aware. As they say “knowledge is power’; it is true.

  5. Science has impacted my life in a big way. It is amazing to be able to learn, discover, and explore so many things and how they work. I teach preschoolers and I love watching them find new ways to explore their surroundings. It can be as simple as watching a worm move on the ground, the leaves change colors, or rain fall from the sky. I try to teach the children that our environment is a gift and we should respect it. Science teaches us not only that things happen around us, but why they happen and what we can do to support it.

  6. Science is everywhere. It has directly impacted my life, in my profession, as a development expert. Science isn’t just asteroids, rocks and trees…it’s in every little thing in this planet. The science of humanity is amazing!

  7. Science impacted my life the day I was conceived and will continue to work its magic even long past my expiration. Actually all of us are some kind of wonderful scientific anomaly.

  8. Science has impacted my life medically, without science we would not be as medically advanced as we are today. These advances made it possible for my daughter to have corrective back surgery, making for a unrestricted life, full of activities.

  9. If it was not for science my mom would have never been able to walk again after she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, with the cancer had spread to her bone and eaten away parts of her spine one of the balls in one of her shoulder, parts of her skull. If it was not for the radiation that she got on her spine, and the overall medication to help strengthen her bones. I would have never gotten to see her walk again to make it where she could leave the nursing home, and come back home, so I could spend the rest of the year at home before she passed away from the cancer, and because of science my mom was not in any pain in her last 2 days with me and my dad and brother.

  10. The biggest impact science has had on my life is enabling a way that both my daughter and I survived childbirth. Now I’m blessed to share with her the wonders of science. From electricity to astrophysics we discuss it all and seeing the awe on her innocent face makes science even better!!

  11. Science, to me, is something that is constant. If studied it always repeats itself and will always be true. I was never much for paying attention to school when i was younger and when i went back to college i had to take a physics class to complete my degree, as well as an upper level trigonometry class. It blew my mind. The things you can figure out between science and math with very little information is pretty special to me. The lengths that we have come in the last few hundred years is really a testament to the growth we have experienced on this planet. To see how people from the past used what they had to come up with scientific laws has set the path for us today and how advanced science has become.

  12. I’m a breast cancer survivor since 2005. The science of medicine made it possible for me to still be here today but the science of everything in life keeps me going!!

  13. Science is in our every day lives
    We can look out every morning to evening and see the miracle of our skies , stars , moons and suns. Our Galaxy is a beautiful thing. Thank You for sharing your beautiful gift, from our universe

  14. Science has impacted my life in every possible way. Obviously in the way I was conceived. But so much more than that. My parents both met in an emergency room as nurses. The medical field is all about science! My mom went on to become a science teacher in the local middle school! Watching her and her love of teaching and science made me want to be a teacher too (which I am now)! She eventually became a school nurse but still uses science daily (along with my father, husband, and I). We are part of a watershed watch on the lake we live on, testing the safety of the lake (again using science). My husband is a huge lover of nature and science so our days are full of both! Ironically our first date was at a tea house with handmade mugs! Our dates continued with star observations, science museums, local bands and so much more! We both participated in Save the Bay over the years, a local organization that cleans up our waterways, all because science shows that ocean pollution effects our world tremendously. Our cats were named Stella and Orion (both my husband’s when we met). And when Stella unexpectedly had kittens they were named Luna and Galaxy (see a trend?) Now that we have children we are constantly doing “Science experiments”….often involving dirt and water. I would love to add one more scientific aspect to our lives with an asteroid mug. I just know it would see many morning cups of coffee, evening teas, and would find I loving home with my scientific family.

  15. In 7th grade science class we were all assigned a constilation to draw and do a report on. This project has forever changed how I look at the stars! ✨✨

  16. My dad who now is in a nursing home with end stage Alzheimer’s and heart diseases. He always would bring me outside to look at the stars and explain what meteorites were and lots of other stuff. I miss doing stuff like that. My personal relation to science is medical…I had a life saving double transplant two years ago, still everyday is a challenge but my meds keep me healthy and watching you work relaxes me.

  17. I love science, it was probably the only class I was ever good at in school. I love how science is always searching for the truth. How was this made? Why does this work like this? Its a curiosity for the world around us, and how everything impacts each other. Science is how we learn about and try to understand the unknown, and the best way to truly understand our past, present and future.

  18. I just recently became a paraprofessional at a middle school. One of the subjects that I help kids with is Science so I am learning to appreciate science along with the kids that I am helping. Education about science is a wonderful thing. So many things to learn and associate with in day to day life experiences.

  19. I had my son when I was 16, he was born at 24 weeks and 5 days, weighting in a 1lbs and 11oz. He came 16 weeks early! He had a 25% chance of surviving the first night, he also had really bad apnea and bradycardia to the point a nurse would have to ‘startle’ him to get him to breath again, and now he will be turning 7 on July 17th! If it weren’t for the doctors and medications they gave him he wouldn’t be here today. Science is the reason my son is alive today!

  20. Science has not only contributed and impacted my life. It’s almost overtaken it!
    I grew up living outside and taking in as many types of sciences as I could. Now with my kids, we event went as far as to enroll them in an environmental science academy for their elementary school. Lorenzo de Zavala Environmental Science Academy- yes- that’s right, imagine writing that on all the documents!! We moved to Grand Prairie, Texas (Tree City USA) to be closer to nature and all kids of fun ways to connect back with nature and the environment. The school has a chicken coop, tons of raised gardens that the kids plant, harvest and sell, and rooms full of animals they care for and rescue. They even go to Science and STEM camps in the summer.
    All in all, science has played a huge role in my life and I now get to share it with my kids! <3

  21. Science has impacted my life and others with so much technology today! One of the main sciences today is computer science, which, I am studying in college. Without these advanced technologies the world would be completely different and we wouldn’t be so advanced in medicine as we are now. Of course other sciences like astrology is definitely cool just because it’s crazy to think about how big the universe is and that we are just a little spec in this galaxy.

  22. Science in so many ways had changed my life. Medical sciences have helped to improve the lives of so many people I care about; whether by perscription drugs or a major surgery. Engineering has allowed me to fly around the world and see places I never could have dreamt of. Electronics continuously allow me to maintain relationships with friends and family many miles and even oceans away.

  23. Science has impacted my life in countless ways. The 2 most prominent would be having my DNA analysed in 1992 (before it was considered mainstream) for mutations that could genetically affect my offspring. The other way science has impacted me is with my career. I am an Herbalist and I follow closely the science behind herbal remedies. Thanks for the chance to win an awesome piece of your art!

  24. Science has impacted my life in such a way that I am able to eat what I, myself grow in my garden or catch from hunting and fishing trips. I grew up with such a love and eagerness to learn more about paleontology and astronomy that I am able to share with love my young students everyday. I absolutely love the fact that I am able to bring them hands-on experiences that they may not get any other way.

  25. Science has had a huge impact on my life. The wonder I feel every day when I contemplate where science has led us and what we’ve discovered so far gives me a deep appreciation for the utter strangeness of our existence. Why do we exist? Why are there fundamental laws of physics in the first place? How does raw energy transform into giant nuclear forges which then produced all the elements we know, and why did they then explode to enrich the galaxies with their fertile guts? How did that lead to life as we know it?

    Thats what I love about science. Firstly, that we even know to ask those questions, and secondly, the fact that we are developing new tools, methods, theories, etc. To explore these questions, and have already discovered the answers to a few! Looking at my life and experience with constant scientific curiosity changed everything for me.

  26. Science has a big impact on everyone’s lives! Science is interwoven into every aspect of daily life and makes routine tasks considerably easier! The ability to turn a light on or to receive clean water from a faucet is a result of advances in science! One of the most significant ways science has improved daily life revolves around modern medicine! Antibiotics and immunizations help people live longer and healthier lives. Science has improved medicine, which helps people treat different types of diseases ranging from a bacterial infection to a sore throat.

    Science has a vast number of effects on daily life that includes technology, food and transportation. From airplanes to pesticides, science has a direct impact on life. Science has improved the way people communicate and receive information. Personal computers, smartphones and the Internet are all resources available to the general public as a result of science. The Internet has become a useful tool for people, corporations and governments to share information and communicate without borders! science is everywhere even though we may not think about it every minute. some of us wouldn’t be here in this world today if it wasn’t for science!!! ❤

  27. Taking chemistry in high school changed my life. It taught me that mathematics can be fun and gave me a desire for higher education.

  28. Science… wow such a small word that effects literally everything around us.
    Science has affected my whole life, I was a science wiz in school, getting into advanced classes and tutoring. However, I never realized how important it was going to be to me until I was approved for the animal science program. Animal science and biology has now become a huge impact on my life. I rescue animals and wildlife, treat them for diseases or parasites, and study them and find new things every day. Science is literally in my everyday life, without it I couldn’t properly dose animals medications , or know how to diagnose their signs of sickness. I couldn’t save their lives, because they can’t speak for themselves and without science we wouldn’t be able to speak for them.

  29. Being in high school, science was the one course I really wanted to take because I found it so interesting, it was the one class I was always totally stoked for! I had to switch schools during grade 9 and had to take a paper based (at your own pace) science course, which I wasn’t a huge fan of, only because I wasn’t able to experiment and have the hands on learning. I didn’t really know what I was missing out on until I graduated high school and always wonder how everything affects everything. You can literally use science for anything it seems! That totally excites me, and now I’m still trying to figure out what to go to college for but I’m definitely leaning towards something science based, I’m always looking at the stars whenever I get the chance, I just bought a new telescope and I’m so excited to use it, there is nothing in the world to me that is more profound than looking at the planets and stars in the sky and realizing how small us and our problems are in the universe. It’s the most peaceful feeling! Everyone the knows me, knows that I’m always the first person to recognize the moon and stars on a clear night and point out how awesome it is! –“I don’t know anything with certainty, but seeing the stars makes me dream.”
    Vincent Van Gogh

  30. Science is everywhere, it would be foolish to say it hasn’t benefited my life one way or another. Almost everyone at least passively benefits from scientific achievements. For example, medicine is constantly being improved and new treatments invented. My mom, who has been going through cancer for a second time, just finished her stem cell transplant which they harvested from her own body. When I was in middle school they were just starting to even think about stem cells and it was highly controversial, now they’re using it to destroy my mom’s cancer cells. I got to be with her during the harvesting of her stem cells, which they do through blood in a very noninvasive way, and then sepatate the blood platelets and stem cells in a machine. I can now weirdly say that I have seen a bag of stem cells and know what color they roughly are when clumped together, whitish yellow in case you’re wondering. Science is everywhere, and I’m thankful it is.

