Cosmic Geode: Lunar Pottery Giveaway and Colorful Cosmic Mugs

Two Lunar Mugs shipped off to two lucky winners in Arkansas and Tennessee last week. People were so excited about this new pottery that we decided to give you newsletter readers another chance to win a gorgeous piece of lunar art:

Enter the Lunar Bowl Giveaway: $165 value, totally free!

This intricate, valuable Lunar Pottery is always available here in our online store. We have also been able to maintain a surplus of our popular Random Cosmic Mugs so you can enjoy lower priced pottery too:

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Bill Nye (The Science Guy) also mentioned Cherrico Pottery on StarTalk Radio a few weeks back! The StarTalk Radio Podcast rules- it’s one of my favorites to stream while working in the studio. During their, “Maker Edition” of Cosmic Queries, I submitted a question about STEM vs. STEAM. It was chosen and read on the podcast 55 minutes in! I can still remember watching Bill Nye in 7th grade science classes. Hearing him talk about art and pottery was mind blowing!

“You don’t really think about how important art and aesthetics are until you think about an Apple product.”

– Chuck Nice, Comedian, StarTalk Radio Guest


Cosmic Friday: Free Mug Giveaway, Studio Shot and One Cool Quote

As a thanks for subscribing to my email list, one of you gets a cosmic mug every week, chosen randomly, totally free! I hope to give more people the experience of using this new, valuable type of art. This week’s winner has an email waiting in your inbox, ready to receive this free mug anywhere in the continental United States!

cosmic mug and new brochure, cherrico pottery

Stay tuned for cosmic mugs available at HUGE price discounts, ready in time for Christmas delivery, as well as a couple more giveaways in the coming weeks. These three mugs and brochures are also shipping out to three winners of last week’s Triple Cosmic Mug Giveaway. Congrats, Rachel, Natalie and Jean!


Studio Shot

Cosmic Spiral Process

“You have to have art in everything you do. This is to say, art is what humans do. Humans create art…Many of us agree, that when you make a really elegant engineering thing, like the Brooklyn Bridge or Golden Gate Bridge, people say that looks great…it has a really artistic quality.”

Bill Nye, The Science Guy, qtd. in “Undeniable”