How To Deal With Criticism

If you make art, eventually you’ll come across someone who won’t like your work. They might even hate it, hurl insults, and tell you why they’re right and you’re wrong. Always remember— trying to please everyone is a trap. Take criticism for what it is: a sign that your art is powerful, and that you’re not making art for critics, or for everyone. You’re making your art for your fans, and your love of the craft. Admit that this is enough, and ignore the rest.

Cosmic Mugs: Art in Bayfront Park and Spiral Mug Throwing

Hope everyone is having a great summer! This weekend I’m showing pots in Duluth, MN for Art in Bayfront Park. If you’re in the area, come see my newest Cosmic Mugs! Can’t make it? Be sure to check out Facebook or Instagram as I’ll be posting gorgeous photos of the mugs outdoors all weekend- these mugs actually change color in the sun!

Cosmic Mug Outdoors in front of Galaxy Collision

In the coming months, I will have a HUGE selection of Cosmic Mugs available at discounted prices. I also plan to run a few free giveaways…so be sure to stay tuned to your email for updates! Part of this upcoming project involves this new video, which shows the process of how the mugs are made on the pottery wheel. Enjoy!

1, Spiral Mug Gif