  31. Away that science helped me with my life is very difficult. My life wasn’t the greatest when I was younger when I was in school I got picked on a lot and it was mainly because I liked school, when I was 13 years old my sister got pregnant and had her first son and She like to make me stay home and miss school and not be able to get my grades in a good place and when I started high school I met his teacher and she did all kinds of science classes , she ended up being the one person that I could talk to. When I turn 15 things got a little more rough I was trying to make sure that I had all the proper credits for high school and the ones they end up missing were some of my science classes so the next year I had to take three science three different science credits a year thankfully I had one of them online which was marine biology which was amazing and the second one I had was in school was regular biology then there’s the other class that I had to take And it was my last class. And I always end up missing it because my sister and pick me up early or my mom had to pick me up really well I ended up talking to my teacher and she showed me how beautiful science really wise because I have my in time I was like yeah I know I don’t need this class it’s OK I’ll just pass my exams by cheating and I realized the day that me and her talked because she showed me so many beautiful things at science I can create and from that point on I always love science I I love experimenting and she helped me with science figure out a way to experiment with studying and find experiments even some crazy experiments just stuff that if it was not for science I probably would not of graduated high school I probably wouldn’t of gotten a degree and I have my CDA which is teaching young children preferably preschool in VPK I can also work in any daycare but every single day we in my preschool right now I’m a stay at home mom but before in my preschool I did science project every single day so I got to teach the love of science that my teacher gave me two other children at a younger age than I did learn That love and I am truly thankful for that teacher she saves me she that she saved my life from becoming something that it would’ve ruined me and now I’m a stay at home mom who teaches my children math Reading writing and every once in while we do some pretty cool science experiment that include baking soda and vinegar and stuff like that so if we have a home already anyways and I taught him my oldest son and my daughter stole a little too young for it but I taught him how to make bath bombs which is a pretty cool science experiment also and now I do that as a partial job for a living so they might Reading writing and every once in while we do some pretty cool science experiments that include baking soda and vinegar and stuff like that so if we have a home already anyways and I taught him my oldest son and my daughter stole a little too young for it but I taught him how to make bath bombs which is a pretty cool science experiment also and now I do that as a partial job for a living so they might say oh you’re not gonna need that stuff when you get older sometimes it’s those things that save you and thanks for reading because it made me feel really good just writing this very long thing sorry

  32. Being a nurse incorporates science daily. The anatomy and physiology of the human body is like a solar system onto itself. When you consider disease process, medication effect and the human spirit it is as vast and complicated as the universe.

  33. Science has impacted my life because I have a benign brain tumor. It has allowed my doctors to perform a systematically organized body of knowledge on the subject of brain surgeries thereby mine surgery was successful and with all the science keep watch on the brain through amazing technology.

  34. Science was affected my life in a number of ways, it helped my brother after an accident that left him a quadriplegic. Not only did it save his life but gave him a better quality of life. It has helped me better understand autism & how that affects myself & my family. How genetics play a large roll in ones life. But it has also ignited a fire in me about the cosmos and how life & the universe was created. I’m constantly looking up & educating myself on why things are the way they are. And what is going to happen if we don’t treat the earth better.

  35. Science is life and life is science. We cannot have one without the other. It is an integral part of our lives. I may be a biology major, but I know very little in comparison to what is out there to learn. Learning about science has always been a fun and fascinating thing. I grew up surrounded by nature and was forced to understand more of the medical sciences through family illnesses but no matter which aspect of science, I still find it fascinating. I don’t have a great story about having a child by IVF, which I personally think should win, but I love sharing and teaching others more about how to understand the world around them and to be aware. As they say “knowledge is power’; it is true.

  36. Science impacted my life by helping prolong my stepdads life with cancer, he ultimately lost his battle but we were able to spend extra time with him

  37. Science has impacted my life since I was a child. I had the best biology teacher who finally opened my eyes to the wonders of learning. He made me eager to learn more and more. His class unlocked my brain to always look for how everything works. I went on to get my degree in Biology (microbiology is the best!) and am about to begin teaching students where I hope to open their minds to the everyday adventures that science brings!

  38. I never really appreciated science in high school like I do now. I am fascinated by physics and I share that fascination with my daughter. I love knowing how things work and why, so I am very interested in anatomy and physiology. I also love being able to teach my daughter random facts about anything and everything, especially about how our bodies work. She has recently developed a greater interest in space and astronomy. I admire her for feeling curious and free to ask completely random questions about the topic and others. If I don’t know the answer to her question, we find out together. I enjoy learning with her and doing simple experiments, and she takes the time to learn the how and why as well. Science has become a great connection between us, and we have found that we are both so eager to learn more, always.

  39. Honestly, I feel like science has impacted everyone’s life in just about every way. But, most recently my drain was clogged and good old vinegar and baking soda cleared it right out.

  40. Oh, had I known in the seventies what I know now! I was your classic liberal arts-type…literature and painting, sculpture and history, Greek and Latin. I was clumsy in mathematics and because of it, shied away from physics, chemistry and Earth sciences. College came and I pursued degrees in art history and creative writing, making a living as a designer later on and still today. But now?Every one of my cherished pastimes involve the sciences! I love fossil collecting, gems and minerals, and learning about geological processes. I have given a few informal talks on, and photograph, atmospheric phenomena (sun dogs! fog bows! sun pillars!). I really enjoy reading about physics and hope to take a class or two when I retire. But my favorite “toy” is my six-inch Dobsonian telescope. I could never have imagined, in my youth, how much pleasure “science-related” pursuits would bring me over the last forty years of my life!

  41. well it made me relize that what we live in is totally different from the world i thought we live in and to know this is to know how to better educate other people prettly cool thought hey ya matey

  42. When my grandmother was nearing the end of her life, my folks and I visited her in the nursing home. It was one of her few good days, so she was coherent and sitting upright as we gave holiday wishes.

    I had a tablet with me. I had copied a video posted to social media of my niece learning to hold her head up. My brother was exclaiming warm encouragement in the video , and my niece gurgled and strained to keep level with the camera.

    I showed the video to my grandmother, holding the tablet so she could see. She looked over to Dad, and she smiled.

    Grandma got to see her great granddaughter. She passed some days later before they could meet in person… but she saw her.

    That is the sharpest example in recent memory of how science has impacted my life.

  43. How has it impacted my life? Oh goodness it’s changed it for the better! I use be an astrology nerd before I became a ‘mom’ and honestly I hope it carries on, rather; it should carry on. My daughter who was born in 2015 is named after something amazing that most people don’t know. Her name is ‘Hadley’ and unless you’re into the moon and astronomy you probably have no idea. I was looking at the generic names, and didn’t like anything, then I was struck by a rock (literally) something hit my head, looked up and saw the moon, first it was ‘Luna’, but no, of course not. I wanted to find something more original so I did some digging and remembered Mons Hadley – it was love. Now every night we can see the moon I tell her about her crater and mountains and she says “Hello moon, you’re my sister”. It’s adorable and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I hope she gets more involved like I did when I was younger and fully appreciates the stars and worlds up there we may never get to see in our lifetime!

  44. While it impacts our everything my mind was drawn to thinking back when my son was only a month old and had to have surgery on his pyloric muscle and how thankful I was for the knowledge and skills we as humans have learned and excited for what else we will learn. I think science is a critical part of our existence and I wish everyone understood that.

  45. Science has changed my life with all the research they do on the human body they can treat mental illnesses and all illnesses better there may not be cures for most health related problems but we are closer everyday do to science. Also the science of the stars and moons and ect ect has made my life change by the beauty of it all

  46. Growing up as one of the kids who always asked: “why?” (and annoying my poor parents in the process) I grew a love for understanding how things worked. At the time I had no idea that those questions all lead to a scientific answer. Well except for “how do honeybees fly?” We should really figure that out, but I digress. Science sits at the very core of all of the things we feel, touch, and see. It tells us of the unfathomable size of the universe to understanding the smallest of quantum particles. It tells us why the sky is blue, the wind blows, and the ocean has waves. Even how airplanes fly, eyes see, and computers compute. Science gave me answers and my parents relief. I hope both of my sons turn out to be as inquisitive as I was so we can find the answers together.

  47. I found my love of science like most people, in highschool. I was a freshman talking an intro biology class, and I fell I’m love with genetics. It answers a lot of questions about why people are they way they are, and that was amzing to me. I also loved how tedious some of the problem solving was. It somehow just made sence to me, so I decided to take every biology class I could in highschool. When I got to college three years ago I double majored in biology and fine art. Unfortunately for time and money reasons, I couldn’t stay a double major. None of my classes would overlap and it would have taken me eight years to graduate. Now I’m an art major with a concentration in ceramics and printmaking. I’m in love again not only because I get to create figures out of clay, but I also am starting to learn about glaze mixing. I’d never been personally invested in chemistry before, and it’s just starting to click. Over the years science, art, and spirituality have shaped my worldview and helped make me into the person I am today. In one year I’ll have my senior exhibition, and I’m excited how all of this comes together in a body of work.

  48. Science made me the proud mommy of a 3 year old “super hero” who typically doesn’t go by the name we gave him and it varies from day to day, such as “Flash” or “Batman”. We recently took him on his first vacation to Florida and watched a SpaceX rocket launch live at Kennedy Space Center, which was amazing to see in person.

  49. Without science we would be lost without knowing there are meteors that pass our earth everyday.the bueaty of the creators upon it. Man would of never been on the is a great day to celebrate meteor day that fall with the 4th of July .a meteor is like a fallen star comeing to earth for its presents with all the glory.

  50. Science impacts my family everyday, especially resrarch. I’m a cancer survivor, the research saved my life.
    My son has Cystic Fibrosis, doctors are researching everyday for a cure.
    Science is amazing, reseach is so vital for human survival.

  51. How hasn’t science impacted all of our lives? Science is what makes order out of the chaos 🙂 Seriously though, science, specifically medicine, is impacting my life in a very immediate way. My mom is in the beginning stages of dementia and the research about how different therapies can aid in maintaining or improving the condition of dementia patients, as well as the medications that have been developed, have turned my mom back into someone I recognize. I have no idea for how long but I’m grateful to have whatever time I can with her before she becomes “lost” again, the way she was only 6 months ago after a broken hip and the resulting treatments.

  52. It’s funny because I’ve never really been very interested in science per say. . though i do understand the need for it with regards to studying for cures to disease as an example. I’m more of a believer in fate and things of that nature. I truly enjoy your work esp the live videos. And i often share the site with friends.. tho i haven’t acquired any pots yet. I hope to someday. Thanks!

  53. Without science I probably wouldn’t be alive today or at least I would still be a quadriplegic due to something as minor as getting the Flu. Now I am fully healed and very thankful to be able to keep creating art and doing the things I love. You don’t realize how important something is till you lose it.

  54. Science has very much impacted my life. I am an oncology nurse and I have my BSN. Evidence-based practice is defined by research evidence and clinical expertise Which is part of my everyday life as a nurse. I chose nursing to help others and be part of the technological advances that help save lives.

