Up Café, NE Minneapolis, MN

My pottery is now featured at Up Café, a gourmet coffee shop that just opened in Northeast Minneapolis, MN. This restaurant lets customers eat and drink from my pottery everyday. Up Café’s menu features espresso drinks made with fair trade, organic espresso and local dairy products, made-to-order panini sandwiches made with local ingredients, homemade gelato and delicious bakery items.  This is a unique opportunity for people to experience art in a casual setting while enjoying gourmet cuisine. Customers are also able to buy any of the pottery on which their meal is served. Check out their website below for more info and directions:

Up Cafe, Northeast Minneapolis, MN

Also, Up Cafe was just featured in Minnesota Monthly magazine! View the article here:

“Shhh, It’s a Quiet Opening at Up Cafe”

Pottery at Up Cafe, Handmade Stoneware by Joel Cherrico3

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Pottery at Up Cafe, Handmade Stoneware by Joel Cherrico2


Photography by Michael Applen and Joel Cherrico, Copyright Up Cafe and Cherrico Pottery, 2013

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