Win a Free Pottery Cup while Helping me get on “Shark Tank”

Shark Tank, Cherrico Pottery, 2014

Monday, September 29th I’m giving away 20 free pottery cups to anyone willing to take 5 minutes to help me get on a national TV show. Two weeks ago, I submitted my application to be on “Shark Tank.” Chances are slim, but with some help from you we could make history.

If you’ve never seen the show, you can watch a commercial for it here: Shark Tank

Cups, Free Cup Giveaway, Cherrico Pottery, 2014

If you want help me make history and have a good chance to win yourself a free pottery cup in the process, please take 5 minutes to follow the steps below:

1.) Watch my video pitch to Shark Tank: 

Cherrico Pottery, LLC – Submission Video

2.) In your own e-mail, copy and paste this message, or some version of it:

Email Title: 

Cherrico Pottery on Shark Tank

Email Body:

Dear Shark Tank,

This e-mail is in support of bringing Joel Cherrico onto your show. He makes amazing pottery and has a great story to share. Here is a link to his submission video:


(your name here)

3.) Add my e-mail to the “bcc” or “blind cc” so I know that you actually sent them the message. If you can’t find the “bcc” then go ahead and forward me the exact e-mail that you sent to them. This also enters you into the contest to win a free pot. My e-mail is

4.) Send the e-mail to the address below:

5.) That’s it! I will automatically enter your e-mail into a drawing to win one of 20 cups that I’m giving away. I will select the winners Monday 9/29, and if you win I will e-mail you asking for your mailing address. I will pay for all of the packing and shipping and one of my pots will show up at your doorstep, totally free.

– DO NOT submit more than one message per e-mail address. I don’t want the show to think I’m a nuisance and disqualify me because of spam.
– DO NOT send them a pushy message. Be nice, or just copy and paste the message I wrote.
– DO NOT send the video to anyone else from the show. For example, I found the “Linkedin” profile for millionaire Daymond John, one of the “sharks” who is on the show. If he got ahold of my video I would be DISQUALIFIED because every person on the show is giving their pitch to the “sharks” for the first time.

Thanks for your support!



Some Q & A:

Q. Why am I asking for your help?
A. 40,000 people applied last year and they only accepted 180. I need your help to stand out and get noticed!

Q. Why are you giving away 20 cups?
A. This is the most I can afford to give people. Packing and shipping pottery is expensive, but I have a small budget to make this happen.


  1. Joel: I am so proud to be able to (hopefully) get you on Shark Tank. Please do NOT feel any obligation to include me in your cup give away. (I just reminded Shea we are already the very proud owners of some of your early work…from your Xavier graduation party!)

    I will be praying for your success. God Bless. Rene

  2. I think I followed your directions to the letter. Good luck and if there is anything I can do in the future please let me know.

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  4. This was a really neat idea. I just sent the email to the sharks. I’ll have to look at your website, I heard you have made yarn bowls. I’d like to buy one. I wish you the best of luck to get on the show.

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