  55. Science has Impacted my life in the form of Medications to help me not feel the pains and help me to get better. I also at night what the stars to relax. But most of all hearing you tell us about the chemicals and the way you make wonderful things with your hands is amazing. I love hearing how you mix things to make new colors and the way you glaze your items is awesome. You relax me and bring me to a place that is wonderful and peaceful. I appreciate it! Love to see how the glazes turn out when you take the items out of the kiln it is wonderful how they run and mix together to make something just one of a kind! I hope this explains science to you from me. Thanks for your time enjoy the
    Universe its Amazing

  56. I wasn’t much of a “science fan” growing up…but somehow I’ve found myself doing on the ground science every day. I’m lucky enough to work with amazing rural landowners to help monitor and protect water quality in the Great Lakes. Who knew science could have such an impact on our everyday life in the Great Lakes basin? So fulfilling…and refreshing too! 😉

  57. Science has given me a greater understanding and love of this world and all thats in it. From nature on earth to our ability to explores other worlds, its all wonderful and exciting. The ability to use science in our everyday lives and never think twice about it or to think of it as science is a wonder to me as well. For example, your own pottery, from the clay and how you work it, to the finished product, is science/art at its best.

  58. Science has impacted my life by making it possible for us to have electricity, medical research, vaccines for illnesses, vehicles, even groceries. Without science most things in our lives that we take for granted wouldn’t even be here.

  59. I have Syringomyelia. Without science and scientist there would be no hope for thousands of people being able to walk again after having a major spinal cord injury. I am one of the lucky people that are still walking but I know they are working daily to help all the people of paralysis to be able to live as normal as possible lives. Christopher reeves had Syringomyelia. His wife is still fighting to help people that suffer today.

  60. Science is my inspiration to infinite possibilities. The more I learn the more I want to know. I can’t think of a way science hasn’t impacted my life. Everything about life is science and I just want to find out where my piece of the puzzle fits in order to further andvancement and knowledge for everyone. I see the universe as vast as our minds and the excitement of it all is the real impact!

  61. What a great question.
    Honestly, science effects my life in EVERY single way. I’ve an emense appreciation for the sciences. It gives me hope for a brighter future, and I’m so glad it leaves space for the dreamers.

  62. Ah, science.
    I have had a passion for science (and history), since I was a child. Being the curious being that I am, and always have been, science is just so fascinating to me. I remember constantly exploring, observing, and analyzing my environments, animals, and insects.
    As a child, I loved (still do) feeding and observing spiders, and other insects. I loved (and still do) creating random concoctions, too.
    I have taken all kinds of science classes; science, Earth science, chemistry, physics, zoology, biology, anthropology. I am subscribed to all kinds of science sites, and pages. I also have a big interest in astronomy, and other types of science, such as psychology, and the culinary arts (I love the science and art of cooking… If you think about it, it is basically physics and chemistry, combined). In middle school, I volunteered (I was also the only one to volunteer) for my science class’ solar cooking project, and learned so much about one of our natural sources of energy.

    Man, science has influenced my being, big time. As a person, I am highly observant and analytical, because of it. I am constantly observing, and analyzing everything, and everyone. I am full of curiosity, and am also a skeptical being, thus constantly questioning everything. I have a deep understanding of things, and it helps me so much in my daily life, in different ways. I am eco-friendly, always looking for ways to protect our Mother Earth, and preserve life (whether it be looking for ways to save energy, picking up garbage when it is in my path, contaminating less, and not killing insects). I have so much respect for our Earth.
    Yes, I am a tree-hugger, and a Humanist (human rights, and animal rights activist).

    I also happen to be an Atheist (I do believe you do not have to be an Atheist, to love and respect science… However, they do kind of come hand in hand), partially, because of my love for science.
    I love that science requires facts, and if a claim is made, it has to be proven true, before it is believed.
    Just as Neil deGrasse Tyson said, “The good thing about science is that it is true, whether or not you believe in it.”

  63. Science has changed my whole life and lead me to pursue a career in health science. The passion I have for science guides me in my ambitions to develop further knowledge especially in the field of astronomy

  64. I love science! Science is letting me have fun this summer making slime with my daughter and her friends. We also are going to take a road trip to see the solar eclipse!

  65. My grandmother was a teacher of science in the local middle school. And although I was the only one of her grandchildren to actually have her as a teacher, she made sure that all of us had an interest in, and a basic understanding of, science. From mnemonic devices about the solar system (My Very Educated Mother Just Showed Us Nine Planets – Pluto was still a planet back then) to the life cycle of the butterfly, she made sure that we were well versed in the basic principles of science. And the love of science and the love of her are all intertwined together, so I can say honestly that science (and my grandmother) have made me the person I am today.

  66. Science impacted my life big time in 2001. My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer and had 3/4 of one of her lungs taken out. That was 16 years ago and thank god everyday that my mom ( my best friend) is still here with us. If they didn’t have all the technology and scientific info they have today my mom would not be with us. I am sooo thankful she is. ❤️

  67. Science has impacted my life because I am science, I am matter. I believe in the Laws of Attraction and believe that the Universe wants you to have everything. I manifest, cleanse and bask in the phases. That’s how science impacts my life, daily and momentarily.
    Best of luck to all.
    All is nothing and nothing is all.

  68. Science has hangwdnmy entire life since higschool. I took a basic biology class and we started talking about impacts that since has made to society and it began to fascinate me. I decided if I did anything I wanted to change and save lives. Since has assisted me in gay endeavor. When I started college I began as a pre med major and began my endeavor in helping saving people’s lives. I started working in the hospital system and working with a local non profit association that work on giving kids with disabilities a chance to be “normal”. Without the knowledge that I have obtained in science and the oppertinities that I have been given I would not be where I am today

  69. I’m going to be a jr in high school next school year, and science has to be one of my favorite classes every single year. Chemistry would have to be my favorite kind of science though. Ive always found my science classes very fun and interactive, they have brought me out of my comfort zone. My science classes have challenged me and taught me so much about the world I’m in. So my science classes have taught me so much and it has expanded my personality.

  70. I wouldn’t say science impacted my life I would say that it brought my life direction, that it made my life possible and taught me how the world actually works. I am just some high school student but science gives me a drive to go further so that my life isn’t wasted, knowing all the science that is just my body lets me see how much work I am and that I shouldn’t waste that. Thank you for reading, have a swell day.

  71. Science has always been my strongest subject through out school, with astronamy being my favorite and a personal interest of mine. I did a ton of reading and personal research on astronamy though high school since my school did not offer it as a subject. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to take astronomy courses in college and even though it isn’t in my job plan for when I graduate, astronamy is a big part of my life.

    1. Science has saved my life!!! when i was 5 months old i had open heart surgery, i was the only 200th baby in Chciago to have it in 1986!!! I just had to have my pulmonary valve replaced and i am the only 62 person in the whole world to have it non open heart but through the leg vain and it was a bovine valve!!! Being the few who had these have lead to reasearch that babys now can have heart surgery in the womb wich is safer and have no residule side effects that i had!!! I owe my life to science and the doctors who were there to help me through everything!!Today in fact i had a colonoscopy because i have been in pain every time i eat and because of that test they figured out why and i am on my way to feeling better!!! I owe my 31 years to science and hopefully many many more years!!! I always would like to say i wouldnt be here without the nurses who got me emotionally through all my medical problems and walked through it with me every step of the way because its scary and they didnt have to do everything they have for me but they did and ill never forget that!! when i was a kid i told my dad im gonna create a food in a pill like the willy wonka so we didnt have to eat food hahaha and i was gonna live on the moon, i love astrology and space and stars lol!!

  72. As an architect, I blend science and art daily, with fervor and joy. I believe it is a large part of me; architecture is a marriage of art and science that speaks to me and makes up my professional life. On a more personal level, I have always been drawn to the cosmos and though I have never been able to identify with a religion, I have a spiritual curiosity. My own beliefs are driven by my creative outlook with science and the cosmos as my compass and map.

  73. I am more of a bealiver of none science I guess like supernatural things you can’t explane. Where science is off the table becasue you don’t know the actual facts why it could be here. Like aliens crop circles and UFOs etc. Earth is a mysterious place. That even the most smartest scientist can’t figure it all out. My favourite documentary is Mermaids The Body Found. It is a great story about a scientist that couldn’t believe what he found because in his field your not suppose to believe that kinda stuff. Anyways thats how it impacted me. Is always think out side the box!

  74. Science is everything! It’s literally the reason we are all alive! If not for science, we wouldn’t have vaccines, we wouldn’t understand the profound impact that global warming and climate change is affecting our world. We’d probably still think the world was flat! Also NDT is one of my most favorite people that I’ve never met. He makes science cool.

  75. Between the medical care provided to me at birth and my use of a smart phone to enter this contest, science has helped me thrive.

  76. I am a 15 yr. Breast Cancer “Survivor” and the Science of Medicine has and will forever have a huge impact on my life. To this day I still become overwhelmed with emotions to think how my medical team treated me with a Chemotherapy Drug that could flow through my veins and kill all cancer cells, but if one tiny drop of the same drug leaked out onto my skin it would eat through my flesh. I will always be thankful and blessed for the Science of Medicine.

  77. Science is to my life what white and black keys are to my piano. Piano keys have an organized arrangement, and with knowledge of that arrangement someone can create a beautiful musical masterpiece. In the same way, the knowledge of sciences helps me live a more fulfilling and grateful life.

  78. Science has basically become my life. I just finished my 2nd year at CSU Long Beach as an Organismal Biology major. Organismal biology is studying organisms in their environment and how they interact with it and the other life around them.
    I first started to like and become interested in science when I was in middle school and that interest has only grown as I’ve become a scientist myself, even though there is still so much to learn. But that’s what’s great about science: there’s no limit to what you can study and learn about.
    So how has science impacted my life? It has made me more curious about the world around me and the parts of the world that I haven’t yet seen, but might see one day. It has allowed me to learn so many knew things and to know that I will never be bored because there is always something more I can learn.
    Thanks Joel for sharing your knowledge and teaching me about something that I never would have thought to learn about. Your Facebook live videos are the best!

  79. Science has changed my life because it proves the Bible and how the earth was created as well as the ‘stars’, moon and sky

  80. My family has dealt with cancers for generations. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, and thanks to science it was discovered early enough to be treated. That’s how science has impacted my life, if this would’ve happened even 30 years ago I would’ve lost my mum that I love so dearly. I can’t imagine my life without her! Thank you science 🙂

  81. As a cake decorator people wouldn’t think science would come into play much, however baking and decorating are a continuous cycle of science experiments. You are always trying to change the matter of your recipe to enhance flavor, texture and appearance. Or you are constantly trying to keep it exactly the same to achieve a consistent product. You are mixing various colors to achieve different grades and variation of colors for decorating your finished products. If you balance them, they work to your advantage. If you don’t properly mix the colors you can end up with a hue that is undersirable. Involving science in your daily life isn’t always about chlorophyll and outer space. Sometimes it’s about things right in our own cabinets.

