Cosmic Mugs: Art Inspired by Images from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope

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3, Image Pair, High

Cosmic Mug on the Deck

  • Durable: Stoneware pottery is very hard and meant to last a lifetime.
  • Functional: 100% non-toxic and dishwasher safe.
  • Handcrafted: I make each pot from a lump of Stoneware clay on a pottery wheel.
  • Complex: Every mug is brushed with up to 5 different glaze colors.
  • Earthen: Raw iron, copper and cobalt are harvested from the earth & fired in a kiln to 2400 degrees F to seal colors with silica glaze for non-toxic, food-safe surfaces.
  • One of a Kind: Each firing results in glazes that I can never duplicate exactly.

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7 Replies to “Cosmic Mugs: Art Inspired by Images from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope”

  1. I left you a voicemail message earlier regarding cereal bowls. I would be interested in two of the cobalt blue bowls. I just checked out your website. Is there a farmers market in St Joe on Friday? If not, how could I connect with you to get these before Dec 20th? Please let me know what works best for you. Thanks. Bev

  2. My daughter, Carolyn (Haupert) Drazich and myself would like to start building sets of tableware for home use. Carolyn is very enthusiastic about your work (as am I), so wonder if we could start a conversation about making that happen. My mother, Mary Louise Patnaude, left a phone message for you a few days ago. She’s interested in buying sets and then giving to us as gifts (birthday and Christmases for the next few years). Would you have time to call her at 218-326-2817? I’m fine with email!

    Looking forward to your communication!
    Mary Ellen (Patnaude*) Haupert
    *My deceased sister, Carolyn Patnaude, was an art major at St. Ben’s (’83) and threw some beautiful pots. Your work is a nice connection.

  3. I ran across your YouTube channel today and watched some of your videos. I was so impressed, I wanted to contact you. I am a 22 year old are artists who, in September of this year, opened up a pottery store in my hometown of Cleveland, Tennessee. Because of being a young artist myself and having my dreams come true this year, I felt a lot of connection with you and your goals. I can’t wait to turn on the TV one day and watch your show! I hope this all comes true for you. I just wanted to show my support in writing and let you know that I will be buying some of your art and sharing your story with my customers.

    All the best! Stay warm this winter!

  4. Joel- Your parents stopped in today to put a down payment on the tile project we are going to be doing for them in the near future and as they were looking around they saw some of the unique items we have for sale in the store. They told me of you venture and so I looked up your website and am very impressed with your artistic skills in pottery. The next time you are in CR for a show we would love for you to bring in a few very unique items that would fit in our store and may be able to showcase them and hopefully sell. If you check our website out you will see that we aren’t just a flooring store we are much more!

    Best regards,

    Adams Tile and Stone
    Marion, Ia.

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