Generous Community Building: An Emerging Artist’s Experience at NCECA 2014

About three weeks ago, Joel traveled to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to attend NCECA 2014. The national ceramics conference brought together potters and pottery enthusiasts from across the country to celebrate all things clay. One of the greatest takeaways from the conference for Joel was when he met Carole Epp, writer of the popular ceramics blog Musing About Mud. The two hit it off immediately, and Carol invited him to write an emerging artist’s post for her blog.

Here’s a link the article Joel wrote. The post describes what NCECA was like for Joel as an emerging potter and what he learned from the contemporary ceramics community.

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  1. Hey Jo, thanks for cicekhng out the project. It is part of all of our ongoing conversation about books and art and meaningful work. I hope you keep visiting and commenting as the project year goes by.

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