  82. I’ve always been curious about everything… Where it comes from? What’s it made of? How can I recreate it?

    Aside from my day job as a graphic artist/editor, I’m also an artist in my free time. From drawings to watercolor paintings, to photography (with old school film developing) to lampworking (glass beadmaking) with a torch, I’m constantly using science to not only do the things I love but also to make art and jewelry inspired from nature.

    When I was a kid I used to collect things throughout the year and every summer I would set up and be the curator of my own “museum”-complete with live demonstrates from my much appreciated chemistry set. It’s like I thought I was Bill Nye the science guy our something!

    And don’t get me started about my habit of gemstone and rockhounding! I can barely go anywhere without coming home with a pocket full of rocks! #Science=Life

  83. Science has impacted my life in such a monumental way. At 15, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. After going through chemo and radiation treatment, she was finally deemed “in remission”. There is always a chance that the cancer could come back and she always said she would never do chemo again. Watching her suffer through that process was one of the hardest things to deal with. Now, 11 years later, my mother has been re-diagnosed, her cancer has metastasized into her bones. She went through one round of chemo treatment and decided that that wasn’t the right path for her at this point in her life. Her doctor’s didn’t give her a very good outcome without the treatment. Together, as a family, we demanded that she receive a second opinion. We found a doctor that was willing to offer a more experimental route that would give her better quality of life. With her new medication she is thriving and able to live her life without the incredibly horrible side effects of chemotherapy. Her cancer has been stabilized, it’s not spreading and her tumors have started to shrink.
    Science has given me my mother back. It has given her a chance to live out her life and watch her daughters (and soon to be grandson) grow. This year, my mother was able to watch her youngest daughter get married and her oldest daughter will be bringing life into this world soon. Those are some things that she never thought she would get to see. My mother was given a second chance, and for that, I am truly grateful for all of the accomplishments in the world of science.

  84. Last year I was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of cancer called Mesonephric Adenocarcinoma of the Uterine Corpus Grade 1 Stage 3A. If it wasn’t for science I would not have been able to get the surgery, chemotherapy and radiation I needed in order to survive and beat this terrible illness. I am now 2 months in remission and CANCER FREE all thanks to Science!! I can definitely say that Science saved my life and allows me to have a new lease on life.

  85. To easily answer the question, I can’t think of a way science hasn’t touched my life. From the shampoo I used this morning to the car I drive to work to the cellphone I’m typing this comment on. There is no aspect of my life science hasn’t touched. However, in a very personal note, last year my little brother was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Because of science, the doctor’s at Sloan Kettering have identified that some people have proteins in their blood that create cancer cells. My brother is one of those people. And because that was identified they were able to treat the protein while treating the cancer effectively cutting down the total time he needed to have chemotherapy. Which is a gift. He’s now cancer free! Science is a gift that will save us all.

  86. Since Father’s Day, my husband has been in and out of the hospital with an unknown infection that caused sepsis. Thanks to science and modern medicine, they finally discovered an infection in his liver. I’m thankful that we have laboratories and scientists who can identify microscopic bacteria that are life threatening. We are awaiting the results of the latest culture to identify the culprit and find the right medicine to target this infection. Science saves lives!!!!❤️

  87. Science has affected my life in many ways. My son CJ was diagnosed with a kidney disease at 4 years old. Thanks to the hard work of many scientists his steroid treatment plan fixed the filters in his kidneys. After a few years of treatment his symptoms went away. He is currently 6 years in remission and still no symptoms! Thank you science! Also… Thank you to the National Kidney Foundation!

  88. Ever since I was a kid I’ve been interested in space. For career day I was always an astronaut, which prompted lots of laughs from my teachers and family because all the little girls in my classes wanted to be nurses, teachers, veterinarians, etc. I’m about to enter my first year of college this fall and I’m majoring in biomedical engineering. Even though I probably won’t be an astronaut (anytime soon, at least…) one of my biggest goals in engineering is to create equipment that will help astronauts stay in space longer by preventing things like muscle atrophy, macular degeneration, and other disease processes that astronauts typically face. Science has given my life direction and without it, I honestly don’t know where I would find myself today.

  89. Science has impacted me mostly in the form of medical advances that have occurred the past few years. My younger brother was in a car accident about 18 months ago and is now a quadriplegic. After speaking with doctors and some of the guys in his support group who were injuries many years before my brother, I have come to realize how quickly medicine advances and how important these changes can be when it comes to someone’s health and thus their quality of life.

  90. Science has impacted my life significantly in two ways. One, with my current pursuit of a degree in Psychology. I know it is a social science, which is almost viewed as a lesser science than traditional STEM-type science, but it is still a science regardless. I began my degree in Psychology because I was fascinated with how the brain works and more specifically what happens when it malfunctions. I also wanted to use this interest as a way to help others, particularly those with malfunctioning brains because they are the ones who need the most help and support. Two, with my passion in Ceramics. I am currently a budding potter, working on building my own studio in my home, and learning more every day about the different bodies of clay, how to work the firing process all by myself, and how the chemicals that make up glazes interact with each other to produce the lovely colors that truly bring Pottery to life. I hope to eventually make my own glazes.

  91. As an OB/Pediatric nurse, not only do I regularly use anatomy and physiology, but also pharmacology. I need to know how the body works in the smallest of human beings, how different pharmaceuticals effect their tiny bodies. I have to know how blood loss effects post partum mothers and how to stabilize them. Without science I would not be able to impact hundreds of lives that pass through my hands.

  92. We love watching Neil DeGrasse! His knowledge and the way he can explain things, makes it easier to understand. We have done a couple courses from The Great Courses. The Hubble telescope, images that it sends back are amazing. Wondering what God has created and looking at the sky at night, we wonder what more is out there for us. It was always fascinating to watch the space launches. I remember John Glen when was the first to orbit the earth. Dad took me to see one of the capsules on display in Long Beach, CA. It is part of our lives, everyday.
    I received my Cosmic Mug today! What a beauty! Now to add a few more mugs to my collection.

  93. From the day I started working it has been on some sort of medical avenue. The first was with seniors and things that had to be handled such as fluid intake and out put. Checking sugar levels and figuring how much or what kind of insulin would be given.
    The next was in a medical office, blood work normals and effects to the body if something is off.
    The most recent was working in the medical surgical aspect of eyes. There are so many things… The first one that really caught my attention was growing bacteria from a corneal scraping. The things you see in the eye and the telltale signs. Growing that bacteria and identifying it so the patient can be treated and hopefully cured. One microscopic speck can mean so much to living things. I’m pretty sure the same goes out in space, how does that meteor get started?

  94. I have always been incredibly interested in science, more specifically the science behind sedimentation. In my junior oceanography class in high school, one of the chapters was marine sedimentation and I was so excited to be able to focus on it but my teacher had told the class that sediments were stupid and boring so we wouldn’t be going through that chapter. So instead, I took notes, read through everything the book had on sediments and wrote my own essay on the chapter. Although I didn’t need to, I did it because I’m so facinated by the subject. Ever since I was a small child, I have been so interested in sediments and rocks. Specifically rocks that tumble down rivers and across the bottoms of oceans. My love of rocks, however, isn’t limited to river and ocean rocks. My rock/crystal collection contains over 300 rocks that I have found myself, found in rock shops, or rock that my friends have found to give to me when I’m having a rough day. Because I am so fascinated with sedimentation, I decided to take pottery classes my freshman year in high school. I absolutely fell in love. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of new things to try with the clay. I’ve even replicated one of your moon mugs, however I put the handle on when it was too dry and ruined the whole thing. And before that, I dropped my first two attempts at recreating your beautiful pieces. But I don’t let that get me down. I’ll just stick to what I do best. I make small flowers out of porcelain. I have made many bowls, plates, and cups, but what I really love is making are these little flowers. With them, I can pool different glazes in between the petals and create magical combinations. I just love the way the minerals in the glazes react. Everything about pottery, from making flowers and dishes to learning the scientific process behind oxidation vs reduction and the reasons behind the mysterious behavior of different glazes, just fascinates me. I’m just in love with pottery. I’m actually currently working on refining clay that I dug up myself. And I hope to someday own a traveling pottery studio and sell my pieces at farmers markets across the country. I used to think I loved sedimentation and rocks because what child doesn’t love mud, and everyone enjoys a beautiful crystal every once in a while. But now I believe pottery is the real reason I love it so much. I feel so incredibly lucky to have found what I love most in this world very early in life. This is how science has impacted my life, I hope you’ve found this comment interesting and I thank you very much for your time.

  95. My most rewarding experiences with science come from teaching science to elementary students! Whether they are learning how the body systems work, seeing metamorphosis live, or creating simple machines, the study of science generates excitement with all my students. When they see it on the daily schedule, they’re often heard saying, “I love science!”

  96. I’ve never been big on science. I actually failed the class twice in high school. Space was always the place of fascination for me though. I’ve always loved planets because of how beautiful they are. The gas planets are my favorites. They each are beautiful in its own way. Neptune and Uranus are probably my top because I love the color blue and the way they blue hues are in each planet is fantastic, I could stare at them all day. I still take offense that Pluto is not considered a planet. So like I said, not a big science geek or anything, but that’s the impact science has had on me.

  97. I have worked in the healthcare field for longer than I like to publicly admit. I took care of some of the earliest AIDS patients in hospice settings and still feel the same sorrow in the pit of my stomach at the memory of beautiful young lives lost too soon. I also cared for so many people with cancer, heart disease and other degenerative diseases. I am amazed at the increase in effectiveness of the treatments for degenerative and terminal illnesses, both through advances in chemistry and biologic research. People with diseases that were once a death sentence are now living longer, productive lives. My current work provides free drugs and financial assistance to people with to help pay for their medications. I am thankful to know how many people we can help financially, to extend their lives and improve the quality of their lives, through access to so many advanced treatments which were developed through scientific research. As I remember those early patients I took care of, I only wish the advances had come soon enough for them.

  98. I’ve always been an artist, but I’ve also always been facinated by science. Science always has made sense to me. Whenever I tell people that I plane to major in chemistry and art, they always say, “Well that’s an interesting combination!” But when you think about it, science and art go hand in hand. My art teacher encouraged my path and told me to think of Leonardo DaVinci- one of the greatest artists AND scientists of all time. Because you can’t have art without science!

  99. Science has always pushed me to want to know more and how and why about everything so it has definitely impacted my life in a major way! Science keeps me yearning for more knowledge!

