Towards A Standard: Searching for Beauty

Enter the Inspirational Pottery and Book Pairings Giveaway (active until January 27th, 2017) and you could win one of our best Nuka Cobalt Mugs paired with a copy of “A Potter’s Book” by Bernard Leach, totally free. This story tells how “A Potter’s Book” inspired the creation of our “Standard Ware” line of pottery.

Bernard Leach dedicated “A Potter’s Book” to all potters. In additional to giving the reader everything he or she needed to create a life as a potter, he encouraged potters to aspire to a higher calling. Leach coined the term, “Towards A Standard” because he wanted potters to continually search for beauty.

Pots are like people. Some are thick and some are thin. A crack or chip in a mug resembles a scar in our skin. If your favorite coffee mug chips, do you throw it out? I sure don’t. I generally love it until it breaks completely, until the end of it’s life.

Leach was searching for beauty, but he admitted that beauty is arbitrary. Not everyone sees beauty the same, but through a lifelong investigation of historical pottery and open minded critique of ourselves and our pots, we might get closer to discovering more honest standards of beauty.

“It must always be remembered that the dissociation of use and beauty is a purely arbitrary thing. It is true that pots exist which are useful and not beautiful, and other that are beautiful and impractical; but neither of these extremes can be considered normal: normal is a balanced combination of the two.”

Bernard Leach, “A Potter’s Book” Page 44. Faber and Faber, 1940

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“The problem of producing vital pattern is a very real one to the artist-craftsman. He can no longer depend upon the support and restraint of any particular tradition but must form his own synthesis and invert his own creative designs, for patterns should rise out of the need and experience of today and not from that of yesterday.”

Bernard Leach, A Potter’s Book. Page 102. Faber and Faber, 1940.


Cosmic Dinnerware Sets

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Cosmic Dinnerware Sets


Cosmic Dinnerware Collage
These are examples of previous dinnerware pieces I’ve created in other glaze pallets.

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This is how a Cosmic Mug looks in bright sunlight, outdoors in snowy Minnesota.
This is a Cosmic Mug in bright sunlight, outdoors in snowy Minnesota.

“It is also important to remember that, although pottery is made to be used, this fact in no wise simplifies the problem of artistic expression; there can be no fullness or complete realization of utility without beauty, refinement and charm, for the simple reason that their absence must in the long run be intolerable to both maker and consumer. We desire not only food but also the enjoyment and zest of eating.” 

– “A Potter’s Book” by Bernard Leach, “Towards A Standard,” pg. 13, Faber and Faber, 1940