Patreon Frequently Asked Questions, Policies, Terms and Conditions


This page outlines Frequently Asked Questions, Policies, Terms and Conditions for all pottery and products available for Cherrico Pottery Patrons subscribed at We reserve the right to update or change these policies at any time. 

The Cherrico Pottery Team keeps diligent records of what you signed up for, and will give you all pottery outlined in the in our previous Patreon Reward Tiers that you signed up, for your first pottery shipment.

“What is Patreon?”

Patreon is a way to join your favorite creator’s community and support the products and content they create. In our case, it is a way to join a smaller community to support Joel Cherrico’s Live Pottery Videos that are seen on various social media networks. Click here to read more about what Patreon is on their website.

“How do I join Cherrico Pottery’s Patreon Page?”

Go to and click the orange button “Become a Patron.”

After doing this, follow the series of steps Patreon gives you to join our page. Learn more in this guide by Patreon here: “How do I become a patron to a creator?”

“How much does it cost?”

You can give any amount you like. But, in order to receive your Educational Brochure Pack, and pottery mailed to you, you must register for a Reward Tier. The first Reward Tier starts at $4 per month.

In order for Joel to consistently do Live Videos (like this one that was viewed by 2,000,000+ people) Joel’s Patreon supporters give him a few dollars a month (or about 50 cents a video) to keep these videos consistent and professional.

“What type of rewards are included in Cherrico Pottery’s Patreon Page”

By joining Cherrico Pottery’s Patreon Page, you get many exclusive benefits besides supporting Joel’s Live Videos that include:

    • Monthly 50% off Coupon for all available pottery and merch on and cosmicmugs.
    • Get first pick on new pottery whenever we add new pottery to our online store. You get first pick when new pottery is available for sale, so you can buy before our 51k+ email newsletter subscribers, 200k+ fans on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc. PLEASE NOTE: It is impossible to guarantee you will be able to purchase new pottery before it sells out, but we do our best to let Patrons know first when new pottery is available.
    • Video calendar with all of my minimum 10 LIVE pottery videos scheduled for this month:
    • Exclusive coupons in varying amounts, depending on your reward tier
    • More coupons and discounts occasionally, whenever we can create a surplus of pottery
    • Considered for “Surprise Gifts” (like when we mailed Holiday cards to every Patron or when we mailed out 20 free CDs to Patrons, made by one of my musician friends)
    • Insider Info on what Joel and the Cherrico Pottery Team are up to in this smaller community of fans, exclusively available only through Patreon.
    • Get mailed our “Educational Brochure Packet” within 1-3 weeks after becoming a Patron

“What is in the Educational Brochure Packet?”

    • One “Cosmic Mug” brochure
    • One “Cherrico Pottery” process brochure
    • One “Educational” brochure
    • One “Inspirational” brochure
    • One “Moon Mug” sticker
    • Two Postcards
    • One piece of Collaborative Handmade Paper Art by Sienna and Joel Cherrico

“When do I get my Educational Brochure Packet?”

You will get a new brochure packet mailed to you within 1-3 weeks after joining our Patreon Community for the first time, unless otherwise stated by Joel. Sometimes, we get put on back order. But he will always work hard to get you your Educational Brochure Pack in a timely manner, usually in no more than 1 month max. International shipping might take longer.

“Do I have to pay shipping costs?”

We cover all initial shipping costs to ship both pottery and your Educational Brochure Pack from the Cherrico Pottery Studio to you.

For international Patrons, your country might charge another cost in the form of Customs Duties and Taxes, required by your country in order to receive your Educational Brochure Pack or any pottery, including subscription pottery, purchases or gifts. I apologize that we can’t cover these extra costs, as we already pay higher rates than all other Patrons to cover the high, initial costs to ship your pottery.

The US Post Office offers more information about, “What are Customs Duties and Taxes?” here:

“When do I get my pottery that I subscribed to on my Patreon Reward Tier?”

12 months after signing up, or after 12 payments– whichever comes first. Then you continue to get pottery once per year, for as long as you stay subscribed.

Once you hit your 12 payment mark, then the Cherrico Pottery Team will reach out to you about picking out your pottery.

Here is an easy way to remember: You get your pottery the month before your initial sign up.

Helpful tip:

  • Open your email
  • Search your email for: Congrats, you’re now a patron of Cherrico Pottery
  • Add 11 months to your signup date. Example: You signed up January 15th, 2021. You got charged immediately, then you get charged on the 1st of every month. So, you get your pottery after 12 months of payments: December, 2021. 

You get your pottery every December for as long as you stay subscribed.

“What pottery do I get at each Patreon Reward Tier?”

We promise to keep accurate records of your subscription, to guarantee you get the pottery you subscribed for, once per year.

