Marketing Internship

We are currently hiring 1-2 CSB/SJU student “Marketing Interns” to assist with marketing and operations at Cherrico Pottery for the Spring 2018 semester. Please fill out the form below to apply:

You can also view these LinkedIn profiles of current and previous Marketing Interns:

Macy Kelly, Spring 2017

Nicole Pederson, Summer and Fall, 2016

Julia Eckart, Spring 2016

Melissa Vang, Summer 2015

Jillian Birkholz, Spring 2015

Marissa Deml, Fall 2014

Alex Forster, Spring 2014

Hannah Anderson, Fall 2013

Ben Hillman, Spring 2013

Samantha Thury, Fall 2012

Kristin Bjork, Spring 2012

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  1. Joel,
    I am a current Johnnie and I was at the Career Expo this past week, noticed your website, and checked it out a little bit. I read the description of your internship opportunity and I thought that it would be perfect for me. I felt that I needed to get in contact with you to express my interest. It would be great to get a little more information about the position and ask you a few questions. Thanks!

    – Sam
    Sam Hollis
    Management Major
    Coaching Minor
    CSB/SJU Class ’14

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