Massive Pottery Weekend: Millstream Arts Festival, St. Joseph Newsleader, and the Loso Legacy Exhibition

This past weekend was huge for handmade ceramics in the St. Joseph area. I showed my work across 5 venues in 5 days, from windy, rainy farmers markets to swarms of people during the hot, sunny Millstream Arts Festival. Check out this amazing photography by Steve Diamond Elements:

Photo by Steve Diamond Elements, Millstream Arts Festival, Joel Cherrico Pottery, The Local Blend Coffee Shop

I was also lucky enough to land on the cover of the St. Joseph Newsleader! Special thanks to Dennis Dalman for coming to my Pottery on the Deck event a couple weeks back and writing a great story:

Joel Cherrico Pottery News, Publications, St Joseph Newsleader, Handmade Ceramic Pottery, 2013

“The Loso Legacy Exhibition” also opened at the Satellite Gallery, located in downtown St. Joseph, MN. JD Jorgenson, one of my pottery mentors and owner of The Satellite Gallery and Jorgenson Pottery, helped organize a show of Jim’s previous work. Jim Loso was a potter in St. Joseph for about 4 decades. He passed away last fall, and this show commemorates his life’s work. For more information check out this great article in the St. Cloud Times:

The exhibition opened as part of Millstream Arts Festival, and will be open until October 13th. Check out their facebook group for more info.

Monday was a perfect end to a long streak of shows. I threw about 30 more pots at Market Monday in Sartell, ended the day with a few sales, then went over to St. John’s University for the Johanna Kiln firing. It was day 3 of the 10 day woodfiring, with over 12,000 pieces of pottery in the kiln. We sat around the fire listening to The Black Keys, falling rain, and the roar of the kiln. Check out this nice article for more info about their 12th firing:

Sartell Market Monday, Pottery at Farmers' Markets, Joel Cherrico Pottery, Copper Red Jar, Coil Pot

Johanna Kiln, St. John's University, St. John's Pottery, Photo by Joel Cherrico

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