Birthday Pots: 29 Freebies

Cool facts about the number 29:

  • The atomic number of Copper (Cu)
  • The number of years it takes the planet Saturn to orbit the Sun
  • Iowa is the 29th state in the US- I grew up in Iowa! No, I didn’t grow up on a farm 🌽🌽
  • My age. Today is my 29th birthday!

To celebrate, we’re giving away 29 pots, totally free. Plus, we put together a bunch of discount deals and one donation to a great cause:

30% off Cosmic Bowls + one FREE World Record Planter

50% off Remaining World Record Planters

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Nuka Cobalt Vase + 50% donation to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital with $50 starting bid.

($425 Value: $385 + $40 packing and shipping average)

🎁🎉 Birthday Pottery Giveaway 🎁🎉

29 Free Pots Going To 9 Winners, $771.00 Value, Totally Free:

  • Sets of 4 “Cosmic Shot Cups” going out to 6 different winners ($378 value: $48 retail + $15 packing and shipping each)
  • Two “Lunar Cups” going out to two different winners ($214 value: $95 retail + $12 packing and shipping each)
  • World Record Planter #29: ($179 value: $159 retail + $20 packing and shipping)

Enter the Giveaway:

What was the last thing you gifted or donated to someone, and why?? Leave a comment below before this Friday telling us one thing you gifted to a friend, donated to a local food shelter, non-profit organization, school, church, anything! We’ll pick the best 9 comments and give each winner a certain selection of the above 29 pots ($771.00 value) totally free.

To enter, you must leave one, genuine comment, or the moderator will not approve your comment or include you in the giveaway. Please use your PERSONAL name or initials and not your business name, as the latter comes off like spam. Please allow 24-48 hours for your comment to appear. You must also be on our email newsletter distribution list to qualify, so please make sure you are okay with receiving our email newsletter before you leave a comment. We will pick winners Friday around 2pm Central and you will receive the pottery shipped to you nearly anywhere globally, totally free.

*UPDATE 5/12: ENDED. Congrats Kristie, J.B.S., Diandra, James H., Dorthy, Michael, Amy, Leslie and Stephanie! You should have an email waiting in your inbox. Thanks so much to everyone who participated! I’m truly blown away by all of the kindness that all of you shared about the ways you spread generosity. Thanks again! – Joel

Coupons and Giveaway Expire Friday 5/12

Please give us a couple days to pack and ship, because I plan to spend my birthday busting out a few fresh pots and guitar riffs.

“There’s something about the physicality of clay…a worthless material to most people. Contractors can’t build in it, farmers can’t grow in it. The only worth it has is what you and I give it.”

– Don Reitz, quoted in this video interview.

452 Replies to “Birthday Pots: 29 Freebies”

  1. Happy birthday! Hope you have a great one! The last gift that I gave was my blood donation to the American Red Cross last week. I wasn’t planning on it until I saw the signs that said urgent need. I’d never donated before but the process was easy enough. I’m glad that I can help in such a small but impactful way.

    1. Happy Birthday Joel!
      The last thing I donated was to the rehab hospital where I work. We have patients that come in with not enough clothing or possibly not the right kind of clothing. They get to wear newer clean clothes to complete their physical/occupational rehab.
      Another service close to my heart is helping veterans through our local auxiliary. Trying to offer help wherever needed and to show support for veterans far and near.
      Enjoy your special day!
      P.S. I enjoyed my Bday today too!! 🎂

    2. Happy Belated Birthday Joel.
      My last donation was on Monday past, I went and filled sandbags for 3 hours in our area to help try and save people’s homes from the flooding of the Ottawa river. I am a full time mom, work part time and volunteer at the kids school weekly to help the teachers out. I believe that my kids are learning a lot from watching me help others. My daughter last May for her 7th birthday, donated her hair to help make a wig for cancer patients. She is regrowing it now to do another donation.
      Hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. Happy Birthday Joel! Two months ago I donated a shawl that I knitted to a Womans Shelter and once a month I donate hand knit hats to the local Cancer Center for people undergoing chemotherapy.

    1. Happy birthday Joel,
      This Friday on May 12th, 2017 I will be surprising my son’s robotics team with a cake and finger Jell-O. On April 22nd, 2017 my son and his team mates made it to the finals at the World Robotics Champuonships in Houston, Texas. Their team lost on a field technicality due to a piece of swerve tape getting stuck to the bottom of their robot. They were very upset. I want to let them know that they did their best by surprising them with a cake that says “congratulations finalist”.

      Thank you for the opportunity in entering this give away.

  3. The last thing my family gifted was to the local animal shelter in town. My son had a Paw Patrol themed birthday party, and we had guests bring donations/supplies for the shelter in lieu of gifts. It was awesome to be able to give the donations and have a teaching moment for our little man to do something great for others.

  4. Good morning! First, I wish you a Happy 29th Birthday!! Enjoy YOUR day!!!

    My latest gift has been the The Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters in Norfolk, Virginia. They are the only stand alone hospital in the state, which means that there is no federally funded dollars to operate this children’s facility. They solely depend on grants, generous donations and fundraisers to operate. They turn no child away for treatment no matter what the responsible parties ability to pay is. This hospital is a true gem in this state!

    1. I gathered car models, videos, paint by numbers and donated them to Colorado’s Veterans hospital for their rehab. They need these to help get over their injuries. Plus it takes their minds off their trama for awhile.

      1. Getting new carpet so I have been purging like crazy donating stuff we really should of never bought who needs 25 pairs of black pants. We also picked a family to help at Christmas a new tradition we just started with our boys! I hope they enjoyed the feeling of giving! We try to do random acts of kindness often. I had my second recheck at the Dr. today and gave all my parents I work for a free day of daycare. Since they had to come a hour later than usual. One of my parents bought me expensive lotion to help my hands because I wash them so much I felt guilty and I gave her one of your mugs that came in the mail. Thinking I would just order a new one and the cosmic mugs have been sold out ever since lol. It’s no fun if you can’t share the mug with a friend while they have Tea/coffee with so I have been waiting patiently to purchase another random mug. I am so bummed cause it had a dot on bottom. Now I know what that mystery means I really wish I could of kept it! Lol ohh well, it felt good to give as always! I’m sure you feel the same way making all these people so happy to get a random act of kindness from you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOEL!

  5. Happy birthday!!!
    The last thing I donated/gifted was a company blanket from my husbands work. The work he does is special* and by special I mean, unspoken and unrecognized (for good reason). Anyway, the significance is, the man and wife it was given to were a former family of this organization in the 80’s. The my ended up being our neighbors who ran a crop farm down the road. This man wore a hat one day with the company insignia on it and my husband stopped by to buy some fresh peaches and they got to talking, the man told my husband about how he was part of the first people in this organization when it first began, my husband being the “newbie” had a lot of questions. They immediately felt like family knowing they were both a part of this organization. We gifted this blanket so they would feel connected again after so many years and to let them know that we appreciated and acknowledged all their hard work in the generation before us. They have been our “family” ever since. It’s amazing in these types of communities (military) just how connected strangers can be. ❤
    Karen Hall

  6. I give everyday something to someone. Yesterday I donated to muscular dystrophy my change at the local gas station. I do this everyday I go in there. My soul wishes a cure for this life threating disease to be solved. My young nephew was diagnosed at three with the worst kind of MS. Now at age 9 he doesn’t walk as his muscles are degenerating. He is not expected to live past his teens. It’s a hard thing to watch as an outsider, let alone for his family who try to make the best of it. I have raised money before in the past for my family to help with medical equipment ect. I choose to give up what I can each day, because I know if it happens to our little part of the world, there’s other families suffering with issues as well. Giving with love is the greatest gift we humans can do.

  7. The last thing dontated in our house was to the food pantry. My two older sons are in Cub Scouts, I’m one of the den leaders, and our whole pack went out door-to-door collecting food items for the pantry. We collected so much that the local food pantry had their largest donation day in history! 4300 pounds of food on one day! It was so great.

  8. Every year I volunteer at Superlift ORV Park to raise money for what we call Camp Sunshine. Camp Sunshine is where the burn victims from Arkansas Children’s Hospital get to come out to the park and we take them on jeep rides, cook and feed them lunch, pay for them to go zip lining etc. We had our fundraiser last weekend and we raised $10,500 dollars this go round. I of course donate money on the raffle and lunch but I also volunteer my time to help at the event whenever it comes around in August. I donate and volunteer because these kids deserve to come out and have fun. Getting to know them and see their genuine smile and happiness is priceless. Very thankful to be a part of something so great!

  9. My Grandmother lost 2 babies to Cystic Fibrosis less than 2 years apart in the 1940’s, one of which was my Mothers twin sister. I was shocked and heartbroken to find out that they were buried in an unmarked grave at the cemetery, because my Grandmother couldn’t afford a headstone for them. I surprised my Grandmother by gifting her a headstone for her babies. The inscription reads “Mommys Precious Angels” and has the image of 2 cherubs on it. I feel blessed to have gifted this to my Grandmother to help bring her some peace after all of these years.

  10. I donated a “Book Nook” prize for an elementary school. I feel reading is so important and can be such a healthy escape. The prize contained a teepee tent with a light and a variety of age appropriate books from Usborne books. It made me happy to hear the kids including the “not big readers” were excited to read in the new teepee tent.

    Thanks for sharing your art with the masses! Happy Birthday!


  11. The lat thing I gifted/donated and why: my dad step mom and I recently moved out of our house in NJ. I moved down to Florida, and they moved out of the country. Before we left, we had a ton of furniture, clothes, paper products, towels/sheets, books, appliances, canned food, etc. that we could not take with us. Instead of having it thrown out we did some research and we ended up donating it to our local church. We thought instead of wasting our stuff we would put it to good use. When the people from the church came to get everything the weekend before we moved it was great to see their smiles. They told us that it was all very appreciated and they had families that needed a lot of the stuff we gave them.They said they were also going to give some of the stuff to a homeless shelter nearby. It felt good to give back to our community, and see the things we didn’t need anymore go to people who did need them. I had spent my whole life in NJ up until that point and I was glad we could help other NJ families in need!

  12. I raise chickens. I give my eggs to family and a few elderly couples that live near me and that I know. They like to visit just as much as the eggs. I also recently gave a laying hen to a man and his daughter. She wanted it as a pet and he wanted eggs. The hen is in a very happy home now with her own little girl.

  13. Hey Joel happy birthday!! My family loves animals, we go to our local animal shelter and volunteer. Last year I was taking donations the shelter was in need of instead of getting presents for my birthday. They are a non-profit organization and usually in need of a lot of items.
    The second organization that I work with doesn’t have anything to do with my birthday but it’s still close to my heart and worth mentioning. My church has a sale called Lil Angels attic which sells gently used children’s items and clothing. Nobody that works this sells makes money. It happens with the volunteers volunteering their time to the organization. The money that they make off the sale goes to varies non-profits close to our area. It takes place twice a year and I always volunteer for them.
    Thanks for this opportunity!! You’re an inspiration Joel! Keep on being awesome! Once again happy birthday I hope you have a great one!!

  14. Happy Birthday!!!
    Years ago when living in Pittsburgh I gave my coats away. It was below zero and my husband at the time and I drove around the city to find those in need. My most recent was giving a bag of food to a Navy Vet who is homeless and is usually outside my doctors office. I wish I could do more for him…

  15. I gifted my sister in law $35 so she could play tooth fairy to her daughter, my 8 year old niece who just lost another tooth. Also, to pay the fee for that same nieces upcoming school field trip.

  16. The last thing I gifted was to the local church. I dropped off clothes and misc items to be sold at a reduced price or given away for free. A friend of mine used to work there but passed away from cancer so I try and make sure I donate to them when I can. She would always talk about the church and how nice everybody was so it was a perfect place for me. It also teaches my grandchildren how to be appreciative and help others when you give.

  17. Happy 29th Earth Birthday Joel!

    Your clay artistry is simply and literally out of this world! May you continue to reach the moon, the stars, the cosmos and the celestial beings in your evolution and growth! Enjoy the ride of down to Earth Life!

    All the best and many blessings to you!

    1. I realize now that I am to describe the last thing I gifted and why… For me, a ‘gift’ is not necessarily something physical or material. A gift can also be emotional support, listening to the one in need, compassion, etc. To my presently dying mother, I have gifted her spirit with my forgiveness and love. Why? To enable her soul to leave her earthly body peacefully.

      1. My mom passed away at 5:25 pm today. Life is a cycle. And death is a good reminder to live our live fully while we are alive. Keep turning that wheel Joel, just like the Cycle of Life, to create beauty with Love and Passion. May all Light Beings shine upon us and those in the other worlds.

  18. I donate my time and knowledge on gardening. I am a master gardener and as a part of this I have the opportunity to volunteer to help multiple organizations that teach children and adults how to garden to grow their own food or plants in general. I donated my time and knowledge at our master gardener plant sale to raise money that we will use to provide grants to local community gardens and education programs on how to grow food and to help lessen the food insecurity issues that many experience.

  19. Happy 29th. Your pottery is beautiful. I love my mugs!

    The last thing I gifted were gift cards to the local supermarket. I bought 4 cards and sent them anonymously to 4 random families I knew they would really help. Felt great!

  20. First off Happy Birthday!!! As you own passion and hobby I love making art. Especially paintings! I oil paint, water color, ad well as paint with acrylics. However I’ve never actually sold any of work but make paintings special to give to friends or super awesome people I come in contact with. Specifically, my last painting went to my fieldwork educator when I was on rotation for OT school! She mentioned she was moving and how empty her new home was. I mentioned that I love to do art and by the end of the week I made her a little water color creation! She loved it 🙂

  21. Happy Birthday Joel!!! The last thing i donated was money to The Red Cross in our local area to help people whose homes and businessses were flooded– many didn’t have insurance and many lost everything they owned-

  22. Happy birthday!

    The last thing I donated was my used washer and dryer to a family in need. I was trying to sell them (my mom was helping me buy another set) since I needed the money but when I heard about a family that was in even more need than myself, I donated the set to help them out. I was so happy to help them because they were starting over and had nothing. I don’t get to help often, but when I can, it’s super rewarding.

  23. My mom passed away on March 8th at the young age of 54 from pancreatic cancer. There is a walk coming up soon, so I will be walking in that and I have donated money to pancreatic cancer research. I gave my aunts and my grandma some of my mom’s clothes. She had a ton of them and I knew that my aunt’s would cherish them. On top of that, I had a t-shirt made for my brother that says “My mom was so brave, God made her an angel.” I also had some rosaries made out of roses from her funeral and gave one to the awesome hospice nurse that came over daily.

  24. Happy Birthday! Mr. Potter. you’re amazingly talented young guy. You’re inspired me to learn about and create pottery. I can’t wait to have one of your amazing art in my hands.

  25. The last thing I donated was clothing and baby items to a local free store in the hopes that it will make another mother’s life a little easier. Melissa

  26. I recently hand crocheted a unicorn for my little cousin who is 3 years old. She was purple with rainbow hair and long eyelashes! The whole family adored it. I’m hoping it will be something the little one has for her entire childhood. Something to cherish that’s handmade with love.

  27. Happy Birthday!
    The last thing I gave/gifted that actually meant something to me was my time. I’m a mom, graduate student and full-time employee so time is not something I have a lot of (but it can mean the most). I do a lot of advocacy for American Foundation of Suicide Prevention when I can. In the past week our local congress has been voting in laws that require health professionals to have regular training and education on suicide prevention. I want it in at the school levels. So, I’ve been writing letters, selling t-shirts, whatever I can possibly do to raise awareness and right now time is about the only thing I can give. It means a lot.

  28. Happy birthday!! I’ve been making crochet hats and donating to the children’s hospital every year for christmas for the kids in the cancer ward.

  29. Happy Birthday!

    I recently donated to my colleague/friend’s campaign for to be the Massachusetts Woman of the Year for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS)! She happens to be 29 years cancer free!

  30. Happy Birthday !! My last donation was money and entry to the Let the Sunshine Run that was in Cold Spring MN , it raises money for mental health issues and the profits go to the Brain and Behavior research center. This is a cause near and dear to my heart as I loss my sister 7 1/2 years ago to suicide.

  31. I am a firm believer in what you give comes back 10 fold! I had an elderly neighbor move in next door to me! He was on a fixed budget, had no family and very few friends! He instantly became part of our family! It made my heart happy to buy his groceries and help pay his electric bills! So thankful for what I have and I hope I am always blessed to give to others in need!

  32. Hi- this is a cool idea, and I’d LOVE a cosmic mug or one of your other creations, though I don’t need to be repaid for doing a good deed! 😊

    I am an artist myself, doing everything from graphic design and websites, to watercolor paintings and mosaic art. Currently I am housesitting and I am creating a gift for the woman I am sitting for of 2 large mosaic wall hangings for her back patio in appreciation for her generosity in having me stay here in her beautiful home to watch her sweet kitties while she is away for a month traveling.

    I’d post a photo but not sure how to do it on this message board!

    Best to you in all of your future endeavors- I love watching your videos! Happy Birthday! 🎉

  33. Happy b-day! I work at and donate $ out of every paycheck to an organization called Hammer Residences. We support individuals with developmental disabilities to live life to the fullest, learning independent skills to benefit them throughout their lives. It’s a great organization – check them out! The donation $ helps them take vacations, buy winter clothes or other personal items that they may not be able to afford on their own.

  34. Happy Birthday! Last month I went to a shelter called Star of Hope to donate time to families that are less fortunate and gave them a sweet treat before bed. It was nice to give back and see their smiling faces with a simple cup of sweet tea or a cookie. I am excited to do more of it.

  35. Hi Joel,

    Happy Birthday! This is a lovely question to ask and I feel it is a good reminder to do good for others. By doing good for others we do good for ourselves as well, so it’s a win-win!

    My favorite thing I have donated recently is my time. I am a counselor waiting to be fully credentialled and in my job search I found an organization in the city where I live that works only with children who have been impacted by death. I fell in love with the kindness of the people at this organization and I decided to start volunteering to be a group leader. To be able to just be present with kids of any age and let them be however they want to be without judgement is a huge gift. When you can see that someone understands that you accept them however they are: angry, sad, depressed, and even suicidal it allows for growth, healing, and change to happen. I love doing this, and I couldn’t think of a better thing to donate than my time. By helping these kiddos I’ve found immense satisfaction, growth, and happiness in my own life. And I know that by being a small part of this place I am a bigger piece of the healing that this world needs. And I love that! Thanks for letting me share!

  36. Happy 29th, Joel! (I jokingly say I’m forever 29, so ENJOY! It’s a good one!)

    The last item I gifted was to a local non-profit organization called Angels of 97 (Huntersville, NC.) I donated an gift basket of local soaps for the silent auction at an annual event they host every year. The organization gives scholarships to local students and also personally helped to guide me through the grieving process after losing my son in 2014.

  37. Hi Joel! I love watching your live videos and I’ve been trying to get a cosmic mug for a while, but haven’t made it to the website in time. Hopefully I can get one soon. I’m pretty sure the last thing I gave to someone was a coin purse to one of my roommates for her birthday in January. I’ve also been waiting for a blood drive on my campus to donate before I get a tattoo (can’t donate blood for a year after getting a tattoo). Happy Birthday! Keep being awesome!

  38. Even though my family has been living in a hotel for the last year I still try and give when ever I can. The other day here it was 103* with the heat index. I saw an elderly man on the side of the road who had a sign saying he was homeless. I didn’t have any cash so I went to the store and bought him 2 bottles of gatorade and a few things of non perishable but easy to eat food. Several people had stopped and given him fast food but I wanted him to have something to eat when no one was around to be able to get him anything. I don’t know if the man is still around but I hope he’s been staying cool.

  39. Happy Birthday Joel!
    The last thing I donated were some couches to a friend who needed them! Their living room was completely empty and they spent all of their time in the bedrooms so I’m glad I had the opportunity to help them out.

  40. Happy Birthday😆 I hope you have had an amazing birthday and many more to come. Last year I got cancer and I knit hats to pass time. I started donating them to the cancer center in my town. 😚 also last year not just on my birthday but i had some of the most amazing people bringing me dinner ever night so I didn’t have to cook.

  41. Have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! There is a gentleman that stands out close to my house with his dog and when I can I get him and his dog food and water. It’s not much but he and his dog are always very nice.

  42. Happy Birthday Joel!!!! Of the most recent gifts we had given someone our favorite is Christmas time it gets all of us involved, We get to choose a family from my boys’ school off the giving tree and we were able to give them groceries and gifts. My first grader even used his allowance he saved up to buy one of the toys. And this weekend we will be going food shopping to donate to help provide meals for some of the children for the summer!

  43. Happy Birthday, Joel! My birthday is 5/19, but I am a lot older than you. LOL
    I donated yesterday by paying for the person behind me in the drive thru’s lunch – I don’t eat out often but when I do, I always pay for the person behind me. Also, my friends & I make tie blankets for the women/children’s shelter and donate several every month. We have a great time visiting and catching up and the shelter really appreciates them.
    Thank you for sharing your live feeds with us. You are a true artist and it is such a joy to watch you create…Thank you! 🙂

  44. The last thing I donated was my time spending it with a little 9yr old girl who just lost her dad to cancer. We hung out at the park, played hide and go seek, and caught box elder bugs. It was time where she could just be a kid and not have to worry about her mom being sad, all the people at her house, and how she was feeling about her dad passing.

  45. Happy birthday Joel!

    I gift to RNIB, which is a sight loss charity. My dad and I both have partial sight and it can be difficult for us, so for someone fully blind, I couldn’t imagine their day to day struggles and how much beauty in the world that they miss out on.

  46. Happy birthday!!
    The last thing I donated was a couch. I gave it to a friend that had just moved and had absolutely nothing. The couch was just sitting in my computer room taking up space. I know they still use it til today.

  47. Happy Birthday Joel
    Have a Amazing fun filled day and Eat Cake its good for you!

    That last thing I Donated was from my Home Bake Good Store Scrumptious 2
    They were having a fund raiser for Someone with Cancer and they were doing a Raffle and i donated Bake Goods …. And I also Donated Bakes Goods To POS Teachers Appreciation honoring Teachers at My Grandkids School

    I love Watching You throw and love the Music you listen too very enjoyable thanks for sharing your Talents ….
    Peggy Walker

  48. The last thing I gifted was a mobile recording studio to my boyfriend to help make his dream come true. He is planning to travel the US via his VW Wesrfalia to various places that host Open Mic nights. He plans to film his journey and bring awareness to the needs of Veterans!

  49. Happy birthday Joel.
    I spend as much of my time as possible working with a nonprofit organization that helps home retired racing greyhounds. I love working with animals and I fell in love with greyhounds when I was little and saw them race down in Florida. My sister adopted a greyhound 4 years ago and since then my parents have adopted 3 and I have adopted 1. I spend as much time as I can either out there educating people about greyhounds and how much racing has changed or working at our kennel cleaning, or even simply playing with the dogs.

  50. The last thing I gifted to someone was this last weekend. I was headed to Walmart when I noticed a guy, a girl and their dog on the hwy ramp with a sign that read “Madison”. They appeared to be in their young 20’s. I didn’t have any cash on me, so I went to an ATM, took $20 out with the hopes they would still be on the ramp. They were…come to find out they were from the East Coast and he was a traveling artist who played folk music. I made sure they had water for their dog and food to eat (thankfully they did). I couldn’t take them to Madison (I was about a 2 hour drive away) but I gave them the $20 I took out of the ATM which they extremely appreciated!

  51. Happy Birthday!

    The last thing I gave to someone was flowers. Two elderly ladies I use to have as clients, recently had to move to a nursing home. Over the years working for them, they became like grandmas to me. Very dear to my heart. I brought them both flowers, hoping to cheer them up!

  52. Happy birthday Joel!

    The last thing I gave away was a pot I threw and glazed in a short 4 week course at college called Introduction to Pottery. I was inspired to join up from watching your wonderful videos and enjoyed it so much I will definitely be signing up again in September so Thankyou for sharing as I find it so therapeutic and calming and am so happy to have a new creative hobby that I can share with loved ones! Random acts of kindness really do make the world go round!

    Love your positivity, it’s infectious!

  53. Happy birthday!!! I discovered you a few months back and love watching your live feeds! My talents are not in the artistic field but I admire people’s who are! I mean I enjoy my stick figure art 😉

    The last thing I gave was probably my mom for her birthday a watch. She is always busy doing things for her four kids and we almost never get her gifts since we’ve been grown and out of the house! So this year for Mother’s Day we all communicated behind her back to get her a watch! Can’t wait to see her face this Sunday.

    But that’s not the story I want to tell, back to talents. I love people and especially kids, they are just super cool with their resilience and imagination. After college in Florida I moved to Chicago where I gave my time as a volunteer and worked in the roughest neighborhoods as a teachers assistant for two years (all they would allow). It has Changed me as a person and I hope to always be there for the kids I met! It was very challenging at times, but I wouldn’t take back my time for the world! I honestly think that’s the greatest gift, time. The time you put into making these and the time people dedicate to things they care about! My fourth graders I taught will graduate from 8th grade in two years and I can’t wait to be there and watch them walk across the stage when most people said they would never make it that far!

    Hope you enjoy your day Joel and that the people you care about make the time to make your day as awesome as you deserve!