Here is what you get at each Reward Tier:

    • $4 per month “Shot Cup Collector” you get one set of 4 “Cosmic Shot Cups” handpicked by the Cherrico Pottery Team

    • $5 per month “Asteroid Cup Collector” you get one Lunar Cup per year handpicked by the Cherrico Pottery Team

    • $9 per month “Cosmic Mug Collector” you get one Blue, Spiral Cosmic Mug ($210 Total: $195 retail + 15 S&H) per year handpicked by the Cherrico Pottery Team. *We apologize that our green, Star Formation Spiral Cosmic Mugs are not available within Patreon Tiers.

    • $12 per month “Cosmic Mug / Asteroid Cup” you get on Blue, Spiral Cosmic Mug  ($210 Total: $195 retail + 15 S&H) and one Asteroid Cup per year handpicked by the Cherrico Pottery Team *We apologize that our green, Star Formation Spiral Cosmic Mugs are not available within Patreon Tiers.

    • $24 per month “Moon Mug / Asteroid Cup Collector” you one Moon Mug and one Asteroid Cup per year handpicked by the Cherrico Pottery Team

    • $100 per month “Collaborative Pottery Collector”
      you get 12 mugs in 3 different sizes: 4 x small mugs, 4 medium mugs, and 4 large mugs, all in our Collaborative Pottery style with pottery thrown by Joel Cherrico and glazed by Sienna Cherrico. You also get a medium sized vase in a matching style, perfect for a table centerpiece. 

Please note:

When a Reward Tier is SOLD OUT, then it is no longer available. You can not join a SOLD OUT Reward Tier by using the “Make a custom pledge” option or “Choose what you pay” option. 

    • Tier options need to be limited. Please understand that Joel Cherrico is an artist and can only make a limited number of handmade pottery. 
    • If you chose the “Make a custom pledge” option, then you are not registered to receive any pottery. You must be registered to a specific Reward Tier to get pottery.
    • If you subscribe for a “$5 Pottery Cup Subscription” Tier and then “Choose what you pay” at $24 instead of $5, you will not get a Moon Mug/Asteroid Cup. You must subscribe to the “$24 Moon Mug /Asteroid Cup Collector” Tier.
    • Questions? Email us anytime:

“How do I check to guarantee I am subscribed in a specific Reward Tier?”

Follow this Patreon guide on how to “Find my patron benefits” 


“The Reward Tier is sold out. Can I still just send you money on Patreon and still get pottery?”


    • If you are not subscribed to a Reward Tier, then you do not get pottery. 
    • Even if Patreon allows you to give us money outside of a Reward Tier, please know that you do not get pottery unless you are actually subscribed to a Reward Tier.
    • If a Reward Tier is sold out, please wait patiently for spots to open. You can also subscribe to our free newsletter, with unlimited subscription spots, to get notified about all new pottery:
    • Please understand that space is limited because Joel Cherrico is an artist. He can only make a limited number of handmade mugs.
    • If you did this by accident and need a refund, please begin by reading Patreon’s Refund Policy here, and our Terms and Conditions Policy here.

“I’m a paying Patron at $24 per month, but I’m not subscribed to a Reward Tier. Do I still get pottery?”

No. If you are not subscribed to a Reward Tier, then you do not get pottery. Please understand that space is limited because Joel Cherrico is an artist. He can only make a limited number of handmade mugs.

“How does my billing work?”

When joining our Patreon Page, you will be charged immediately. We charge when you sign up because then you get immediate access to our Patreon page, any exclusive coupons that might be active, our pottery Live video calendar, and the assurance that you will get notified first when new pottery is available.

Then, you will be charged on the 1st of every month moving forward, until you cancel your subscription.

Learn more in this guide by Patreon here: “Understand my payments to creators”

“Declined” Patrons

If your subscription payment is “Declined” then you have 30 days to update your payment information with a valid payment form, and for that payment to successfully charge your account. If this process does not happen within 30 days of your initial “declined” payment, then your account will be canceled and your subscription ended. If you would like to reactivate your subscription, then you will need to start your timeline over for receiving your pottery. To update your payment information, please follow this Patreon guide on, “How do I update my payment information?

“How do I edit my Reward Tier?”

Follow this Patreon guide on how to “Update my membership amount”
PLEASE NOTE: You must Edit your Tier Level to guarantee you are subscribed. Giving us $24 per month without actually being in the tier does not get you pottery. You must You must Edit your Tier Level.

“How do I update my billing?”

Follow this guide on “How do I update my payment information?”

“What if I upgrade from the $5 Reward Tier to the $24 tier? When do I get my pottery?”