  100. As a counselor, I use science every day. It is my job to use medical science as well as behavioral science to help people figure out why their brain is currently working the way it is and how to reshape their brain functioning to make it more functional for them. It’s not a perfect science, and it’s not as precise as some of the “harder sciences”. However, I love being able to help people through the use of medical knowledge and behavior or knowledge to help people improve their everyday lives. I’m constantly standing amazed at the advances that we’re making both medically and behaviorally and really look forward to being able to further incorporate the sciences into my daily life.

  101. My husband and I adopted 3 boys the oldest of the 3 is on the Autism Spectrum and has had a hard time in school, the school science fairs sparked an interest in him that helped him to find his groove in school and taught us ways to connect with him, he loves to experiment and build, is very hands on…. just a side note he is also very artistic and loves to throw clay he is a big fan of yours

  102. The biggest way that science has impacted my daily life is expressed with this quote by Alton Brown “The kitchen’s a laboratory , and everything that happens there has to do with science.” As a mom I spend a TON of time in my kitchen laboratory from cooking to, to cleaning . My favorite part is conducting experiments in a temperature controlled environment AKA my refrigerator. Science is LIFE 🌙 Thank you Joel for your art . And good luck to all 🖤

  103. Science has had a huge impact on me. I work for a biotech company that specializes in rare diseases, growing cells that make the proteins that literally save the lives of children. I’m a single mom and I get to do something that I’m absolutely dedicated to while being able to provide for my children, including my son who is developmentally delayed. It’s incredibly hard work, long hours, hot or cold conditions, sometimes working with equipment that if used incorrectly could hurt someone but i can’t imagine doing anything else with my life.

  104. Quite frankly, science is the foundation of many, many things in my life. It’s effects have kept me alive – cancer survivor – and enriched my life. The technology that I’m using, this very moment, on my computer, have shown me the wonders of space (NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day), your site and youtube videos , iTunes and the entire internet are all tech based on science. I’m not one of those people who wants to unplug and go live in the mountains somewhere off the grid. I want to see and hear everything I can while I’m still here. Science helps me do that!

  105. I have three amazing boys because of advances in science, I watch them grow healthy and strong because of advances in science. I love that science interacts in my daily life as a farmer, I have to know the ph of my soil, I have to know the complexities of germination and how various factors enhance or impair my plants. We take the boys to science museums and watch their minds bloom with the new knowledge they find and then go home to our farm where they can see the stars. They tried their best to stay up and watch the last asteroid shower visible in our area, but as they didn’t quite make it for a full show, I took star trail photos to show them. I’d have an astronaut for a husband if he could see red, and hope to teach our boys to shoot for the stars.

  106. Science impacts my life tremendously with everything around us, as we age we’re more aware of our surroundings and ENERGY! I thank Science for that. To give me the ability to feel, smell, hear, move, evolve, grow is a beautiful thing. That some may forget and take for granted. I’m grateful to be a small spec of dust on this planet to just BREATHE & LOVE.

  107. Science has an impact on my art. From patterns found in nature, to the curiosity of what’s beyond the known world. I walk the line between the comfort of knowing what has been scientifically proven and the discomfort of feeling small and insignificant in the face of scientific mysteries yet to be solved. Science can set free our imagination while simultaneously grounding us with knowledge. 🌙

  108. Science has always been a fascination for me! The universe we live in is incredible and marvels me! We are blessed to be in it’s existence. The signs and wonders are mesmerizing and your work is truly amazing ! Thanks for sharing your gift with us !

  109. Medical science has been instrumental in giving me an opportunity to continue my work and outdoor activities that I love!

    In the last 11 years I have had 7 sugeries!
    Both feet, my right knee, left shoulder, right hernia and twice my lower back!

    Even in my darkest days of rehab and recovery, I always have had a sense of gratitude for the people in the medical field who have helped me.

    I have marveled at the medical science and wonderd how different my life would be if this was 1917 not 2017.

    The progress we have made in medical science needs to recognized and appreciated!👏🏻
    It most definitely has effected my life in a positive way!

    Kudos to those men and women who dedicate their lives to science! 🙂

    Tony Halek

  110. When a teenager, I was blinded by religion. Although I always loved science, it created such a huge conflict within myself because so much was taught to me in church that went against what was being taught in school….like, the bible doesn’t mention dinosaurs or evolution but there are facts to back up science, and religion only has, what, faith and a book?
    So as I entered “adulthood” in college, I left the church. It made me angry, the hypocrisy and the denial to let my be an individual. Science helped open my eyes to a whole new world! It helped find myself and understand that I’m not weird for thinking there is so much more out in the Universe and right here where we live! We can explore the depths of the deepest ocean, send men into space, discover dinosaur bones, prove we evolve from much more and save lives with the power of modern medicine and technology.
    My love for science will be forever and someday hope to have children to teach them the wonders of it.

  111. Science has impacted my life in several different ways. I lost my dad when I was 11 and it was so hard for me to cope. I didn’t have a supportive mother or other family to help me through that dark time in my life. It wasn’t until I was in college that I started taking Psychology classes and decided to pursue Nursing to try to understand why I felt the way I did and explain to myself why things happened as they did in my childhood. I chose Nursing specifically because I have a love for teaching and helping others and I wanted to show people the kindness and compassion I did not get in the time of my need. I never wanted someone else to feel that pain, or loneliness that nobody cared. The human mind and body are fascinating. We are so intricately made and our bodies are miraculous. We live in such a fine balance and it is so easily disrupted yet the bodies ability to correct, heal, and compensate is incredible. So with that I had has the pleasure of studying Psychology, taken Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry and even Astronomy. I love the stars and I wanted to know more them. Also another reason I love Cherrico Pottery! Thanks for reading!

  112. Science is everything to me. I was inspired by my 7th grade science teacher’s (Mr. Ferrario) enthusiasm. He was so excited by science and it came through in his lessons. My hobbies have always been science related… like rocketry, reptile keeping, native and edible gardening just to name a few. Later I pursued a Bacheor’s degree in Biology and a Master’s degree in Environmental Science. I went into consulting for about 12 years, but wasn’t truly happy. Eventually, I went back to school and earned my teaching credential and am now a science teacher myself. I love it and I love my students! I hope I show the same enthusiasm that Mr. Ferrario showed in his class. While I would love to have the asteroid mug, I would rather you give it to my former teacher as he made an “asteroid” styled impact on me at such an important time in my life. Thanks Mr. Ferrario!!!

  113. As a teacher of English Language Learners in an urban elementary school, I find science gets put on the back burner because so much focus is put on Literacy and Math. I have made it my mission to teach my kiddos English through science! They become so much more invested in the text and hand-on activities we do, and I pray I inspire a group of underrepresented students to pursue careers in science!!!!!!

  114. I’m not really a science person but since I was a young girl I love everything that has to do with the sky…I use to play hide and seak and I use to hide in the ditch (don’t ask me why lol) and watch the stars, the gang just stop looking for me because they knew where I was. I still go outside at night and watch, I just love it… Ahhh the good memories as a kid❤
    Nancy M

  115. I am literally affected by science every day. Whether I’m tripping over geodes or fossils, picking up glass microscope slides, swapping lenses on a telescope or closing the astronomy book clutched in my son’s fast-asleep hands, the impact of his passion for all things science has opened my eyes to the world around us. Since the age of 3 he has been saying he will be a medical scientist. He is now 9 and I sill believe him.

  116. Photovoltaics have changed my life. Invented and used by the space program, and now affordable for use on homes and businesses, solar energy allows me to work as a salesperson for a solar installation company. I get to be part of cleaning up the air by reducing carbon emissions/pollution, which saves lives, in addition to helping in stopping global warming!

  117. I think science has impacted every part of my life. I remember getting a telescope for my 8th birthday and all I wanted to do was look up at the stars!! My husband and I bonded over a love for science too so if it weren’t for that I don’t know if we would be married with two boys today!! Finally, science impacted the name of our first born! His middle name is Sagan!!!

  118. Science saved my vision. I started going blind in my left eye when I was 18. I also live in MN, and had an incredibly difficult time finding a retinal specialist that cared about the toll the high dose steroids took on the rest of my body. I kept reading about new science and technology and eventually found an incredible dr at Mayo. I kept my right eye because of the advances of modern medicine and what science has been able uncover. I am thankful every day.

  119. I’ve never considered myself to be someone who is deeply interested in science. My whole life I’ve always gravitated more toward the arts. As I get older though, I see how wrong about that I was. I can spend hours stargazing, in wonder at the fact I am looking at light from so many different points in time, all converging to give me the view I have in that one moment. That interest in in stars and light transformed to my love for photography and trying to artistically capture moments in time using the science behind the art of painting with light. My interest in photography has led to a deeper interest in nature. Going on hikes to capture landscapes has sparked an interest in plants and weather patterns, which led to an interest in gardening. There is so much science behind soil pH levels and proper amounts of light and water to produce healthy plants. Growing things has helped rekindle a love for cooking and baking, which are entwined with chemistry. Science is at the root of nearly everything I’m interested in, everything I like to do, from the simple to the complex. There’s art in science and science in art. I now realize my interest in science goes way deeper than I previously thought.

  120. Great post!

    Since early childhood I’ve had a deep respect for science but like a few people that have previously made comments, I’ve never stepped back to really assess the impact science has had on my life. I’ve been thinking about this question for days now and I’m confident I’ll still be mulling it over in a week. Science, for me, has almost taken on a role of religion. The way holy dogmas teach to live life according to faith, science has guided me to live a life grounded by evidence and criticism. I’ve had some wonderful mentors in in the form of science educators, each have imparted a bit of wisdom with their teachings. The most memorable being my sophomore biology teacher, Mrs. Kozusko, she introduced us to the famous Arthur C. Clarke quote “Magic’s just science that we don’t understand yet.” That quote coupled with an already established penchant for the occult was a revelation.** My mind was unleashed; it was a genuine paradigm shift. I learned facts and rules were not bound to their initial application but could be broken down or sometimes generalized to suit a variety of applications. Mrs. Kozusko taught me how to think, not what to think and that nothing was immune to scrutiny. To this day “what if” is my mantra and analysis is my discipline.

    Thank you Dr. Nye for teaching me the fundamentals of our universe (and relentlessly fighting the good fight.) Thank you Dr. Tyson for renewed hope, Mr. Tesla for your plethora of contributions, Madam Curie, Mr. Kaku, Mr. Einstein, Mr. Jenner, Mr. Oppenheimer, and everyone else who has enlightened this world with your magic, Thank you!

    “Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy”–Ms. Frizzle 😛

    **Looking back it’s astounding that I’ve come to identify this as a very crucial event in my life. Regardless of the contest, I’ve already won. Thank you so much!