  54. Happy Birthday!!! The last thing I gave away was a gymnastics leotard to a girl who’s family couldn’t afford one and the last time I gave something to a non profit organisation is last evening, it was my time which I give on a weekly bases as a volunteer helping to keep the non profit going. 🙂

  55. Happy 29th, Joel! 🎂🕺💃

    I truly believe giving to others is far more rewarding of keeping for yourself. My husband and I have always taught our kids to view life the same way. It has been very fulfilling and humbling. The last thing I gave was a handmade cheese board and succulent plant (we have an Instagram thehandcraftedheitman) to a church to raise money for mission trips. But I have to say my favorite things we do are the anonymous ones. No strings attached; no expectations. I don’t like when people feel obligated to thank me. We love paying for people’s meals when we go out to dinner. We have the kids pick one table and we pay it and sneak out before they’re told just in case they ask who it was. My favorite was last time in Duluth we did this for an elderly man eating dinner alone. We happened to run in to him at a store later and we overheard him telling the cashier about someone paying for his dinner and how much it meant to him. It was awesome.

    I hope you truly enjoy your 29th year! Life only gets better!

    Lindsey Heitman

  56. Happy Birthday! I hope it’s a great day!

    The last thing I donated was my wedding dress. I donated it to Angel Babies Foundation. They take wedding dresses and make gowns for babies who leave this world too soon and are too small for store bought clothing. This way they are not buried in just a towel or such.

  57. My husband I donated our daughter’s crib (that turns into a full size bed) to a couple in need. We posted it for free on a swap site, and the responses came in so quickly. I had it posted it for free, because it was gifted to us when I was pregnant with my daughter and I wanted it to be a gift that kept on giving. Cribs are a big investment when you are expecting a baby, and they can be so pricey. It felt great knowing the family who we donated it to would be blessed and not have to worry about buying one!

  58. Happy Birthday, Joel!
    The last time I gave to a charity was a couple of months ago. A friend of mine’s mother does a dance, kind of like a prom, for people with special needs. She was in need of help to secure a place and needed money for supplies. So my hubby and I donated what we could so that she could continue to put on the dance for those that would otherwise never have a chance to attend a dance like this. 🙂

  59. Happy Birthday!! I hope you’re having a great day!!! I recently made lasercut cocktail stir sticks and sent them to some of my dear college friends who are scattered across the U.S.

    I hope you enjoy today!!

  60. Last thing I donated was school supplies to a local elementary school. I live in an area where the elementary schools are very poor, and barely had any school supplies at all. My sister and I decided to go to Target when the back to school sales were happening and we both bought up to $100 worth of supplies: spiral notebooks, composition books, loose leaf paper, pens, pencils, and more. We then took all of that to one of the many schools in our area and dropped it off ourselves. We felt so proud and we know that they appreciated it, deeply. Best feeling in the world!! Hope you have a great birthday!

  61. I recently donated six one-hour life purpose coaching sessions to a young female minority community college graduate who desires to create her own fashion design line and storefront. My coaching is occuring around identifying her life values, creating a life mission statement, establishing goals and timeline, performing appropriate research, enlisting a few mentors who are successfully doing it, consider seed-funds, and developing a strategic plan.

    The last thing I gifted well I always do multiples all year I’m selective but this year I did a few.
    1. For Christmas I donated cloths an toys a single mother and her family in need. I had my 2 sons also do the same as they picked the toys out. I believe teaching them at a young age is healthy so they have been doing this for a few yrs now with me.
    2. For every holiday this year my boys an I donated turkey dinners for at least 5 families in the area again teaching my boys there are others who need help the importance of helping another child eat is something they should never ignore because it could be them in that situation.
    3. This past month the boys an I donated tons of cloths an toys that they never used an we donated them to the local woman’s shelter from winter cloths to summer an toys of all kinds.
    I really hope my boys carry these lessons with them as they get older an move forward in life as carring an loving men an one-day they teach there kids the same lessons. We need more of it in this world an there is no better time to start.

  63. I was at church and the church is next to dorthy day down town st
    Paul homeless shelter my husband put a tip in the tray and I noticed a man all alone talking to someone but no one was there he was homeless alone and broke I decided to give him the rest of my money the look on his face was priceless I also haven’t seen him again I do think of him and look for him

  64. Happy 29th bday Joel!! The last thing I donated was some slow feeder dog bowls, blankets, toys, and peanut butter to the dog rescue (YGRR) that I volunteer at once a week! I love being able to see everything that anyone donates to the rescue get put to great use – and the dogs love it all! Hope the last year of your twenties is awesome!

  65. Happy Birthday Joel,

    The last donation I made was to my brother and sister in law. They found out they were having difficulties having children do to my brother missing a specific gene, and since my wife and I have struggled to have children of our own as well, we decided that we would help them out.

    Happy to say they are due in a few weeks 🙂

  66. When my wife and I were married, we struggled with the notion of what to give as a “wedding favor” to our guests. Shot glasses…. Colorful candy in mock martini glasses…. Or the always effective, open bar hangover. We toiled and toiled for weeks until my wife had an epiphany. We opted to take the money we would’ve spent on colorful froo-froo mementos and donated to 2 charities, in the names of our guests. My wife chose the National Alopecia Areata Foundation and I chose the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation, being a musician of decades and a lover of all things melodic. We thought it was the best way to give something truly special to our guests, while also giving something to 2 organizations that really hold a special place in each our hearts to benefit causes we couldn’t support any more. We made nice signs and posted them throughout the venue. Everyone was absolutely in love with the concept. Funny how love begets love, eh??

    Anyway, Happy Birthday Joel! FYI, I use my cosmic mug every single day. It took me 3 months to finally grab one and I’m not letting it go for anything (although those lunar mugs are dead sexy)! So thanks again for being awesomely you.

  67. I give my time, to persons with dementia and mental health struggles. In return I have wonderful friends and memories, that will stay in my heart forever.

  68. Happy Birthday, Joel! I love your pottery! =) The last thing that I gifted to someone was about 2 weeks ago when I was in Los Angeles. There was a young man that was clearly homeless, and eating from the trash cans at the Metrolink/Union Station. I only had $5.00 cash on me, so that is what I gave him. If I had more time before my train arrived, I would have also bought him a meal in addition to the $5.00 cash that I gave him.

  69. I make blankets for shelters snd hospitals through Project Linus, make dresses and pants for Third World countries children 18 and under through Dress a girl/Dress a dude and every Chiristmas donate to Toys for Tots for a boy and a girl Build a Bear. Lastly, I make handmade soap to donate to emergency shelters and women’s abuse shelters. I survived a fatal car crash and feel paying it forward is my thank you to the world. 😊

  70. Happy Birthday, Joel!

    Just this past weekend, we donated 9 bags of clothes & shoes. We also donated two boxes of stuffed animals & toys. We have a shelter that gives away all the donations for free for battered woman or families who may have lost all their possessions, free of charge. It is quite possibly the best feeling knowing people don’t have to pay for things they need. I even have my five year old picking out her donations so I know we’re doing a great job passing goodness down to our next generation.

    Thank you so much for your inspiration & all the eco-friendly things you do for this earth. You do a great trying to make it better! Have a great day!

  71. HAPPY DAY OF BIRTH! I hope you have fun! The last gift(s) I gave were birthday gifts to my sister (t-rex earnings), brother-in-law (Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman), and my niece (The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J. K. Rowling). Their birthdays are about 2 weeks apart (April 20 and May 7) but I live 4 hours (and a collage student at the time) away so I can’t make the trip that often so they got them all at once.

  72. Happy birthday!
    The last thing I gifted someone was my dinner leftovers. A group of friends and I were in Atlanta eating at a fantastic place called the Vortex (highly recommended to anyone looking for a place to eat in Atlanta). As we were leaving a family was sitting on the sidewalk, silent, but seemed to be in need. All five of us handed over our leftovers. They were so appreciative of that small act and it brought big smiles to all of our faces!

  73. Happy Birthday! I am on a Frugal Mom site on Facebook in my area and it’s a site to give things away to other people who are either looking or just to offer in general. I try every week to find things that we are no longer using, that are in good condition and offer them to the site. If someone is looking for something specific that I might have, I will offer it to them. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  74. Happy Birthday Joel! 🍾❤️🕺🏼🎩
    Mine is May 16 also! I am a disabled woman who watches you a lot. The last thing i gifted was a local woman here had an emergency with her dog. I volunteer for a Siberian Husky rescue. Her dog was very ill. She couldn’t afford surgery. I raised almost all of it for her by sharing it to our local groups and pages and paid the balance myself for her. I managed to get a $1600 surgery entirely covered for this poor old woman with no money. She was so sad and worried. I also bottle feed orphaned puppies for our rescue. Every 3 hours. That was the best feeling in the world.

  75. The last thing I gifted was an art piece made by a long time friend of mine. She makes hand crafted glass pieces and just started making glass animal paws, and a friend of mine just lost her fur baby, so, I purchased a paw from American Art & Glass and gave it to her as a reminder of all the love her family gave their current heartbreak. It brought smiles to her face and still to this day she says that every time she looks at it she thinks of me and her long lost Gizmo too. Happy Birthday Joel, I hope you have a wonderful new year ahead of you!

  76. Hi!! I frequently donate blood as I am a universal donor! No one should have to die because there isn’t enough blood. Literally, today my most recent donation was a donation of toys to a family with 3 kids that is going through a rough time. I feel that the kids should be able to play & be happy regardless of what life hands their parents.

  77. Happy 29th year of existence! May your next trip around the burning ball be a memorable one!

    About a month ago I went to a celebrity lunch in for Base Camp in Orlando with a dear friend of mine. I made monetary contributions to help support their cause. The program does different fundraisers so they can host balls and formals for children with Cancer along with helping to support the family. Prior to that I donated 13 inches of my hair to Children with Hair Loss, an organization that does not require the children to pay for the wigs that they receive.
    Cancer hits close to home for me and my family, I like to give back when I can.

    *Keep on the sunny side*

    1. I love you. It’s because of great people like you that help families like me with BasCamp. They are so great that is why I help them and I am glad I was able to introduce BaseCamp to you!!


  78. Hello!! Happy 29th birthday!! I usually go through my cabinets and donate food that we wont eat we like to take it all to the blessing boxes around town. I also go through and each fall and summer donate cloths to the food pantry or the local women’s shelter. I also go through my boys cloths as they grow out of them which is about every few months it seems and donate to family’s that need them. I grew up without and I like to help when I can and give back.

  79. Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a good day!
    The last thing I donated was my work-time for the American Red Cross. I volunteered to go on a 9 day trip to North Carolina to help those in need that were affected by Hurricane Matthew. I was able to give them free meals, water and snacks and provided mental health resources and support. It was a trip that I will never forget and I cannot wait to continue volunteering for the American Red Cross and going to other states to help others in their time of need. I decided to go on this 9 day trip to expand my mental health skills and to help others in need when they needed it most.

  80. Happy Birthday!!
    The last thing I gave to a friend was a surprise on her birthday because she thought I would be away on military training. I had missed 4 birthdays being away in active duty and she thought I was going to miss a 5th because I went reserves after I got out of active duty. Well with help of coworkers and everything I was able to surprise her before I left and it was priceless!! I also donate to children’s hospital whenever I can because I know what it’s like spending time there a lot after 9 hospital stays with my daughter. I’m not rich but I will always give my last dollar to a homeless man, and there are times when I cook to much food and me and my kids don’t eat everything so I make plates and drive to downtown and I give out plates of food and water bottles to the homeless. When the shooting in Dallas happened last year I made little bags of snacks and treats and water and passed them out to police officers who were still at the scene the next day. And once a week me and my son will drive around town and give cookies or cupcakes to fire stations and police officers we see.
    Keep doing what you do and God Bless!!

  81. Happy birthday, another fun 29 fact….It would take 29 million years for a car traveling 100 miles per hour to reach the nearest star! The last thing I donated/gifted was giving money to a go fund me account for a childhood friend who took his own life 😔 the money was being raised to set up college funds for his 4 daughters.

  82. Hi Joel!

    Yesterday we held a baby shower for my co-worker/friend (1st time mom-to-be), I gave her a hand-made quilt (not made by me). Both her and her husband’s parents live in Russia, so it meant a lot to her that we gave her a baby shower!

    Happy 29th Birthday!

  83. Hello! I would be so happy to win 🙂

    The most recent thing I have given away is lord clothes from my closet to goodwill and the Salvation Army. I am trying to live a more minimalistic lifestyle by getting rid of all but the most necessary of my possessions. In donating my clothes and used goods I hope to help someone who either has a low budget or who wants to also help with the environment by minimizing the purchase of new items as we reuse, reduce, and recycle 🙂

  84. Happy Birthday Joel! I LOVE your live vids, it really shows how passionate you are about your art. 🙂

  85. Happy Birthday to you!

    I recently sent an acquaintance through Instagram, who is having surgery, a box of goodies which will aid her before and after surgery. I had a similar surgery and had bought quite a few items to help with my recovery, turns out I overstocked, so I sent them to someone who could get some use out of them!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  86. The last thing gift I gave was to help a family bury a family member who was killed in a motorcycle accident here in Phoenix Arizona. His name was Johnny Ray Youngblood.

  87. Happy birthday today is also my husband’s birthday but he’s 40 lol. Anyways I’m a crafter as well but I make clothes & other things. The last thing I gifted was I had a lady contact me to make teddy bears from her baby that had passed aways clothing. Although it was an expensive project it was my gift to her family. It is more important that they had those memories than any amount of money I could make. I witnessed the pain my mom went through when I was a child when my sister’s passed away & I wish I could have made one for her so to give someone else that meant everything.

  88. Happy birthday Joel.
    The last thing I donated were lots of dog supplies to the Minnesota Greyhound Rescue. Love those puppies but am not able to have one of my own due to my daughters allergies. No big deal, though:)

  89. The last thing I gave was over $500 worth of baby food, formula, toys and diapers to our local homeless shelter. Background story… I opened my home to my cousins little 8 month old son while her and her boyfriend worked to find a place to live all while she was pregnant. She felt as her son would be better off with me. Fast forward 4 months and she had her second son. The day she was released from the hospital she asked if I could take her newest son also. Of course I said yes. Both her and her boyfriend have drug addiction. I took care of the both boys for her for the next 6 months while working with cps to gain custody of both boys. She called one day and asked if she could take the boys for an overnight at her mothers house. So I took advantage of being kid free the first time in 10 months that I went to do some shopping and some early Christmas shopping. So I got all the formula baby food and diapers for the boys and a few Christmas gifts. The next day I was served with papers stating I was no longer the guardian of the boys and to return their belongings. I was devastated and found out she being in an altered state and hard up for money was told by the grandmother that if she made her the guardian of the boys she could have money and keep the car she was suing to get back from her. So I felt since I already bought all the stuff I could easily return it to the store but why not pass it along to families in need right before Christmas. They were so thankful for the gift I just delivered to them. They are a christan homeless shelter and since they refuse to remove the religion out of it they do not get any funding from the state. They solely depend on fundraising and donations. I turned my sorrow into happiness for a few families.

  90. I am a lover of the pay it forward movement. I donate (not sell) all of my sons clothes once he out grows them. I have bought peoples dinners/ lunches for anyone i see eating alone. I dont have a lot of money but its not about money. I realise that you dont need money to make someones day better. So i just go out of my way to offer to help people carry things or hold doors for people. I smile and say hello to people i pass just trying to make someones day a little brighter.

  91. Hey Joel! Happy birthday! I hope it’s an amazing one!! The last thing I gifted to someone were boxes and children’s items to a woman in my area that had lost everything in a house fire. I only had clothes that fit her youngest child, but I gave what I had along with a child’s table, toy organizer and a few books. This is an awesome giveaway that you’re doing and I’d be honored to win anything! I love watching your videos! Keep doing what you’re doing!
    Cassie Marcuson 🙂

  92. Happy Birthday Joel 🎈

    Every other week, I travel for work. I bring my own toiletries and save the ones the different hotels provide. Once a year, I donate all of the supplies (usually well over 500 items) to a local shelter. This past year, I donated the toiletries to a sisterhood GirlScout Troop. They made “kits” and distributed them amongst he homeless community in Houston.

    It makes my heart happy to help others.


  93. Happy Birthday! The last thing I gifted/donated were reusable/washable maxi pads for girls in Africa. My college aged ministry has teamed up with a local non-profit organization Too Little Children, (I encourage you to look them up because it’s a totally awesome organization started by two twins from Wisconsin) to gather supplies, cut, sew, and package sets of maxi pads to be distributed among girls in rural parts of Africa who don’t have access to feminine products. We make all of the products by hand and they are distributed twice a year by volunteers. Here’s the link to their website if you’d be interested in learning more about the organization or more specifically the Pad Project!

  94. Happy birthday!
    This year for our sons 1st birthday my family and i made nicu smocks for tiny babies to newborn size babies. Our son spend some time there when he was born and we wanted to give back.

  95. Happy birthday, Joel! I hope it’s a good one! The last thing I gifted was a hand-made crocheted blanket to my best friend. We rarely get to see each other anymore because of changes at work, and because of that, changes in life. So, I wanted him to have something with him that I made so that I would always be there if he really needed me. It’s the whole “energy transfer” thing. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your artistry! It’s a highlight of my week when I catch you live on Facebook. Have a great birthday month!

  96. The last thing I donated to was Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers; In the hopes of getting Randy Crowley who is Type 1 diabetic a service dog! Please check out his story!
    A synopsis of his story “My name is Randy Crowley, I was diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic October 26, 2014 at 12 years old. I am now a 15 year-old (dogless) freshman in high school, I am enrolled in the biomedical academy at my school. I am looking forward to going off to college and study zoology, so I am able to become a vet at a zoo, and help the endangered animals.

    I have to remember to check my sugar at least six times a day. My phone has alarms that go off to remind me to check. My mom has to come in my room at night and wake me to check my sugars, which means she does not get a good nights sleep since she is worried about me. When my alarms go off at school (when I’m most likely to lose track of time) it is embarrassing, because most teens do not understand the struggles I go through every day.

    That being said, a lot of adults do not understand my struggles and needs either. Last February while staying with family while my mom was out of town for work, I had to be admitted into ICU for 24 hours to get my blood sugars back in control. My sugar went too high and messed up my focus. I was confused. My relatives were confused. They did not know what to do and I could not express myself clearly to get help. This was a scary situation for everybody!

    I believe a situation like last year would not have happened because my dog would have been able to detect the fluctuations in my sugar even when I can not. A diabetic alert dog, is trained to recognize changes in a person’s blood chemistry, which often allows the dog to alert the person or the caregivers to take action in the important window of time 30-45 minutes before symptoms occur, go and retrieve insulin, meter, juice box and or bottled water, and even in severe cases they can be trained to call 911 on a specialized dial pad if need be.”

    Thank you, for letting me tell his story!

  97. Happy Birthday!
    I recently cleaned out my childrens and my niece’s closet and got together all the clothes that didn’t fit or they didn’t wear anymore and was going to sell them at a consignment sale. Well a friend of mine mentioned that her church had a closet for needy families. So instead of selling the clothes, my husband and I decided to donate them to her church. Two full trash bags (huge trash bags) full of children’s clothing went to the church for needy families. All future clothing will go there as well.

  98. Happy birthday Joe, love your work!

    I donate every month to my City’s public library. They have so many family programs and provide a ton of online learning portals that are completely free. I think if there is a public sector that is highly underfunded but overused, it’s the city libraries!

    Hope you have a great day today!

  99. Hi Joel. Last week my friend took me skydiving for the first time. It was an absolutely magical eye opening experiance. He’s a professional skydiver. The guy jumps out of planes for a living. How cool is that! Well a couple of years back he lost his brother in an auto accident. Ever since then he’s told me he’s lived by a saying of “tomorrow’s not promised”. I gifted him a bracelet engraved with that on it yesterday to say thank you for showing me the world in a different way. What he opened my eyes to was beyond anything that I could ever ask for. This was a small token of my appreciation for him.

  100. You rock! Your talent and enthusiasm is truly inspirational! I have taken my first pottery class, and love it! However it sure is not as easy as you make it look!! Happy Birthday Joel!

  101. Happy Birthday Joel! I so enjoy watching you throw pottery and make it into something beautiful. My brother died in 1990 of colon cancer. He was a teacher and he was an artist and a potter. He even got the school to buy a kiln so he could teach the kids how to throw pottery and then be able to fire it. I have so many of his pots around my house and I love them all from big ones to little tiny ones.
    My 14 year old grandson has brain cancer and I have been wearing a bracelet that says “positive thoughts for courage” and I never took it off until one of my good friends told me that her sister had a brain tumor. I decided she could use that bracelet to help remind her to have positive thoughts and to help her sister have courage throughout her ordeal. It isn’t a big thing but she was so happy that I gave it for her to use. My name is Cathie Berg

  102. Happy birthday joel!

    Interesting you would pose this question now when my last donation and current “in progress ” are pottery related 🙂

    Last week my alma matter, chapman university, held a giving campaign allowing alum to temporarily assign a new name to a campus building/room/etc. i chose to rename the ceramics studio for one hour on 5/5 to “guardians of the pottery studio” for several reasons: 1. In honor of the head of the ceramics program, Dave Kiddie, who is the guardian of our studio; 2. Because guardians of the galaxy was just released and i love the franchise; 3. because I’ve been fortunate enough to utilize the studio this spring – thank you again for inspiring me to get back into it!

    The in progress donation i am working on is “in progress” because this week is the ceramics sale on campus. Because the art programs have very limited funding, I’ll be donating 100% of my sales back to the ceramics program to buy supplies for the studio 🙂 Cheers!

  103. I built a bass for my brother. Growing up he taught me how to play guitar and bass, and he’s been teaching my niece now. he wrks long hours and never thinks of himself. Always does everything he can to ensure my niece has only the best and does not want. He sold his to buy her a guitar for her lessons and while visiting me I saw how much he enjoyed playing music with her. By the time the next visit came around I had built the bass so they can play together whenever they want. I decided to build it by hand to show my appreciation by giving my time to make something unique.

  104. I started taking pottery classes this winter and love watching and learning from your live videos, you’re inspiring! The last thing I gifted was a pottery bowl filled with chocolate and a gift certificate to a local coffee shop to each of my kids teachers (7 of them😄) for teachers appreciation week.

    Happiest of birthdays to you!🎉🎂

  105. Hi Joel !!!! Happy 29th Birthday ! I absolutely love watching you create your gorgeous pieces of pottery! Very skilled and talented !

    I’m a 33 year old (34 next month) disabled mom of 2 amazing boys 4 & 6, Caelum and Orion (named after beautiful constellations)
    I’ve been battling pstd and an array of other disorders due to traumatic sexual abuse as a child.
    In the last 6 years since becoming a mother, I went from suicidal/self harming, agoraphobia, insomnia and Emetophobia to having my life saved by my first born son because he gave me a reason to live and love. Things only got better when his brother Caelum came along.

    For the past year I cook food every Wednesday for an art enrichment therapy class at my local Behavioural health center. I do this all from the goodness of my heart and never ask for anything in return. It makes me happy to see everyone fed and using their creativity in art. They all smile soo much when they see the homecooked goods I bring in for the day. Sometimes it’s chowder, soup, chicken pot pie, lasagna. Always with a giant bowl of fresh fruit salad. Some have even said they weren’t sure when their next meals would be. Many are on disability and live check to check in poverty.
    They help me in sooo many ways. Before joining that art class I had no friends due to pushing everyone away during the beginning of my battle and the worst stages of my life.

    Much love & peace,
    Trisha Hall

    I would love to sip every morning coffee out of one of your gorgeous mugs. Thank you for this opportunity and again happy birthday

  106. First thing… Happy Birthday!
    I donate alot, but my most favorite and memorial good deed was a couple years back about 2 weeks before Christmas in Pennsylvania, there was a local homeless guy in the town we lived in at the time, I gave him the gloves and throw blankent I had in my car, went into the store and bought him a cup of coffee, a sandwich, and a $5 scratch off ticket. Went back the next morning, he was there and couldn’t wait to tell me thank you, that he won $200 on the scratch off, and slept in an actual bed (hotel) for the first time in 4 years. I’d see him now and then for the next couple months (giving him a couple bucks each time)and then found out he passed the following summer.

  107. First off, happy 29th bday Joel!! Hope you have a rocking year to follow!! So I am not sure if this counts as a qualification, but my husband and I have “opened” our home to my schoolmate’s infant daughter. She has been unable to provide for her daughter both financially and mentally due to her own mental instabilities. We have been taking care of her since she was born and for the past 10 months has been living with us while her mom tries to better herself in life. We are giving the beautiful baby girl a loving home, nurturing that she needs and also all the love that we do/give our own two children. (Yes we get the unconditional love of this beautiful child in return which is the best gift we could ever ask for). If we did not take V in she would have ended up being a child of the state. We could never ever let this happen. It is not her fault that her mom is not well and she needs a home until/if her mom ever gets well enough to take care of her.
    Again, I am not sure if this counts, but I just wanted to share. We may have given this child a safe, loving nurturing home, but we have also gotten the love of such an innocent, precious life.
    Happy birthday Joel!! Enjoy each day. Remember…each day is a gift of life, that is why it is called the present!!

  108. The last thing I gifted to someone was a hand-bound copy of their first self-published novel. She has been an online friend of mine for several years and I knew she had been working hard on writing her first novel. She finally completed her novel and published it on Amazon as an e-book.

    It is an incredible feat to get through writing your first novel and I was really happy for her. I wanted her to have a hard copy of her book as it is a very big accomplishment. I have just begun learning how to bind books and I wanted to do something special for her in celebration of her first published book!

    Sneakily, I went about getting a copy of her book; then I found programs that would allow me to format the file. Next I learned how to print the book properly so that I could fold it in to book sections. After I bound the book, I mailed it to her for a surprise! It was very special for her and for me. I was glad I could give her a copy of her book and that I could make it for her myself.

