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Company Overview: Cherrico Pottery is a small company founded by potter Joel Cherrico in 2010, and managed by his wife Sienna Cherrico. Together with a small team of workers, we operate from a 3,000sq. ft. pottery studio, office and warehouse on our home property.

Each month, Cherrico Pottery creates, packages and ships an average of about 500 handmade mugs, cups, bowls and more art to customers globally.

Job Description:

Cherrico Pottery thrives when we can serve customers with as much art as possible. So, your job is to do whatever it takes to keep Joel and Sienna creating handmade art. You are responsible for any tasks that can be delegated away from Joel and Sienna, to you.

Your duties can vary widely, but they can also be repetitive and tedious.

For example, you’ll need to solve new customer service problems in a timely fashion, but also keep the floors vacuumed and mopped.

Some days, you might work hard labor tasks alone, for many days in a row, including:

    • carefully sanding and polishing hundreds of pots
    • moving 50+ pound boxes and boards of fragile pottery
    • handling fragile, expensive equipment, like kiln shelves
    • custodial cleaning

Other days, you might work only computer tasks, including:

    • responding to customer service emails quickly
    • shooting product photography
    • packing and shipping pottery
    • publishing social media posts
    • media outreach

You need to work well with team members, occasionally shipping hundreds of new orders, on busy days working together. But you also need to work long hours by yourself.

We are happy to train enthusiastic candidates who otherwise lack experience.

Location: The Cherrico Pottery Studio, St. Joseph, Minnesota


    • 40 hours per week
    • 8am – 4:30pm, Monday – Friday

Pay: $17 per hour

After 90 days employment, we will review your work and discuss options for:

    • vacation time and paid time off
    • monthly ROTH IRA contributions to your retirement plan
    • 50% discount purchases on Cherrico Pottery

Main Duties and Responsibilities

    • Follow all safety protocols
    • Complete your daily tasks in a timely manner
    • Carefully handle dry clay pottery by using wood tools to soften all rough textures
    • Carefully handle finished, glazed pottery by using sandpaper and diamond pad tools to polish, wash, oil and dry finished pottery, removing all rough textures
    • Stack and move pottery on boards and in boxes
    • Maintain organization of receiving and stacking all inventory
    • Daily studio cleaning: maintain organized, clean work surfaces and floors
    • Office cleaning: keep computer, sink and bathroom spaces free of silica dust and clean 

Additional Duties and Responsibilities

    • Any additional tasks that can be delegated away from Joel and Sienna, to you
    • Assist with office physical tasks, like packing and shipping during higher volumes of pottery sales
    • Assist with office computer tasks, like photographing pottery, fulfilling orders, customer service and publishing social media posts
    • Assist with technical aspects of clay recycling, loading kilns and firing pottery

Requirements and Qualifications

    • Physical strength and stamina
    • Mental strength and stamina
    • Ability to lift and move more than 50 pounds repeatedly
    • Excellent communication skills

Cherrico Pottery Values Diversity and Inclusion

Cherrico Pottery is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We value diversity in the workplace. We believe that working with diverse types of people, views and values will help strengthen our business, local community and global community. All qualified job applicants will get consideration for this job without regard to your race, color, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, disability, protected veteran status or any other factor protected by applicable federal, state or local laws.

Cherrico Pottery is committed to offering reasonable accommodations to individuals who have disabilities, as outlined by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunities Commission here. If you need a reasonable accommodation to complete any part of the job process described above or below, then please email us at and let us know the nature of your request.

Questions? Email us anytime: