Fresh Pottery Friday: Cosmic Mug Giveaway

The newest Cosmic Mugs are evolving with more colors and complexity. Raw cobalt powder is resulting in deeper blues and surprising gold/yellow streaks. To get more of these into the hands of more people, I’m giving away a brand new pair of Cosmic Mug jewels.


To win a free pair of our best Cosmic Mugs ($200 retail: $85 + $15 packing and shipping each) simply respond to the survey below, letting us know which of my @cherricopottery Instagram photos you like best before this Sunday at 11:59pm.

stencil-wordpress-giveaway-square  handmade-ceramic-pottery-cherrico-pottery-instagram-2  mountain-vase-cherrico-pottery

Thanks! One winner will receive an email this Monday and we will ship them free pots, to nearly anywhere in the world. Winners are chosen randomly, limit 1 entry per person. Thanks so much for participating and for following our work. Good luck!

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“I think a lot about balance and how comfortable they feel. They shouldn’t be too heavy, they shouldn’t be too light, they should be just right. The Goldilocks pot.”

– Mark Hewitt, Potter, qtd. in Ben Carter’s Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast: Episode 60

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