$25 Cosmic Cup Sets

Support for the Kickstarter has been great! Everyone seems to love the cosmic glaze colors, but I completely understand not everyone can afford a Cosmic Mug right now. As a thanks for all of your financial backing, social media sharing and positive thoughts, I decided to add a more affordable reward level:

$25 Cosmic Cups, Sets of Four, LIVE on Kickstarter

300 sets of four Cosmic Shot Cups (that’s 1,200 tiny cups- WOAH!) are now available through Kickstarter. It will take me a while to deliver them (it’s tough to make a living by hand-making thousands of low priced pots) but more cosmic pots are getting into the hands of more people globally, and that’s a worthy goal. Because these tiny cups are so much smaller, faster and easier to create than Cosmic Mugs, even more people can now get a great deal on a set of cosmic pottery. I’m also happy to announce that we passed our halfway funding goal in less than a week! I’m so grateful for all of your support.

Cosmic Cups, Set of Four Shot Cups, Cherrico Pottery, 2015

Here’s a cool quote by Neil Gaiman on creativity and goal setting, from The Best Commencement Speech You Many Ever Hear

“…imaging that was a mountain, a distant mountain, my goal. And I knew that as long as I kept walking towards the mountain, I’d be alright.

– Neil Gaiman, Author


Each pot is brushed with a line drawing that represents a Rocky Mountain landscape.

Mountain Signature

Ever since I was young, mountains affected me powerfully. I think of them as gigantic sculptures made by nature. Mountains also represent ambition. The idea of reaching the summit of a mountain motivates me to pursue great goals with my artwork. I shot this photo at over 12,000 ft. from the top of Copper Mountain, Colorado, US.

Jacques-Peak, Cherrico Pottery Signature Inspiration, Compressed

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