Shades of Spring Giveaway, Ends 5-31-21

After a few confusing weeks of Minnesota weather, it seems we finally have entered the spring season. The air is getting warmer and the lovely spring colors are vibrant. This month, we chose pottery that reminded us of these spring shades.

Our cobalt glaze is reminiscent of spring showers, the darker shades like the roaring thunderclouds above and the lighter hues like rain.

The Iron glaze is bright and vibrant like the sun which, thankfully, is now shining brightly daily.

Our mixture of glazes for our classic Cosmic Mugs is bright and colorful. Normally, these colors make me think about what they are inspired by, the cosmos. However, with the changing of the seasons, these hues make me think of the brightly colored flowers that will soon be popping out of the ground.

This month 4 lucky winners will win beautiful pottery absolutely free. Hope you enjoy this giveaway and good luck!

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