    P.S. Happy 29th Birthday! 🙂

  109. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! The last thing i gifted to someone was a lot of clothes, shoes and toys to a fmily with 11 children whose father was disabled. I know it was not much or near what some of these other people have donated but i know that those items will be greatly appreciated by this family.

  110. Happy birthday!! The last thing I gave as a gift is two tickets to Neil Diamond’s 50th anniversary tour to my mom! She has always wanted to see one of his concerts! It’s her Mother’s Day/ birthday present! The concert is in a couple of weeks, I hope she has a great time!!

  111. Happy birthday Joel!! Last thing I gave away was a white wicker chair that was passed on to me from my mum , I’ve had it for 15 years and I recently donated it to the local homestart charity in Edinburgh. I also gifted to the charity shop an old motorbike jacket & half set of golf clubs to the chest, heart & stroke foundation Scotland . I don’t sell , I always pass it on to help groups or charity

  112. Happy 29th birthday!! I love watching your videos of you working your craft! Very soothing!!
    The last donation I made was to a child I sponsor every month. 14 years ago my father was very ill. The doctors thought he had a malignant tumor wrapped around his bowels. I prayed to god that I would sponsor a child in need if my father survived his surgery and he did!! I’ve gone through 2 children as they grow older and I’m now on my 3rd child in South America. Even when I was a single mom struggling to pay the bills every month, I never stopped giving to the foster parent fund.
    Josie Klyne

  113. The last thing I donated was my time and talent. I’m a photographer and I volunteer at a local non-profit animal rescue by photographing their animals. When new animals arrive, I go over and photograph them in hopes of shortening their stay at the rescue by taking photos that showcase what’s special about them as they wait to find their forever homes. I’m heading over this week to photograph a litter of seven puppies!!!!!

    The amount of animals in shelters/rescues is staggering, so I use my photos to help build awareness of the issue while helping to find them new homes.

  114. Oh to be 29 again! Hope 29 is an epic year for you, Joel! The last thing I gave someone was when I handed my husband a “RESIST” bumper sticker this morning.

    Peace, love and happiness, Joel!

    -Karen from San Diego, CA

  115. Hi Joel, I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday and many more…
    As for doing something special for someone… I would say I opened up my heart and home to two wonderful girls that were under child protective services… with in the year or so they were adopted by my family and I… there were alot of challenges with mental issues for both of my girls but I can say I would do it all over again… they are great kids… my heart is full of love!!!!
    God bless…

  116. Happy Birthday!
    My husband and I started a non-profit organization, War Beard, a few years ago when out local military unit was deployed overseas during the holidays. In a nut shell we send care packages to troops! Our first round we shipped 127 care packages and our second mission we sent 140! Since then our unit came come so now we send to anyone (or their family) who reaches out to us! All we need is an APO/FPO and a list of things you miss from home! We get them bought and shipped! We’ve had tremendous support in raising funds to make all of this possible and it’s been an incredible experience!

  117. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a great day! So last week when I got off of my evening shift, I stopped at the corner store for some milk and such, and there was a person outside asking for money for food, I didn’t have any cash on me at the time, as I usually only carry debit so I bought her a sandwich and bottle of water. It wasn’t much but it was what came to mind at the time 🙂

  118. Happy Birthday!
    I am a single mother of twin girls. We had some pretty tight years and relied a lot on the food panty. Fast forward 15+ years. Things are better, the twins have grown, graduated college. I extreme coupon to give to the food pantry. It gives me a hobby, the rush of a huge savings, and gratitude of being able to give back. I have expanded to included diapers, toys even let food!

  119. Happy birthday Joel! I just love watching you create such beautiful pottery. The last thing I have gifted was baby food and all other baby necessities to a family in need!

  120. Happy birthday!! the last thing I gifted was cheesecake. I made the cheesecake in a rice cooker a friend gave us. I burnt the first cake, but the second attempt was a success. I sent a couple pieces to our friend to thank him for the cooker.

    Enjoy your special day!!! Share your cake !

  121. Not too long ago my husband and I moved to Florida. The 1st house we lived in was quite a bit of acreage. I was happy we brought our riding mower with us! A year later we moved into a nice development. Our neighbors at the 1st house were disabled (as am I) and didn’t have finances to keep up on their lawn. We gifted them our riding lawn mower and bought a push mower for our small slice of paradise. Giving them that mower enables them to spend time outdoors more now than ever! I’m always giving away things as I replace them but I try to make sure they go to families in need. There’s too much ugly out there in the world. It feels good to make someone’s heart smile! 🙂

  122. Happy birthday! I celebrated 29 back in February, so far not too shabby of a year!!

    The last thing I’ve gifted was a trip to my mom & sister. My sister is 2 years younger than I am & has a rare autoimmune disorder (I know a typical “sick story”– not the case). While my sister and mom both suffer from things (sister is chronically ill and my mom is an amputee), they both live a relatively normal life. While nothing extravagant can come their way, my husband and I had worked on surprising them with a trip just to enjoy the get away and not be stuck in a hospital hooked on IVs. It was nice to see them come back and enjoy life no questions asked.

    What’s nice about that is my sister came back happier & ready to tackle her illness with a breath of fresh air (literally!) because she was able to breathe easier. It made me feel so much happier to know a single break in the norm of doctors appointments and staying in the house was able to occur to give them a new outlook.

  123. Happy Birthday! I hope you have something fun planned!
    The most rewarding thing I’ve given away..or donated would be my iPod. I work in an elderly community and we use music therapy to help people with anxiety, anger,etc and give lots of joy. The iPod is used to put their favorite type of music on. You should see how even non verbal people will sing along to their favorite songs. It is a very rewarding job! Music moves the soul. Each resident that lives within this community gets his or her own iPod. Thankfully this means no one has to share, and we can reach multiple people at the same time.

  124. Happy birthday Joel! The last thing I gifted to a friend and currently still do, I help her watch her kids so she can go to work and I refuse to let her pay me anything. And since her family only has one vehicle, I let her use my car whenever she needs it. As long as I am home she can always use mine. And again, I refuse to let her pay me anything. I just want to help her. I would hope someone would help me if I really needed it, so I help anyone I can whenever I can. And gifted her money to fix her van when it was broken down.

  125. I wish I could use the next to last thing I gifted to someone…my minivan to a couple at church. They needed a car more than I needed a second car. However, to be truthful, the very last thing I gifted was my old tablet to y ex husband. He’s in a rough place, very depressed by the death of both of his parents and then his fiancé all in a very short time. I wanted him to be able to interact with our kids, so I gave it to him. He may not have been my forever love, but he is a good father and was a good husband. Happy Birthday, Joel! Stay blessed!

  126. I donated by time to Warrior’s Path Clean up at the The Falls of the Ohio State Park a state park in Indiana. It is located on the banks of the Ohio River at Clarksville, Indiana, across from Louisville, Kentucky. The park is part of the Falls of the Ohio National Wildlife Conservation Area. We cleaned up the riverbanks, fossil beds and the a good portion of the grounds next to the museum. The collection of garbage that had collected on the banks was quite disturbing. You can think you have an idea but until you are actually out there picking and cleaning up this space, you have no idea the impact that we are making on this earth. School groups and tours are held in this area as well as a lot of fishermen in that area. I was a beautiful day and was great to participate in a day of service to sustainability.

  127. The last significant thing I can think of that I gifted would have to be a home to my playful, sweet, awesome pup Remi! I found her under the awning of a local feed store in the pouring rain… She was starving and alone with little life left in her. I like to believe she knows and appreciates what I did for her that day. She truly is one of the best animals I have ever owned! <3 I also donate food and blankets to our local animal shelter… animal lover here!

  128. Happy 29th Birthday!!
    I just gifted a recycled, repurposed sari that was turned into a wrap skirt to my friend Amanda! She has helped me out a lot this last week and I appreciate her willingness to offer unconditional help when I need it most. Amanda’s friendship is a wonderful gift to me and I wanted to give her something with meaning and purpose to say thank you so much for being an amazing friend and for rocking!!

  129. I am a reading teacher at a middle school in a very small, country town. Most of our kids don’t have much, so I am always giving away stuff. Last week, our FAD group has their awards banquet and came auction. I donated my “famous’ Mississippi Mud cake to help them raise money. They use a real auctioneer and the money raised goes right back to help the kids participate in FFA activities. This year, my cake sold for $200! That money will help 3 kids go to the state competition.

  130. Happy birthday, Joel! I hope you have a spectacular day, with good food, family, and friends. My family recently donated $225 to our cousin’s son so he could attend a conference to compete with his High School BPA team. The team advanced to the National finals to represent his school and the state of Michigan in Florida. We are so proud of him!

  131. Happy birthday, hope it’s a great one. The last thing I gifted was a mothers ring to my Mama, she’s always wanted one. The look on her face when she got it was priceless I would do it over and over again just to see that smile. also I regularly gift ebooks I love gifting books.
    Thanks for the chance.

  132. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! The last thing I gifted to someone was a massage and I gave it to my mom. The reason why my siblings and I gifted this to her is because she recently celebrated 23 years of sobriety! She has always worked hard and is a great person in my life that deserves a day of pampering, especially since she has 5 kids.

  133. Happy Birthday Joel!! We do a lot of donating. Just yesterday, I donated 2 bags of clothes and books to the thrift store. My daughter donated some books that she no longer reads to her karate school. They were supporting our local Girl Scout troop. They also held a food drive that directly supports our local community food pantry. We’re also collecting pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald house. And today I felt the need to pay for the car behind me at Dunkin Donuts. It may have only been a few dollars, but I hope it put a smile on his face and maybe he will pay it forward as well! Have a great birthday!!

  134. Happy Birthday Joel! May your year be full of continuous fun filled adventures and lots of pot making! 😘

    I like to help my community as much as I can. With food donations, monetary donations, clothing for shelters, fundraising for my local MS chapter (I myself have MS), i often bake for local fundraising bake sales, support my local Animal shleters… Many many opportunities to give my hand and heart to thoses in need.

    Much love ❤️ From Timmins Ontario Canada.

  135. Hello Joel! Happy Birthday!

    The last major thing I gifted/donated was about 40 crocheted hats (all sizes) to one of my local hospitals and about 25 crocheted hats and a few crocheted lap-ghans to my local homeless shelter! I donate food to a local church/food pantry as often as I can! My family has been in need before so we always try to help as often as possible!

  136. Happiest of birthdays to you! The most recent thing I’ve “donated” is my time…that sounds pretty cliché, but it’s the truth. I’m a Sunday School teacher at my church, and have been volunteering in this position for close to 15 years. This seems like a pretty regular thing, but the kids I’m lucky enough to work with have pretty tough lives. Most of them are from very low income families with absent parents, and some are recent immigrants from war torn countries like Sudan. Half the time these children come to us unwashed and hungry, but they are so amazing when you take the time to get to know them. I think it’s the least I can do to spend a couple of hours each week showing them that they are important and they are loved.

  137. Hi Joel! !! Happy birthday !!!!
    What an awesome way to celebrate your 29th year of life!!

    Recently I have donated clothes to my mommy friends kids.. kids grow so fast and there clothes get expensive so I always pass them along!!! 🙂

    I’ve also donated some time to picking up trash in my neighborhood. I’m trying to teach my daughter that our earth is precious and we need to care for it!!!

    Hope you have a great birthday and congrats to those who win!!! 🙂

  138. Hi Joel! A very Happy Birthday to you, and continued success and happiness in the coming year!

    The last thing I gifted/donated was a ton of items from my old house. Rather than fill up a landfill or try to sell off my items, I donated them to those in need. There was a lot of furniture and household items, as well as gently used, or never used clothing and shoes. There are so many in my old community who are in need of everyday essentials, so I gladly handed over everything with a huge smile on my face and a lot of love in my heart. We literally filled the SUV seven times with everything I donated.

    At the sane time, the guy who bought my old house had been previously living with his parents and told me he was basically starting from scratch. I had debated bringing other items with me, but decided to help him out by gifting him an entertainment unit, a natural gas barbecue, and some dishes, as well as cleaning supplies, trusting he would take care of my beloved house just as well as I had for many years. He appreciated everything and I hope he will find some way to pay it forward, when he is able to do so. If we all gave what we could in order to help others, it sure would be a better world!

  139. Happy Birthday Joel! My last donation was just a couple weeks ago, to help fundraise for a friends daughter who is participating in an exchange program with students in Japan and will be travelling there next summer. I donated 4 boxes and 2 bags worth of “stuff”. Gently used things that still had lots of life left in them but that I no longer needed; curtains, shoes, purses, clothes. It felt amazing to be able to purge all that clutter from my life while also helping out a friend.

  140. The last “thing” I donated was some clothes we didn’t need anymore and a micro wave. We have a wonderful community with a non profit who gives to those who need it! But today I donate my time and able body to my mother in law. She isn’t in the best of health and can’t get around. She is alone so I spend my time chatting with her and doing house hold chores that she isn’t able to. I think our time and effort is the best gift we can really give someone. (Although these beautiful pieces of art are pretty awesome!)

  141. Happy 29th Birthday, Joel!
    The most recent thing I’ve donated has been my time. I recently picked up volunteering at the San Antonio Food Bank in the Haven for hope kitchen, where I prepare and serve food. Maybe it doesn’t mean much, but I see people trying to get their lives back together and even though I’ll never meet them, I share a smile and a greeting in hopes they feel my support. Everyone falls on hard times and everyone deserves a chance to be happy and have a good life.

    I like helping people, and I believe the best thing you can gift someone is sometimes your time and support.
    – Rose Gutierrez

  142. I give my attention to my best friends child everyday so her and her husband can go to work to provide for our little family.
    I also bought a poster for my friend who was on the verge of suicide and spent a week giving him my undivided attention until he knew someone cared about him and felt better.

  143. Interestingly enough, this gift is in the spirit of cosmic goods–much like your lovely mugs! My boyfriend and I are celebrating our 10th anniversary together this year and for his gift, I got a star map made of the night sky in Milwaukee on the night we met. He’s very into astronomy and we’re both quite sentimental, so I thought the gift would be a perfect choice. While I haven’t given it to him quite yet, it’s in the process of being framed at a local gallery and will be given to him in July. I suppose this isn’t the last gift I’ve given, but it’s one I’m really excited about! The last gift I have already given was to support Syrian refugees via the International Rescue Committee.

  144. Last thing I helped out with was a homeless man wanted food so I went and bought him peanut butter and jelly and bread plastic knives and juice boxes
    Why go get him a meal from fast food where he could only her one meal I wanted him to enjoy it throughout the week he was so greatful we also bought him some dog food to feed his dog why should that poor pup suffer
    Practicing kindness everywhere my family goes wether it’s a smile or a hello everyone needs something

  145. Happy birthday, Joel! I just turned 29 too!

    My best friend and her family recently moved to Italy- her husband is stationed at Aviano. I know she has struggled the last 6 months since being there- a combination of homesickness, language barriers, and anxiety. I cried for her when she told me recently that her husband will also be deploying soon. We’ve both suffered anxiety for a majority of our lives, and our friendship has been one of the most honest relationships I’ve ever had. We understand each other in a way that I know neither of us have ever had in other friends. Because I love her so much, it’s been hard for me to hear how much she struggles, both as an individual as well as a stay-at-home mom to two young daughters. I sent her a care package recently full of items to pamper herself with as well as small pieces of jewelry to remind her how amazing and strong she is. I’m constantly putting things away for her and her family anytime I see something that I think they would like. She doesn’t know it yet, but for Mother’s Day, I sent her a copy of Bunmi Laditan’s “Confessions of a Domestic Failure” in hopes that it reminds her that she’s not alone, and that all moms feel like their failing their families at one point or another.

  146. Happy 29th. I don’t mean this the way it will seems but the best thing that I have gifted is “my time, sweat and tears” since 1988 to Camp Sunshine, programs for children with cancer as a long-time volunteer,
    board member ( Items and money are easy to give for most people but giving of your time and service costs you and get you vested in the cause and … if you are lucky … you may get a little something back from those you serve like respect, gratitude. We as a people help ourselves by being a servant leader.

    If I were to receive this free item … I would in turn donate it to Camp Sunshine for auction to further help this organization … sure I would love to have a mug, etc but it is better to give than receive.

  147. Happy Birthday!
    i live in Corpus Christi TX and there is a group called Tacos not bombs and they get together every Sunday and have a prepared meal for the homeless…last week they served 145 plates… not only do they get a hot meal there is also a spot for them to grab clothes, purses, toothpaste, toothbrush etc. they also
    have a mobile library… they can get books to read and if they return the book they get something for doing so. This is such a wonderful thing that this group has put together… I was able to help out with a bunch of toothpaste and toothbrushes … I also donate all of our clothes and house hold items … just yesterday I gave a lady a set of pots and pans. I love helping others in anyway I possibly can.

  148. My last thing I gave was to a little boy that came to my work. He was on a school trip and he was with his group of friends. He was the last to order and when he went to pay he coudlnt find his money. He lost it. So I paid for his meal and gave him some money for the rest of the day and I told him to enjoy the rest of the day.

  149. Happy birthday Joel!
    The last thing I gifted was $10 and a bag of dog food. I was at a WAWA food store and I saw a young woman with a dog standing out front. She had a sign asking for money for food. I know a lot of people won’t give money to homeless people because they think they are going to use that money for drugs. I gave her $10 and I bought a bag of dog food in WAWA for her dog. I will never know what she used the money for, but I would rather give her the money and she didn’t use it for food, than to not have given her the money and she really was just hungry. I always believe that people are good until they prove otherwise.

  150. Happy 29th birthday! 🎉

    My best friends brother passed away, and While we were going through his brother’s room cleaning it out we found some beaded necklaces. He told me I could have them, so I took the beads off the necklace and used them in a dream catcher I handmade and then gave it back to my friend to have something to remember his brother by. ❤️

  151. Hi, Happy birthday!!
    My name is Svetoisckia Sahtoe. In my country there are these young kids who sell fruit on the street after school. They walk up to cars at stop lights and ask you if you want to buy some. I don’t usually buy the fruit but i do give them money every time i drive by. Sometimes i give them a bottle of water or a bag of chips. I just can’t imagine how they can stand on the street in the burning sun all day and still have a smile on their faces.
    Anyhow, the last time i gave someone something was last week. A boy around the age of 10 came up to my car and very kindly asked for some money so he and his friends could buy a meal of Chinese food, so i gave him enough to get that.

  152. Happy Birthday!!🎂
    The last gift I gave was a handmade Family Birthday Board (what a coincidence that it’s your birthday) for my mom. It will be her mothers day gift! She saw one floating around Facebook at Christmas time and told me she wanted one. I used some scrap wood and stained it and used my vinyl cutter to put the word Family on it, with some decorative flourishes here and there, and to make the dates and names of all her kids and grandkids. It was a fun project, and I know it will make her smile. I hope you have a great birthday and thanks so much for the inspiration and generosity you pour out!

  153. Hello Joel and Happy Birthday!🎊🎉 The last thing I have was my time and a financial donation at a local food pantry. To spend time performing physical labor unpacking items and then packing up baskets for the needy people in our area provides humility and a great sense of love ❤️. These people usually don’t have any family to help them and many are without a place to call home. I not only provide basic means to them with food but also conversation, happiness, caring and love.

  154. Happy Birthday!, to be young again. Lol. I give my time and money and sanity to foster children here in Michigan. I run a support group one of the largest In Michigan for parents looking to foster, adopt, or help foster children. I have personally adopted 2 boys from foster care.

    Second, I give monthly to Make A Wish foundation, and the American diabetes association for my brother who has had diabetes since the second grade.

  155. What an awesome way to celebrate your birthday by giving to someone else. The biggest thing I gave away was a minivan to a grandma in need. The grandma had custody of her young granddaughter and no working vehicle to take her to the Como zoo or MOA, etc. I had a Chevy venture as a back up / just in case beater that was still in good condition. I put new tires, new brakes and gave it to her and her granddaughter. One of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done and can’t wait until I’m in the position to do it again for another family in need. PS this is the first time I’ve even spoken publicly about it too… shows your how amazing it would be to have any of your creations.

  156. Happy Birthday Joel!!
    Every month I do Happy Mail an send random people a small gift or letter or just a little something to brighten their day. May marks 1 year I have been doin this! Its nice to see them post about the random mail they got! Many friend have sent me addresses for friends an family! I love it! Its nice to not always get bills!

  157. Happy birthday Joel! 🎂🎉🎂 I hope you are having a wonderful day! I love all of your pottery and hope to be able to purchase some real soon.
    The last thing I donated was my time and money to St Jude. I’ve helped with multiple fundraisers in my area, which is a big supporter of St Jude. Whenever I can I will donate money to them. If you’ve never had the opportunity to tour there I would definitely recommend it, you would be in awe of the “big family” drone has become. The entire staff there is a God send and you will always encounter someone willing to help you no matter what you need! I wish I could say they were life saving, unfortunately they weren’t. Although they did prolong my daughters life big time, it wasn’t enough. We spent 3 straight months there, all while living at the Ronald McDonald house, and were never paid for a anything. If more people would spend time at St Jude then I believe it would help change the fact that childhood cancer is one of the least funded cancers. My daughter would have been 19 on May 11th and sadly she passed away on June 4th 2009. She was diagnosed on 9/27/07, if it wasn’t for St Jude she wouldn’t have been able to fight those long hard months. Ok sorry it’s so long but I’m very passionate about St Jude and of course the Ronald McDonald house!

  158. A friend of mine has a son who was born terminally ill with lissencephaly. Her sweet boy was very sick and was admitted to her local childrens hospital, in the pediatric ICU, had two surgeries, was on a ventilator for a bit and spent several weeks in the hospital. A group of us sent not just her a gift but something for her son, her daughter and her husband as well. I was part of this group and our goal was to bring a ray of sunshine during a difficult time for all of them and share some “llama love” as the group of us call it. Any time a friend in our group needs help, we rally together and donate money to help that person. One friend didn’t get paid by her boss, we rallied together and helped raise money to make sure her family had food on the table and bills paid. Another friend lost her husband in a car accident while he was out of state for work – we rallied together to send flowers, and gift her, her son and her daughter some small items and we arranged meals for her for a couple of weeks.

  159. Happy Birthday! 29 is a great year, so soak it up and love every minute of it!
    Over the past three months, I have made a huge effort to change my lifestyle and habits to move toward a healthier and more genuine one, so that I can donate my kidney, left one to be exact, to my beautiful aunt in June. She has been living with acute renal failure, after 40 years with only one fully functioning kidney since birth, and another 16 years with a transplant given to her by my mother. I have been blessed with a gift and wonderful opportunity to save her life, and I am excited to begin the journey with her.

  160. Hey Joel, Wishing you the happiest of birthdays! The last things I donated were pink pussy hats that I’d knit by hand a that I distributed at the Women’s March on Washington this past January. I loom knit 16 hats between December and January. In January my daughter and I drove down from RI to DC for the March and gave 14 knit hats away (as well as another 20 that my friend had sewn) to everyone from a little boy on the metro to a trio of elderly sisters to a trans woman, and everyone was thrilled. Some asked to buy the hats, but I was more than happy to give them away for this great cause.

  161. Happy Birthday! I am 29 as well! Except I turn the big 30 in June 😉
    Anyways, I am always donating, helping others when needed and just being there for everyone who needs a helping hand 🙂
    There was a guy who tried to get on the transit bus today but didn’t have change to pay his fare, and I wasn’t going to not help, who knows where this guy has to go? Could be a new job, visiting sick family? The list could go on. There’s always a story as to why someone needs help, there’s always a reason why places like animal shelters need donations etc. But there’s no reason why we can’t take a minute out if our time and help out! 😀
    Sincerely, admirer of your art. ☆

  162. Happy 29th Joel! The last thing I gave away was a 4 1/2″ dobsonian telescope to my tattoo artist so he can teach and learn with his young son and daughter about what is beyond earth. It’s always a joy to hear that they are actually using it. Just a few days ago they saw the crab nebula. I have some great paintings that were inspired by the moon and some galaxies my friend painted. My wedding cake was a cake inspired by space. I would love to have one of your pieces to add to my collection.

  163. Thank you for this opportunity. You and your staff put a lot of heart and soul into this artistry. I enjoy watching it online and learning from you. I have provided many hours and my skills in graphic design to a friend in need who is out of work and starting her own business. I’m also hosting a party for several small business owners and paying for the event for them to make some profits and get their name out for what type of product or service they provide. I’ve advertised, made gifts to give to those that come, booked the facility, made a presentation for the products to play on a big screen. I feel as though helping others is the best reward and I do it quite often. Whoever wins the prizes will surely cherish them. What a wonderful way to share the love and your talent!

  164. Happy Birthday! I enjoy watching your live feeds. I am a Bartender/Server so nights that we are slow the customers at the bar ask me to “put that pottery guy on again!”. I live in a small town so it is hard to do what I do; Which is, living off tips and also what I do as my gift to other for I do not wish to be taking advantage of. The last thing that I gifted was towards sympathy of others. Every couple of months I like to (out of my own pocket) pay the bill of one of my tables. It started with a table who had just lost a family member. I also enjoy cheering someone up on a bad day, randomly choosing a table since we all are going through something, or the teenagers that dont have quite enough money on their first date. You’re great for doing this. Enjoy your birthday and do good for others and others will do good for you!

