Fresh Pottery Friday Giveaway: Guinness World Record Pot #100

In case you missed it, Joel Cherrico and the Cherrico Pottery Team set the pottery Guinness World Record this year! You can view the official record here or watch Joel break the record here:

“World Record Planter #100/159” is pictured below, along with an official Certificate of Authenticity from Guinness World Records. To get more of these pots out into the world, we’re giving away Guinness World Record pot #100, absolutely free:


To win this this official piece of art history for free ($179 retail: $159 + $20 packing and shipping) simply respond to the survey below, letting us know which of my @cherricopottery Instagram photos you like best before this Sunday at 11:59pm.

cherrico-pottery-handmade-ceramic-pottery  cherrico-pottery-handmade-ceramic-pottery-moon-mug  cherrico-pottery-handmade-ceramic-pottery-cosmic-mug

Thanks! One winner will receive an email this Monday and we will ship them free pottery, to nearly anywhere in the world. Winners are chosen randomly, limit 1 entry per person. Thanks so much for participating and for following our work. Good luck!

BONUS: Get one free bonus entry by leaving a comment on this blog post telling us which photo you like best and why.

Fresh Pots in the Online Store:

Random Cosmic Mugs and Lunar/Moon Mugs

CosmicMugMarketingBanner, Nicole Pederson - Cropped half

“What distinguishes good artistic license from bad is whether the artist acquired all access to relative information before the creativity begins. Perhaps Mark Twain said it best. ‘Get your facts first and then you can distort them as much as you please.’”

– Neil deGrasse Tyson, Astrophysicist, qtd. in chapter 39 of his book, “Death By Black Hole” 


Moon Image source:

3 Replies to “Fresh Pottery Friday Giveaway: Guinness World Record Pot #100”

  1. Man, it truly was a lifesaver the other night to watch you throw pots on an old facebook livestream than to watch the election. Something about the repetition is very calming to watch. Thanks for continuing to share your work.

    P.S.- I said #1 in the survey, but I do love those lunar mugs too. So for my comment, I’ll say #2.

  2. I’ve been following your work for just over a year, I adore it all. For reasons I can’t really put my finger on, I am so drawn to #2. Something about the rawness, it has a lot of feeling. Congrats on the world record!! I find it very inspiring, my grandfather is a ceramics artist, so I very much appreciate your art.

  3. I think the lunar mug is simply striking in how it both replicates the lunar surface in texture and depth. One of my favorites I have at the house.

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