  121. Science has impacted my life by saving it, and the life of my now 7 year old son. When I went into seizures at 29 weeks pregnant at 2am on Feb 24th 2010. Thanks to life saving medical sciences the EMT knew exactly what to do and had to revive me twice on the way to the hospital. Once there they knew immediately that I was suffering from eclampsia, which happens in 1 of 7 pregnancies, most are noticed early on as preeclampsia, but after seizures its no longer “pre”. They cut me open in the E.R hallway and after 5 days in the ICU I finally woke up, and after 46 long days in the NICU my son came home healthy and thriving. Without modern day medicine me and my son would have died that night and I thank the people who saved us every day of our lives now. From the EMT team to the ER doctors, to the nurses in the ICU and NICU who cared for us. I owe my life and the life of my son to science.

  122. So, I read a bunch of comments and everyone has such intense answers… mine is quite simple, with science there’s answers and hope!
    Through science we have immunizations, cures, and so many answers to questions that were around for years! Science has impacted my life in that exact way. Due to the medicine we have now, I was able to conceive my beautiful daughter that I was told I’d never have! With science anything is possible.

  123. I think it was 2nd grade at my school in Houston when I was able to join the Young Astronauts club. I don’t remember what kind of things we did in that club, haha, but I have had a super fascination with space and the astronaut program ever since. My favorite movie is even Apollo 13 – I’ve seen it thousands of times and still get chills at the end every time!

    I was old enough to be aware of the Challenger tragedy, but too young to comprehend what had happened. When Columbia perished in 2003, however, I happened to be outside in East Texas and heard the noise it made overhead. While I was devasted for the families of the crew on that mission, I was also sad that the program could end sooner than planned. You can bet I was watching when Discovery launched on a Return to Space mission a couple years later.

    Now that the Space Shuttle program is over, I am still amazed at what we have accomplished as a people. And to think that we all carry around little computers in our pockets everyday that surpass the technology used in much of the early space missions is absolutely astounding!

    To me, science is all about discovery. We all use science everyday whether we realize it or not (such as the scientific method-think about it). But the impact for me has to be in the area of space exploration. It leaves me with the confidence that the possibilities are endless!

  124. I would love to see a pottery cup my wife watches Joel every time he works online he makes beautiful things that are just amazing I would love to be picked for my wife she would be so excited thank you and I hope you keep posting things online that we can keep watching also like to say we watch from Prince Edward Island Canada that’s how far you reach

  125. Science has a huge impact on my life. Our society and culture is built on science and research. The impact that immediately comes to mind is medicine. It was only through science and researching the human body and the chemistry and biology of it that we can now treat or cure diseases (like the strep threat I get every other year).

  126. I am of the opinion that science is beautiful.I see science in ever single thing we do. From that first perfectly brewed cup of coffee to the ability to sleep comfortably at night even here in the desert thanks to air conditioning. I suppose everyone has their own idea of what the term “science” means. To me I see it everywhere I drive a truck that would not exist without scientific study, I create herbal concoctions to help treat and heal myself and family, I would not fully understand the properties of these things had it not been for science. I dont see science as just clinical studies or lab research, to me it is in the millions of actions taken everyday, by every human on our beautiful planet. These things have created a such an amazing way of living for us. I suppose as much as I hate it right now the biggest impact science is having on me is that my father, with the help of an amazing team of doctors at a fantastic cancer center, is still alive and kicking. He is my hero and I dont think science has found a way to erase heartbreak yet.. so I would really like to keep him that way!

  127. Science is the reason that I am alive. My mom was diagnosed with Ms at 17 she was told that she was unable to have children due to her disease and how her body would react to the pregnancy. Her doctors explained that she could die due to complications or be completely paralyzed. This was a risk she was willing to take because all she ever wanted was to be a mom.
    In the early 80s not as much was known about her disease or how pregnant women with MS handle pregnancy. She became a part of a study to prove that MS can be managed during and after pregnancy.
    Thanks to my mom for being an integral part of science to improve the knowledge on MS and to making a positive impact for others. She lived to be 47 and I am now 35. After giving birth she lost the use of her arms for several weeks, but regained her mobility and recovered. She was bed ridden the last 10 years of her life but was very grateful for her biggest accomplishment, me.

  128. I’ve always been a science geek, which wasn’t popular at all for girls in the 60s and 70s. Still, I persevered. I studied, and read, and taught myself and still strive to learn at least one new thing every day. Nat Geo is my favorite magazine, Planet Earth is one of my favorite TV shows (along with Big Bang Theory), and I’ll choose a show on space over a soap or sitcom any day of the week. I am now a Registered Nurse which allows me to do two of my favorite things, use my brain to solve complex puzzles with people’s health, and take care of people. To do this, I am definitely coffee-powered. I drink lots of coffee. Good coffee, bad coffee, cold coffee, doesn’t matter. But the mug I drink it from does. I have dozens of mugs in my kitchen and will tell guests regularly “Choose a mug, but be aware I will judge you based on your choice.” I love being a smart person, being a smart woman is a plus. I love seeing that I had a hand in raising four smart kids (another RN, a paramedic, a soldier, and an artist) along with their father who was a music major and ended up a firefighter. They, too, look for the magic in every day things that knowledge of science can bring. Even something as simple as a flower fighting its way through a sidewalk to reach the sun and bloom is magic when you realize what it went through to get to that point.

  129. How has science impacted my life…. that ones easy for me! I wouldn’t be a mom if it weren’t for science! After struggling with infertility and loss for years, it was finally through the magic of medical science that I’ve been blessed with my son and daughter, my sun and moon… who also have special needs so again, science has provided us with the medical advances to help them grow up to be the best versions of themselves possible!

  130. I had a neighbor who used to show me the constilations and we used to look at the different plants through a telescope..I will always remember her impact and the science reference..I am now a art teacher and carrying my neighbors teachings through my lessons.. a lot of the lessons I do teach is related to science..whether it’s mixing paint, melting crayons, or glazing pits in ceramics…I thank my neighbor for the influence which started with science..and I thank science because without science The Art world would be bleak and my students would definitely be lost..

  131. Science has impacted my life through the use of chemistry and medical discoveries. I have a serious illness which could have once killed me. Over time, research continues to be done- experiments made- and new formulas created… and now there are very efficient medicines which will keep me alive to a regular length life. Furthermore- my condition was recently downgraded to a “chronic illness.” This means I don’t have to go to a specialist anymore- my regular doctor can treat me. I was having to take a very strange mix of medicines- and now I take a couple small pills with very little chemicals… these pills are no more harmful than taking aspirin, and enhance my quality of life and reduce the chance of complications. I also can now go to a doctor only twice a year. Thanks science!

  132. Science allows me to provide high quality and confidence on life-saving products anyone may need. : )

  133. Science is in every aspect of my life. Working in special education, where science is a large and noticeable part of our humanistic design, I am also a cyclist/snowboarder/road warrior/tent camper/ rookie potter who enjoys bein touch with my environment. Understanding the resources surrounding me helps to improve at each one of these activities. From understanding snowfall to manipulating clay, science can provide the foundation for learning how to do so. In undergrad, I took a Sonoran desert course for environmental science credit, and it fascinates me to this day how the natural operation of our world occurs, including regions receiving less than ten inches of rain annually.
    Science is certainly making a continuous impact on my life, and my understanding of the world I live in continues to increase.


  134. Science is awesome sauce; the impact on my life is sharing how science is revelant in every day life with students. As a FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) volunteer, I am blessed to guide students in using the engineering design process, looking at complex real world problems from a innovative perspective, and building robots all the while doing this with gracious professionals and coopertition (yes it’s a real word). For example, this season we will study water, how we use it, store it, and manage it. While we don’t have the exact challenge my teams are examining storm water and its impact on the environment. How every day items we use such as soap impact our estuaries on the coast. This is bringing us to organic chemistry and carbon, how carbon molecules are everywhere (even in your awesome pottery). As we go about our day, everyone should think about how science impacts our lives from medicine, houseing, cars, and even the clean water we drink, is all made possible by engineers and scientist.

  135. The advancements in science has helped our lives tremendously with a child who suffers from a immune issue and asthma. As well as another child who has neurological issues. The constant new discoveries and advancements have helped them to continue to heal and get proper life saving treatments! yay science!

  136. Science has impacted me at a very young age and has continued to impact me and has helped me to impact the future of a over two thousand young adults as a science teacher.
    I started as a young girl with a chemistry set and the desire to learn more about our solar system and stars (encouraged by my father after a let down in 9th grade by a school guidance counselor). As a young adult I decided I wanted to teach science knowing that girls in science were often not encouraged to become scientists.
    I headed our school science fair for many years and cohosted an annual astronomy family night at school to help promote a sincere interest in science. This evening included an interdisciplinary plan including featuring student art, poetry, astronomy math games and facts, and an evening of viewing the stars and planets (with the assisantance/equipment from the local museum of science and industry).
    I love science!! I encourage my students to think like a scientist and use science to help them with problem solving.
    Science encompasses so many disciplines!! Science has provided me with the passion to teach, explore, and live!!

  137. 19 years ago I gave birth to quadruplets. They were born 10 weeks early. They weighed between 2 lbs, 8.5 ozs. and 3 lbs, 2 ozs. Thanks to the miracle of modern medicine and equipment, my children are healthy and will turn 19 in September. If we didn’t have science, many of the things my children required, such as medicine to keep their lungs from sticking together, to ventilators yo help them breathe, I wouldn’t be able to share them with their family, friends and others.

  138. My mother is very religious. When i was younger she would always take my sister and i to church. I would sit in Sunday school and listen to the teacher and i just didnt understand how or why people thought everything in the Bible was true. My mom was no help, she wouldnt answer any questions i had. At one point i stopped going to church. I just wanted proof that e everything the Bible was talking about was true. When i taking science classes in school i was so happy with the abundance of proof behind new and old dicoveries. It made me feel better about myself. I always felt looked down by my mother for not knowing of i believed. It was a great feeling finding out that there were comminities of other people out there that just wanted proof of something so big before they put their entire heart into it. To me the curiosity that comes with science is beautiful.

  139. In school, science was always my favorite subject. I am intrigued with how scientist can get answers to questions that no one else can answer. I am a curious soul and have always been amazed by the things science can do for us as humans. If not for the curiosity of scientists we would not discover things like what causes certain diseases to how rain is made to the even larger picture of our place in the universe and how very vulnerable we truly are. I am impacted daily by science. I search out the new discoveries and am always amazed. Without science, we as humans would have never evolved into the race we are today.

  140. When I was a little girl I grew up with the fear of being alone. Science has impacted my life by allowing me to feel a certain closure that no matter what, we are never alone! Microscopic organisms are everywhere, and are very much alive. I can see how this may creep some out, but for me it’s not like that. Another thing I would like to point out is how science has allowed people to act on their values to make the world a better place. Through medicine we have saved many lives. Through technology we have branched out and can communicate with people from all over the world. We get to experience cultures that we probably never would have known about without these advancements. It all started with electricity and now we are learning new ways of supplying energy. Science has given the world endless possibilities to live their lives the way they see fit, with much less fear of natural death causes due to shared information and medical help. We are truly blessed!