  165. Happy Birthday Joel!!
    Well, the last items I donated was a bag of clothes and household products. Twice a year, I like to clean out our house, closets, and garage. Anything that is still durable and worth refurbishing is donated to our local “SAVERS” A thrift store in our area. As a bonus to me, I then get to shop at the store for great finds! Ones man trash is another mans treasure!! 🙂

  166. Happy Happy Happiest of Birthday wishes all the way from Ontario Canada 🇨🇦! I hope this is among one of your best birthday’s ever!! I used to say I was 29 whenever asked, but then my nephews figured out the math, it’s must harder to pull off now 😉

    The last thing I gifted sounds kinda funny… but in essence it was my “time” it was gifted … I have a friend that runs her own day care in order to stay home with her 2 year old and 4 month old…but in order to make a living at that, she babysits for shift workers so her schedule is 12 hrs some days, some nights and all weekend as well… with two littles of her own, she is getting overwhelmed with no family time or time for herself to even get a haircut or basically get out of the house… I am on as backup care for the daycare kids in case there is an emergency or a medical appointment… so what I did was give her coupons for “Afternoon away for a haircut”, “date night without littles”, ” just because you want out of the house”, “a one to one date with her 2 year old” , “free house cleaning” and “I cook and I clean” coupon…
    I did it all up in a coupon book, no expiry dates, a little silly gift but she was so excited she has nearly used them all by now….

  167. Hi Joel, my donation story is I work at a furniture store and we have tons and tons of fabric samples, well when they get discontinued normally they would just get thrown. So I began collecting them and bringing them to local churches, creating groups of women and we make blankets out of them to then donate to both shelters and humane society’s. It has become a great program for recycling 1000’s of yards of fabrics that would otherwise go to waste. By the way your pottery is absolutely amazing! It’s my favorite gift to give to family members at holidays, I buy it at the local blend.

  168. Happy Birthday Joel! I so enjoy watching your videos and cannot wait to own some of your pottery.

    I work in a 9 floor office building. Last Friday, I needed to come back to the office to do something for my boss. There were only about 10 people here. I brought my daughter with Down Syndrome with me. While I logged into my computer and sent the email, which took about 30 seconds, she disappeared! I know, huge mom fail…who would have ever thought she’d move that quickly and disappear so completely.
    A girl in my office, helped me search, call the security desk, search some more and call my husband. I thought we’d have to systematically look through the entire building. Needless to say I was a bit frazzled.
    Masiel didn’t stop looking with me until we found her. Those who don’t love someone with a disability don’t really understand how scary things like this can be, and I was so very thankful to her for doing it. She’s just a nice person.
    So, I went to the florist and got her a really nice plant/flowers in a pot for her desk.
    I know it’s not a charity, but in this day and age, I think we often forget to show gratitude for things others do for us that are above and beyond what would be expected of them.
    She helped me when I felt helpless and I wanted to make her day.

  169. Every Christmas and birthdays my family and I do not exchange gifts instead we spend the money on things the local women’s shelter needs like feminine supplies baby stuff clothes food or bedding.

  170. Happy Birthday Joel!

    The last time I donated was for Alex’s Lemonade Stand! My work raised over $600 in a little over 8 hours. It was amazing to raise that much money for such a great cause!

  171. The last thing i gifted were pants i made for a friends baby.

    I donated formula to a family in need along with clothes and diapers.

  172. Happy Birthday Joel! The last thing I gifted was to the church food pantry, and a crocheted throw to hospital. Your potery is beautiful, you have a great talent. Thank you.

  173. Hi Joel Happy Birthday! 29 is a goodie. The last thing I gifted was to a woman who was on the side of the road with a sign. She was a struggling single mother asking for anything to help. I like to help these people if I feel safe when approaching but I didn’t have any cash. I did however just go to the grocery store and had some hydration waters ( it was a hot day) so I explained to her i didn’t have any money if she could have my waters so she could stay hydrated. Have a good day!

  174. Happy Birthday!!!

    My favorite time I volunteered was this past Christmas. My family and I bought a family Christmas gifts. We dressed up like Santa and his elves and delivered the presents to the children at their house. The look in the children’s eyes was so amazing and special. It took everything in me not to cry.

    I also helped my mom buy and wrap presents that was donated by the local hospital for a women’s shelter. We wrapped easily 200 gifts for the women and children. We through them a Christmas party and got my brother to dress up like Santa again and we delivered the gifts at the party. It is definitely my favorite Christmas ever! I love seeing the sparkle in people’s eyes when someone does something kind.

    Kindness is hard to find in such a cruel world but I love trying to make people smile. I’ve learned a lot. It’s made me a more grateful person.

  175. Happy 29th birthday Joel! The last thing I gifted was tickets to my little sister to see Billy Joel on New Years Eve this year. It was on her bucket list. I donate clothing and food regularly along with adopting a child or family if we can afford it at Christmas. However what I love to donate most is my time, love and affection. I volunteer at a local hospital and rock/comfort babies who are born to drug addicted mothers and therefore they are going through detox. They are usually pretty sick and need to be held almost non stop. It’s so rewarding to see those babies thrive!

  176. I have given my friend the gift of free babysitting. She works overnights four days a week. I watch her two children for her while she works and any other time she needs them watched. They have stayed entire weekends before with me and my three children. It gets crazy with there being five children ranging from 6-1 and just on adult but I don’t mind.

  177. Happy Birthday and I hope you’re enjoying it. I live in SE Missouri. Recently we had a lot of flooding. In my town the police, national guard, volunteers, and many others were sand bagging along the Black River to prevent more flooding and devastation. It was really hot outside the first clear day with no rain. So, I drove by the river and did a rough head count. I went to a store close by called Country Mart (Cash Saver) and bought bags of ice, coolers, as much bottled water as I could see, chips, and other things for everyone who was in the heat trying to protect our town. I paid for it and drove to every intersection there was along the way with police and volunteers checking ID and gave them a snack and water. I took the rest to the river and dropped it off. Also I got bread and a few other items from the store to take to the shelter they had set up at the Coliseum for flood victims and donated it to them. We may be a small town, but in hard times we come together for everyone. Anyways, hope your day is awesome as you are! Thanks for the opportunity to win some of your amazing art!

  178. Happy 29th 🙂
    The last thing I gave was funds to help a family from my church. They are in the process of trying to adopt a girl from another country.

  179. Happy birthday! It is a great month for a birthday!

    We make it a habit to give year round. We just passed down a large donation of girls clothing to a family with 3 girls. We also gave a bicycle to a young girl to learn to ride. Always trying to pass along anything to help.

  180. Happy birthday !!!! Mine is the 22nd. The last thing I donated to was a child good friend of 43 years. Donated money and my time to her. She has 2 cancers, 1 lung, the doctor removed 1/2 a lung and the 2nd is pancreatic cancer. The doctor removed most of her pancreas and some parts around it. Taking her to appointment, chemo, radiation, sitting with her, just there for anything she needed. Thank the good Lord above, she is still here. I pray for her and with her. If anyone reading this, her name is Lynn and prayers are free. Thank you!!!

  181. On 04/29/17 my husband and I donated money and then walked a 5k to Purple Stride in their Wage Hope for Pancreatic Cancer. We did this in honor of my daughter in laws father Mike Flickinger who lost his battle of pancreatic cancer only sixteen days earlier. We had so hoped he would have been able to participate in the walk, but we were blessed to have his spirit with us instead. This will now be a family tradition helping to fight this hideous disease.

  182. Hey Joel Happy 29th. I just donated to Alzheimer’s Foundation in honor and memory of my grandmother who I cared for from 1999-2010. It is such a debilating disease that not only affects the victim but all family members.

    I lived and kept her home with me until other medical issues arose and then forced to put her in a facility for more than 3 years.

    My hopes is that one day that a cure will be found so no others have to suffer.

    I wish you much continued success in all your endeavors. Happy Birthday once again!

  183. Last year for my 50th birthday I wanted to do something epic. So I asked my daughter who makes cakes for a living to make a sheet cake and I asked all my friends not to buy for me but instead for the homeless. We collected warm clothes, coats, hats, gloves, socks, scarves, toiletries and $5 gift cards to a 24 hour fast food place nearby. (With the gift card they are paying customers so can get in out of the cold, get a lil something to eat and warm them, as well as wash up and use the bathroom) I also crocheted handmade blankets and hats. On my birthday my friends and I went to downtown New Orleans and took my party to share with them. We spent several hours visiting and celebrating life with the people. It was an amazing day.

    So now a year later I worked all year crocheting more blankets and a hat everyday and again we repeated the birthday bash with those who are in need.

    The actual event we do the end of Febuary to the beginning of March. So each day I work toward crocheting/making hats and blankets for that special day we go and give to others. I also shop all year for this project. I have friends from all over the states who also send yarn, socks, gloves, warm clothes, toiletries, etc.

    Honestly this project has became my passion. To keep people warm. I think it helps heal my spirit as much as if not more then the people we give to.

    Happy Birthday Joel!

  184. Hey Joel! Happy 29th! Hope you have a great birthday. I just gifted something awesome to my mom for Mothers Day. Besides being a wonderful mom and my best friend, she’s an inspirational woman. The past few years have been rough for her as she’s battled cancer twice (in remission again, yay!) and recently went through the breakup of a very long marriage. However, her spirit has prevailed and she refuses to give up. Not only is she surviving but she is trying new things. She’s 65 and this year passed her motorcycle test! Nothing can stop her! When I saw the gift, I knew it was a perfect fit. It’s from a small online business and it’s a key chain that says…”When life throws you a curve…lean into it” with a motorcycle charm. It reminded me so much of her and her spirit of tackling things head on. Thanks.

  185. My family has donated a lot to the semi-local thrift shop, especially when we down sized from a very large house to a very small cabin. We don’t have a lot of money, but when we are done with something we donate it. We drive an hour away to the thrift shops, one uses the proceeds from their sales to help the community with medical sevices and medical equipment. That one is my favorite.
    I have dontated helpful tips to a fellow new triplet mama. Tips shouldn’t only be on how to raise you kids, but how to take care of mama.

  186. The last thing I gifted was a teardrop keychain with a real blue daisy inside, a checker at my grocery store admired my red rose and I knew I had the one last real flower keychain left so I told her it was her`s, she offered to pay me but I refused, I created jewelry and gift many of what I have made to people, strangers in fact, a small piece of my soul that finds a new home. And may I also wish a fellow Taurus a happy birthday as mine is the Friday the 12th!

  187. Happy Birthday!!! Today is my birthday too!!! I’m a few years older though 😉 33 Love your work and your passion for it! My husband is an artist too, he works with glass and wood. So the last thing I donated or gifted…. I give a lot to a local animal shelter that I use to work for (Vanderburgh Human Society) mainly i volunteer and foster, But recently they just had their biggest fundraiser of the year, an auction. I donated from my (small) side business, a starter kit of this popular lipstick called Lipsense. I know it probably Sound like much but I have just started to build this business and the makeup isn’t the cheapest. All proceeds went directly to the shelter, they are nonprofit and don’t receive any money through ASPC. Plus I love helping women find that right color that’s helps them feel confident and comfortable! Anything to help the animals and Empower other women. Love this theme of paying it forward! So beautiful to see the love that is out there when we’re surrounded in a lot of not so nice things. I would love to win this contest but even if I don’t I hope to own a few of your pieces in the future! I’m keeping my eye on those Cosmic mugs lol

  188. Happy 29th Birthday Joel. I hope this next year in your life brings you all the happiness! The last gift I gifted was for my mom, it was an early Mother’s Day gift. The last time I donated I dontated to the No kids go hungry, Red nose foundation, and Save the Elephants. I would love if everyone could donate a little to Save the Elephants or the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Elephants are near and dear to my heart and I would be so sad if future generations couldn’t live in a world with these gentle giants. Kids are our future and I try to always donate to kids charities. The Red Nose foundation is great and makes me think of Robin Williams. Laughter is a great way to heal for kids and adults!

  189. Happy 29th Birthday Joel😊 I am a couponer who practices getting the best deals possible on all things that are considered essential. I donate deodarent, toothpaste, tooth brushes, toilet paper, shampoo, body wash, razors, pretty much anything you can think of to promote self care to a local homeless shelter where I also donate my time twice a month. I think it might be more rewarding for me than our clients! ❤

  190. Happy Birthday Joel! Yesterday, when we stopped at the local gas station, a dog that we had seen around the area for the last week or so, came up to us and was in really bad shape. We just so happened to have dog food and treats in the car (shopping day), so we gave him something to eat and drink, and called every local place we could find. But no one was open or if they were they couldn’t take him. So after about 2 hours of trying to find a rescue we hit the jackpot! We found a wonderful rescue that was able to come get him and was going to take him to get treated! We ended up giving the rescue the 3 cases of dog food, and box of bones we had in the car. I have also been contacted by the owner and will be headed out that next week to help her with getting some dogs transferred to get treatment! My husband still says I am crazy, but there was NO WAY I was leaving that dog!

  191. Happy birthday!! I recently donated 8+ hours of my time in organizing and carrying out a Multicultrual Counseling workshop at my University. Although I’m not currently in a position to give away money or possessions, it felt good to donate my time and skills in organizing a workshop in which fellow counselors and mental health professionals could become more culturally sensitive and responsive with their clients & students.
    Thank you- love your work!! – Madeleine

  192. I do charity work for a non profit. The 501st Legion, we are a world wide Star Wars costuming group. I have participated in about 20 charity events this year. We do a lot of Make-a-Wish donations. We visit little ones in the hospitals. We also do Relay for Life events. I would never trade this for anything. The smile on the kids faces melt your heart and bring such joy.

  193. Well first off happy birthday!! Mine was two days ago!! May baby’s rock!! I recently adopted a dog!! I donate all my old clothes, I love shopping at good will!! I once was playing a claw machine I won a toy and gave it to a little kid and the smile on his face made my day!! I have paid for groceries when somebody came up short at the register!!

  194. Happy 29th Birthday! Today is also my Birthday. Over the past month I have been making graduation and mother’s day felt flower arrangements for my church. I also am working on greeting card kits to take to a camp so i can teach a card making class for all ages. Thank you for this opportunity to enter your giveaway. I enjoy watching you throw pottery. You are an amazing talent.

  195. Happy birthday, Joel!🎂🎁🎉🎆
    The last thing that I donated was a pint of blood to the American Red Cross. I am a regular donor, and the reason why I do it is because my grandmother bleed to death after a routine procedure when I was 7 years old! They tried giving her a transfusion, but they couldn’t get the bleeding to stop! I was very close to her, and I took her death so hard that I temporarily picked up her bad habit of throat scraping, and I didn’t even consciously realize that she did that!
    Someone took the time to donate the blood that they used to try to save my Grandma’s life, so I donate in the hope that I can help save someone else’s loved one, and I do it in honor of my Grandma!💖

  196. Happy birthday, darlin.
    My husband left us out of the blue. He went through the house so fast packing and taking things. I went through everything that reminded me of him or our life together that he left behind. Food, clothes, house items, furniture, linens. Instead of burning it all, I Created a donation page on Facebook and donated them all to different charities, fund raisers and animal shelters.

  197. The last thing I gifted to someone was my time for an ear to listen and observe and not judge. Never say you don’t have time for someone that may need it at that moment. Time is precious.
    Happy 29th!

  198. The last thing I donated was a whole bunch of clothes to a local organization that actually gives to those who are in need. I’d rather donate to a group that I know is going straight to needy people.

    We also just made 20 care packages and gave them to the homeless. (Soap shampoo tooth brush toothpaste snacks and water

    The last gift I gave was to our dance studio owner for her birthday a couple days ago. We made her a handmade gift from the heart.

    Happy Birthday Joel! We would be blessed to receive this gift!
    I love watching you work, you are a true talent.

  199. Hello and happy birthday. Our church along with 10-12 more have a Single Mom’s Oil Change. We offer this service free of charge, we have ladies to minister to the women some who drive over an hour to get there. We decorate the inside of the church with table clothes and flowers on every table. We provide child care and breakfast or luck depending on what time of the day they are there. We have and dessert auction to help raise the money to be able to do this . For the auction I made a oatmeal cake with coconut pecan icing all from scratch , it seems to sell good . The day of the oil change I volunteer inside with the women along with my daughter in law , my husband and son work outside with the cars. We do this every year in April . It is a blessing to all involved .

  200. Happy Birthday Joel! Love watching your videos! So inspiring and relaxing! Last thing I gifted were clothes to a shelter, and I donate my time weekly to a kitty cat rescue and one on one time to seniors who have no family. 🙂

  201. Happy 29th to you!! Enjoy life as it goes by to fast I am a new follower and admire the things you do. I am a giver of many different things such as The Ronald McDonald house in central Florida and of Arnold Palmer Hospital. My son is 6 yrs in remission and these locations have helped me so I gather gifts and give them to the hospital that they use to give the children when they are upset or if they get a needle stick. Also another great organization is BaseCamp Children’s Cancer foundation. They have helped my son not feel so alone and to show him other kids have the same experience as he has handled. They have a pantry for family’s of cancer patients can shop in so I coupon and give them items to keep on hand. I also will give them different items such as board games, stuffed animals or any kind of a toy that they can use to help a child with cancer or a sibling of a cancer patient. These are my passions and will always be.

    Thank you it is great to see that you are giving to St. Jude as they also help support Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital. That is very near and dear to me!

  202. Hi Joel and your lovely girl,

    My gift is a bit different. I am a scrambling parent of three small children. My oldest who is 8 has Angelman Syndrome which is a disorder that occurs before birth that affects the 15th chromosome. This disorder means he is nonverbal, has seizures and requires 24/7 care in every area of life from eating, bathing, dressing and tolieting to being safe as they have no sense of danger at all. Angels also do not need much sleep, so you are up when they are up. Being former military, I joke that they only thought they knew what sleep deprivation was. Wait until you have an Angel. 🙂

    My gift is giving all of me even when I am exhausted, when I am angry with the way our life is and the sense of unfairness when I am sitting in the hospital room for 4 days with my two younger children so my Angel will never be left alone. I don’t stop giving even when think I can’t give anymore because as the only parent in this family, I don’t have much to give other than myself.

  203. Happy birthday Joel! I hope 29 treats you well. The last present I gave was a custom journal to my brother. On the front was a picture of my family at my wedding, including my father who died this past December. I got that for him because he’s really into writing music and I thought a picture of all of us together might inspire him, since he’s been writing a lot about my dad. Keep creating like you do, it’s inspiring and creativity is a gift! 🙂

  204. I volunteer for a non profit. The 501st Legion. We do charity events for Make-a-Wish , SPCA, Relay for Life, and other charities. We go to local hospitals and visit the kids every few months. I am currently working on hygene bags for battered women shelters and throw blankets for children in hospitals.i would never trade this for anything. The joy and smiles on the kids faces is so rewarding.

  205. Happy last year in your 20s 😁 Hope you have a wonderful day/year!
    Recently my father-in-law had a health scare and they had a benefit to raise money for medical expenses. I baked pies, bread and sweets, cooked Rappie Pie and donated many items for auctions and “yard sale” table.
    Today at work (at a vet clinic) we had a sick cat that could no longer groom himself, so after we were done all his tests, I took an hour and brushed out all of his mats free of charge. (Wasn’t sure if this would count, but thought I’d add it)
    Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

  206. We just made up twenty care packages for the homeless that had shampoo soap toothbrush toothpaste water and a snack.

    We also just donated a whole bunch of clothes to an organization that gives to the needy.

    We just gifted our most fabulous dance studio owner a gift that we handmade gift from the heart.

    Happy birthday Joel!
    You are such a blessing to the artisan community.

  207. Happy Birthday 🎈🎈. The last thing I donated were packaged we made up consistenting of shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, a roll of quarters, some trail bars, a few pieces of candy my son ( age 4) donated from his easter basket and a pair of socks. We call the sunshine bags and we pass them out to homeless people.

  208. Happy 29th rotation around the sun to you, Joel! Hope life has been treating you well this far. The last thing I gifted someone was a handmade mug I threw. It was to a friend I made during choir. We are both going off to college and we aren’t going to see each other for possibly to rest of our lives. It was really special for me because now this friend will think of me every time she uses my artwork!

  209. Happy birthday! Just found your site a few night ago. Watched live for awhile. Just awesome. I grew up in St. Cloud, so neat to see someone local so successful! Last donation I made was a very nice roll top desk I donated to a local church. Would love to get a first piece of your pottery. 😀

  210. I met my very first niece yesterday and I knit her a baby blanket. I chose to use local and hand-dyed yarn from an artist friend of mine, who also buys her products locally. I am proud to pass on the art of 100% handmade gifts and not store bought. I take pride in buying locally and supporting local artists. My hope is that it will inspire her and the rest of my family to support the arts, local artists, and businesses!

  211. Happy Birthday Joel, I hope it was an amazing day for you. I enjoy watching you do your thing and sharing it with the world. I’m not big on tooting my own horn, but I do love pottery….so. I was diagnosed in 2010 with a very rare form of appendix cancer called PMP, I was given 1 to 5 years to live. Thanks to an amazing team of Dr’s educated by research, in 2015 I underwent an extensive surgery to extend my life by hopefully 10 to 15 years! My journey has encouraged me to raise awareness and money for research in hopes that one day no one will have to endure what myself and so many others have had to endure. In 2016 I held the first PMP/appendix cancer awareness event in the state of Florida, passed my monitary goal and was able to provide money to the ACPMP Research Foundation for research.

  212. Happy Birthday! So glad I found you as a “Trending Live Video” on Facebook because I LOVE your pottery! The last thing I donated was party decorations and party boxes for an organization called Happy Birthdays. They collect donations to help provide everything for an entire birthday party in a box for foster and homeless children in Central Texas. I found out about them at the beginning of the year and have tried to donate a full box or decorations every month since!

  213. Happy Birthday! 29 seems ages ago, even though I just turned 34 on April 23.
    Well yesterday I helped work a produce giveaway that the food bank puts on at the opportunity center where my clients work, went and paid for a friends haircut that afternoon, gave my daughter’s booster seat to a gal I know since her daughter’s was stolen that morning, and then took a flat of strawberries back to work for my coworker since they are her favorite. We work at a home for mentally disabled and she switched hours with me so I could have Mother’s Day off, for the first time in 13 years, to spend with my grandmother, mom, sister, aunt, and kids (12 and 9). Pretty darn blessed, whether I win or not. Hope your days are blessed too!

  214. Hi Joel and Happy Birthday
    My art medium is thread, I crochet.
    I love animals, was a brownie and a Girl Scout and battled breast cancer. I realized one day my creations were falling flat and my passion wasn’t fulfilling. One day inspiration hit. I crochet hats and scarves for chemo patients at the facility where I did my chemo, I make cat toys from organic catnip that I grow myself and give them to someone I know in a network of cat foster homes to give away with each adoption and I like to see the look on the Girl Scouts faces when I buy a box of cookies, slip in and extra random amount of cash, and say keep the change!

  215. Happiest of birthdays!!!! The last thing I donated was items that I got from my couponing trips. I love to coupon and I can’t always use what I can get so when it is stuff I get for little to no cost I donate it to a drug treatment center for mothers and to Interact (shelter for battered women).

  216. Funny enough, this happened the night I discovered Cherrico Pottery! I had stopped by the store on the way home from work, and when I was leaving I was stopped by a woman in the store lobby with a cart full of groceries. She asked if I could give her a ride home because her son, who was coming to pick her up, had just been in an accident and was taken to the hospital. She said she would even pay me to take her home. I asked where she lived, and it was on my way, so I told her sure, and help her load her groceries into my car. I got her home, helped her unload the car, and met her dog. She tried to give me some cash, but I told her it wasn’t necessary because it wasn’t out of the way for me at all.

    I hope that you have a wonderful birthday!

  217. Hey! Hope you’re having the happiest of birthdays🍻!
    My occupation is a physical therapist assistant and I work in a nursing / rehabilitation facility. The age range of the patients there are from 65-103. Everyday I walk in with a smile and begin cheering up some very depressed / ill / pain ridden people. Some just need someone to talk to or a warm body to get a hug, while others are lacking material things; like clothing, blankets, etc.. I always strive to do all I can to help out all who need it. These people are not my patients but rather my extended family of grandma’s and grandpa’s! I love them as so. I have sifted through my wardrobe and asked others for clothing and essentials that I bring and give to those who have none. I have ran to the store on lunch breaks to pick up coloring books or magazines to give to those who have that hobby. For birthdays I make or purchase picture’s, flowers, or something sweet to eat as a treat. I could go on and on, but the joy of it is seeing the smile on their faces and joy that someone out there is willing to extend a hand and help! A lot of these elderly patients don’t have family or friends to come visit or help get them these essentials, so noe when I’m out and about I’m shopping for not only my family at home but for them too! No words can ever explain fully how much happiness I feel when I can help those who truly need it!💗

  218. Last gift I gave, was a home to a foster dog rejected by his adoptive family who no longer wanted him and beat him with a broom. Not much but a gift of a happy home.

  219. Happy Birthday….I’ll be 31 on May 13th. All this stuff i did this weekend….The last thing I gave a friend was a pool party at my house for her 2 kids. She doesn’t have much so I try and help her out every year. I donated money to the Knights of Columbus theyre were raisining money for a Disabled Organization and I also gave a couch to a family in need. I also daily take care of disabled individuals as my job but also volunteer when I’m not working and donate decoated/designer cakes to people all the time. I love your work as well as my daughter she wants to be a astronaut, so she loves the galaxy look.

  220. Happy birthday! The last donation I made was to heifer International. I purchased some chicks for a family to start a business. I did this to celebrate my boyfriend’s 12 yr. old son’s birthday instead of buying him a gift. He already has everything he could possibly want or need and I was trying to teach him about being charitable. To help others in need.

  221. I hope that all of your birthday wishes come true! There were two donations that have taught me the most and moved me beyond measure. One was when me and my family gathered and hand delivered disaster relief donations to communities in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew. And the other was when we had the opportunity to visit a rural community in Ghana and visit a local school to deliver supplies and donations.

