Shark Tank Pottery Giveaway – The Lucky Winners!

Shark Tank, Joel Cherrico Pottery, Handmade Pottery Cups, 2014


Thanks so much to everyone who supported my mission to get on Shark Tank! The outpouring of support was amazing, and I feel honored to have so many people send positive vibes my way. Over 150 of you also sent those positive vibes to Hollywood, so cross your fingers, and I’ll keep you posted about their response! (TJ over at told me they will likely review submissions in January.)

I’ve added your e-mail to my mailing list, but feel free to unsubscribe with no hard feelings! I send out e-mails when I publish new blog posts as an author for American Craft Council, for my series called “A Potter’s Journey.” I also work with a student intern, Marissa Deml, who writes as an author on my website. (She is the one who pulled the 20 lucky winners out of a pot today!) Lastly, we publish about events and sales – and hopefully about getting on Shark Tank!!

Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for….

Drum roll please….

And the winners are…..

Debra B.

Kathy S.

Stephanie C.

Anne J.

Karen C.

Colleen C.

Jenna C.

Brian E.

Erin O.

Doug M.

Kevin I.

Angie T.

Jill F.

Robin I.

Emily E.

Lauren P.

Marissa R.

Erica F.

Wendy L.

Barbara N.

Each of you should receive an e-mail asking for your mailing address. When you reply, I will ship a pot to your doorstep for FREE and it will arrive in a week or two.

Again, thank you everyone for supporting me. You have all helped me in my journey to get Cherrico Pottery on national TV!!





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