  141. When I was Little, I wanted to be an astronaut so bad. My dad was a biology teacher and I thought it was the coolest thing that my dad knew cool science stuff, nobody else’s dad knew that stuff. I was so excited to see Halley’s Comet, we slept on the living room floor so we’d be ready. My dad slept through it and I missed it. In the fourth grade, the space shuttle blew up and we lived in Massachusetts so it hit close to home for all of us. For me it was terrifying just because my dad was also a science teacher and I thought he was going to die in a space shuttle. It shattered my dreams and I know longer wanted to be an astronaut. I then focused on Anatomy and to this day regret not fully moving forward in either direction. I love that I found you and your art and the connection to something that means so much to me. Thanks for sharing your passion.

  142. Science classes have always been among my favorite. They give me a desire to never stop learning. I always want to know the how and why of everything, and I’m instilling that in my niece and nephew. Whenever they come to visit, we always cook up some crazy science experiments (which may or may not cover my kitchen in blue foam). It makes me proud to see that they are embracing science too.

  143. When my son was 13, he was right in the middle of treatment for a rare form of leukemia (chemotherapy is extreme science in my opinion). The day after his regular dose of methotrexate via a spinal tap, he had a stroke. It turns out the chemo was not breaking down like it was supposed to and was instead “burning” his brain. We live in a rural area, so by the time we got him to the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta, they were expecting him. His doctors, with help from the CDC, created a counteragent that broke down the methotrexate into non-toxic proteins his body could handle. In just a matter of hours, they saved his life.

    Even though he was on life support for several days and has had years of rehabilitation since that day, my son is alive because of the dedication of some awesome doctors & chemists and because of the science of medicine. Science rocks!

  144. Science has impacted my life because of my 13 year-old son. My son Michael has dyslexia and ADHD. School is often frustrating for him as he works so hard but often does poorly on tests or assignments. He has so much inner knowledge but is never able to demonstrate his full potential. He had never feel good about himself as a learner. Then about two years ago, he discovered his love for science. He realize that he soaks up information about science like a sponge and is able to share it with his class and teachers. His current favorite show is Brain Games (well, and the Flash). By sharing all his science knowledge, he is finally able to shine. Michael is mesmerized by outer space and the cosmos. Seeing and using your moon mugs, bowls, cosmic cup, cosmic mugs (we own a bunch, lol) sake cup and shot glasses (he just gets to look at those ;), spark that joy and self-esteem boost he gets from realizing his area of strength and passion. So how has science affected my life? Through science, I get to watch my son feel good about himself! Your artwork is is part of that joy and a big reason we enjoy it as a family.

  145. Without science I wouldn’t be alive. I was born 9 weeks premature in the late 70’s. I was in the hospital for 2 months. And was finally allowed to go home a week before my due date.

  146. I am just starting my third year of medical school and the complexity and depth of science baffles me nearly every day. Take the process that a baby goes through during birth as an example. Prior to delivery, all of the nutrients are being delivered through the umbilical cord and the baby is surrounded in a bag of water. Take a second to picture an adult submersed in water, not breathing, with IV access delivering not only fluids, but oxygen, nutrients, and caloric intake. It doesn’t end there. Immediately after birth, there is actually a complete redirection of blood flow in the heart. Obviously while inside of mom, the baby’s lungs aren’t inhaling and exchanging oxygen, so the baby essentially bypasses the right side of the heart (which pumps blood to the lungs) to go directly to the left side of the heart, which pumps blood to the body. After birth, the baby takes a deep breath, and with that creates a huge negative pressure in the lungs that shunts more blood to the left side of the heart which pushes a small flap that allowed the blood to bypass the heart in utero closed. If anyone has heard of a PFO (patent foramen ovale), this is a complication as an adult when that small flap didn’t close properly, so now there is a small hole in between the two atria in one’s heart.

    Nevertheless, I hope that brief story portrayed just a piece of my enthusiasm for science. To address how it has shaped me? It has been my pursuit of happiness. I love being able to learn more each day about how the human body works; about how pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals interact with our being; and how I can use this information to someday help the lives of others. It is because of the bottomless vat that is science that I have a career I love and will continue to learn more every day of my life.

  147. When I worked at the Middle School at Parkside we were designated a NASA school. That first year was like being at space camp. We got research materials, met an astronaut who was going to space to work on the Hubble Telescope. There were lectures designed to create interest in math, science and going into space. It was awesome.

  148. As an artist and art teacher, Science directly effects how I explain to my high school students the chemical balance of mixing glazes and the chemical reactions that takes place when glaze on pottery is fired in a kiln. Students realize how important chemical science is even in Art

  149. Science is part of every day life! It impacts everything we do, from how our body moves, to how we cook and everything in between. I use science to teach my kids how the world works. I am an artist and I find that science is a huge part of art. I am a starting our potter and I am finding science to be a huge part of how glazes react during firing. I am hoping to get into mixing my own glazes in the future, and I know chemistry is a huge part of that process. Thank you for sharing your work and inspiring people like me to get back to what feeds the soul!

  150. I definitely can say that science impacted and changed my life. The research and the use of stem cells changed my life. I was in a car accident in 1997 and suffer from back problems ever since. I had 2 degenerative disc that was so bad one was rubbing against the bone and caused it to break off and was over the nerve for my left leg leaving me with intense pain and unable to walk on it. I found Dr. Richard Hynes that recommended surgery using stem cells. He put in 2 disc spacers for my L4 and L5 and filled with my own stem cells that where taking from my pelvis in Nov 2012. The 2 disc regenerated from the used of the stem cells and I was able to have all the hardware removed. Now I have no back pain and walk perfectly, and don’t have metal or anything in me that can cause problems in the future. Best of all 0 medication. With all the science and research we have access to now the answers are endless. <3

  151. Science has played a huge role on my life. I am an artist. Without chemestry and geology we wouldn’t have hany of our clay bodies and our materials for making glazes, and stains. We wouldn’t have paints and pigments. Anatomy helped me with figure drawing.

  152. Where would we be without science? Well without science we wouldn’t have a cure for sicknesses and diseases but we do. Without science there would not be any medicine to treat symptoms of anything. Without science how will we know if there are planets that rotate around the sun everyday? We prolly wouldn’t know there was a 🌞 or the 🌎 was round. Scientists find new creatures around the world and help find solutions to save their species. They come up with eco friendly solutions that won’t polute our 🌎. Science helped us see how things work and because of that we came up with new inventions. We use copper, diamonds, wood, and clay, yes even clay to be molded into clay pots all extracted from the ground. Without clay where would be the art of pots and cups to drink from and look at? Science changed our landscape over time from tectonics, volcanoes weathering, and biological activity. Some lakes like the 5 great lakes, was made from a volcano and but scientific research they found that out. Without that eruption there would be no big beautiful lakes there that is very well know today in the midwest. So there you see science affects us in every way and is there to make the world a greater yet interesting place to live on so be thankful for science and all it does for us. PEACE HIPPIES ✌

  153. I use science all the time as an excuse to do things I wouldn’t normally do or too ask strange requests. You know….. “for science” lol

  154. Science has impacted my life… because almost everything in life is based of science there is always a scientific explanation behind everything that happens! We just need to think about it!

  155. The only TRUELY geniune response I have in regards to science greatly inpacting my life, is thru experiencing the growth and birth of my two Beautiful baby boys. I’m also a Christian and very much believe the hands of GOD are responsible for my beautiful blessings. But I’m not naive either. The science of it all, from conception, to each finger and toes and so on and so forth so UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING! To be able to SEE my babies via ultrasound while pregnant to hearing their tiny heartbeats ((all science obviously)). This is my great gift thanks to science thus far in my 31 years.

  156. Science has had a huge impact on not only me but my family. About 10 years ago my brother was diagnosed with cancer, after many treatments and multiple chemotherapy sessions, and many doctors, he walked out the hospital cancer free. About 3-4 years later my dad was diagnosed also with cancer, caught it in time with scans, now cancer-free. Without science and the many advancements in the medical field, I wouldn’t have the loving family I have today.

  157. The only TRUELY geniune response I have in regards to science greatly impacting my life, is thru experiencing the growth and birth of my two beauitful baby boys. I’m also a Christian and very much believe the hands of GOD are responsible for my beautiful blessings!! But I’m not naive either. The science of it all, from conception, to each finger and toes and so on and so forth is so UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING! To be able to SEE my babies via ultrasound while pregnant to hearing their tiny heartbeats ((all science obviously)). This is my great gift thanks to science thus far in my 31 years.

  158. Well…..Science has not only impacted me when I was going to school, I loved doing experiments and seeing the outcome of my experiments but I wasn’t curious much farther than that but now as a Mother of 4 children, my oldest son is 14 years old and has always loved Science and especially the solar system!! He has always done experiments of his own and when he was smaller he was always making”experiment messes” in my kitchen, I never discouraged him from trying and learning from them all! He has always loved outer space, gazing at the stars and dreaming of space. Still at the age of 14 he still has the love of space and now has a dream to work for NASA one day. He has great marks in Science and Math and I am sure if he continues trying hard he could succeed with his dream. I recently learned of your pottery and watched some videos and the minute I saw your Astroid/meteor cups, I thought of my son and really want to get him one! He has shown interest not only for himself but has now shown me interesting things he has learned about space and so I now think of Science and space a lot because of him! It might just continue to be a dream but I know in my heart how much he loves Space and Science and how much he would love and appreciate the cup you have made! Oh and of course Amazing work Joel!! I love the pottery you create!!

  159. If it wasn’t for Bill Nye the Science guy, who I watched with my son, I don’t think I would have ever realized that science was cool. #sciencerules

  160. Science has always been very important to me and understanding life. I particularly loved taking astronomy courses and understanding our small size in comparison to the universe. It is fascinating to know how much is truly out there and how fractionally small our existence is in comparison to the expansion of the universe, despite how important and large our independent lives seem to be.

  161. Science has coursed through me as early as i can remember. I am fortunate enough to be able to thank my father for that. He instilled this insatiable passion within me; a never ending hunger for knowledge, for adventure. Whether it was the finer aspects of bio diversity within an ecosystem, soil composition, or even how to use the stars to guide my way through the woods during hunting trips, i never could get enough. It shaped my ideals, and influenced the direction of my life in more ways than he will ever know.

    After he passed i was lost, but i nurtured that fire which still burned, the one he ignited and continued to pursue my dream and finished my bachelor of science degree in Forestry. I sit here today, a few years later, researching peace corp sustainable forestry job opportunities in central Africa because of it. I can truly say i don’t know where my life would be without all the influences science has had on it. It inspires my soul, and fuels my passions, and i hope the day never comes where i can’t say that.

