Pottery at 1st Avenue Wine House in Cedar Rapids, IA

First Avenue Wine House, Joel Cherrico PotteryThis August marks my second showing of pottery at 1st Avenue Wine House in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Owners Traci and Ron are family friends that I’ve known since way back when- years ago, Traci used to be my babysitter!! Their family style business offers a unique chance for people to learn about gourmet wines in a friendly atmosphere. This 3 day show will take place the last weekend of August, just before labor day. I plan to bring my newest selection of pottery down from Minnesota to display in their courtyard. Come check out this unique shop while enjoying some wine tasting and viewing my newest pottery. Back, Postcard for Iowa Wine House Show and Sale, 2013 Front, Postcard for Deck Sale, 2013 Check out these photos below to view images of last years’ show: Cherrico Pottey Wine House Show



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