Gallery Paige, Minneapolis, MN

Joel recently teamed up with Minnesota artist, Paige Dansinger to create collaborative pottery pieces. Their painted stoneware is currently on display at Dasinger’s gallery in the Minneapolis Skyway Mall.


INSTAGRAM Paige Dansinger, Joel Cherrico, Image

Gallery Paige functions as both a gallery and studio space for Dansinger. A world-renown artist, Paige’s paintings have been featured in galleries, like the Guggenheim in New York City, and often sell for thousands of dollars.

For her current collaboration with Cherrico Pottery, Joel throws clay mugs, platters, and plates for Paige to paint on with glaze materials. He then brings the painted bisqueware to his studio in St. Joseph for firing, and returns the finished pieces to sell in Paige’s gallery.

Paige Dansinger, Joel Cherrico, Image 2

Collaborations like these bring Joel’s work in conversation with the larger art world. His work with Paige not only diversifies his art, but Paige’s paintings come alive on Joel’s unique pottery surfaces.

Check out some of their collaborative pieces below:

Paige Dansinger, Joel Cherrico, Image 5

Paige Dansinger, Joel Cherrico, Image 10

Paige Dansinger, Joel Cherrico, Image 6Paige Dansinger, Joel Cherrico, Image 11