Back Roads Pottery Tour and Beer Mugs for Brother Willie’s Pub

This weekend marks the 7th annual Back Roads Pottery Tour. Bring your friends and family for a drive around the St. Joseph and Avon, MN area to check out the fall colors of the leaves and the pots. The tour includes 4 venues hosting 11 potters, and it takes place 10am-6pm Saturday and 10am-4pm Sunday. I’ll be hanging out at Collegeville Orchards showing pottery alongside Bill Gossman and Japser Bond.

Here are the poster and map for the tour, and some photos of last year’s tour:

2013 Pottery Tour

2013 Pottery Tour Mailer side

Back Roads Pottery Tour, Copper Red Glaze, Joel Cherrico, 2012, Image1  Back Roads Pottery Tour, Copper Red Glaze, Joel Cherrico, 2012, Image2

This Friday from 4-8pm I’m also bringing the first batch of stoneware beer mugs to Br. Willie’s Pub on the St. John’s University campus. Each year, the pub sells commemorative mugs for students, faculty and well, anyone to purchase for drinking beer at BWP. This is the first year that Br. Willie’s and I have collaborated to get hundreds of handmade mugs into the pub! Below are a few process shots of the new mugs, but stop by Friday to see them in person. I hear that your first beer is free with the purchase of a mug!

  Stoneware Beer Mug, Throwing Stoneware Pottery, Joel Cherrico Pottery, Photo by Michael Applen, 2013   Brother Willie's Pub, Stoneware Beer Mugs, St. John's University, Cherrico Pottery, 2013 BWP Beer Mugs, Stoneware Clay, Joel Cherrico, Nuka glaze with Iron, 2013   BWP Blue Mugs



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