      • 12 consecutive payments in the same tier is required before we can ship your pottery reward. If you upgrade, then your timeline for getting your pottery reward starts on the date that you upgraded.  Your membership will essentially start over from your upgrade date. 
      • I apologize that we can’t make exceptions to this rule. Keeping tack of thousands of subscriptions, and guaranteeing we keep everything accurate, is extremely difficult and intricate.
      • INSIDER TIP: To get the best value, we recommend only upgrading to a different Reward Tier immediately after receiving your pottery subscription from your current tier. EXAMPLE: Subscribe to the $5 Reward Tier for 12 months, get your Asteroid Cup, then upgrade to the $9 Reward Tier.

“I want multiple Moon Mug packages. Can I just give you $48 for 2 packages, $72 for 3 packages, etc.?

No. You must sign up for the limited space in the $24 Moon Mug / Asteroid Cup Collector Reward Tier. Again, please understand that Joel Cherrico is an artist and can only make a limited number of handmade mugs.

“Can I get more pottery by having multiple accounts?”

Sure! You can follow this Patreon guide: “Can I have multiple accounts?”Or, simply wait for monthly coupon discount specials and buy mugs directly from We offer coupons exclusively to Patrons almost monthly.

“Are there different 50% off coupons at the higher Tiers?

No, all Reward Tiers are eligible for the same monthly coupon for 50% off.

“If I switch between Tiers, can I get a refund from previous Tiers?

No. Unfortunately, Patreon refunds are not possible if you jump around between Reward Tiers. This creates a lot of trouble for our team and our intricate record keeping that requires a lot of time, which is exasperated when people switch around in different tiers frequently. So I apologize that we need to ask that you commit to only one Reward Tier only, for as long as you see fit. If you switch between tiers, your 12 month timeline to get your pottery starts over.

For more information on refund requirements, please visit our Terms and Conditions page here:

“Why am I being charged more than the initially shown Tier cost?”

Patreon charges additional sales tax, depending on location. This guide on their website gives all descriptions of Patreon’s tax requirements. This other guide tells how, “Patreon automatically collects tax from patrons in taxable locations and remits the funds to the proper tax authorities.”

“Do I have to pay additional shipping charges?”

In most cases, no. Your subscription includes shipping costs for anywhere globally that can receive packages. 

However, sometimes international Postal Services require customs charges in order to receive mail in your country. We are not able to cover additional customs charges. You are getting a vastly discounted rate from retail prices with Patreon subscription items, especially since we are already covering the higher initial cost of shipping pottery internationally out of the United States. So, we ask that you cover the cost of getting your pottery when International customs charges are required in your country.

“How do I cancel my subscription?”

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Patreon requires that you cancel your subscription yourself, and you can find directions on their helpful guide here:

Can I get a refund for my subscription?”

For $5 memberships and below, no we are not able to allow refunds. This is because you get immediate access to exclusive features on Patreon at this value. For memberships at the $9 Reward Tier, you may be eligible for a refund. Please view our Terms and Conditions page to learn more:

You also can edit your monthly charge at any point during your subscription. Find out how to do this here.

If you use any Patreon Exclusive Coupons to buy pottery while you are subscribed as a Patron, then you are no longer eligible for refunds on your Patreon subscription.

“I haven’t received my brochure packet, what should I do?”

After subscribing to our Patreon page, please wait at least three weeks before contacting us. If you still have not received your brochure packet after two weeks, please contact us at: It is our policy that we will attempt to send one more brochure packet to you if you did not receive the first. We will ask for a different mailing address in the event that the first brochure packet was not delivered to you.

“I have problems with my account, what should I do?”

When you can’t access your account, please contact Patreon first if you believe that it is an error on their behalf. Most of the time if there is a technical issue with Patreon, we are unable to help the situation. You can find their contact information here: Contact Patreon

Here are some other useful links for account issues:

    • For help with how to confirm your account, click here.
    • For help with a forgotten password, click here.
    • For help with changing your shipping address, click here.

If none of the above suggestions and links solve your problem, please feel free to contact us at: We will do our best to help solve your problem as quickly as possible.

“How much pottery does Cherrico Pottery make?”

Joel and his team usually create an average of about 4,000 of pieces of pottery annually, but this takes about 1 year to create, so please be patient in receiving your pottery. This is also why Patreon reward tiers are limited.

This is also why you do not get pottery if you are simply giving us money, but you are not registered for a specific Reward Tier. You must be registered in a specific reward tier in order to receive pottery.

For more information, including our Refund Policy, please view our Terms and Conditions page here. Patreon has their own Refund policy too that you can view here, but please view our full refund policy here:

More questions? Email us anytime:

Thank you again for learning more about our Cherrico Pottery Patreon Fan Page and supporting our art. We really appreciate it!

– Joel Cherrico

Updated 5/27/22