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Pottery World Record

Watch Joel Cherrico break the Guinness World Record for “most pots thrown in one hour by an individual.”

Cherrico Pottery, World Record Pottery, Photos by Caitlin Brutger, 2 images, header

A Potter’s Journey

Learn how I crafted my life as a full-time potter and entrepreneur by reading this blog post series written in collaboration with American Craft Council.



Joel Cherrico
Cherrico Pottery, LLC



  1. I would love to get my hands on one of your mugs! I am one of the members at and run our social media!

    would love to review and promote your mug

  2. Mugs seem to be beyond my capabilities in clay, so therefore, I collect them from other potters. Hope to have one of yours one day. I bought my husband a HUBBLE painting in Taos, NM last year. He would love your mug also.

  3. I love your article (and your work) I am at a crossroads. I love pottery, the feel of clay on my hands but I am plagued by self doubt, that my work isn’t good enough. Your words tell me I am not ready to give up. Your work inspires me to try new things.

  4. We love your mugs. My first was bought at the Local Blend – it had my coffee in it .LOL. Had to take it home. And I’ve gotten more every time we stop for coffee. Would love to win and show off one of your new ones.
    Thank you .

  5. awesome is too trite a word to describe your work…inspired with
    god’s lingering hand is closer…It’s like walking in space with a lunar capped cup of spiced coffee…. from a fan of discriminate taste…

  6. WOW!!! Have not seen ANYTHING on the market like these before… Can’t wait to play my hand at lady luck…Great creation Joel… may you live long and prosper! A family member from afar!

  7. My daughter went to school at St. Ben’s and did her work study in clay shop and met you! She introduced me to your mugs and have loved them ever since! We think of Minnesota all the time in Ohio while drinking our coffee from your mugs! Thank You for your talent!

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