  222. I have a friend who is a missionary in Kansas city. She loves coffee and I work at Starbucks. Every week I get a pound of coffee. I send her a monthly package of 4 lbs of coffee to help her save money for more important things.

  223. Happy Birthday… I hope you had an awesome Blossom Breath Taken Day.

    I was driving too work one Friday and I saw a homeless woman with no shoes on. Something tug on my heart too turn around and take action. Now I was packed and ready to go out of town when I got off work so with that said I had extra socks and was able to provide her a pair of tennis shoes that fit. I also gave her some cash and she allowed me to pray for her. It was a wonderful joyful morning.

  224. Happy Birthday, Joel! The last gift I gave was a few wooden platforms to a couple of older men who were trying to find pieces here and there to build their own ice shanty for ice fishing. Their faces lit up when they heard I could help them build a floor for free!

  225. For administrative professionals day, I got all of our secretaries a box of chocolates, a card, and some flowers. They make the office bright and cheery and do a lot of work that no one realizes. They are always smiling and helpful 🙂

  226. Happy 29th Birthday!!! The last thing(s) I gifted or donated include donating blood and platelets (not selling) which go to help local hospitals and of course the patients requiring blood transfusions or platelets for so many important medical procedures or traumas. I also donated food to the local small community food pantry that we live near to help feed those less fortunate than ourselves. And finally I also donated a lot of household/clothing goods to a local workshop shelter that sells the items to make money that supports local handicapped by employing them at the shop as well as offering training classes to help the handicapped find other employment. We love our community!!!

  227. Happy Birthday! I absolutely love your work! Last year around Mother’s Day my brother was remodeling his home and giving away his furniture. He wanted it to go to a deserving family. I knew of a wonderful family who has 6 children, one whom is special needs, and the dad has been fighting leukemia. The mom is a Rock, no matter what she does what she needs to take care of her family. I told my brother about them and I told her … they came and got the furniture with end tables and chandelier and was ecstatic !!! It was so wonderful to make that connection and gift happen …. and her young son told her ‘Mom, it’s so pretty’ !!! A deserving family !!!! Thank you for considering me in the giveaway!

  228. Hi Joel and Happy Birthday again 🎂. The last thing I donated was clothes,shoes and toiletries. Every couple of months my family and I dig through our clothes and things to donate. We have many families in the Dominican Republic that are very poor and need help. As a family that comes from a very poor background we do our best to help others when we can. Last year we collected and donated money an were able to get a house built for one of the families. Doesn’t seem like much just one house. But her living arragments were terrible and she needed a better place. She was happy before but now her roof doesnt leak or her floor made of dirt. We love to help in anyway we can. I also donated clothes to a fellow nurse that was going through a hard time with a fire that burned her house down. We are blessed beyond measure and are happy to help bless others in anyway we can. Much love to you and hope you have a great birthday. God bless you 💙

  229. I follow a lot of creative artists on Facebook. One of them is trying to build a successful movie production company. He also takes time to answer questions about the film industry and posts a lot of helpful advice for people who are trying to “make it in the business”. He has even offered free advice to me about my screenplays (I have never met him or talked to him other than email or Facebook messenger). He does all this because he genuinely wants to help people and doesn’t expect anything in return. Recently, he had his son for the weekend and posted a message asking what things he could do in his area with his son that didn’t cost a lot of money. When I read that I sent him $100 in paypal and told him to go out and have fun with his son. Later that night he sent pictures of him and his son having fun at different places. And thanked me several times and mentioned how much fun his son had.

  230. Hi
    The last thing I donated was my scrubs. I am a nurse and one of the members in the local group I belong to is doing a medical dental mission to Guatemala. I am currently not working due to multiple surgeries. 2 knee replacements and a hip replacement so I am not using them. I love your work and really enjoy watching you work the pottery wheel.
    Happy birthday btw hope you have a great time. Please keep inspiring others with your craft !!!

  231. A few months ago, I gifted a mom to be a ton of new born clothes. She was do any day and didn’t have anything. It was the least I could do for her.

  232. Happy birthday !

    The last thing I gifted was a care package, I am the leader of the youth group at my church and we had an elderly member who had surgery and had not been to church in a while so I put together a care package of snacks, books, puzzles and a variety of things to keep her busy while at home and had my youth group personally deliver it. We are also in the process of gathering items for our local foster bank for items used for foster children .

  233. Happy birthday, Joel! Hope your day is amazing!!!
    I donate tons of time to my younger son’s PTO. There are times I “work” a 40 hour week & get “paid” in smiles and side hugs from the kiddos. I am also a sponsor in the Adopt A United States Soldier (AAUSS), where we (my family) adopt a service member and provide support during the duration of their deployment. We send cards, letters, & care packages. We also support St. Jude’s Hospital in Memphis, TN, where children with cancer get treatment & don’t have to pay. I think it’s important to teach my kids to have a philanthropic heart and to be aware of other people’s situations- whether it be less fortunate, acts of service, etc.
    This feed is full of awesomeness people are doing. So refreshing to see the good people out there in the world!!!

  234. I am an extreme couponer. …EXTREME couponer. 20 minutes ago I literally went through my stockpile and gave a generous portion of it to a family with a small child. The things that cost the most are the things we cannot eat. The world would be better place if all just shared. There isn’t a lack of items to give… there is a lack of giving.

    Happy 29th Birthday Joel! God love you, God bless you.

  235. 🎶 🎶 🎶 Happy Birthday! 🎶 🎶 🎶

    I most recently donated baby toys, baby clothes, diapers and wipes to a family in need. Again, my 4 year old was involved (I think I include her in every comment I post. Ha!). She was sooooo excited for the new baby and she went through all the big baby items and clothes we still have and picked things out for the new baby girl. Then, we made a trip to the store to get the ever important diapers and wipes. When we got home, she asked if she could make the baby a card. 😊 I love her so much – her little heart is SO BIG! She helps me be a better version of myself. ❤️ Obviously, this was a joint effort. I just provided the financial part, lol.

  236. Happy Birthday, Joel!
    I worked in public schools for 11 years. I got to see the 1st graders I started with graduate and move on to college. I kept and still treasure their artwork and gifts but, I moved with my family across the state. So, I try to support a local public school here.
    “Hi. Can your English teachers use some notebooks?”
    “Hi. I have a box of pens with my company’s old logo. Can the students use them?”
    “Would you put this cake in the lounge for the teachers?”
    “Yes! Yum!”
    “Do you need volunteers to help proctor exams?”
    “Yes, please! Do you know anybody else?”
    Apparently, I have to have a school to love. Just little things are so appreciated by people who really do care and who work incredibly hard.

  237. The last donation I made was a giant bag full of business professional clothing to School. I first found out about this charity through The Malala Fund. Like Malala, Schoola helps support education programs for girls and women all around the world. When I first started out in a job that was not minumum wage, I had to borrow money in order to buy professional clothing. It was difficult and embarrassing to be wearing one or two work outfits to work every week. The majority of my paychecks ended up going towards new clothes. I love how Schoola provides the opportunity to help girls and women with limited funds, get clothing that suits their needs.

  238. Every year in honor of my father who passed away from cancer, I try to take the $100 that I would have spent on a Christmas or birthday gift for him and donate it to a charity. This year I donated $100 to red nose day which helps out child hunger. Since I work with children that was near and dear to me as I see childhood hunger a lot at my school.

  239. Happy Birthday! How kind of you to give on the day you are traditionally supposed to receive! Honestly The last gift I gave was a donut to the sweet lady I am a care giver for. She had a rough night last night and donuts always make her happy. I know it’s not much but to a person with Alzheimer’s that doesn’t recognize much in this world anymore, a donut is worth more than you can imagine. I love giving time to her every day.
    Again, Happy Birthday!
    I hope it’s a super awesome memorable year for you!

  240. Our Family gave a care package to a family in need, in our community at Christmas. We included a homemade dinner, clothes, toys/gifts and preserved food. This has been a great experience and has become a family tradition. This is the most memorable event of giving in the last few months.

    The most recent would be yesterday when I gave a homeless girl a deli sandwich & bottle of water as she waited outside the market. It’sa good feeling to help those in need 😉

  241. This may not be as important as everyone else’s but to me it is! I haven’t seen my cousin in over 20 years and growing up she was my favorite cousin. I loved hanging out with her and spending time with her on her farm. We were always close. I seen her one time in 1994 and then haven’t seen her since we were kids. We finally reconnected through a family member a couple of months ago and found out she has been having a rough time so decided to get her out here with me and take her for a vacation to the beach! Also, spend 3 weeks catching up on old times!

  242. Happy Birthday Joel. My last donation was an ebook to two separate ladies in a book group on Facebook. They both are on a tight budget and couldn’t afford the book for our monthly book club meeting. I purchased the ebooks and gifted them through Amazon to the ladies.

  243. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! My boyfriend and I started couponing last July and ever since we’ve became quite the experts on doing it lol. That being said, we’ve accumulated a lot of different products from personal hygiene products, household products, paper products, and food. With all of the excess things we get, we’ve gave away a lot to family and friends. Now we are looking to start donating stuff to shelters. It’s amazing how much couponing can help you, it even can make money on certain deals. All in all I always encourage people to try it out because you can’t knock it until you try it, (especially when you can get stuff for free!) So again, have a great birthday and I look forward to watching you make more stellar pieces! – Hannah

  244. I typically keep my donations private, but I’ll tell you about one of them I made recently.
    I crochet, as a hobby and as a profession. There was recently a family in my area that suffered a great hardship when their house burned down and several family members we’re lost in the fire.
    A friend of the family put together a last minute fundraiser to help the survivors with medical bills and funeral costs for those they lost.
    I donated one of my higher priced items for their silent auction. I was happy to play a small part in their successful efforts.
    Thank you for the chance to win one of your creations. I admire your work and wish you nothing but success and happiness in your next year!
    Happy birthday, from one artist to another!

  245. My sister, mother and I created a relay for life team in honor of my dad whom we lost to melanoma almost 5 years ago. We have participated in relay each year since his passing. Our team name is Miles for Mike and we have managed to raise around $3000 each year to help raise money in the fight against cancer. I hope my dad is looking down on us and is proud of what we have accomplished.

  246. The last thing I gifted was a butterfly necklace to my mother. She loves butterflies! Butterflies are representative of new beginnings.

  247. Hi Joel,
    Happy 29!
    Technically the last thing I donated was the money that comes out of my paycheck every week for Relay For Life. But the last thing or things that I gifted were a bunch of giant Alice in Wonderland character paintings that did for a work event. I was planning on donating them to the local children’s hospital after the event but we have a special customer that comes in and she loved them so much that I ended up giving them to her. She was so excited to turn her apartment in to Wonderland.

  248. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOEL!! Last thing i donated was shoes to a homeless man sitting in the street with old shoes. I have several pairs of GOOD shoes in my car to give away to those that need it. A few weeks before that, i handed a blanket to a homeless man asking for change. If i find something in my home that no longer brings me joy, i find joy in gifting these items to someone else that may appreciate it more.

  249. I am a voluntary first and second grade teacher which means no income! Anyway just today I was stopping for some things at Family Dollar and the cashier was extremely nice and I so I felt led to give him my change which was like ten dollars but he was extremely grateful and didn’t know what to say. It’s those little things in life that make the world spin around! P.S. Happy birthday 🎁 and I love your pottery!

  250. Happy birthday !!
    I had to leave my home country due to the problems my country is having, so the last gift I gave someone was a parting gift. I bought a little notebook and added pictures of my best friend and I, wrote little notes and drew illustrations of us and the things we both find dear to us. It was filled with our university pictures, drawings that we did together, I even added the movie tickets from the movies we had seen together. It was very sentimental, I cried while making it and she cried when she received it. ❤

  251. I gave my husband’s 2 bosses each a pair of mugs made with 4 colors of clay (marbled together… aka agateware). They were thank you gifts for them being so understanding and flexible for those times when our son was sick or life got in the way of hubby’s regular schedule.

  252. Happy birthday!!! Today my youngest turned 10!!

    I’ve recently donated food and money to a co-worker who was hurting financially. Work has been slow and he’s been looking for a second job. Plus, my kids and I volunteer our time to a friend who has his own carnival business. I make the cotton candy for the little ones.

  253. Happy Birthday! 29 is a great year!

    I last gifted my niece $100 to fix her car. She’s a single mom to the best great nephew ever!

  254. Happy birthday Joel. The last three months I went to stay with my parents in ny. My parents aren’t doing well health wise so I wanted to help them out a little bit. I did their laundry. Some cleaning. Errands. Grocery shopping. While I was there my mom ended up in the hospital on 2 separate occasions for a week each time. Me and my dad took turns going up 2x a day to visit so she would have company. I don’t know if this qualifies because I feel like I was the one that was gifted to have gotten to spend 3 months with the greatest people. My parents. Mom is doing much better and can’t wait to see them again at Christmas.

  255. My husband has faithfully shaved his head every year in exchange for donations to benefit childhood cancer research (St Baldricks Society). He has been an ardent contributor to this charity for more than 10 years. Each year he dedicates his efforts in memory of my sister who passed away from
    leukemia at age 18. I’d estimate he and his teams throughout the years have raised close to $20,000.

  256. Happy Birthday!

    One of my closest friends is trying to start an event planning business (She’s really awesome at it!) She had been relying on a laptop computer that was at least 10 years old to do all of her planning an research for this. Basically the laptop was very slowly exploding. bottom portion was duct taped together because it kept expanding. And, it could only be used when plugged into the wall.

    She has been saving for a new laptop slowly for a while, but still hadn’t saved all that she needed. Another friend and I had the crazy idea that we should get her a new laptop for her birthday. Since neither of us is in a place where we can actually afford that, we came up with the idea to see if we could gather our community of friends and at least get a large chunk of the money needed to help her out with getting the tool she so needed.

    I will never doubt the power of community after this experience!

    Our friends and families were generous about our wildest dreams. We were not only able to surprise her with a brand new Mac Book, but also some extra money to buy a case and backpack to protect it!

  257. Merry Birthday Joel!
    The last thing I gifted was a carved cherry wood elephant to one of my co-workers. This particular co-worker is not the most pleasant person in our universe, and is not easy to work with. I must gear up for ‘war’ each day by blasting them with kindness and light. Being cheerful and super positive in their presence, hoping it might one day rub off.
    At my desk there is a collection of trinkets, crystals, stones, and my little wooden elephant. I saw them from down the hall one day, stop at my collection, touch the tip of the elephant trunk and smile before moving back to their office. Aha!! gotcha!! I thought. So I ended up leaving the tiny elephant in their office to find the next day. They came to me afterward smiling and gushing over the elephant. It was the longest most pleasant conversation I’d ever had with this person. I was glad I could brighten them up a bit, even if only for a day.
    Thank you for the chance!!

  258. When visiting Cuba recently, I took an extra suitcase filled with women’s care items and children’s medication as these things we see as basic health products are not available there. As our relationship with Cuba grows, I hope to be able to ship items regularly until they should become an imported item.

    Happy Birthday! One more year of your 20’s!

  259. I was walking home from school and a man stopped next to me in his beat up car. He was from the area and told me he liked my tie-dye shirt I had on. I thought it was kind of sketchy at first but we got to talking and it turns out he went to gradeschool with my mom. He asked me where he could get a t-shirt like the one I had on, but unfortunately someone had made it for me. I told him he could have the tie-dye shirt I was wearing, it was too big for me anyway. He was overfilled with joy and that made me happy! I left it in a bag on my front porch. He came and picked it up and left me a bunch of hot peppers he had grown in his backyard. It was such a sweet gesture and I’ll never forget it.

    P.s. Happy birthday!!! 🙂

    1. On a side note, my favorite element on the periodic table is copper because it turns green. And who doesn’t like green? It’s my favorite color 😅✌🏼

  260. Happy Birthday, Joel!
    I would actually just like to write about something one of my uncles did for another family member.
    My dad’s older brother, my uncle, was going through kidney failure and he was on the waiting list for what seemed like forever. It was a very scary time for our family not knowing how long it may take to find a donor and dealing with the complications that came with it. Not to mention the strain it put on his body and his finances. My moms younger brother, my other uncle, told us that he would go get tested to see if he was a match. My two uncles knew each other of course, but always lived in different towns. To our surprise, he turned out to be a perfect match. Imagine hearing that one of your uncles could save your other uncles life, it was the scariest and the greatest feeling all at the same time. One uncle was getting a potential life saving surgery and the other was going through a potentially dangerous surgery of giving away a kidney. Having two family members under the knife at the same exact time was very stressful. The whole family in the waiting room feeling anxious, scared and hopeful. Right after the surgery, the surgeon told us that my dads brother(recipient) pulled through just fine, but my moms brother(donor) was having a tough time coming back to where they wanted him. When the doctors told his wife, she became visibly upset. I realized just what my moms brother was risking, the courage and sacrifices it took to do something so selfless. Thankfully, both of my uncles pulled through and these days, needless to say, are much more connected. I’m so proud to be a part of my family.
    My moms brother never asked for anything in return, he just went back to the day to day. He’s an unsung hero but he is a life saver. I figured, if chosen, i’d have the pottery sent to him. I have two of your pieces and I know they’d be enjoyed by my uncle as well. Enjoy your Birthday!

  261. Since Christmas, my family and I (husband, 3 year old and 1 year old) have been volunteering our time each week with a local refugee family. We help with anything from homework and English learning to filling out important paperwork and driving lessons! “Gifting” our time each week to this family has made me appreciate what I have and where I come from on a whole new level.

  262. Happy birthday! The last thing I donated was money for a dog that was sick and needed help. I love animals and I usually donate whatever I can to help them.

  263. Happy 29th Birthday Joel!!! I hope that you are having an awesome day.
    The last gift that I gave was to my niece yesterday on her 4th birthday. I gave her a ring that she really wanted. The last thing that I donated was for Christmas when my family and I decided instead of gifts for each other we would give that money to a family in need.

  264. The last thing I gifted was to my puppy Tommy, who we adopted from a shelter a few months ago. Tommy got very sick and had to spend a few days in the animal hospital on an IV followed by 2 weeks of medication and not being allowed to be around other dogs. This was hard, Tommy has bad seperation anxiety as he was abandoned at 6 months old so he had to be sedated. I got a bunch of toys (stuffed toys with squeakers and toys to play tug) to cheer him up. He was very excited to spend the day playing with toys and having an entire day with me.

  265. Happy birthday🎂
    1) Helped my brother put money down on his new home
    2) Helped a homeless vet with a hot meal from Texas roadhouse and some money for later.
    3) Sent money to the cathedral to help house the homeless at night and feed them.
    I try to help out others more than I do myself, but that’s ok. I love it.

  266. I run my own LuLaRoe Business and I Giveaway clothing items daily! These aren’t just regular clothes, they are garments that make women feel beautiful and raise their confidence! I have recently done a fundraiser for a local lady who is in need of treatment for her Lupus. Her insurance won’t cover treatments, and we raise about $400 for her! Giving to my community is a HUGE party of my Why to run my business!

  267. Hi Joel! Happy birthday! You share your birthday with my brother and one of my closest friends. 🙂

    The most recent gift I gave was actually today. Some backstory: my mum died when I was 16. Mother’s Day is always hard on me, and I feel like my grandma feels sad on Mother’s Day, too. Not only that, but my grandma’s birthday is also on Mother’s Day.

    We just happened to be visiting Florida this week, and went and got lunch with her. We only see her once a year max, and today I felt like I needed to get her something for her birthday. We only got her a bottle of wine and a nice birthday/Mother’s Day card, but she seemed so happy when I told her I had a present for her.

    Still a sad week for all of us, but I hope I was able to help out a little bit! Happy birthday, Joel. Big fan of your work, and it love to own a piece. 🙂

    Amanda Z.

  268. Happy Birthday Joel

    The last thing I donated was my compassion and friendship to a homeless man with mental illness that was sleeping in the ATM Vestibule at the bank that I work at. I have become his advocate and his voice and have now found him a place to live , a bed to lay his head at night , clothing and food. He is the most grateful man alive and takes nothing for granted. He fills my heart that’s forsure. Have a great Birthday Joel.

  269. Ahh! Happy birthday. My birthday was on Monday so we’re practically related..?? Ha. Anyways, my friend just had a birthday on the 21st of April, and for her birthday I made her a video. It was a compilation of videos and photos to our ‘theme’ song, “Come and Get Your Love” by Redbone. It couldn’t have turned out more perfectly. 100 percent her. It was really fun to make (I’m an RTF major) and even more fun that she loved it. And before that it was a different friend’s birthday and I got her a mug with red skates on it because we always talk about how we love the cold (we’re Texans) and fall and winter and especially Christmas. And we planned to go skating for months and never did.

  270. Happy Birthday!! Hope it was a wonderful day!! The last gift I gave to someone was my sister in law. She is a fabulous mother and deserves the world. My nephew is whats known as Non Verbal Autistic, and last month was autism awareness month! She wanted a pair of puzzle piece (autism awareness symbol) leggings, so I searched high and low for weeks trying to find them at a reasonable price and finally I did and was able to surprise her with them just before autism awareness month began!! She was so excited and so was I!!

  271. Happy birthday Joel!

    The last thing I gifted for anyone was a huge stuffed elephant to my friends autistic daughter for her birthday as part of her sensory work! The last thing I donated was on April 22nd I emptied out my entire closet and pantry and gave everything that I have not worn/purchased in the past 4 months to my local non prof.

  272. Happy birthday Joel! The last thing I gifted was a homemade lasagna to my brother and his girlfriend. They just had my beautiful neice in April! I have 3 boys myself and know how much help it is to have dinner made for you.

  273. Happy Birthday Joel! I don’t have a lot of monetary gifts as the budget doesn’t allow for much extra, but I donate a lot of my time to things like Relay for Life and Habitat for Humanity. I am a part of our Relay committee at my job. We are currently preparing for this year’s relay and it’s so fun and rewarding. I know that there are so many generous people out there, and this isn’t much, but every little bit helps!

  274. I didn’t personally donate- but I have three people who work or have worked with me who are in desperate need of kidney donations as they all have PKD (a degenerative kidney disease). One is only 25 years old. I have started several social media accounts for them, including a Facebook fan page called “Disney Girls Just Wanna Have Kidneys.” This page has been shared and reshared and tweeted in an attempt to raise awareness and spread the word. After only 6 weeks of being live- I may have found a donor for one of the three people. The person is a blood type match and is about to undergo the final testing for approval. I personally wasn’t able to donate my kidney so it was the next best thing I could think of.

  275. Happy happy birthday! Happy happy day! Be Happy happy each and every day! (You have to sing and clap as you say it) Lol! I know your smiling and trying it.
    I volunteer my time and nursing skills (medic station) for hospital sponsored events all the time. I guess the latest one was our local Pickle Parade volunteer. I love taking care of people of all ages and our community.

  276. May the next year bring you great joy! The last thing I gifted was an orchid to a co worker. The last thing I donated was feminine hygiene products to the local free clinic. For my 45th birthday I had people bring pads and tampons as gift. Then I donated them. When I was “down on my luck” these items were necessary but the hardest to get for free or for very little money.

  277. Happy Birthday
    I gift things often. I crochet. A lot of time and love goes into every item I make. I crochet toys also. The very last thing I gifted was a unicorn I crocheted to my best friends grand daughter.

  278. I believe in doing random acts of kindness and being humble. So I do not like to brag of boast about the things I do for others. Recently i did do something for a family member and coworkers. I donated money to plant a tree in memory of my old boss/family member but at the memorial I read a poem that I wrote and I cried the whole time trying to read it out loud. It was worth it to honor such a wonderful women that would do anything for children. I also honor memory by working with children.

  279. Happy birthday! I love your work! I gifted my time (and some money) to co-organize the march for science rally in Connecticut. As a scientist, I felt it important to bring people together to show our state and world the importance Science has in our lives and why peer-reviewed data should be used in policy making in government. We raised roughly $5000 that supported the parks and city of Hartford and profits will be given to students in the form of scholarships for college. It brought many organizations together, such as the Sierra Club and Audubon Society, to demonstrate the good work that they do.

  280. The last thing that I donated or gave away was diapers. Ever since we started operation baby New year, diapers has been a passion of mine. A family I know had triplets, and on a $45,000 annual income, things are tight. So I gave them a 6 month supply of diapers. It’s the least I could do.

  281. Happy Birthday Joel! To answer your question every year around chriatmas time kids from the school, that my daughter started going to this year, fill special shoe boxes with essentials and a toy ro go to children in need in countries experiencing poverty. It was a great experience and it showed my 5 year old the meaning of giving. Hope you had an amazing Birthday!!

  282. My husband has always leant out our vehicles to anyone in need of using one.
    Yesterday, he leant our van to a childrens Bible camp from now until September. They will use it for various things from picking up kids to getting groceries.
    He licensed it for 6 months and is not charging them anything to use it
    Thanks for Listening!
    Dolores Potts

  283. Happy Birthday Joel!!!!! Lori T here from Illinois!!! I adore your work!!!! It was the middle of December when I landed upon a Facebook Page that was aimed towards individuals that could “Adopt a Family” for the Christmas Holiday. The originator of the FB page picked a family for you on their behalf. I was blessed to have the pleasure of being chosen to adopt a young mother with 3 kids. I was able to ask her what was needed for the children and herself. I was quite taken back when she wrote me back and simply asked for a “Christmas Dinner”!!! I was so excited that I immediately went grocery shopping and bought the “traditional Christmas dinner”. But I took it a little further and bought stockings for each child filled to the brim. For the Mom I purchased a gift certificate from one of the big box stores. I received a note
    from her after Christmas telling me how much fun it was for the family to be able to cook and prepare their dinner!!!! They had never done that before!!! I still keep in touch with her and sneak her a gift card every now and then. My hope is that others will read my story and help the less fortunate!!! ……. Lori Timmerman

  284. Happy Birthday Joel!
    Thanks for letting us watch you create your artwork! Our family donates work to our local soup kitchen and we’ve opened our house to people in need. My husband also does some car maintenance for a single mom. Clothes mostly are donated to local places. Thanks so much!

