Cosmic Mugs: Launching soon on Kickstarter!

Cosmic Mug in front of a Planetary Nebula, October

Thank you to everyone who entered the live Cosmic Mug Giveaway! Next Wednesday 10/4, ten lucky winners will have an email in their inbox for a Cosmic Mug to be shipped almost anywhere in the world, totally free!

Ten Free Cosmic Mugs

These mugs are very difficult to create, but I successfully made a bit batch and can afford to give them away for just one more week. The giveaway program increases your chances of winning by referrals to friends and family who might get a kick out of getting their own entry to win a Cosmic Mug. Good luck!

In less than two weeks, I will have a HUGE batch of Cosmic Mugs available at far lower prices on Kickstarter! Watch closely for the next couple email newsletters so you can snag one before they sell out.

Studio Shot

Pottery glaze transforms in the kiln firing by being heated to 2400 degrees F.

“In the case of the artist, I don’t want them to represent reality because I have that via my own telescope. I want and I need the artist to take me to new places.”

Neil deGrasse Tyson


2 Replies to “Cosmic Mugs: Launching soon on Kickstarter!”

    1. Hello Letty, thanks so much for your interest in my artwork! I will have 500 Cosmic Mugs available at discounted prices early next week through Kickstarter. Be sure to watch your email for the finished Kickstarter link so you can snag one before they sell out. Thanks again! 🙂

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