Cropped photo for A Potter's Journey, American Craft Council, Joel Cherrico Pottery, 2014
“A Potter’s Journey” by Joel Cherrico, American Craft Council, Web Exclusive Blog Post Series, 2014
Publications page, Ceramics Technical Joel Cherrico Pottery at the Local Blend
“Handmade Grounds at the Local Blend” by Joel Cherrico, Ceramics TECHNICAL, May 2013
American Craft Council, Joel Cherrico Pottery, Eat Pay Love, A Potters Business Model
“Eat, Pay, Love: A Potter’s Business Model” by Monica Moses, American Craft Council, 2012
Cropped, Publications Page, Page-3-Potters-Pages-Potters-Council-2013
Potters Pages, In The Studio, Volume 13, Issue 3, May 2013
Guest Blog Post for Steve Chou, my wife quit her job, cherrico pottery, selling online, 2013, Guest Blog Posting, January, 2013
Image 1, St. Cloud Times Article, Joel Cherrico
“Local Organizations Teach Artists Process of Marketing, Financing” by Stephanie Dickrell, Saint Cloud Times, Photos by Kimm Anderson, October 5th, 2012, article not available online.

Hoopla Magazine Screen Shot, Cherrico Pottery, Made in Iowa



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