Publications (old)

Cropped photo for A Potter's Journey, American Craft Council, Joel Cherrico Pottery, 2014
“A Potter’s Journey”
by Joel Cherrico
American Craft Council
Web Exclusive Blog Posts
“Eat, Pay, Love: A Potter’s Business Model”
by Monica Moses
American Craft Council
Photo by Christina White
October 3rd, 2012


Publications page, Ceramics Technical Joel Cherrico Pottery at the Local Blend
“Handmade Grounds at the Local Blend”
by Joel Cherrico
Issue #36
May 2013 Potters Pages In The Studio Volume 13, Issue 3 May 2013
Potters Pages
In The Studio
Volume 13, Issue 3
May 2013
"Student Shop: Selling Handmade Pottery Online At"Guest Blog Posting2013
“Student Shop: Selling Handmade Pottery Online At”
Guest Blog Posting
January, 2013
“Local Organizations Teach Artists Process of Marketing, Financing”
by Stephanie Dickrell
Saint Cloud Times
Photos by Kimm Anderson
October 5th, 2012
“Artist Profile: Joel Cherrico”
by Lauren Willms
University Chronicle
Photo by Christina White
August 22nd, 2012
*see page 7
“Put to the Test”
by Adam Hammer
Saint Cloud Times
Photo by Adam Hammer
December 20, 2010
Article not available online.
“Made in Iowa: Cherrico Pottery”
by Katie Giorgio
Hoopla Magazine
Photo by Jess Handwerk
November 17, 2010
“Potter’s Art Exhibit Awes Fellow Student”
by David Johnson
CSB/SJU The Record
September 18, 2009
*see page 9
“Potter Profits from Passion”
by Heather Denike
Photo by Alexander Johnson
CSB/SJU The Record
April 24, 2009
*see page 4
“Kiln Fires Up Potters”
by Tim Janssen
Photo by Jess Handwerk
CSB/SJU The Record
September 13, 2007
*see page 3 

6 Replies to “Publications (old)”

  1. Hey J,
    Your glaze work rocks. After throwing for like three or four years, and taking another career path, I’m back at the wheel again. If I were closer, I’d want to apprentice, sweep the floor, grind skutt, whatever. Meanwhile, I found a studio here with some sharp potters.

    Keep throwing!


    1. Hello Genku,

      Thanks for your interest! It’s great to hear that you’re back at the wheel. I did everything I could in college to get out of my other classes and practice throwing. The more hours the better! Also good to hear you’ve found some potters to work with. Most potters will let you hang around in exchange for some work, you seem to have a good attitude for that.

      Have fun!


    1. Hello Sebastian,

      Thank you for your inquiry, I can definitely ship pots to Germany. For information on ordering pottery please shoot me an e-mail at You can also purchase any of the pottery in my online stores:

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