Random Cosmic Mugs

Great photography is tough and takes a long time. We shoot high quality photography for only the best Cosmic Mugs for our store- the jewels, which you can always find here. However, right now we have a surplus of unphotographed, random Cosmic Mugs that are different for these reasons:

  • Some have less vibrant, darker colors.
  • Some have gorgeous colors but strange glaze texture flaws.
  • They vary widely in shapes and sizes from 13-20 ounces.

All are 100% functional and good mugs, but I don’t have the heart to either smash them or charge full price. If you are okay with being surprised by a totally random Cosmic Mug, then this listing is for you:

Random Cosmic Mugs

1, Six Image Set, High

“This is the aspect of the art that interests me, the audience. Much more so than the fact that people call it art. Call it craft, I don’t care what they call it. You know…somewhere down – long after I’m dead somebody will figure out what it was and how important it was. In the meantime, I get my kicks out of people seeing the work.”

– Dale Chihuly


2 Replies to “Random Cosmic Mugs”

  1. I am hoping to purchase five of your $25 cosmic mugs. I know it says random, but I do have color requests as they relate to members of my family. Im looking for mugs that have primary clusters of 1Blue/ Green, 1 Wine, 1Purple, 1 Turquoise, 1 Poppy. If this is too bold a request, I work near the Local Blend in St Joseph, Mn and will browse and find there.

    Thank-you for the consideration.

  2. Joel, I love all your work and watch many live sessions on face book. I would love to drink my coffee from one of your cosmic mugs but cannot afford the regular price of one due to my responsibilities on my weekly pay. I woulf be honored to drink from any mug that I may receive from this awesome price reduction.
    Thank you from Cleveland, Ohio.

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