Mug and Book Giveaway: $395 in Free Pottery paired with one of my Favorite Books, Ends 1/23/21

A hot cup of tea with a good book is a splendid way to start the day. So, I thought it would be fun to give away one of my favorite books, paired with mugs inspired by it. 

This giveaway features $395 in free pottery and books:

ENDED. Giveaway winner was emailed directly: “Ivetta” Congrats to you!

Tim Ferriss actually inspired the initial ideas orbiting the Cosmic Mug. He got one of the first 100 ever made years ago. I spy with my little eye a top shelf Cosmic Mug…

I’ve been following his “5-Bullet Friday” email for years. It’s one of the best, free newsletters I actually read, because it has valuable lessons from experts in nearly every industry: art, technology, business, mindfulness, mental health, love, sex, relationships, cooking, physical fitness….it’s probably the highest value newsletter I read weekly. Subscribe here if you’re curious: “5-Bullet Friday”

Tribe of Mentors is like a hard copy of those emails. It’s a collection of successful people, who each define success differently.

It’s one of my favorite books because it’s not just a collection of lessons. It’s a collection of people who prove that anything is possible.

As a potter, I’m successful if the newest pottery I make is always the best pottery yet.

But what if I have a bad firing? What if the pots turn out great, but no one buys them? What if I’m just having a terrible day, and don’t feel like working?

Tribe of Mentors is a book I turn to when I’m looking for inspiration from people who are the best at what they do. Sure, all of these people have websites, social media, etc…but there’s something special about being able to step away from our highly addictive smartphones.

Books give us the increasingly rare opportunity to go past the surface, and really dig deep into valuable life lessons.

“Every day is an opportunity to create a living masterpiece.”

Michael Gervais, pg. 412, Tribe of Mentors

7 Replies to “Mug and Book Giveaway: $395 in Free Pottery paired with one of my Favorite Books, Ends 1/23/21”

  1. I love your pottery and I love the inspiration! I am unable to afford your art at this time, so I hope someday I will be own a piece! Thank you for all you do!

  2. I subscribed but it didnt update the entries. I am really hoping one day I will own a piece of your pottery!

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