  285. Happy birthday! Last year i ended up in a wheel chair due to a car accident. With many hours of physical therapy i am able to walk again. Two days ago i found out that there was a man that was wheelchair bound and the wheel of his chair broke. He couldnt afford to get another one so he was stuck in bed. I donated my barely used wheelchair to him. Delivered it myself and everything. I never saw someone smile so big over a wheel chair ever in my life


    Your an amazing artist!!! They way you put the things you love together to make beautiful creations. I have several of your masterpieces and am looking forward to owning many more. You are a true blessing to this world. We are all so unbelievable blessed to have you in this world. I’ve only known you for about 6 months, but my would has been all that brighter for it. Thanks for sharing your world with us…


      This is part 2 of my previous comment. I didn’t see the rules of the contest till after my original post.

      I donate to many charities just to name a few. Most recently I donated over $100 to the red nose day fund to help feed our world’s children. Before that I donated over $300 to Random Act Funding which will itself donate to at least 3 different charities. I also volunteer for several of the local benefits to help people in need here in Texas. I always help people, animals, and places in need. I even help clean up unattended graveyards. Thanks for this awesome opportunity to get more of your amazing art…

  287. I got a call from my best friend’s mother on October 19th 2013. She said if you want to see him before he dies you need to book a flight to New York asap. So i got on a plane the next day and when i got to the hospital my friend was in a coma. He was hooked up to every machine possible and had a 10% chance of living. The nurses said he can hear you if you talk to him. So I collected myself and went over and held his hand and just started talking about what I had been doing that summer. I talked to him for about 5 minutes and suddenly he opened his eyes and everyone just went crazy. In the next few days, he was able to breathe on his own and his health improved drastically. His father pulled me aside one night and asked if I would be willing to drop everything and move to New York to take care of him because he had gotten so much better since I had been there, he said. I thought about it and said yes. So I flew back to Missouri and packed everything I could into one suitcase and gave away all of my earthly possessions. I can’t say it was just one thing, I’m sorry. But now, after 25 surgeries, the last being an above knee amputation of his right leg. We are currently working on learning to walk with a prosthetic leg, and he is doing great!! It was truly a miracle and I am so happy that I could witness such an amazing thing and be a part of it. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world, you are so very inspiring and I am so grateful that I just happened to come across a video on Facebook of you happily creating your beautiful pottery. We need more people in this world like you!! Thank you so much!!

  288. Happy Birthday! The last thing my husband and I gifted to a friend was a car! We had a couple at church in need of transportation. My husband and I were in be position to give them one! Such a blessing for us and so fun!

  289. I recently sent flowers to my boyfriend who is going through some tough stuff and I just wanted to make him smile since I’m 800 miles away. He didn’t expect it and it went over well. I’m also currently putting together a sunshine box for a relative’s family as they are dealing with cancer treatments and I thought they too could use a smile!

  290. Happy 29th!! My daughter and I are huge fans ! She as well does pottery and gifts her pottery to members or our church and loved ones . Our family is very involved in helping other and donates our time to other and we’ll as the local food pantry. We fell that helping others pays it forward to so many individuals to make smiles around the world. Our to motto is treat others how you would like to be treated. Have a fantastic rest of your birthday!

  291. The last thing I donated was breast milk. I have a 3 month old who won’t take bottles and with having children sometimes you have to pump excess milk and store it for later. For us later never comes and I have over a gallon of milk just sitting in my freezer. A mom desperately has been trying to produce milk for her second child to no avail and her whole family has been praying for a way to have this baby have breast milk because it’s much cheaper (free) then formula and it is better for the baby. Fed is best but some people prefer breast milk. I found this mom on an online forum and just volunteered all I have because I would rather it feed a baby in need then go to waste. In the future if she needs more milk, I am more then happy to donate my excess to her. This stuff is “liquid gold”, it takes time and effort to build up a “stash”. But even so I am more then happy to help an mother in need.

  292. I have donated my time teaching sunday school and helping with salvation dinners I also make wedding cakes and birthday and I know if they can’t afford them I donated them as a private as I could but this is diffrent I donate my time to my parents because my family lived to far from us and my mom had many major back surgerys that took alot of my time as my fater suffers with dementia and Alzheimer’s. But would do it again and again this single struggling mom of 6 but only 2 left home were very understanding only 12 and 13. But everyone should do that for rhere loved ones. Happy Birthday and have a Great Year!

  293. One of my best friend lost both of her parents and I searched for something that was not the usual flowers or plants. I found a beautiful 2 framed picture box and I had it engraved with both her parents names with their birth and death dates. She now has a beautiful box she can keep any memorabilia or pics in.

  294. Happy Birthday!! I love your art! I’m an animal person so I have a reoccurring donation set up with the Humane Society. I’m a sucker for the “would you like to donate $$?” at the end of any cvs transaction. That’s about it.

  295. Happy Birthday, Joel! 🌌🎉
    Most recently, I donated a lot of clothing to the Salvation Army, and an old VCR to a soon-to-be Mommy who had a great collection of VHS tapes but nothing to watch them on 🙂

  296. Happy birthday! I LOVE your videos! I’m just at the end of a pottery class and have so much more respect for the craft and items I find! My last donation was to a girl I work with. She has a daughter who was less than a year old and in need of clothes. Just so happened that I was needing to clean out my daughter’s clothes…the several bins I had full of them in the basement! My daughter is 5 and I still had all of her clothes from day one. They all went to the nice girl in need at work. She should be set for years! I’m very excited to see her doing well in her life and standing on her own two feet. I couldn’t think of a more deserving person. (And speaking of my 5 yr old daughter (just for fun I’ll throw this story in) she recently cut 10 inches from her long, red, curly hair to donate to cancer patients. Her Papa lost all his hair during chemo, so when he didn’t have a wig the day after her donation was mailed she was a little disappointed! Lol. After some discussion she was ok with it!)

  297. First and foremost, happy birthday!
    I hope your lady treat you special today 😁.
    Asked for something that I donated, about two months ago my nephew who is 13 posted something on Facebook that his friends house had burned down and left him, his mom, his sister, and father, all without a home. They were asking for donations for children’s clothes and clothing for the parents, as well as bedding, dishes, etc. since spring time was approaching I went through my closet and pulled out anything that I haven’t worn recently as well as went through my sheets and my dishes. I ended up with quite a few bags and boxes of stuff. It was great to see the entire community come together and help the family out in their time of need.
    On another note, as I have mentioned in the past I am struggling greatly with fertility issues, and my best friend came to me in October to tell me in person that she was pregnant. I was very happy for her obviously. Well she was struggling to come up with a name for the baby , so I gave her the best gift that I could give her, and giving her a name that I had picked out for my future child. She loved it! Baby Charlie is due June 5. 🙂

  298. I was at the grocery store with my son and an elderly man was in line behind me. He started talking to us and during our conversation I found out he came to buy his wife things she likes to eat because she is very sick and unable to leave the house. This gentleman could barely walk himself. After I paid for my grocery’s I gave the cashier extra money with the instructions to use it to pay for the gentlemen’s groceries. I quickly left so he couldn’t object. His conversation with me warmed my heart and I hope my gesture helped to warm his as well.

  299. Happy Birthday!!
    My brother-in-law is about to leave on a two year mission for our church. The last thing I gifted was the entirety of what my he needs for his mission, including suits, shirts, luggage, and food money. The same day, I also gifted plane tickets for my sister in law to come see him again before he leaves. My in laws have struggled over the last 3 years due to job loss, a move, and medical issues, and weren’t sure how they were going to make it work for their youngest son to go out and serve others. After donating a kidney to my father-in-law after he went into kidney failure, I’ve really learned a lot about what a gift can mean when times are hard. Giving to my husband’s family has really helped me grow as a person and helped me to look for other opportunities to give where I can to help others who are facing tough times.

  300. Hi! The last thing I gifted was to my friend at work this morning. Somehow, she got the job of keeping track of everyone else’s birthdays in the office. Today is her birthday, too. I decided she deserved to have the same attention (more!) on her birthday so I got some really colorful decorations, many of her favorites things, goodies to eat, flowers and a card and went into work early this morning so I would be able to surprise her by having her desk all decorated before she came in this morning. The look on her face as she walked in was priceless because she was so surprised! It even brought her to tears because she was not expecting it. She said she didn’t even know anyone else knew it was her birthday! I wanted her to know how much she’s appreciated and it has been noticed what a good job she does of taking care of everyone else. We had a fantastic day! Happy Birthday to you! I hope you had a lovely day! 😊❤️ Thank you for the chance to win a piece of your work!
    Peace ~ Andrea

  301. Happy birthday! I absolutely love your videos! I find them cathartic to watch. I had just received my Christmas bonus and one of my co-workers was going through a hard time and wasn’t going to be able to get presents for her 4 children. I used my bonus and bought 4 Kindle Fires and wrapped them and wrote from Santa. I also her some cash to use for whatever else they might need. The feeling of helping someone out that I knew couldn’t repay me was the best “bonus” I could ever have received! Hope your birthday is great!

  302. My recent donation is less human and more along the lines of feline persuasion.
    The local animal shelter, as I’m sure most are this time of year, have cats and kittens coming in every day. They Pride themselves on trying to be a no kill shelter but with so many coming in, their space is very limited. But they are trying to find fosters and need donations. I have too many fur kids of my own to be able to foster. So I did the next best thing I could… I went right out to the pet store. They needed milk replacement, cleaning supplies, wet cat food, litter, etc. Last week, I got as much as my tiny car could carry and also a gift card with a bit of money on it for medical necessities. It feels amazing to help where help is needed. It’s also very humbling. The volunteers almost started crying and made me tear up!
    By the way, Happy Birfday, Joel!

  303. Happy Birthday!! The last thing I gifted was my time to help my mother get her health back. She has been struggling with her health, so I gave up everything and moved across the country to be with her and be by her side to help her get her strength back.

  304. Happy Birthday! I hope it was a good one!! I’ll also be 29 in little over a month:) I work for a nonprofit organization as an enrichment leader running an after school program for low income students. I love my students and have become quite attached , so I usually spend a large portion of what I make on art and craft supplies for project based learning activities and engaging crafts. The last major gift I contributed was to these kids. I bought several Christmas presents out of my own pocket, and then raised donations for the other kids in my program, almost 50 students, to ensure they all had a holiday present to open before Christmas break. The sheer joy on their faces was worth it. Many of my students have troubled home lives, lack role models, and proper attention. One little boy in my program recently suffered a horrible tragedy, his father overdosed and died in front of him. The mother has decided to move closer to family in North Carolina, and on Monday he came up and told me, “Mrs D this is my last day,” as he had tears in his eyes. I tried to tell him how exciting his new home may be, but he said he was sad and scared still, so I gave him a bag of little presents to take with him to remember me and the program by. One present included just a rock from my gem, mineral, and rock collection, which I had brought it to show the kids and connect to a lesson. He put the bouncy balls and other little gifts in his bag and said he was gonna share/ give them to his siblings, which I will mention was his idea not mine, but he wouldn’t let go of the stone I gave him. I told him to hold it and rub it when he was nervous and to stay positive for his new exciting journey. It was not much, when it comes to presents, but I hope it made a difference. Anyways, I love you work and hope you have an amazing birthday! The world is lucky to have your positive presence. Love and light!

  305. The last thing I donated was a community effort and I cannot sole responsibility for this action. I donated to the REAL house which is the manifestation of a recovery & wellness resident program, which gives incarcerated men who suffer from addiction and who do not have a place to go after release somewhere to lay their head and continue their rehabilitation. It opened last week ready to host 8 men in a shared living space. Programs like this help lower the rates of recidivism and give citizens the skills and resources they need in order to reconnect with society, find peace, and obtain gainful employment. When I heard that the program needed necessities for an entire house (furniture, kitchen items, personal hygiene, linens etc) I reached out to my networks and neighborhood to collect donations and act as a central hub for easy drop off. In one week’s time, together we were able to donate all those items and also set up an area for the men to play some games and connect within the house. We had so many items, I was asked if I was moving out of my house when we pulled it all for delivery. I think what you’re doing for your birthday is very kind. I hope you enjoy your birthday as much as I enjoy watching and learning about your craft.

  306. Happy birthday! How very generous of you to share your talent. I love to give back to our community. The last thing I did for someone is I made dinner for a family whose mother was in a car accident. She is a cancer survivor who is currently waiting for surgery on a tumor. She is the sweetest person and I would help her any time possible.

  307. Well, I volunteered with an organization that was non denominational and we provided transport, shopping, etc for the elderly free of charge. I often donate items out of my apartment and closet. If I don’t wear or use it in a year someone else needs it. I interned with NJPIRG to attempt to establish a community garden on Rutgers Camden campus. It was considered non sustainable by the powers in charge. 🙁 The best though, was almost being arrested at a county park for using the trash liners in their trash cans to pick up plastic bottles, feminine hygiene products, needles etc from the shore line of the Delaware River across from Philadelphia. I couldn’t help myself and it was impromptu so I used the trash can liners and gathered 5 bags of disgusting trash. The park ranger called the police on me and I was asked to leave. Lol
    Anyway, Happy Birthday! Congrats on your new world record, and thanks again.

  308. Happy Birthday Joel. I love your work.
    The last thing I gifted a friend was a picture of an owl that I colored for 2 straight days. She loves owls and I thought something handmade had more meaning.
    I also donate clothes to Purple Heart and Salvation Army every 3 months because I have 2 teenage daughters that grow out of stuff so fast.

  309. The last thing I donated was a walk in closet of clothes, shoes, purses, accessories, etc. To a man who was a veteran, just signed up for disability, no income yet, but needed money to survive. His sister gave him a truck to use and everything I gave him instead of selling it for cash he forwarded it to others in need.
    We just moved to South America Ecuador from North America Jacksonville Florida and I needed to downsize some items.
    Once I learned of this gentleman, and his need I donated just about all my items.
    His two nieces said it felt like the first Christmas they have never had before.
    Imagine two teenage girls going to prom, and school having something nice to wear for once like the other girls.
    Pay it forward !

  310. Happy birthday! The last thing I gifted was a ton of my daughters baby clothes that she grew out of and a few of her baby items she didn’t use anymore. I gave them to a distant cousin that I’ve never met before because she’s many years younger than I am and had a baby girl a few months ago. I was told she had nothing so I collected all the items I was planning on selling and gave them to her instead. I know how it felt to be a young, new mom and not have much of anything. I kind of regret giving her anything at all though because both her and her mother were pretty rude and never even gave me a thank you.

  311. We are always donating things, clothes the kids grow out of, things we don’t want anymore and so on. The last thing I gifted that had real meaning for me was my courage key. I received it from my MOPS (mother’s of preschoolers group) after my daughter was born. I gifted it to a woman I didn’t know in the bathroom of a restaurant after seeing her struggle to balance her little ones. I helped her out with her kids with one of my own on my hip and listened to her woes of being a mom of a special needs child. I knew the story well as we’d gone through our own bumpy road. I assured her it would get better and that this turbulent time was merely a moment in her life. I told her she was doing great and that she was enough, because it was what I needed to hear when my daughter was going through physical therapy and multiple doctor visits. I slipped the key engraved with the word courage into her hand and smiled. I have never seen her again but I hope it helped. Not the key it was just a trinket but being there and just listening in that moment of breakdown, I hope it helped her and that she does the same for others. So the best gift I gave recently was kindness to a stranger (and a simple key).

  312. I hope your birthday was wonderful!

    The last thing that I gifted to someone was a blanket I crocheted. I gifted it to my boyfriend, whom wasn’t expecting it. The look on his face made the countless hours of stitching worth it.

    I tend to gift all my crochet projects to friends and family. I never charge for my work because I just love giving to others. I know some people that crochet around me charge $100-$500 per blanket and I just can’t fathom that. I much prefer seeing faces light up with joy when they see their piece. 🙂

  313. It’s my son’s 7th birthday today and his favorite gift from us was a Chicago Cubs World Series poster. Go Cubs!

  314. Happy birthday!I’m 39 today too…. but I’ll be 30 on the 28th. Lol
    I just handed down/gifted/ donated maternity clothes to my sister in law and cousin. Why, well, they are pregnant and I’m not anymore =) 3 little girls is enough for us (4mo, 2y & 5y). and they are both just starting their families.
    I also have several bags of little girl clothes I will be donating to charity, and my sis in law soon.
    Your stuff is awesome. Hope you have a splendid birthday!!

  315. Although our family volunteers frequently the most significant to is in the past 6 months was coordinating a food, water & clothing drive for the people of Haiti after Hurricane Matthew. My husband used to frequent Haiti on humanitarian missions so the country has always been close to us. We coordinated this drive with my 4 year old sons homeschool co op and filled an entire 16ft trailer full with only 15 families. We strive to not only do good, but also teach our younger generation the importance of apathy, empathy, and goodwill towards others. My son still tells people about how we sent food & water to an island of “sad people.” Warms my heart that we are doing good by him.

  316. Happy Birthday….
    What I donate or give away? I donate my time taking care of my mother with dementia. She was on her own until a massive stroke last may. Before that I was doing most things for her. It’s been a tuff year since then. She was totally parilized on the left side. I visited her in hospital and rehab every single day. Finally she got well enough to go to memory care. I still do all her shopping and try to make her feel at home.
    Last December my brother came to my place in heart failure. Everyone thought it was pneumonia. I knew better. Took him to ER and his heart was only working at 19 percent. I drive him to the VA weekly and he is living with me now and were hanging on trying to improve his heart function. Between my mom and him I have given up all my time for myself and devoted to keeping my mom and brother healthy and happy.

  317. I donate often to go find me pages, I read and feel is truly in need…

    Last thing big thing is money to buy all 48 residents in my long-term life support facility blankets for Christmas.. Many don’t have families to come visit. And they needed something to show someone loves and cares

  318. Happy 29th Birthday!!

    When I think about all the birthdays & holidays that have past there are so many material gifts that I have given. But my answer is not glamorous, elaborate or expensive. My answer is a home and I don’t mean a house. My daughter is 12 years old and her very best friend was found in a very heartbreaking situation. Her father passed just this past December and her mother unfortunately had her children removed for other reasons shortly after. When we learned that she was going to be in the Foster care system in a strangers home it broke our hearts. We currently have her living in our home and are trying to provide a happy home while she goes through the hardest part of her life. I think that giving her a home is the best gift she’ll ever get! Thank you

  319. Last thing my family “gifted” was our time. My son and husband took pretty much every weekend during the winter to cut down a few trees for a lady that was unable to. They were large and in need of cutting down or they were going to fall down in the next bad storm. They cut them down, cut them up and hauled off all the debris for her.
    Then when they just about got done helping her. We did have a bad storm and a elderly man had trees that had fallen in his yard. So they went and cut them and hauled them off as well.
    Granted my son being a 18 year old senior that plays guitar in a band thought he had better things he could of been doing. But when it was all said and done he was very proud (as well as myself) of the work and help they gave these two individuals.

  320. Happy Birthday! Thank you for this opportunity to win one of your gorgeous mugs!! I own my own dog walking/pet sitting business here in a little town in NY. I left a high paying federal job to to be able to run my own business and give back to the community. One of my clients asked me one day if I wanted to donate to one of her church groups causes, which was geared to help immigrants get settled in the community and help the community accept them. I was more than pleased to help! I made two huge pet gift baskets for the auction and filled them with dog toys, treats and certificates for my business. She said they were received wonderfully with high bids! I was so happy to hear this! It was my pleasure supporting such a great cause! If I win the set of 4 cups I will donate two to the next auction so they can bring in lots more funds!! Thank you!!

  321. Im a local truck Driver out of Chicago, IL. Since i do a lot of work on the south side, i see a lot of homeless men, women, and children. I always have a bag of groceries (mostly canned soup) and a case of water to hand out to people in need begging on the corners. I figure if theyre really in need they will take the food, and they do. One time i was out of soup, and i offered this woman my lunch of leftover pizza, i was surprised she took it! It had all kinds of veggies on it. She wasnt picky, just hungry.

  322. Happy Birthday, hope you have a great one.
    I recently decided to get rid of anything in my house that I am not currently using, in an attempt to minimize. Within the last month I have donated two carloads of household items to the Ontario Doberman Rescue for their annual fundraiser Yard Sale. I put out several good pieces of furniture on the street for anyone to take who could make use of it, dropped a car load of stuff at the Salvation Army and gave a bunch of items to my daughter’s best friend. I put an ad on kijiji, and gave away my old truck cap to a girl who was thrilled to get it and will make good use of it. I have never sold anything, always hoping that someone who needs it more can make good use of it.

  323. I work caring for seniors. Fortunately, the company I work for values this giving of ourselves and has a charitable fund set up for out team members in need. To encourage donations to the Good Samaritan Fund, I pledged to match the total donations to the fund for a team member battling cancer. She received the personal gift of $684 and that number also went to the fund for others in need! It feels good giving back to those who give so much of themselves every day!

  324. I donated bags of dog and cat food, treats, and toys to my local pet shelter! Both my pups are from shelters, a chihuahua-pug and a pitbull. They are my life and I wish I could save all the dogs and cats! ❤

  325. I belong to a fantastic Pay It forward group, so we are fairly often paying things forward. The last thing I gifted was a bunch of groceries and clothes to a single mom. Her daughter is just smaller than mine, so she will likely get most of my daughter’s hand me downs.

  326. Hey Joel. Hope you had an amazing birthday. Watching the live feeds has become very calming to me in these uncertain times. Lost my job recently and its definitely been a struggle.. getting back to church has helped.. and that’s the most recent donation ive made. Last Sunday was our be the church day. my son brought 7 bags of bottles and cans for the drive they sponsored.. and i joined a group of ladies who made gift bags for the elderly in a nearby nursing home. It’s always a blessing to be able to put a smile on someone’s face who might not have anyone else. Thanks for sharing your work.

  327. Happy Birthday Joel!! Taurus!! Maybe this is why i feel connected to you! I’m also a Taurus, head strong and super stubborn!! I love your art and passion.

    I gifted a voucher for two weeks of unlimited access to small business owned yoga studio!! Sun Spark Yoga!!!! Love this place! In you live in Orange, CA you should check it out!!!!

  328. Happiest of Birthdays to you!

    My dear friend just had a birthday on May 1st, She turned 97!! She absolutely loves tacos, so I surprised her with some! We spent a few hours chatting and celebrating her life.

  329. Well first off I hope your birthday Joel was very delightful!! Second i’ve made a few donations recently the last one was to the Ronald McDonald house and the one before that was the local high schools drama club. But the one that means the most to me was a toy that I purchased on Amazon and sent overseas to a woman I befriended on Facebook a mother of 10 children who couldn’t afford to buy the toy for her child and it was the only thing the child had wanted for his birthday. To see that child opening my gift made me very happy!! I also donated my entire beanie baby collection (yes I was one of those people) to our local church to gift to the children in Haiti 🇭🇹. Knowing that I was a part of 378 children receiving a gift makes you feel good inside. I’ve also been on the other end of this. I’ve been down on my luck and I’ve had gift cards donated to me for presents for my child at Christmas time one year when I couldn’t do for myself. I’ve also had someone help me pay for my groceries in line when I didn’t have enough money and just broke down and cried right then and there with they’re kind gesture. Either way giving or receiving a donation really makes you feel good inside !!!

  330. Happy 29th Birthday, Joel! I spend many hours watching you throwing pottery. You are so calming to watch, it is the best therapy at the end of a long day. Thank you so much for your soothing, calming live moments on Facebook.

    I try to donate either my time, money or items, as often as possible. I particularly like buying used sleeping bags at the local thrift stores (non-profit organizations which benefit the needy) and then handing them out during the winter months to the homeless people that come across my path while driving back and forth to work. I also buy coats,blankets and umbrellas for the same purpose. My drive to work every day takes me through many areas where the homeless frequent and also the downtown area.

    I also donate often to the animal rescue organizations, either through monetary donations or volunteering my time to help bath, walk, cuddle or foster animals. I help trap, neuter and return feral cats that are in the neighborhoods to try to keep the feral population to a minimum. I also help feed and water some of the feral cat colonies that we have in the city. I donate my time to help resource in finding homes for shelter pets or trying to find lost pet’s people or find people for lost pets.

    I really have found that giving away what is yours is so much more fulfilling than taking or being gifted something. I feels my heart to help others. I prefer to give anonymously but do so love to see the smile on someone’s face, when you help them, expecting nothing in return. I love to help my elderly neighbors out getting their trash cans to the street and cutting their grass and picking fallen limbs up in the yard without them even knowing who did it.

    It makes my heart so full!!

    Thank you for the many hours of watching you throw pottery and soothing my soul! I have several neighbors that do pottery also, and have turned them onto you! They love your work also!

    Again, I wish you the Happiest of Birthdays on your 29th!! Have fun, live life, do many things while you are young and experience everything that you can in life. Live each day to its fullest and be aware of everything and everyone around you. Appreciate what God has given you every single moment. I am 63 years old now and have lived and loved life to its fullest. I plan on continuing to do so for another 20 or maybe longer years.

    God Bless you young man and the beautiful work that you create!!

