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  1. I ran across your YouTube channel today and watched some of your videos. I was so impressed, I wanted to contact you. I am a 22 year old are artists who, in September of this year, opened up a pottery store in my hometown of Cleveland, Tennessee. Because of being a young artist myself and having my dreams come true this year, I felt a lot of connection with you and your goals. I can’t wait to turn on the TV one day and watch your show! I hope this all comes true for you. I just wanted to show my support in writing and let you know that I will be buying some of your art and sharing your story with my customers.

    All the best! Stay warm this winter!

    • Hello Nikki, thanks so much for you interest. I’m glad you enjoy my pottery! Good luck starting your studio! I can tell you first hand that the life of a full-time potter is not easy, but the benefits of owning your own business and making art everyday are definitely worth the hard work. Good luck!

      – Joel

  2. Joel- Your parents stopped in today to put a down payment on the tile project we are going to be doing for them in the near future and as they were looking around they saw some of the unique items we have for sale in the store. They told me of you venture and so I looked up your website and am very impressed with your artistic skills in pottery. The next time you are in CR for a show we would love for you to bring in a few very unique items that would fit in our store and may be able to showcase them and hopefully sell. If you check our website out you will see that we aren’t just a flooring store we are much more!

    Best regards,

    Adams Tile and Stone
    Marion, Ia.

    • Hello Dave, thanks so much for reaching out! You’ve got a great website and it looks like you also have a great business! Thank you for inviting me to show pottery in your space. I will definitely keep you in mind for a future space to show my artwork, and I’ll do my best to stop by and see your space when I’m back in Cedar Rapids again.



      Joel Cherrico
      Cherrico Pottery, LLC
      PO Box 583
      St. Joseph, MN 56374
      (320) 223-1326

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