Fresh Pottery Friday: Cup Giveaway, Nuka Cobalt

“Standard Ware, Nuka Cobalt Cups” are pictured below. “Standard Ware” describe a type of pottery that is simple, durable and meant for everyday use. “Nuka” describes a historical Japanese glaze made with wood ashes, giving the glaze rustic colors that reflect the natural impurities in local wood ashes harvested from my region here in Minnesota. “Cobalt” describes the color blue, which comes from raw cobalt powder. This glaze combination is bright and complex, yet easy enough to reproduce that we can offer it for lower prices than Outer Space or Mountain Inspired pottery. To get more of these pots out into the world, we’re giving away two Nuka Cobalt cups, absolutely free:


To win these two Nuka Cobalt Cups for free ($114 retail: $90 + $12 packing and shipping each) simply respond to the survey below, letting us know which of my @cherricopottery Instagram photos you like best before this Sunday at 11:59pm.

handmade-ceramic-pottery-cherrico-pottery-instagram  handmade-ceramic-pottery-cherrico-pottery-instagram-mountain  handmade-ceramic-pottery-cherrico-pottery-instagram-red

Thanks! One winner will receive an email this Monday and we will ship them free pottery, to nearly anywhere in the world. Winners are chosen randomly, limit 1 entry per person. Thanks so much for participating and for following our work. Good luck!

BONUS: Get one free bonus entry by leaving a comment on this blog post telling us which photo you like best and why.

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“I never wanted color to be color. I never wanted texture to be texture, or images to become shapes. I wanted them all to fuse together into a living spirit.”

– Clyfford Still, Abstract Expressionist Painter

5 Replies to “Fresh Pottery Friday: Cup Giveaway, Nuka Cobalt”

  1. I love #3! I have a few other mugs that I have purchased from your store. Cosmic mugs are my favorite, although I have been eyeing the Moon mugs for a while as well! I love this design because the colors are bright and intriguing, I like having an assortment of colors and I don’t have that color combo yet!

  2. The second photo is my favorite. I absolutely love the Mountain design and the winter setting picture makes me want to curl up under a cozy blanket and drink hot cocoa. I like that you did a close up of the details too.

  3. I like #2. The new blue glaze is so vibrant! Fingers crossed I win this one. So sad I didn’t win the moon mug, which is my favorite. Your craftsmanship is definitely worth the money, I just wish I could afford it.

  4. I love the mountain mugs! They have so much character and attention to detail! I would love to win the cups though, they are so beautiful too and I love the finger spots!

  5. Picture #3 is just so gorgeous. It is me. It is my favorite color red and that blue just enhances the red for me. I have your mug now and this will compliment the one I already have. I use my mug for my protein shakes, my coffee, my tea, my ice water, whatever liquid I want to enjoy. Red is my favorite color. It is magnificent. Your work is definitely unique and I love unique. I love abstract paintings. I love art.

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