  331. Happy birthday!!! The last thing i gifted was to my sister. I gave her a harry potter necklace her favorite movie of all times! The last thing i donate is everytime my daughter goes up a size in clothes, she just little only 2 and a half, but i donate all her old clothes to a womans shelter we have in our town. I also donate blood every month because i am o- so i know its in hight demand so im doing my part to help 🙂 i hope you have an amazing birthday i am in love with all of your work, keep up the amazing work!

  332. Happy birthday to another Taurus, mine was 26th of April. I’m a single mom to 3 boys, moved from S. FL to Roanoke VA area. I joined the Blue Ridge Potter’s Guild, I’m in charge of Outreach.
    I volunteer to teach classes each week for Special Needs Adults​ at Roanoke County Parks & Rec. Center as well as demonstrations & working with kids at Explore Park on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
    I’ve basically devoted my life to my kids & because my second son is autistic …. (he’s your age & will forever be about 3 yrs old) I’ve seen the need that there is to bring a smile to the faces of other disabled ‘children’. Many nights we’ve watched your videos & he says “our friend Joel is making lots of pottery”. I’d love to share a cup of tea w/ my sweet son Tonio in one of your mugs.

  333. Earlier this year my father in law passed away from stage 4 lung cancer. After he passed my husband and I decided to donate one of our vehicles to the American Cancer Society. The struggle people go through to fight cancer is tremendous. Many loose their jobs, homes, cars, and struggle to make ends meet on top of their health. So helping out in any way is something we strive to do towards others fighting for their lives. ❤❤❤❤

  334. Happy Birthday Joel!
    The last thing I donated was my time to a local church by helping cook and feed the homeless. I have to say it was a very humbling experience and will make a person appreciate the simple things in life alot more and never take anything for granted.

  335. The last gift my husband gave was a vacation day to a co worker whose child had cancer and had to have his arm amputated. His job made an offer that for every day that was donated would be matched and doubled. Now that father has more time to be off work with his family while still getting paid and not having to worry about his job.

  336. Happy Birthday, Joel! I hope you have a great birthday week. Okay. So…this is gonna sound way out there and atypical of a gift. But I’ll tell you anyway, cause it’s the most recent thing I’ve given. My BFF and her husband, were in a bad car accident on the other side of the country, in Alberta, away from friends and family and any kind of strong healing energy. She has indigenous blood in her line, her grandfather in fact is on the council at the reserve just outside of town. They called for a healing ceremony, to send up good vibes and healing energy for them. So I went and I gave whatever I could, and honest to god, no lie…I was exhausted after. I felt tapped. And drained. But I felt…really good too. Giving what I could to help my best girl and her partner recover. Some may not think it makes a difference. But, they hadn’t woken yet from major head trauma. The car was almost cut in half, and it was a miracle they got out alive. But they hadn’t woken. But after our ceremony that night, a very long and very emotional one…they both woke in the morning. So, I choose to believe, they felt us there. And they held on to our energy. And it helped them. So…yeah. That’s the last thing I gave. Myself. Congrats on the success, Joel! I love my mug! Have an awesome birthday! 😙❤💋

  337. My full time job is as a RN and I love it but I also use essential oils and love to gift oils to friends and family to help support their bodies in obtaining/maintaining health. However, the last thing I truely gave away to a stranger was at a local restaurant. I was eating with my son-in-law and grandgirl, age 3. A young family of 3 with a boy about the age of my grandgirl walked in and were seated. I could hear the parents talking about paying bills and buying food for the week, so I had the waitress bring me their check on the condition that she didn’t tell them who had purchased. When she did, I misadded the tip and totaled for $10 more than my numbers added up to. She immediately brought it back to me so I could change the total to reflect what it should have been. I just increased the tip and she was shocked and began to thank me and said a customer had walked out on a $35 check that am and she had to pay for it. She said this “accidental adding” would help her out so much. I was touched as the extra wouldn’t truely affect my bottom line but it did make a tremendous difference to her. She walked into the area with the drinks and I could hear her crying, one of the other waitresses asked her what had happened and she told them about the tip and they started crying because it made such a difference to her. I got up to leave and left a $35 tip on the table to cover the check the person walked out on.

  338. Happy 29th!!!! Hope it’s out of this galaxy 🙂 The last thing I gifted/donated was a donation towards a co-workers daughter who I know, that is participating in a walk/run for Kids with Cancer. She is only 9 years old and does this because she has a friend battling cancer. Her friend is in remission now and she continues to meet new challenges to help this cause every year. This year she has challenged herself to do 4 KM! She has a great big heart and I personally donate every year to her cause.

    All the best to all the participants. I love this idea as we get to see all of the goodness in so many people and restore a little faith in humanity. So thank YOU Joel for the gift 🙂

  339. Happy Birthday! 29 Trips around the sun! In this past week I have gifted coffee drinks to friends, amusement park tickets to my mother and her new special friend 🙂 to celebrate spring and being a kid at heart (she is 70!), clothes to the homeless collective in our town, and helped facilitate a full moon ritual as a gift of love to remember to find beauty all around and within you. Thank you for your gifts of beauty, inspiration, and kindness as well!

  340. Happy Birthday Joe! Love your work. I live in Ma. and have M.S. I go to the walks every chance I get to help raise money any thing to help.

  341. Aloha Joel! & Hauoli La Hanau! ( Happy Birthday) the most recent act of kindness that I gave was at our local coffee shop I purchased the person coffee behind me. I know it was just a small act but I knew it would make that persons day even if for just a brief moment. To make someone smile or make thier day alittle brighter is something I like doing. Live Aloha!

  342. My daughter (5) and I just donated 3 bags of clothes to our local community living and domestic abuse center, as well as 3 boxes of toys. I explained to her that she has a lot she never plays with anymore and there are children who don’t have the money for lots of toys and she just got a bunch for her birthday . So she decided which toys we would donate and helped me package them all in boxes to donate to those less fortunate

  343. Happy Birthday!!

    The last thing I “gifted” would be some clothing from my business last Friday! Every Friday I have started to do “Find It Friday” where I hide some freebies around my hometown and leave clues on Instagram for others to find and keep.

  344. Happy birthday! I hope it’s fabulous ! The last thing I donated was a pay it forward thing. Someone in line in front of me paid for my items so I paid for the people’s items behind me and the cashier told me that I was the sixth one in a row to pass on this pay it forward! Pretty neat if you think about how all those people in front of me were willing to do something nice for a complete stranger for absolutely no reason! I’m not sure if the person I paid for kept it going but I sure hope so. Just renews faith that there still are people out there that care about others and are willing to give something without getting anything else in return! Even such a small act can really brighten someone’s day! I hope this brightens your birthday, along with all the other positive comments and acts of kindness!

  345. First, Happy Birthday!!
    The last thing I donated or gifted…
    We as a family always donate all of our outgrown clothing, toys and household items. The kids put thing that don’t fit into bags just for this purpose. But, I think the most important think I recently donated would be my blood. To give the gift of life, it’s on my donor card and on my mind every time I go. I am a universal donor (type O+) and hope that each donation gets a chance to help someone, or maybe save someone. Personal gifts are always the best and that’s the one part of myself I can give that might help a complete stranger out of a life threatening situation.
    Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!
    I love my cosmic mug, so much I almost don’t want to use it! 😉

  346. In high school when I spent my days throwing on the wheel, I gifted all of my pieces to friends and family. I only have a few things that I made to call my own. As happy as I am to have my work in others homes I honestly wish I had kept a few more LOL Happy Birthday Joel, keep calm and throw on! Peace!

  347. The last gift I gave was taking care of my mom for a month. She stayed at my home and slept in my bed. I helped pay her bills and helped her recovery from an illness. All while working full time and being a single mom of 4 kids. It was very difficult but I would do it again in a heartbeat if it was needed. Having no expectations and helping someone in need whether it is family or friends is a great feeling!

  348. The last and best gift I give every year is my time. I was diagnosed in 2011, at the age of 23 with Multiple Sclerosis, MS, and every year since I help raise money to fund research to one day find a cure. Just since I have been diagnosed there have been incredible advances in the medicine available. I would love to own some of your artwork but watching the videos is enough for me! I have insomnia because of the MS and since I don’t want to wake my husband or son by getting up, your videos provide a quit and soothing outlet for me. Thank you for your wonderful generosity in raising funds for different organizations and for giving your time by making educational videos for the world!

  349. I’ve been very active with a non-profit youth cheer and football organization for several years. Our season typically runs August to October, however the paperwork tryly never ends. I’ve dedicated so much time and energy to this organization and continue to do so. I’ve grown to love the other volunteers and children so we decided in 2015 to create another non profit dance organization in our local community that runs all year round We offer a low cost program which is less than half of what the typical dance studios in our area charge. We have a competitive dance season from October to early June and a parade season throughout the summer. I couldn’t be more proud of our accomplishments. These girls make me proud and we ended our season with first places across the board. I’m the type of person who loves to help out and I don’t expect anything in return. I’ve also dedicated time to our local town committee for creating children’s events, setting up various fundraisers, to volunteering time at my grandparents bar business, they are ages 89 and 83. I enjoy the experiences and knowing I’m making a difference!

  350. I gathered a bunch of blankets that I was no longer using (and collected some from my family and friend’s as well) and donated them to an animal shelter. The local shelter was in need of them for their dogs and cats. I also dropped off some laundry detergent so that they can keep them clean for the animals.
    Happy birthday!

  351. Happy Birthday! The last item I gifted was a new stethoscope for my better half. She works her ass off as a nurse on night shift pulling twelve hour shifts. Someone decided that her old one needed to have legs and helped it walk off. These aren’t exactly cheap, at least for a good one, and since it’s hard for her to find the time during the day to get things done, due to sleeping from working third shift, I took it upon myself to surprise her with a new stethoscope. I made sure to spend a little extra so she would have the color she wanted and a full upgrade from the previous.

  352. Happy Birthday! The last item I gifted was a new stethoscope for my better half. She works her ass off as a nurse on night shift pulling twelve hour shifts. Someone decided that her old one needed to have legs and helped it walk off. These aren’t exactly cheap, at least for a good one, and since it’s hard for her to find the time during the day to get things done, due to sleeping from working third shift, I took it upon myself to surprise her with a new stethoscope. I made sure to spend a little extra so she would have the color she wanted and a full upgrade from the previous.

  353. Happy 😁 Birthday 🎉 Joel 🎂‼️
    I’m a nurse, it’s a calling. That’s why. Everyday I treat the sick, injured, or dying. I give away advise to my patients, friends, neighbors, & even strangers on how to care for themselves when they are sick or injured. I also donate my time by volunteering through my hospital. I also give to the Children’s Cancer Society. This week is Nurses Week & on May 12th I will be celebrating the 197th birthday of Florence Nightingale. She is an inspiration to me & her selfless care of soldiers & her thoughts on nursing & ethics still resonate today. I have adopted her standards of advocating for improved medical care & have implemented multiple assessment interventions that have decreased the fatality & mortality of patients. Why? Because I believe we can make a difference that improves a persons quality of life.

  354. Hi! I love Cherico Pottery! And…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
    I would very much love to have a piece of your artwork.
    My last act of giving… I grow and give plants, food, medicines, and raise chickens for eggs. All for giving or trading for free. I am within the movement to sustain the Earth and all it’s beings without money for all food, water, and energy should be clean and free. I will, and do, give anyone and everyone a place to share as well. I have a free community garden club, just started for sharing knowledge, and plant/seed trading for sustainability. I am working to begin a food is free project or neighborhood pantry. I am growing a food forest to share. 🙂
    Thanks for your time, and have a wonderful day!
    Thank you for all of the amazing artwork created and shared. I really enjoy the live videos from facebook. Knowledge is priceless. I love learning all that Cherico Pottery teaches.
    ~Mary Montoya

  355. Happy Birthday!!

    I recently returned from a deployment in Afghanistan where I worked in a combat trauma facility. When my son had his first birthday I deployed a few days after. While I was there I had a flag flown over the Beautiful country of Afghanistan in his honor. It is something that he will be able to cherish his entire life and hopefully one day be proud of. When I came home I had it framed for him. In all honesty though, it acted as a gift to myself too because while I was there I could look at it and hold it and for small moments in time I felt close to my boy and I knew that the sacrifice I had made was worth it.

  356. Happy birthday Joel!
    I hope your birthday has been an awesome one!

    To answer your question I donate my time volunteering with a local animal shelter, fostering shelter dogs, and also help transport the animals to their rescue or forever homes.
    Especially with fostering Its not just an investment of my time, it is also an emotional investment.
    In order to be a more successful foster parent you need to genuinely care about your foster dog’s progress and well being. Providing care in a nurturing and loving home as you guide and teach them so they can flourish and be better prepared to go to their forever homes.
    It’s not always easy letting them go, but I do find it is very rewarding to be able to be a stepping stone towards my foster dog’s future and forever home.
    “Saving one animal won’t change the world, but it will change the world for that one animal.”

  357. Happy Birthday Joel 😄🎉

    The last thing I donated was a car ( Lexus) to Los Angeles Children’s Hospital-
    I drove the car for years , both my kids drove it as their first car. The car had sentimental 😍Value to me -it was my fathers car – and I wanted to find some way for it to continue to Make others smile.

    All children deserve a happy, fun childhood- without the pain of disease-
    Children’s hospital helps thousands of children and families through very tough times.

    Couldn’t think of a better cause !❤😄

  358. Happy happy birthday! My birthday isn’t today but it connects to the number 29, my birthday is on April 29th. The last thing I gave to someone was a twisted red and black pipe cleaner heart, that I made them to show them I care for them, because I don’t have much but it’s the heart behind it not the price. I also am a bigger girl so I go through my clothes a lot to make sure if any don’t fit I can donate them to the women’s shelter because I know that the bigger items are hard to find. Right now I have a couple grocery bags ready to go to the donation center this weekend. Giving is far better than receiving and I LOVE to help people.

  359. Happy Birthday Joel! Mine is tomorrow! (I am turning 38..) The last thing I donated was plasma at my local blood bank… However, I am also an artist and I gifted a pastel portrait of my niece’s friend’s dog who had to be put down because he had cancer. It makes my heart happy to see the reactions when people see their loved ones memorialized forever in my work.

  360. Happy Birthday Joel!! Once a month I go to the Ronald McDonald House of Birmingham, AL and prepare a meal for the families staying in the house. I do this in loving memory of my cousin Hayley Marcum. While undergoing a bone marrow transplant in Minasota, the Ronald McDonald House took care of my aunt and uncle. As an executive chef, the best way of giving back is to prepare a nutritious, from scratch meal from the heart.

  361. Happy Birthday!
    The last thing I gifted was yesterday I crocheted baby blankets and baby hats for a young lady that is having her 3rd child in August. This one is a boy. They have 2 girls already. They struggle to keep this pregnancy going and this Mom is only able to work 1 day a week due to the complications she is having. I babysit for them when she does work or is having a bad day. She in turn will bake cakes and cookies for me when I need them for parties. Money is tight for them and I love this familly and their values and struggles to keep this baby. If I win this, it will be a gift for them. Thanks,

  362. Hey Joel! Happy birthday. The last thing I gifted to someone was a couple days ago. I was sitting at my gate in Portland airport when a woman in a wheelchair, with crutches hanging across the seats near her asked if I had seen a water fountain on my way to the gate. I replied that I hadn’t and that I was sorry. A couple minutes later, I got up and walked over to the nearest shop in the airport and bought a bottle of water for the flight. I returned to my gate and immediately walked over to the woman and handed her the bottle I had just bought. She looked at me with grateful eyes and asked me how much it cost so she could pay me back. I replied that no amount of money is worth the satisfaction of helping another human in need and returned to my seat with a smile on my face and hers. Here’s wishing you all the love and happy acts strangers can give you on your birthday as well.

  363. Time is a wonderful thing to donate and it doesn’t cost a dime. I love to donate to charities that help nature and the environment. I also love President Carter’s Habitat for Humanity charity. I am worried that with all that is being taken away from the American people by this new administration we will need charity more than ever in the coming years.

  364. Hi Joel!! Happy Birthday!!
    I have a favorite wildlife rescue, rehab and release organization that I follow on Facebook. It is Wild Heart Ranch. They are located in Foyl, OK.
    They periodically do auctions to raise “milk money” for all the orphaned or injured wildlife that is brought to them.
    My favorites are the baby raccoons, deer and opossum 😁 They have even rehabilitated Bald Eagles!!
    I donated a brand new Scentsy Warmer and wax bars for them to auction off. The warmer was a new item at that time…a red fox. I sure hope they raised an adequate amount of money with my donation for all the little orphaned babies.

  365. Happy birthday!! The last gift I gave was a mug that I just recently learned how to make and I gave it to my father. It turned out a little smaller than I expected but he still loved it.

  366. Hello. I particated in Operation Christmas Child for the first time thru my church in 2016. It was so fun to put together the box for a child in another country. I did track it too. I have already started collecting items for the boxes I will be sending out this year and have decided to send out six total. Three for the boys and three for the girls ages 4 to 9. I love watching your videos Joel. Your pottery is so beautiful. Keep up the good work.

  367. Happy 29th birthday Joel! Our community lost an amazing artist to cancer at age 40 last year. Chili had designed some banners that hung downtown. I ended up with some new ones that had not been faded from hanging outside. I gifted them to close friends and family of our beloved Chili. His art is his legacy and will live on in our hearts. Keep up the great work! Thanks.

  368. Happy Birthday!! Although it’s not a physical gift, I work for a small nonprofit where I manage a tobacco prevention grant for a rural county in Florida that is very low income. I gave 75 kids in 6th-12th grade the opportunity to go on a completely free field trip this week for our annual Students Working Against Tobacco members summit. I took them to a beautiful camp and brought in a keynote speaker who shared his personal story to inspire these students that they can do anything despite being low income or having other challenges as long as they are passionate, determined, and genuine. I give the students in my program the gift of mentorship every day and help them get into college and jobs by providing them opportunities to learn skills they can use such as public speaking. I also make sure that they belong to an organization that accepts all students without regard to their academic, social, or socioeconomic status. There are no fees for our organization and all meals, t-shirts, and leadership opportunities are free. I feel like I impacted some kids this week and gave them inspiration to fight the tobacco industry and grow as advocates. I love working with young leaders and helping them see their potential and grow personally! Thanks for reading, Joel!

  369. Happy Birthday!!! 😁 I love your artwork!!!
    The biggest gift I’ve given has been time and service to my church. As a college student, finding spare time is hard when you have to balance school, work, etc., but ultimately finding the time to give back to the community is especially important. Giving service through my church to help the community through volunteering is important to me, as service in general shows compassion and generosity in a “pay it forward” manner. On a side note, I also gave an FC Barcelona jersey and some dank memes to a friend (sent them to his phone when he was having a rough day). I won the jersey in a contest, and since I knew how much he’d love it, I decided to give it to him to spread positive vibes 👌🏽

  370. Hi Jole , Happy Birthday and thank you for the chance to win a peace of your work .
    I recently moved to Alabama from Fort Lauderdale Fl to help my mother with my ill father . I brought with me my kitchen stuff and my bathroom supply’s and some personal momentous . I donated everything eles to AHF AIDS thrift store ” out of the closet ” all furniture,electronics ,clothing ,tools ,yard furniture ,extra pots pans and dishes .AHF is a great organization that gives free health care and Meds to those that can’t afford it . That is my most recent donation .
    Thank you
    Marty Kelley

  371. Happy Birthday! What a wonderful opportunity to share something so positive. I’ve loved reading everyone’s comments before mine and plan to revisit to read more!

    My last gift was to a dear friend. Our birthdays are 6 months apart. On my bday, she treats me to a dinner. On her bday, I treat her for breakfast. A few weeks ago after breakfast I gifted her with tickets to a Bluegrass festival. We were both blessed with food, friendship, and music.

  372. I do charity work by doing fundraisers when I’m not working in active duty air force. We raise money for Make-A-Wish, St.Judes, and Childhood Cancer charities.
    I also collect food for local food banks. Items to donate to local homeless shelters. We routinely visit children in the hospital and give them character blankets. If I was to win this I would gift it to my wife whom spends about 40 hours a week working on charity projects.

  373. It’s been three years that I have been giving my time, talent and treasures to my 86 year old “Nanny” who has no one to care for her since her only daughter disowned her after a falling out between the two over money. She tells me I “saved her life” and I reply that she has saved mine too. She is my Dad’s sister. My Dad passed away five months prior to me stepping in to help her and we both were grieving over his untimely death. The stories she has told me over these years are priceless and I feel the blessings are all mine. I am in the process of putting her stories in a memoir for her also, per her request. I pray that she knows how much I truly love her and am there for her because I love her and want to protect her from the evils in this world which lurk around every corner it seems… At least once a week if not more we go “jet setting” on an adventure to “town” to get groceries or to the doctor or maybe just to eat lunch at her favorite restaurant. My heart is full and by the end of the day her smile says it all. There isn’t a greater blessing than to help someone in need. Happy Birthday Joel! I hope your special day was/is filled with great joy and blessings!

  374. Happy Exodus of the Womb Day Joel! Speaking of giving, I plan to give my mother some of your pottery for Mother’s Day! She loves pottery. Last Christmas, I donated about 10 boxes of stuff I didn’t need to a church in Mandan, ND. There was bedding, clothes, toys, camping gear, tools, etc. Also, just donated unused kids dress clothes and baby formula to the same church. I hope your birthday is a great one!

  375. Happy birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day. I try to assist my family and friends as finically as I can. There are charities near and dear to my heart I give to. But I’m the tip of person that giving of ones time and attention means so much more. My friend is a single mother and when she has no sitter I will help out. My friends always know 24/7 they can call or text and I’m there. Being there and letting them know you care means so much. Everyday is a new day to touch someone lives and I love to help people and animals. Even if I have to go without something to put a smile on someone else’s face means the world to me.

  376. Hello.

    The last thing I donated was 20 dollars to a gofundme for a dear friend to help pay the funeral expenses of a partner. She wasa passenger in a car and tragically killed in an automotive accident, and didn’t have life insurance. She was 26 years old.

    If I were to be one of the people chosen for this contest, I would wish for you to send any and all prizes to my mourning friend, as one final gift from Brandi Duke…during this time…a little beauty and reassurance will go a long way.

    Thanks for your time, and the time of all your associates who may assist you in this matter.
    Charles Estle

  377. First and foremost, Happy Birthday Joel!!
    The last thing I gifted, wasn’t so much a gift, as it was a gesture. My daughter and I were out to eat last week and the server sat an older gentleman near us after we had been there some time. He was alone, and seemingly not in the best of spirits. My 6 year old daughter must have picked up on this, as she told me that, “that nice man over there looks sad”. I told her I agreed and that if she liked, we would do something to try and cheer him up. She loved the idea. So when I went up and paid for our meals, I paid for that mans as well. It was a small simple gesture, but it made my daughter happy at the thought of making the man happy, and hopefully it made him smile when he went to pay and discovered his meal was already covered. I was able to do something nice for someone, which potentially made their day, and it cost me very little money, and no extra time and effort as well. It made me smile walking to my car, seeing my daughter so happy about it, and hopefully it made that man’s day. I hope my daughter, as she gets older will continue with her compassionate mentality, and will start doing things like that when she is able.

  378. First off, happy birthday Joel. You do amazing work and it’s always cathartic to be able to watch one of your videos.
    I work for an in home elder care company. Currently I work 3-4 fourteen hour overnights for a women living in the independent living section of a senior care facility. As part of living here the facility makes her meals for her. Anybody who knows anything about senior care cooking knows the food is bland and pretty tasteless due to many diatery restrictions. Yesterday I brought her a piece of homemade lasagna. It’s a small thing really, especially in comparison to some of the other amazing things your followers have gifted or donated, but to my client, it meant so much. Even if I don’t win, reading over some of the amazing things that people have done for others has really made my heart swell. Thanks for doing this contest.

  379. Happy Birthday, Joel! I work for a 501 c3 non-profit agency that provides a variety of services to adults with disabilities. I like to think that I donate to the individuals that we serve everyday. I also like to donate things to our local womens shelter as often as I can. Just last week i donated baby food, diapers and feminine hygiene products to that organization.

  380. Happy birthday first off. I’m Alex from Houston texas. Every time we cleaned out my kids toys I donate all my stuff or u give it to my friends who just had babies or are a year younger than my child. I plan on donating almost three feet of hair when I get back from my dad’s wedding in 10 days. I cut my hair short grow it out for a couple years and than chop it off and donate it. It’s the one thing that I can give some one that I didn’t spend money on. I don’t have much and probably never will but I’m fine with that I was blessed by the gods and goddesses to have what I have and I love to give back.

  381. Happy Birthday! I hope it was spent with loved ones and enjoyed to the fullest!!

    The last thing my fiance and I donated was, seven bags of clothes and a couple bags of books to our local community center. We believe instead of holding onto all your belongings once you get new ones, donate them so those in need. Being a consumer is a privilege not everyone has, why let something you hardly ever use sit around. Donate it so someone else can enjoy! Simple words we try to live by.

    What a wonderful exercise in the comments section to see all the posts of donations and helping. In today’s world it is so easy to forget there are still good people who are making differences in others lives. No matter how small, any act of kindness is heart warming. Much love!!

  382. Happy belated birthday!

    The last thing I gifted to someone was a necklace myself and my two boys made together. It was an early Mother’s day gift for my eldest’s bus driver since she only drives him on Mondays and Tuesdays. My youngest helped me pick a stone and we sanded, scrubbed and polished it togethed. My eldest helped me pick out which wire to use and wrap the stone into a pendant. We put it on a simple chain and added a Toggle clasp.
    It was a simple gift and not expensive to make, but it was something all three of us made together and it made her smile.