  162. Science has had a huge impact on me and my family, medical science. My now three year old son was born with something called Craniosynostosis- where the bones in his skull fused before birth, which did not allow room for his brain to grow after birth. This is something that can cause the same effects as a brain injury, including death. Because of the amazing advances in medical science, we were able to scan his head and diagnose the problem. Also because of amazing science, the doctors were able to remove his skull, break it up like it should be, shape it to a normal skull shape, and then put it back like a jigsaw puzzle! The truly amazing part of this, again because of science, they have found ways of doing this without the need for a blood transfusion…and it only took 45 MINUTES 😳😳😳!! After three nights in the hospital, we had a perfectly healthy little boy. And yes, I contribute scientific advances to almost every part of this success!!

  163. Science has done everything for me really, at least medical science. I wouldn’t be alive today if not for medications and access to a doctor. Earth science allows me to be educated and indulge in learning things that I find extremely fascinating.

  164. I grew up watching Carl Sagan with my dad. I loved it! It was my first experience with science and quickly became my favorite subject in school and later I earned my degree in biochemistry. Now I teach my kids all about science and they love it too!!

  165. Joann….For me the biggest impact of science I see is that on my students….especially seeing success satisfaction in the faces of my girls. In 4th grade, I try to make all my lessons hands-on; seeing the smile on a student’s face after they have successfully made a bulb light up is an awesome feeling!

  166. All I have to say is, Carl Sagan. That guy was awesome to watch. It was because of his show, that I came to love Astronomy. I find it so amazing, interesting and have learned so much. I even went as far to purchase a telescope. However, it wasn’t a very good one and I didn’t really see much, but I still enjoyed the thrill of looking into the great beyond at all the “billions and billions of stars.”

  167. Ever since I was little I wanted to grow up to be an astronaut. I remember watching the horrible Challenger disaster on tv at school, but that didn’t stop my dream. My mom wanted to be a scientist, but in her time it was still not an accepted profession for a woman. She went to school and got her teacher certificatetion but was told that the science positions were held for the coaches. She was discouraged from that path but found her calling to go to law school and eventually became county judge in the same town that wouldn’t let her teach what she wanted! My dad is a geologist. They had just us two girls and raised us to believe that we could do anything we want! My family has always encouraged my love for science and learning. I’m now finally following my dream in a different way and am studying at Texas Tech University to be a geologist! I have one more year here and then hope to continue for my masters degree, possibly my doctorate! Science is my life!!

  168. Science is everything – we all breathe, eat, see, hear, feel, smell, taste, grow, are born & die due to science – what else is there?? Energy itself follows scientific laws as far as we know…

    PS – I LOVE the pottery videos – they are fun, informative & relaxing :))

  169. Science 🔬 changing ideas are all around us and apart of all our lives. For me the most important changes are the ones that will save our planet 🌎 for my great great grandchildren and yours. Our descendents need us to protect these elements. Clean water . . Clean air . . Clean land . . Science can save our future lives.

  170. Science has changed the way I look at it. I have been teaching kids science for a little over two years now and to see their faces light up and to have fun learning like I do and to get messy and creat different projects about the solar system or other fun thing is awesome.

  171. I enjoy pottery that I have purchased from you, and I enjoy even more giving your pottery’s gift. If I win this piece, it will go to a very dear friend that is dying from multiple myeloma cancer. He needs the strength to endure all of his chemo treatments and as his best friend we always talk about the moon and the stars and how life would be if we could live amongst the stars .

  172. Science has impacted my sons. My oldest has aspergers and is totally fascinated by the science of astronomy. My youngest wants to be an astrobiologist, I’ve never even heard that word before! In turn, I am learning science from my children and I think that’s amazing.

  173. I can’t imagine my life without science, though that wasn’t always true. When I was in middle school I hated science. My did told me I’d love it when I studied more interesting things. I ended up having an amazing science teacher in high school and eventually went to college and majored in chemistry. I’ve taught labs, run experiments at below freezing temperatures with chemicals that could eat through steel, and taken apart and put back together $300,000 pieces of instrumentation. Science, and the career I found it in, kept me going when the rest of my life wasn’t so great. Because of my chemistry degree I was able to live in and visit multiple areas of the country. It turns out my Dad was right. I really do love science.

  174. In our day to day routines most people I would guess don’t think about the impact science has on our lives – I would say I am that person. As I ponder what science means to me & how it’s impact has collided w/my life…. that’s possibly an impossible question to answer as the number of ways are endless & not always apparent. But if I had to choose one…… I fancy myself an amateur artist mostly a doodler of sorts. I often have a pencil tucked behind my ear so it’s available at my beck and call. While there are a vast array of mediums & technologies to express ones self & many more important scientific areas to behold as wonders. I would agree that on a scientific scale the pencil doesn’t rank very high. You feel a sense of satisfaction when you have found the perfect writing utensil that has the perfect combination of finely ground graphite, clay, water etc… for me I will be forever enamored w/the (however low scale) scientific technological miracle of the pencil.

  175. I never paid much attention to science until having my son. He is amazed by all things scientific. Especially space and cells. I didn’t even know the order of our planets in our solar system. Now we learn about exoplanets, galaxies, stars, asteroids etc. My son loves the moon you made. I will one day purchase him a moon mug and asteroid mug. Ty for your craft 🙂

  176. Science has impacted me so deeply that I have devoted my life to it. I am a PhD student developing the skills that I will need to answer questions about cell and molecular biology that will hopefully lead to better lives for people living with diseases. I lost my mother and two grandparents to cancer and my goal is to use science to understand cancer better so that we can fight it. I love science because it has unlimited potential and there will always be more in the universe for us to understand, whether it is at the molecular or interstellar level. As long as there are people asking questions, science will be there to help us find the answers.

  177. Just because you know how something works doesn’t mean it’s not magic.
    That’s one of the best things I’ve realized with every science book, tv show, article and class I’ve read or taken.
    The workings of the universe and energy within it, we as humans are not meant to completely grasp it. We should be left stunned and feeling small, ego stripped right from our chests. You don’t need to understand one thing about science or how everything works. You just need to feel it, comprehension of details can come later.

    Sorry if my answer is a little odd and or not on point what so ever, just trying to win a super badass mug here.

  178. Up until reciently, science meant very little to me. It was cool and all but I never needed to actually apply it to my own personal life. Now I use it every day in my new career and love it! A long time ago i feared chem and bio class neverer thinking I would need it. Now I cant get away from it as a cosmotologist!

  179. Science has been a big part of my life because of my major in college being health science. Any type if science class I have taken have always been my favorite to go to. And I alway take what I learned into my everyday life.

  180. When I think of science, the only thing that really pops to the front of my mind is medical science. I can quite honestly say, for the majority of my life the leaps and bounds in medical science has been a front runner in the definition of my family. When my brother was born in 1983, he only had a 5% chance of living. He was born with a diaphragmatic hernia and doctors and physicians came from all over the world to see him, as he was one of the first babies born that survived. One of the doctors that came to see him, actually went home and developed the procedure that is wildly used today to perform the hernia repair in your utero. My brothers survival was extraordinary and because of him many children now have a much greater chance of survival because of the advances in medical science . However, it is in the most recent years medical science has made an impact in our lives. Back in 2003, my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer. It is well known the colon cancer and it a grim diagnosis; but, with the advances and discoveries in medical science M.D. Anderson was able to keep my mother alive for nine years. She joined several of the experimental treatments, in an effort to help those whom would be diagnosed after her. As the medical discoveries for cancer treatment twisted and turned, she held tight to that science and was able to live for nine years with the colon Cancer diagnosis. Science provided her nine years that allowed her to meet all four her grandchildren, make an impact in each and every one of their lives. She lived for her grandchildren and completed more memories in those short nine years than most people complete in a lifetime. Those nine years are priceless and mean more to me than words could ever express. Without the medical advances in the science of cancer treatment we would never of had those precious years. Thank you for allowing me to express my deep gratitude in the scientific medical advances that impact all of humanity.

  181. Science first and foremost has given me life. Just thinking about the science to create life, nature and all of the wonderful things that surround us is overwhelming. Looking into the night sky with my 3 year old son, myself with a childlike sense of wonder makes a person feel humbled. Science is just a state of constant amazement.

  182. Science has saved my life. Without it, I wouldn’t have made it past the age of two. Without it continuing to advance, I’d be stuck in a hospital with no ability to go about my life.

    And beyond that, without it, I’d be looking into a sky and seeing gods shaped by stars instead of the even more magnificent endless stretches of possibility and the future of mankind.

  183. ever since I was a kid my mother use to tell me ” I swear by the moon and the stars in the sky, ill be there” its a song by boys to men. lol so ive always been fascinated by the sky, sun or moon. so anything about the sky is just precious to me. it would be rad winning one of these mugs. wake up with my tea or coffee and start the day with inspiration! good luck everyone! <3 thanks for your inspiration and creativity you throw out in the universe !

  184. I was 10 years old when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. It took a year, two mamograns and a biopsy to arrive at the diagnosis. I remember sitting with her in the hospital as she received a chemo treatment and listened to her chat casually with with doctors about the future of cancer treatments and diagnostics. It’s science that saved my mother’s life and continues to save lives every day.

  185. ever since I was a kid my mother use to tell me ” I swear by the moon and the stars in the sky, ill be there” its a song by boys to men. lol so ive always been fascinated by the sky, sun or moon. so anything about the sky is just precious to me. it would be rad winning one of these mugs. wake up with my tea or coffee and start the day with inspiration! good luck everyone! <3 thanks for your inspiration and creativity you throw out in the universe !

  186. Science has impacted my life because I teach it to children. I love seeing my students eyes light up when they learn something cool in science. I too always learn something new all the time. It’s great and because of science I have become more environmentally friendly.

  187. Wow, what a gigantic question to answer. It would be easier to answer, ” How has science not impacted my life?” Seriously, from the food in my refrigerator grown by farmers using chemicals to help the plants stay healthy and produce abundantly to the toothpaste I use to keep my teeth well polished and clean. Science affects everything. I would not drive a car without engineering science creating the vehicle and working parts to the engine I use, the refined fuel that my vehicle resources for propellant is entirely scientific in its extraction and refining. My home would not exist without science as well. The gypsum on the walls, the metal on the roof, the electricity in my walls that keep my home feeling pleasant with all the wonderful gadgets that can utilize it. I could go on like this forever. So much of our life is directly created and constantly improved by the scientific community. I have always been a fan of science since I learned what it was at around age 4, and my enjoyment of it is always growing with the constant growing and new discoveries made by the scientific community. Science is amazing.

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