Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks so much for your interest! I really appreciate you taking the time to look into my pottery and career. This page outlines all Frequently Asked Questions for, and Joel Cherrico Pottery.

For any Customer Service issues, please feel free to contact us here anytime:


*We are not currently able to take pre-orders, reserve pottery or announce specific dates of online pottery availability. Pottery can be purchased on a first-come, first-serve basis from email newsletter announcements, typically once monthly. You can also browse if you would like to see a broader availability of artwork.

We hope you will please be respectful of the fact that Joel Cherrico is an artist and can only make a limited number of our best selling Cosmic Mugs monthly. We are required to price artwork appropriately in response to demand, and our goal is to provide as much pottery as possible to as many people as possible.

If sold out, please wait patiently for the next email newsletter, which we send out whenever Joel has a fresh batch of pots available (typically once monthly). Joel usually creates more than 4,000 of pieces of pottery annually, so please be patient and diligently watch our email newsletters if you would like to snag a Cosmic Mug. We commonly launch discount sales and giveaways, and newsletter subscribers always get top priority.

– Short Bio: Joel Cherrico is a full-time potter and Guinness World Records™ record holder for ‘most pots thrown in one hour by an individual.’ He makes every piece of artwork for sale in our online stores: and

– For Customer Service questions/comments/concerns/suggestions on pottery orders, please email us here:

– For Customer Service shipping policies, returns, or any other information about your pottery order, please view our Terms and Conditions page here.

– To buy my newest pottery, browse both of our online stores: and cosmicmugs.comWhen pottery is sold out, sign up for our e-mail newsletter here, which announces all upcoming sales and availability.

– To get coupons, sign up for our e-mail newsletter here and then view our “Thank You! Coupon Page” for all a listing of all current pottery coupons:


Requests for Cherrico Pottery

– You can get Cherrico Pottery through our online stores: and

– When pottery is sold out, sign up for our e-mail newsletter here, which announces all upcoming sales and pottery availability.

– Custom commission requests can be submitted by sending us an email ( but we get requests almost daily and can not accept most requests. Demand for pottery is just too high right now. However, I really appreciate all of your requests and take everything into consideration when I sit down at the pottery wheel to create new art. I would be most interested in and able to create art from our three pottery categories: Standard Ware, Outer Space Inspired and Mountain Pottery.

– We are not able to donate pottery to silent auctions and fundraising events. There are just too many requests to fulfill and we here at Cherrico Pottery, LLC already give money and pottery regularly to these good causes:

– We are not able to make art for or participate in most gallery shows, art festivals, wholesale orders or custom commission requests. Again, there are just too many requests right now. For a list of other potters who might be interested, check out this list of pottery blogs. If you decide to use this list for silent auction/fundraising donation requests, please be considerate of the fact that artists typically don’t make much money themselves. Please consider contacting wealthier individuals (bankers, doctors or lawyers) to purchase pottery from these artists, and then donate it.

Learn About Joel Cherrico and Cherrico Pottery, LLC

– Biography: Joel Cherrico is a full-time potter and and Guinness World Records™ record holder for ‘most pots thrown in one hour by an individual.’ He makes every piece of artwork for sale in our store. He started Cherrico Pottery, LLC in 2010 after graduating from the College of St. Benedict/St. John’s University with a degree in art. Since then, he has supported his livelihood full-time by creating and selling handmade pottery. He and his small team of student interns use new technology to revolutionize the ways that art impacts our global society.

– If you’re a journalist interested in writing about my career, please refer to this press kit.

– To learn about my pottery career and how I make a living as a full-time potter, read this eight part American Craft Council authorship series, ”A Potter’s Journey.” 

You can also explore our blog if you are curious about specific parts of my pottery process. You can learn how I glaze ceramics with wood asheshow I created “Cosmic Mugs” and got them published in Ceramics TECHNICAL magazine, and how we raised $34,099 with Cosmic Mugs on Kickstarter.

– To learn how I created a thriving online store, check out this guest blog post for BigCommerce, the company that gives us a platform to sell pottery all over the world: Products That Matter: Blending Art, Science and Pricing for a Winning Ecommerce Strategy

– If you’re a ceramic artist or student looking for advice on career paths, check out Julia Galloway’s, “Field Guide for Ceramic Artisans.”

– To learn about the Karatsu-style kick wheels that I use, check out this blog post: “The Art of Throwing Pottery on a Kick Wheel” 

– Studio visits and tours are not currently possible. My pottery studio is not yet big enough for people to visit. We are planning to build a larger, public studio in the near future. Our e-mail newsletter will announce when the studio will be ready for tours. In the meantime, I suggest reaching out to Richard Bresnahan and the St. John’s Pottery, as they regularly give tours of their remarkable pottery studio.

– To view pottery in person you can visit The Local Blend in St. Joseph, MN, US. We created a mutually beneficial business model where customers eat and drink from my pottery daily, and they can also buy pottery. You can read about it in this American Craft Council blog post: “Eat, Pay, Love: A Potter’s Business Model.”

Joel frequents the Local Blend and keeps them stocked up with pottery cups and mugs available for sale daily. However, most pottery at the Local Blend is reserved for use by the coffee shop staff and customers. Dinner plates, bowls, etc…are not currently available for sale. The purpose of the Local Blend pottery is to give anyone an experience of eating and drinking from artwork. To purchase these types dinnerware pieces, please watch our future email newsletters for potential availability or please consider commission dinnerware from other potters you can find here.

– To apply for an internship or work for Cherrico Pottery, email us here: contact@cherricopottery.comWhile we are not currently teaching or hiring assistants, apprentices or interns other than CSB/SJU students, we are always open to adding new team members. If you are seriously interested in working at Cherrico Pottery, please thoroughly investigate our current and previous applications here.

Thanks again for your interest in my artwork!


Joel Cherrico
Cherrico Pottery, LLC

1, Headshot, Throwing, High

Cosmic Mug and Brochure and Cherrico Pottery Bag, Photo by Tara Maas