  383. Hello 🙂

    I love your work! <3 I can tell you are passionate about it!
    Happy Birthday! I am also turning 29 this year! 😀
    Well, I work in an elementary/junior high school and the one thing I notice is a lot of hungry children at lunch time. Maybe they didn't have the time to pack it in the morning or whatever the case may be. Ever since I first noticed this, I tend to keep extra snacks in my work bag and I end up giving away a lot of food every week. So, just this past Monday, I happen to come across a little girl in Grade 2 that said she was hungry and didn't have enough for lunch so I gave her an extra cheese string and a banana. The week before, I gave away a granola bar and an apple to a hungry little boy. Its not much but it makes me feel great to be able to provide this for the children that need it.

  384. Happy Birthday!! We love your work! The last thing we gave away was something for my friend who is fighting a battle with stage 4 cancer. My daughter is an amazing young artist and she’s working on starting a business (she’s 13!). She drew a picture of a lion when she was 11 for a book she wants to do and the lion was drawn to represent courage. We gave a copy of that lion to my friend 2 years ago, and last summer my friend found out she has cancer. She told us that she has that picture my daughter drew on her fridge, and it reminds her everyday to find courage to get up and stay strong so she can beat this! So, we took the picture of the lion and made a t-shirt out of it and gave it to her. We also got her a myintent bracelet with the word “courage” on it and gave that to her as well. So our gifts were intended to help her embrace the courage she needs to win this battle. My daughter’s goal with her business is to do the same for others – to create and sell products that help inspire people to find the courage within themselves to be strong in the face of whatever challenge it is. She’s planning to donate a percentage of her sales to St. Jude’s as well as other charities.

  385. Nicole Brooks
    I am from a very small town in Georgia. I am a beginner at pottery. The reason I decided to start pottery is because clay is a unique thing the fact that you can mess up but if you continue to press forward it turns into a one of kind, it turns out beautiful! I feel bad kinda telling things I have done for others, because it wasn’t done for my glory, but rather for Gods. Me and my husband are unable to have children so we open our house to others. We have had complete strangers that were picked up from side of road, we welcomed them into our home. For that one night that person knows someone cares! I have cooked many a meals for different travelers and do I get nervous at times…yes, but hopefully that moment or night in our house is life changing for that person. Right now we have a 19 year old living with us, he is from a bad situation but we are trying to inspire trying to encourage and trying to show that love is the greatest gift of all! When these travelers and children are in our home they are treated as if they have always been part of our family. When people ask why or how could we, my only answer is like the story in the Bible. Elijah asked a lady, why do you have a room for prophets and travelers and the people replied because she has no children of her own. (2 Kings 4:14) When we are squeezed by life and it seems like you can’t get off your knees from one thing before another hits you in the face, that’s where our compassion and love is found! Clay is same way , you can wedge it, you can mess up and restart and that’s the message I hope others see as we continue to open our home for those who might see no hope or just need to feel love and kindness.

  386. Happy Birthday Joel! The last thing I gifted was some Death Wish Coffee that was mailed out earlier this week to some of our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. I’m part of the Death Wish Coffee Company community that likes to thank our troops for all they sacrifice to keep us safe. They will be receiving 73 pounds of the strongest coffee on the planet alone with some other useful merchandise by Armed Forces Day this year.
    I’ll gladly send you a pound of their coffee for your birthday if you’ll message me an address you want it delivered to….there might be a new world record at the bottom of a cup.

  387. I donate my time. Yesterday I cut and colored two ladies hair that are housebound I donate suppers at least three days a week to my neighbor that is housebound today I am babysitting me 4 month old great grandson while also doing laundry for them ( two other kids 10 and 6) having their supper ready. So their parents can work very hard. ( I do find time to do my clay). Love your art Happy Birthday stay young

  388. First off, happy birthday 😁.
    The last thing I gifted was actually a set of art prints to a young friend that does wood burning. She saw one that I was gifting to a friend for his house and freaked out at how beautiful it was, and how much she would love to do wood burnings of them…so I went home and got together 3 originals and 2 prints for her. The art came from a friend of mine who publishes his art under the name of “Steady Lifted”. So now she has some cool art, she is making some beautiful wood burnings with them, and hopefully the two can get together for a beautiful collab project some time soon! ❤️

  389. Hi, Happy Birthday!

    My daughter is a cosmetologist and has opened her own salon. I have gifted her various things her salon may need, such as finger bowls and nail art for manicures, my skills at sewing to repair or recover seats, chairs the salon needs. Since she is making her salon with no loans, almost all her things are second hand, and I do all I can to help.

    Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes. I hope your day was great!

  390. I tried typing my comment a few times last night and kept getting interrupted. I just realized I think when I finally got to type it completely and send it I forgot to wish you a happy birthday! I hope you had a great time playing tunes with your band and friends!!!
    May is a great month, my oldest sons birthday is the 19th. He’ll be 30. Time flies by quickly. Now our youngest is a senior this year. Two complete opposites. Oldest is all into computers and the youngest only has music on his mind.
    Any suggestions for our youngest to have a back up plan. I know you play in a band but you have your pottery to bring in income.
    I know this is a contest post but I need help from someone outside of family that he’ll possibly listen too. His band is actually going on tour end of July for two/two and a half weeks. We live in Ga they are going to New York oh gosh I forgot where else but making stops along the way then back down toward here to Florida. Any advice on how you handled being in a band and still followed through with school?? Help from a scared mom!!!’
    I know your busy but if you could reply to the email provided with this comment.
    (Notice I didn’t put his band name etc not looking to promote. Not that I’m against it. Just want some advice, thanks)

  391. I love watching your live videos, they are so calming and you always happen to go live right when I’m getting ready for bed. Perfect timing!
    The last thing I gifted was a couple boxes full of baby clothes to our local church. Hoping that I can help keep some precious babies warm in their time of need.
    Thank you for the opportunity! Have a great 29th year!

  392. First I want to say Happy Birthday! The last thing I have donated was today for teacher appreciation week at my childrens school. I have donated my time to help make sure things dropped off for their luncheon tomorrow goes where they need to go. I also donated a CD along with a giftcard ti go with. That was for the elementry school. For the middle school I did the CD and giftcard and I baked some cookies.

  393. Hi Joel, and Happy Birthday! My latest donation was two bags of clothing from my apparel business to our local homeless shelter. Reading all these comments makes me see there is still a lot of good in our crazy world. Nice idea! 👍👍

  394. Happy Birthday, Joel!

    The last thing I donated was time, really. A coworker of mine started up an animal rescue called Second Chances Animal Rescue here in Michigan. Being on the marketing team where we work, and loving animals to boot, I helped out by designing a logo and all sorts of marketing materials. I also helped with the website and anything else needed. The next step is to foster some animals that need forever homes. I can’t wait for that part. Every animal deserves a happy ending.

  395. The last item I gifted was a new wardrobe to my 6 year old niece. It was her birthday and I was told she desperately needed new clothes. I was fortunate enough to find a great sale and able to buy her all the things a little girl could want. She immediately put on a new dress and new boots and the smile on her face was the best prize of all. She said, “I always wanted a pair of boots.” She pranced around and twirled. It was money well spent.
    Cheers to you and your art. Thank you for sharing the live feed. It’s nostalgic to view!

  396. My sister and I used to watch Winnie the Pooh as kids and she always loved Pooh, and I Piglet. Whenever we find things when we’re out and about we’ll send each other pictures. I was recently at a Half Price Books and found not only one but two copies of the original works and illustrations of Winnie the Pooh by A. A. Milne. I gave her the beautiful hard copy and kept the paperback for myself. She cried when I gave it to her. She is my favorite person on this planet and I don’t know what I’d do without her. And if I can ever do something to make her proud of me and happy then I try my best.

  397. Happy birthday Joel!
    I hope it was a magical day!
    I think the most important thing to gift to children nowadays is your time! Everything else gets put aside and postponed until the children get your time, attention and love!

  398. Happy Birthday! My birthday is on May 24th. The last gift I gave was to my best friend who is also a teacher for teacher appreciation week! It is that time of year when assessments and end of the year schedules make teaching even more stressful. I gifted her some Energy aromatherapy lotion and hand scrub from Bath and Body Works with a thank you card for always being there for support, someone to vent with and a great friend!

  399. Happy Birthday Joel! Wow! The big 29! Enjoy this last year in your 20s!
    In my town is a rock painting group that enjoys painting rocks and hiding them around town for others to find. It is all about making others smile. This past holiday I realized that one of the biggest places that needed smiles was the local children’s hospital. So, I asked the local group if anyone would be interested in helping paint rocks. There was an overwhelming response, with people from other counties chipping in as well. All in all, over 900 colorful rocks were collected that had colorful designs raging from hearts to trucks on them. A friend and I hid them all around the children’s hospital a week or so later. Surprisingly, we even saw a few children find them! They were so excited! For just a moment, they weren’t in pain. They were happy.

  400. The last thing I gifted to somebody was a print of a poem that perfectly described a situation of mine with a (former) girl I’ve been in love with for the last 7 years. The reason I have former in parenthesis is due to the inability to actually stay apart. That is why this poem is so special to me. Also because it’s basically the only thing this guy has ever written that I can actually stomach to read because of how terribly, in my own opinion, the rest of his poems are pieced together. This is about to he the cheesiest thing you’ll ever read, but it perfectly describes what love is to me. Love is never the same. There is no universal law of nature to it that preordains a certain way it is to be felt or communicated. There are too many factors to narrow love down to an exact feeling or emotion. It will be different every time around due to the ever changing circumstances or situations between two people. It isn’t black and white. Nobody is exactly the same as you and I, so love can never be defined as a fixed thing.
    So here is the poem–
    “As your world crumbles around you, I am your constant. Use me. Take my love and feel every ounce of it. When you think that nobody cares, seek me. I am the rock the current have yet to wash away. Standing before you, as you seek refuge, I become your savior, a place to always rest while caught amongst the storm.”
    Anyway, I feel that love, though painful at times, is something only the person in the current situation can make a judgement call on. It’s situational to that extent. Sometimes the pain is worth it. I pinkie promise I am not writing so much to annoy, or try to seem more into it. It’s just something personally that I like to explain to people. Because love is impossible​ to advise about because of all of this. Also, it’s because I’m impulsive and I talk waaaay too much. Thanks fam.

  401. Every Fridayfor the last 6 months I give of my time to my great aunt and uncle. After work every week, I stop by and drive my great uncle around town for his errands since they Have many medical concerns and limited mobility. It gives us time to talk and he often shares stories and memories as we drive through our small town. Then we return to his house where we visit and I complete any chores they need such as taking out the garbage or changing a lightbulb. Typically by Friday, I am ready to go home and relax after a long week at work but I am always happy that I took time out of my life to help my great aunt and uncle since they have few other supports in their life.

  402. Happy Birthday!! The last thing I gifted or donated was a gift card to my mom to go pamper herself. Also a big sister shirt to my niece whom just has a baby sister join the world yesterday. Same day I donated a bunch of clothes to a homeless ministry and diapers to a shelter for mothers and children.

  403. Happy Birthday! 1 year closer to a prostate exam 🤣

    The last gift I gave was lawn chairs to my mother for her birthday. She has been working so hard on her back yard, and would like for us all to be able to enjoy it, but didn’t have enough seating for the whole family. Now we are all able to sit and enjoy her hard work.

  404. Hi Joel! My mom passed away on March 31st this year after being in a nursing home for a little over a year. Her nickname was Mae and my dad and her were married on May1st. In honor of her memory my family teamed up and made May baskets for all of the residents at the nursing home. It was such a success we are hoping to make it an annual event😊😊


  405. I donate fairly regularly through my church donations, but one thing I did for the elderly members of my church was make them apple crisps. Me and a few of my friends made apple crisps by hand, baked them, and brought them to all the older people in our church. They loved it! We got to sit down and have a coffee with them and really got to a lot of people we didn’t know that well before.

  406. Good Morning! The last thing I donated was my time. I try to teach my children at every opportunity that nothing shows you care more than rolling your sleeves up and making it personal. We donate our time to Kids Food Basket, which provides meals to over 7,000 local low income children. It reminds us of our blessings and allows us to share those blessings with those around us.

  407. The last thing I donated were old treasures I had held onto hoping to bring out their beauty again. I finally decided that I would rather see them being used. I put an ad in freecycle for two century corner shelves, a beautiful big rocker that only needed the seat glued & clamped & a set of bats,gloves & baseballs. I was emailed a photo of the shelves by the recipient they were stunning, showcasing the old oak which had been painted, with carpentry skills added scroll work completed to display their dragons collection. The rocker to a new mom & the sports equipment to a local man looking to replace equipment for youth team. Nothing left collecting dust it was being used ,making new history. Its time again to sort I have a wagon wheel

  408. Happy birthday. I recently had to go through my mother in law’s craft room (an entire room) since she is no longer able to do crafts. With the help of my mom and sister, we donated all sorts of craft items to the local day care center, yarn and quilting material to the local group of ladies who make items for veterans and kids in the hospital and other items to the local senior citizen center. While it is sad she won’t be creating anymore beautiful things by hand, it feels good to know a lot of people and kids will get to be creative and enjoy. Love your creations of beauty.

  409. Twice a year I donate blankets and sheets to our local animal shelter. Along with some dog and cat toys for them to play with. It gives the animals something to cuddle and comfortable to sleep on. I have a soft spot for the cats and dogs. I wish I could take them all!

  410. Happy Belated Birthday!!! I volunteer my time taking pictures for a radio station called Alternative Buffalo 107.7, and I have made dog leashes out of paracord and donated them to dog shelters. I know other people on here have done way more than I have. We have all donated time and hospitality to those that need it. We are all doing an amazing job! Keep up the good work everyone!!

  411. I was the chairman for our company charity this past summer and I raised $11,000 for the American Diabetes Association in Indiana. I was also featured in their annual commercial to raise awareness for Diabetics like myself. It was one of the best feelings EVER to hand that money to the ADA for research to find a cure. #imincontrolofmydiabetes

  412. The last thing I gave away was my time. I have a neighbor who is legally blind does not have a car and of course does not drive and has no family in the area. She needed to take her dog to the vet so I took her. I often take her places because she doesn’t have any other way to get anywhere. I often give up my time more so than of objects. I feel my time is much more valuable to give to someone to assist them in something that can’t get done. I am an active volunteer with the Red Cross and I’m constantly working with it them.

  413. I believe the best thing you can donate is time and effort, especially when you don’t always have much to give. So the last thing I donated was a week of volunteer work to my local primary school kindergarten class. In hopes to try and improve the education of young kids as much as possible.

  414. I hope you have an amazing birthday!
    As a child we didn’t have much money but we were happy. I was the kid who received anonymous gifts at holidays via local charities or churches. It made the holidays special. Without there would have been little or nothing. Now as an adult our family tries to pay that generosity foreword. Our most recent family donation consisted of a family of 5…4 kids and a single Mom. I can only imagine the struggle of a Mom to support a family day to day. We chose to purchase some small day to day items for the 2 teen girls and include gift cards to purchase clothing or make-up (no make-up is not a necessity but every girl should feel beautiful). The 2 smaller kids were given a fews toys each as well as clothes, diapers and wipes. We included gift cards for them as well to be used for any other necessities they may have needed. Even though the organization we went through only asked for items for the kids we chose to include a grocery store gift card as well…I would never want a family to go without a meal any day but especially for a holiday. Our family always has enough but we will always remember what it’s like to struggle. I can only hope we were able to put a smile on the faces of 1 family. Even the litle things in life can make someone’s day a little easier.

  415. Earlier this year I donated money to the American cancer association in honor of a friend who continues to fight. Every year I donate in honor of her and another good friend who’s fought the ugly battle. My company also matches donations so I feel good knowing I was able to get my contributions doubled for the cause. 🙂
    We need to be able to find a cure for these people and kids. People’s lives shouldn’t have to be cut short due to cancers. People’s families shouldn’t have to be torn apart from these horrible diseases! We will find a cure!
    Every year I also find myself donating money or goods to animal rescues. Sometimes it’s for dogs. Sometimes it’s for elephant sanctuaries. Sometimes it’s just for one animal in particular. Animals have a special place in my heart ❤
    We need to help the helpless and the voiceless

  416. I would say the best gift I have given somebody is my time and patience while I sat next to them so they wouldn’t be alone during one of the worst times in their life. Just being there for them to let them know people care. It might not seem like much to most but the particular day I’m thinking about; She will remember that moment for the rest of her life.

  417. Happy Birthday, Joel!! The last thing that I gifted was a hand blown Mother’s Day vase created from our local glass factory. Even though it was intended to be a “Mother’s Day,” I gifted it early to a friend that I became friends with recently who had been going through some hard times. I thought it fitting since the vase represented a flower – “daisy.” Daisies always make me smile, and I hoped it would do the same for her. In all honesty, giving makes me feel good. The most important gift you can give to someone is your time, and to forever and always make people feel loved, even in the smallest of ways.

  418. Happy Belated Birthday Joel!! The last donation I made were personal hygiene items and small toys going to Guatemala. A team of nursing students travel to Guatemala each year to provide medical clinics for the locals that require much needed medical attention. It’s a great feeling to know that the items will make a difference and put a smile on their faces.

  419. Happy Birthday, Joel! It is so kind of you to give of yourself during a time that is meant to celebrate you! 🙂 The last thing that I donated was my time. I have recently begun volunteering with a nonprofit called Random Acts of Flowers. They take donated flowers from florists, weddings, funerals, etc. to rearrange and take to folks in hospitals and nursing homes. It is such a great organization whose mission is to brighten someone’s day with a bouquet of flowers.
    You are doing great things!! Not just on the wheel…but in life! Keep up the great work!

  420. Mmm, that’s a great question. I had to dig around in my brain for a moment, then I remembered.

    It was Christmas. I got a slow cooker for my mom. The reason for that was that I feel bad that every single day, my mom has to slave over hot stove just to make dinner for us. I got her a slow cooker in hope that it would give her a break. Everyone in my family love it, because we are able to have delicious dinner without doing much work.

    I am currently in process of giving another present, this time to my little cousin. My cousin, he is about to graduate from high school. I am paying for his trip to NJ from PR. Growing up, he didn’t have that much money. This year he has to face something that no one should face. He has to face the fact that his father might has to go to jail. I feel bad for that kid, so I decided to pay him to come here to take a break from everything in PR. I love you little cousin, you deserve much more than what you have.

  421. A favorite that I’ve donated is crocheted hats for preemie babies to a hospital in Michigan. It was fun making them, and then as I sent them off I was excited for all of the babies that would be warm and cozy because someone showed me the great organization that worked with the hospital.

  422. Happy birthday, Joel!!

    As cliché as this is, I am giving my family the gift of a college degree. I am graduating from St. Ben’s this weekend with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. It’s been a long road with many obstacles in the way–including two cancer diagnoses in my family, a death, concerns with my physical and mental health, battling through post traumatic brain injury effects, and more. Throughout it all, I have survived an intense and difficult major and will be coming out with a job at one of the most prestigious hospitals in the world. My family has been the biggest support throughout all of this–the least I can do is use what they’ve taught me about treating people with love, empathy, and kindness to work alongside those who are vulnerable and sick on their way to recovery. That is the greatest gift I can give them and I hope I can continue to do so.

    Again, happy birthday! As a frequent visitor of the Local Blend, I will miss eating and drinking from your pottery. You certainly have a lot of talent and gifts.

  423. The last donation I made was a few weeks ago. I wanted to get my 8 year old son involved too! I believe it’s extremely important to teach him young that you may not be able to give a lot or but you give what you can and it makes a difference. We collect all of the old blankets, towels, and old stuffed animals that we could find and took them to the local animal shelter to donate them. It was a great learning experience for him and we had so much fun!

  424. Happy Belated Birthday Joel! 🙂 My oldest turned 28 yesterday!
    The last thing I donated was a Power Red blood donation a few weeks ago to the Red Cross. I try to donate regularly since I’m O- (universal donor), and just 1 Power Red donation can help up to 3 people! Blood donation is such a simple thing to do, yet not enough people donate. If just 1 of my donations over the years helped even 1 person then that’s reason enough to keep donating!
    I hope you had a spectacular birthday!
    Keep that creativity flowing!

  425. Happiest Day of your Birth!!
    The last thing I donated were some beading supplies and tools that I was ignoring in my craft bin to the Special (Exceptional 🙂 ) Education program at the High School where I was, until just recently, the school nurse. Two of the students make beautiful jewelry and other adornments to give as gifts, or just as tokens of appreciation. It made my heart so happy to see them being joyfully creative!!
    I work as needed at a camp for youth and adults with exceptional needs and I take a bag or two of books, yarn, clothing, sheets, markers, crayons, ect… anything we no longer use or have chosen not to in our home, so they can enjoy it while at camp. My heart absolutely sings to watch them thrive in this environment and use these materials to be creative!

  426. I’m writing this for my Mom Erica. The other day at Walmart My mom and I had spotted a homeless man pushing a cart with his bag that had everything he owned in it. My mom bought him a resse peanut butter cups and he wouldn’t stop smiling after that! Before we left we saw him at Subway in Walmart. After we saw him getting a Sub my mom went up and asked him if he used a gift card he said Yes. So my mom asked him if he needed a gift card for clothes he said Yes. Then my mom bought him a gift card and a Twix bar because that was his other favorite candy.
    P.s.We love your video!!!

  427. Happy birthday! The last thing I donated was my time. It is Nurses Appreciation Week and my mother was in charge of doing a “Day of Caring” for all of the nurses in the children’s hospital where she works. She set up a yoga station, energy therapy, coloring books, food… She wanted to make relaxation eye masks for every nurse, but didn’t have time, so I helped hand-sew all the masks. Everyone loved them and we ended up having enough left over to give out next year!

  428. My birthday was also this week. Wednesday I turned 39! On Tuesday evening I had the great pleasure of donating $20,000 to the ACE Mentor Program in Atlanta, from the proceeds of the SMPS Shoot for Success which I Chair. In addition, we gave scholarships to outstanding students for college educations in Architecture, Engineering and Construction. Learn more and enjoy photos from our event here:

  429. Happy birthday Joel. My daughter Ella and I both have May birthdays as well. She turns one next Wednesday the 17th. And is already amassing quite the stuffed animal collection.
    December 2015 I buried a girlfriend of mine who died of brain cancer at the age of 31. Wendy Regouby Ekstrand. Her family started a foundation in her name with the cause of donating stuffed animals to hospitals for patients to have a snuggle buddy. I’ve gathered a bag full of stuffed toys that have been gifted to her over the past year that ny daughter is not interested in. I would rather them be used by somebody in need than gather dust in her room. I hope to encourage Ella to grow into a giving generous spirit and utilize Wendy’s foundation to give her an outlet for access blessings.

  430. Happy Birthday, Joel! Beautiful work!
    The last thing I donated was a toy barn to my daughter’s daycare.It came with a cow, pig, sheep and horse that sing when they’re inside the barn. Pretty cool stuff! The kids all love it and they still play with it.

  431. Happy birthday! I think the best gift I gave someone was several years ago to my friend. She went to my high school for 11th grade but was homeschooled in 12th grade, so though she had friends in the community, she had no high school graduation. So I threw her one. Neither of us had wealthy families, but I used my house, borrowed a cap and gown, played Pachelbel’s Canon from my mp3 player, invited all her family and friends, baked, and prepared an entertaining commencement speech. That was one of the happiest nights of my life. It was really close to my own birthday, yet I made it about someone else, and that felt really good.

  432. Back in October i moved to Canada with my parents. We donated a lot of our furniture and electrical appliances to charity shops or just families we knew needed them more than we did. We even donated clothes and shoes. Doing that meant that people in our hometown had the ability to live a life the things they couldnt afford before as we have a lot of poverty and homelessness in my hometown.

  433. I hope you had a great birthday Joel!!!

    I would LOVE to win a piece of your pottery and display it proudly, but in reading most of these comments I’m afraid I having nothing to compare to some of these fabulous, selfless givers! I do tythe and give to the poor at my church. I occasionally buy coffee or food for the car behind me in a drive thru, and I donate a lot of clothes and stuff to local shelters.

    Most of all, I live my life everyday by the GOLDEN RULE, I treat people how I want to be treated, I give smiles and love and prayers to anyone in need!!

    Thank you!

    Janet Montecalvo
    at University Hospitals in Cleveland Oh

  434. Happy birthday, Joel!
    I am also an artist and donate items and my time any chance I get to charities, local businesses, children, and family friends! I recently donated two painted pairs of Marine themed shoes to a young Marine couple who are getting married this summer. I also volunteer as an assistant teacher to a little kids dance class and have art classes with them too. I love your work and everything you do! Your live videos are the best. Keep it up!

  435. The last thing I gifted was actually to my husband. I just found out I am pregnant and I gave him a goodie bag full of silly things about kids. Sour patch kids candy, stuff like that with the names of Kids and Dads. He didn’t figure it out until about the fourth item he opened. The card said You make a great Husband and on the inside said but you’ll make an even better dad!

    On a side note, Joel thank you for all you do and creating art. Pottery is hard work and your pots are truly stunning. I was an art major in college too and it isn’t nearly as easy as most think it is. Keep it up!

  436. Darn, missed the entry time by over 2 hours! (can’t receive person e-mails at work) Oh well. Happy Birthday! Good luck to all those who entered! Congrats to the winners!! Peace.

  437. That last thing I gifted was about a month ago, a friend’s mother passed away, so I painted a portrait of a her mother for her, and sent it to her.

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