Enjoy Reduced Shipping Costs: Pottery Orders Just Got Cheaper

We’re getting better at packing and shipping pottery all the time. We lowered shipping costs across our entire online store! This is great news for everyone, but especially for international customers and accuracy for bulk orders.

Guinness World Record Pottery Pre-sale

The first 10 out of 159 Guinness World Record pots have been posted. July 1st our press page goes out to 50+ news organizations worldwide. 100,000+ people (woah!) already watched our team break the record in this Facebook video! Many of you asked to get your hands on one of these pots before they sell out, so I wanted to make sure you newsletter folks got first priority. We hope that you see this artwork as an investment that will likely appreciate in value.

Cherrico Pottery Guinness World Record Pottery long banner2

Special thanks goes out to all of the folks at Guinness World Records for letting us collaborate with stunning, official certificates that are included with each world record pot. As a thanks for being part of our newsletter, enjoy 50% off Guinness World Record pottery during this pre-sale before July 1st:

Coupon Code: GWRPOTS50

We have 159 total and you might still be able to get one in the coming months, but we don’t know how crazy things might get after the July 1st press release date. Most importantly, we are happy to know that this art has already begun to positively affect people globally.

We are still working on photographing pots, but if you are interested in purchasing a certain number, please reply to this email with your requested number and we will give you first priority.

New Lunar Mugs, Cups and Cosmic Mugs July 1st

Thanks so much for reading and stay tuned for a new body of artwork available by July 1st. Cheers! (with a Guinness of course)

cosmic-cups-banner taste the galaxy cherrico pottery

lunar-mugs-banner, Cherrico Pottery, Handmade Ceramic Pottery


You’ve got to keep advancing a frontier and then there is a new headline to report on...if you advance frontiers, heroes are made.”

– Neil deGrasse Tyson
Neil DeGrasse Tyson photo by Joel Cherrico

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